‘You’re Getting Nothing’: Steve Jobs’ Daughter Wrote A Heartbreaking Memoir About Their Often Brutal Relationship

‘You’re Getting Nothing’: Steve Jobs’ Daughter Wrote A Heartbreaking Memoir About Their Often Brutal Relationship
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35 Children’s Books That Teach Empathy And Kindness | HuffPost Life

These stories feature messages of compassion, acceptance and inclusion.
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How Loneliness Begets Loneliness

This was indeed fact for me for years , certainly

within marriage which is horrific when feeling

lonely in the company of a partner ..

In the aftermath of my removal from our home

loneliness was muted by stronger meds that

had me sleep 14 hours a day , but still there .

The beginnings of waking , brought home

losses that reduced me to primal fears , anger

at the falsehoods that altered every facet of my

life , laughed at by former whose real need to

torment me , long ago transformed to surrender

to the truth , I am never truly alone , or unloved .

I have come to accept , after many experiences

that former desires my physical death …

Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional death

has been ignored , stomped on …I’m sure he

feels my death would resolve all his issues .

It’s been many years , since I’ve experienced

that despair of loneliness , and I don’t classify

no contact disruption with regards to our sons

a basis for loneliness , for it was never their job

to fill that space their Dad did not …the fractured,

forced , fake facts fed them by a highly toxic,

abusive entitled human plus family and friends

affected 4 , whom are considered controllable

possessions , trophies or covers to fit in ..

Very Thankful, to have achieved an education

that supports my perceived 20 plus efforts

to know and do better .

In my alone time , my normal deep thinking

more often than not is connecting with

Spirit , very often necessary … Connecting

Spiritually is now as normal as breathing

as my Saturday bore out ♥️🙏🏼🎁 an

amazing day and night , surrounded by

so many examples of Spirit and Love 💕


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

I have an article that describes loneliness as

a molecule .

Social isolation kills, and in the process it makes it harder to reach out to others. A psychologist explains how to break the cycle.
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Do Family Courts Encourage Child Abuse?

The family court systems in both the United States and .08/15/2019 8:46:10AM EST.
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Mystery of the Knights Templars: Protectors or Treasure Hunters on a Secret Mission? | Ancient Origins

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blood type

The Knights Templars were a secret society whose true purpose remains a mystery or is at least vigorously debated among scholars and historians to this day.
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Much of what we’ve been told about Virginia’s 1619 first Africans is wrong – Virginia Mercury

Learning the harsh lessons that facts presented , were based on

other than fact in my great state of men , not of law , that must

return to a character that does not alter truths , nor abuse

another for power nor profit ..

Yet another case of the truth and light correction that is

universal law .

A mother load of these truths are revealing what must

be transformed , will be transformed .💯😘

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Much of what we’ve been told about Virginia’s 1619 first Africans is wrong – Virginia Mercury
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