New Frequency =Physical Tiredness

Physical Tiredness and New Frequencies

The physical fatigue we are feeling is due to the new intelligent electromagnetic frequencies that are coming in from the Central Sun.

These are radically changing our physical, emotional and spiritual structures. As if we were just a cell phone connected to a battery on a huge ship.

There is a lot of energy coming from the spirit world.

Therefore, there is a need for stabilisation.

What to do ?


Vibrate in high resonance, preferably in the highest energy possible, the energy of gratitude, compassion, generosity, benevolence and the mutual sharing of ideas.

Avoid other people’s judgments, as we don’t really know what each one came to go through in this life.

Elevate thinking to noble things, instead of continuing to share futile and terrible news that insist on multiplying through television and social media. Do it differently, find good things in people and situations, they exist but are being forgotten.

Stop complaining and start giving thanks, gratitude is the energy that will shape the new world. When a bad thought comes, understand it and immediately neutralise it with a superior, positive one.

When a problem comes to mind, transmute the information, immediately look for the solution and focus on it. Change focus, find beautiful things in yourself, in your behavior, stop mutilating yourself energetically, because we all have good things and virtues.


Do calm and focused exercises, sending blue waves at the same time to all places where you supposedly feel pain, discomfort or muscle fatigue, transforming a simple stretching and strengthening exercise into an intensified quantum vibrational exercise.

Drink plenty of mineral water, preferably that which comes straight from the rocks, as it brings pure mineral fragments from the center of the mountain, rocks and crystals.

Avoid processed foods and with exaggerated spices.

Put beautiful, healthy, life-giving things into your body. Sunbathe and say thanks while you do this. Dive into sea water or flowing river water to enter Nature’s new frequency.


Pay attention to your intuition, as this is coming with force and it is the first information that comes from the spiritual world to enter your mind. Listening to good music, one that makes the hairs on your arms stand up, as it is capable of echoing your spirit.

Pay attention to inspirations, as they come pure and simple, otherwise, we cannot write down what is received or do at the exact moment it arrives, we lose contact and the spirit takes a long time to bring it back. Inspiration is something that your own spirit sends you, it is not a third spirit or a helper, it is yourself in future manifestation and divine dimension trying to talk to yourself.


You don’t need to yell at anyone anymore, your heart can’t stand any more screams and arguments, it just wants harmony and understanding, the time of suffering is over, whoever still continues in this idea will go through great trials. If you need to take a stand, take a stand and do what needs to be done.


Your spirit is no longer willing to do what makes no sense and does not fulfil your life purpose. It is forcing you to enter full force into your synergy centre, the one that tunes in to the forces that come from the Universe.

If you don’t change or improve your relationship with your work, your life will become more and more empty, even if through it you receive a lot of money, none of this will be able to give any real meaning to your existence from now on.

Don’t worry about finding the new world, it is not a place, but a frequency, a vibrational state that everyone can be in, if they wish.’

Source: The Light of the Path.

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Blackberry (Rubus villosus)

“Celtic lore says that blackberries are fairy fruit and may bring bad luck to people who eat them.

Blackberries were also considered protective against earthbound spirits and vampires.

It is said that if planted near the home, a vampire couldn’t enter because he would obsessively count the berries and forget about the people inside”. (1)

“The blackberry in England has a lot of folklore, each pointing to a common piece of wisdom.

Blackberry was the bane of all evils, from misfortune to illness. It was used to release people and animals from illness, misfortune, and witchery.

There are tales that the Devil was thrown out of Heaven and into a blackthorn bush, and such avoids and hates them”. (2)

A Witch’s Whisk is a bundle of blackberry twigs, bound on one end, and lit to be used as a cleansing smoke. The bound end forms a handle. The unbound end sprays out, giving the appearance of a whisk.

“Cecil Williamson, a well-known English witch and the once owner of the Boscastle Witchcraft Museum wrote this about witch’s whisks:

‘Witch’s whisk made of dried out blackberry stems and with the end bound to form a handle.

Here in the south west when a witch decides to make magic she first selects a spot or place where she will work, be the chosen place inside or out.

The next thing to be done is that of cleansing the chosen spot of all evil forces. This is where the bundle of blackberry twigs comes in.

