Suicide instructions spliced into kids’ cartoons on YouTube and YouTube Kids | Ars Technica

Some dank,dark shadow work going on here .

“Sideways for attention. Longways for results,” a man says in the middle of a cartoon.
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‘I own you’: psychiatrist Keith Ablow accused of sexually exploiting patients – The Boston Globe

Tip of an iceberg , far too many psychiatrist

consider themselves God .

A prominent North Shore psychiatrist is facing lawsuits from three female patients who say he lured them into degrading sexual relationships.
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Over 1,000 Hate Groups Are Now Active in United States, Civil Rights Group Says – The New York Times

The number of hate groups in America rose for the fourth year in a row, fueled largely by anti-immigrant sentiment, the Southern Poverty Law Center said.
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Domestic abusers and stalkers should sign national register like sex offenders, commons report says

Domestic abusers and stalkers should be forced to sign a national register like sex offenders, a cross-party parliamentary report has said.
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Push to make Va. last state to ratify ERA hits dead end in House – Virginia Mercury

This is not a ” good thing ” for my state legislators .

Push to make Va. last state to ratify ERA hits dead end in House – Virginia Mercury
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Codependency: What Are The Signs & How To Overcome It

This article offers so much info, but I would urge caution, in

acceptance of terms that have become lucrative labels for

human begins that is discrimination.

My co dependence was my expectation of a partner , my Christian

and social conditioning that allowed me compliant , Xanax

and professional denial of my abuse , by a partner , whose

ownership is still a force in his mind .

Rendered incapacitated , by any illness , which limits in

clarity , participation , being targeted has been a vulgar

acceptance of immorality that left our sons in alignment

with my unworthiness..

Addicted, legally , our children grew up , with addicts in the

house , as all that was normal was rejected , my faith eroded

in detachment that was very necessary in opposition coming

at me, openly disputing co anything..

What is codependency and how can it affect people, how to recognize signs of codependency, and resources for learning more about and overcoming it.
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