Have You Ever Wondered Why Lord Shiva Is Associated with Weed? – WittyFeed India | DailyHunt Lite

It all began during Samudra Manthan! Bam Bholenath, Bam Bholenath, har har Mahadev! Whenever we recall Mahadev aka Lord Shiva, the first picture in our heads is of Lord Shiva wearing a ragged animal skin, holding a Chillam and smoking pot. We all know that cannabis has been used for millennia now. But the way Hindus respect and admire the plant, no group does. According to Hindu stories, cannabis is something divine as it is a Prasad from deity Lord Shiva. But have you ever wondered, where did this all come from? Why is Lord Shiva associated with cannabis?
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David Crosby & Joe Walsh To Perform At Kent State University 50th Commemoration Benefit Concert

I love David as the artist who is so humane 😍 This very exciting !!!

A benefit concert to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the massacre of students at Kent State University will feature performances from David Crosby and Joe Walsh.
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Where women rule: the last matriarchy in Europe – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Big Heart, Strong Hands is the story of the women who live on the isolated Estonian islands of Kihnu and Manija in the Baltic Sea. It is often considered the last matriarchal society in Europe
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