She sets a light to the twigs and with them smouldering, burning and making smoke, she dances and weaves her way in and around and around over and over again. So this is one might call it: ‘a witch’s devil scarer’.” (3)

“Blackberry was considered to be sacred to some of the old Pagan deities of Europe, and was used in worship.

To the present day, blackberry pies are baked on Lughnasadh (August 2) by some of the Wiccans in commemoration of the harvest.

A bramble bush that forms a natural arch is a great aid to magical healing.

On a sunny day, crawl through the arch backward and then forward three times, going as nearly east to west as possible.

This will cause boils, rheumatism, whooping cough, and even blackheads to disappear.

The blackberry leaves were used in spells of wealth, as are the berries themselves, and the vines are protective if grown.

The blackberry plant is also used to heal scalds by dipping nine blackberry leaves in spring water and then laying them against the wound gently, while saying the following chant three times to each leaf (27 times in all):

‘Three ladies came from the east,

One with fire and two with frost.

Out with fire, in with frost.’

This is an old invocation to Brigit, the ancient Celtic Goddess of poetry, healing, and smithcraft.

Folk Names: Bly, Bramble, Bramble-Kite, Bumble-Kite, Cloudberry, Dewberry, Goutberry, High Blackberry, Thimbleberry

Deity: Brigit

Powers: Healing, Money, Protection” (4)

(1) Mountain Rose Herbs :

(2) Of Wood and Bone :

(3) Sarah Anne Lawless; “Witch’s Whisks and Spirit Riding”; 04/22/2009

(4) Cunningham, Scott; Cunninghams’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs (2012); Llewelyn Publications; Pg 58-59

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I used to try to be Good.

Good was my go-to in everything.

But Good got me nowhere.

Not like Truth.


she tore me to shreds,

devoured me whole and spat me out shaking and new.

Truth keeps a box of matches in my pocket.

While Good made me afraid of transformative fire.

Truth keeps me real,

even if it makes everyone in the room uncomfortable.

And Truth,

unlike Good,

doesn’t let me bow down to anything.

Truth doesn’t let me give in to bullying, misguidance and fear-based criticism

or cowardice.

Truth is a queen and a humanitarian,

while Good,

she’s a silent,

scared little sheep.

Truth knows that Good dulls my already radiant, fierce and loving soul.

Good showed me how to hide my wings,

my words and angel vision.

Truth taught me to be brave.

Truth taught me how to respect myself.

Truth allows me to hold impenetrable space for any story,

but first and foremost,

for my own.

And Truth,


she changes everything,

and friend,

she’s coming for you, too

Tanya Markul

Current Energies/ Ascension News

As of today (9.25.22) we are in the navel (center) of the Ascension Core Portal days. We have assimilated all the higher frequencies from the upper chakra worlds and pulled forward anything from our past that is still valid for the future. ⭐️ Now we are about to enter the new future frequencies and this will bring up a fine tuning of what we thought was important or valid. We will clean out our personal underworld.  It is hard work for sure. Anything that is based an unrealized dream, fantasy or vision, or any ego based intent… and we have loads of those… all this will be measured and balanced by the new frequencies coming in from our future. If you have not manifested that intent or dream, maybe it is time to revisit those intentions and see if they come from the ego and fantasy, or from a true spirit calling or passion. If it is truth it will manifest. If one thing I learned lately is that we really have no idea who we truly are and evolution is happening right underneath our feet right now. Most of our old identity is caught up in our ego no matter how well intended or altruistic. It is time to allow what truly is and authentic to rise up is each one of us to manifest our pure divinity.


The advice from Dr Spock was to let baby cry up to 15 minutes . I tried this not knowing these horrific results .

There have been many advisors promoting detached parenting which is NOT what babies or children need not deserve .

Single Married Mama who had to be in the glow with a partner who had no idea or interest in parenting . Comfortable with brotherhood or uncle status that did not teach our sons well .

I regret not stopping everything to hold my baby , co sleep and had better intuitive skills that would have not allowed our sons to be alone with certain energies who masked many secrets

Crying it out: the foundation for NPD and BPD

(Borderline Personality Disorder

and Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

“One of the ways children have to adjust to a new order is called ‘letting them cry themselves out’.

The Mother puts the child into the crib at night to sleep. It is bedtime. But the sense of aloneness and the loss of contact with the mothers body terrifies the child, who begins to scream and cry.

No animal mother would fail to respond to a baby’s cry. Some human mothers believe, however that to respond would be wrong.

To give in to a child’s crying will spoil the child.

Besides, they have been told, crying is good for a child…

The first time this happens the child might cry for hours before falling asleep.

The mother might think the child has learned a lesson, but, the child doesn’t have the energy for a repeat performance…

After several experiences of this kind, the child learns to give up the struggle for contact with the mother. In effect, the child has cut off the longing for his contact and so no longer feels the pain of frustration.

A new reality in which the desire for intimacy and closeness is not expressed, has been accepted.

The foundations for narcissism and the borderline personality have been laid.”

Alexander Lowen,

Narcissism, Denial of True Self

No Long Term Mental Health treatment 4Kids

No Evidence for Long-Term Safety or Efficacy of Mental Health Treatment in Children

Instead, researchers argue that the social and environmental causes of emotional distress should be a major focus of prevention efforts.

“The impression that emerges from this overview is that there is no convincing evidence that interventions for the most common childhood disorders are beneficial in the long term,” the researchers write.

They add, “Whole-of-society actions potentially causing a reduction in childhood mental disorders are key, for example, by addressing support for parenting, (unhealthy) lifestyles, bullying at school, gender inequalities, and reducing stigma.”

Declaration: New Earth

The ads at the beginning are not in flow with me as I’ve learned from others who bought these products in huge amounts and found the products disagreeable .

Not saying these are bad products ; I don’t know , so use your discernment and research .

It’s a beautiful day , chilly and I’m headed out to buy unsprayed apples as apples were in my childhood . I create applesauce and freeze it and it’s so good for my gut . I made tons last year and it was eaten fast and I ran out .

Blessings & Peace ☮️

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6 Planets in Retrograde ; Time For Cool Change

We have 6 Planets Retrogrades this month. That may feel like things are moving funny, or your being guided to slow down.

More then half the sky is retrograde at the same time, and during the Equinox.

Here is your Retrograde Season Survival Manual. Uranus is Retrograde until Jan 22, 2023. It’s happening in the sign of Taurus the Bull, home of the Pleiades.

This is a powerful time for making big shifts. Expect breakdowns and breakthroughs. Uranus is all about changing the world and breaking through reality.

This is shifting things with money, and our systems of money. It’s all about the changes we need to make in our lives, moving forward. Jupiter is Retrograde until Nov 23rd.

This Jupiter Retrograde is going to be in Aries and Pisces. Jupiter is in Aries now. It will shift into Pisces Oct 28th. Jupiter is a huge magnifier of energies. In a good way. It can shift your luck, and even fortune in life. Jupiter Retrograde is a time of deep spiritual growth.

It’s a time to go within so you can connect with your inner truth. It helps to activate your destiny or soul purpose. It will help you in seeing the big picture.

Neptune is Retrograde in Pisces until Dec 3rd. Be prepared to continue your swim in the deep end of the ocean. This is helping us to see through things in a deeper level. Trust your intuition right now. Saturn is Retrograde in Aquarius until Oct 23rd.

This is all about clearing karma and karmic connections, and getting real with our boundaries. Boundaries are there to protect your energy.

They are so important right now. Your meant to be clearing anything not for you right now. We have Pluto in Retrograde in Capricorn until Oct 8th. This means we are going through a huge transformation.

We move into the Underworld. That means you need to use this time to address any ways your blocking, sabotaging, or getting in the way of yourself.

Time to work on your own toxic, negative patterns, and beliefs. The Comet Chiron is Retrograde until Dec 23rd. This means a deep clearing of any emotional baggage, or unresolved trauma your still carrying.

We will be doing deep digging around in the past and healing during this transit. The root of your traumas may be coming up, to mind, or back around. Expect some major heart chakra healing, and clearing of old blocks.

We have Mercury in Retrograde. That means it’s time to rest, recharge, and restore your energy. Time to re-access how your taking care of yourself…

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What therapy should be ; Dan Edmonds Ed.D

When a distressed person enters the realm of modern psychiatric practice they are first confronted with what Laing terms as the ‘psychiatric ceremonial’. In this process, the experience of the person is not considered. Rather, the psychiatrist sits in a place of judgment, he being considered sane and stable, and determines by his subjective observation of behavior how the person is a deviant from what should be expected of him or her and then categorizes it and assigns it a label. There is no concern for the person’s experience, rather the person is seen as an ‘it’, as an object whose behavior is to be analyzed. Science is only able to examine what is, not what will be. It is based on duplication of results, but can we duplicate experience. When we merely look at behavior without understanding the context of it, we draw false conclusions. Understanding the context may lead us to see that the behavior is not truly meaningless after all. Frankl states, “An incurably psychotic individual may lose his usefulness but yet retain the dignity of a human being…a doctor, who would still interpret his role mainly as that of a technician would confess that he sees in his patient nothing more than a machine…but man is ultimately self-determining.”
Laing states, “behavior therapy is the most extreme example of such schizoid theory and practice and proposes to think and act purely in terms of the other without reference to the self of the therapist or the patient, in terms of behavior without experience, in terms of objects rather than persons. It is inevitably therefore a technique of nonmeeting, of manipulation, and social control.’ Experience is the soul of psychotherapy and we should note that the term psychotherapy literally means the ‘healing of the soul’. The therapeutic process should be a meeting of two human beings, it should be the sharing and understanding of experience. Laing states that “I see you and you see me. I experience you, and you experience me. I see your behavior and you see my behavior. But I do not and never will see your experience of me.” It is popular today to look at individuals’ behaviors merely as the result of chemical processes or the effects of so called chemical imbalances. But then we must ask the question as Laing did- do chemicals come together because they love each other? Do atoms explode because they hate one another?
So often we seek to ignore experience. Laing notes the invalidation of experience by such comments as ‘that never happened’, or the trivialization of
experience, or to invalidate its content by such words as “it wasn’t really that way’ or ‘how can you think such a thing?” We must realize that we exist in an existential vacuum, and it is these things that lead to the development of aggression, addiction, depression. Our behaviors are how we communicate distress; they are for some the only form of communication they know. Their behaviors communicate to us a glimpse of their experience. “If our experience is destroyed, our behavior will be destructive. If our experience is destroyed, we will have lost our selves (pg.28).” The therapeutic process is a shamanic voyage, a journeying with another person. But can two human beings truly come together? Are there too many barriers? Can we put aside our affiliations, our ethnicities, our religions, and all the other things that set us apart? Can we come together completely bare and share in the human condition? Nietzsche stated, “Nihilism represents the ultimate logical conclusion of our great values and ideas- because we must experience nihilism before we can find out what value these ‘values’ really had.” So, we must come together in nothingness and from this to ex nihilo, from nothing, become. We must as Frankl (pg. 112) stated be able to transform tragedy into triumph.
But without often realizing it, therapists and others become agents of oppression. Is our work solely leading people to become proper conformists, to do what others are doing? Is our work solely to make people adapt to totalitarianism, to do what they are told to do? It has always been these two processes that have led to the most dangerous of
outcomes. When freedom and autonomy are taken, and individuals can no longer be individuals, when critical thinking has ceased, we have entered a dreadful place. Maybe we are already there. Freedom is to have choice and have regard for others. License is to do which one wishes without regards to the other. Often today we see the violence evoked on people in the name of a common good or a common cause, or as Durkheim would say the collective consciousness. We can even justify our brutality as progress if what we are doing somehow subdues a person, makes them more amenable to society, or brings us satisfaction. If we can turn a person into a ‘them’ by ascribing a label, then ‘we’ can feel justified to treat them as we wish. This violence which calls itself love can be found within the very structure of the family. Within the structure of the family are certain rules that are established that the members are to adhere to. These rules may not always be sensible, but nonetheless become a part of how the family operates. They are generally known whether or not they always are followed. It is dependent on who is in control and what the consequences are for violation whether the family members adhere to the established rules of conducting themselves.

-Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D.