New Energy Grids

“New Earth Energy Grids”

The 9D Arcturian Council,

through Daniel Scranton

We have been watching and waiting for the perfect timing to give you this transmission of energy, and now is that time. You are ready to receive so much more because of the wonderful work you have been doing there on yourselves, and you who are awake know exactly what we mean by “work.” You did not sign up for the easy path because you wanted to experience exponential growth. Therefore, all of you who are spiritual masters decided that you would shroud that truth from yourselves,

especially early on in your lives.

You chose heartache and heartbreak, and you chose trauma and disappointment and all kinds of things that you knew would catapult you into being awake.

You wanted to take this part of your journey consciously, and you knew that you needed something to awaken you, to get you to go on a different path than others who would be more interested in the physical trappings of planet Earth. And there’s plenty there that you could be focusing on instead of your spirituality. Perhaps some of you even went down that path initially when you found out that you create your reality with your thoughts, your words, your emotions, and more importantly, your vibration. But everything will eventually lead to you facing all of the challenges head on, because you know those challenges help you to grow.

Now, getting back to the timing of this transmission. There are energies being presented to Mother Earth in every corner, in every nook and cranny, that will be giving those who connect to her everything that you need. Mother Earth, like your sun, can give you activations, can heal you, can provide for you upgrades, attunements, downloads.

They are all available to you all the time, but at certain times, like right now,

Earth herself is getting more to balance and align her energy systems, her grids, her poles, her electromagnetic field. There is so much for you to tap into that is right beneath your feet at this time that will assist you, empower you and give you everything that you need to move forward into this next phase of your ascension, this next phase of your evolution.

You are ready to take life on planet Earth further than it is has ever been before, because this is the time of ascension there on Earth, and you are ready as the ground crew, to receive more not only from above, but also from below. And when you mix those energies together within you, that’s when you understand why you incarnated on Earth at this time.

You are there to be those who can access energies from both the sky the ground, the physical and the nonphysical, the masculine and the feminine. And you are there to integrate and harmonize those energies within yourselves to know yourselves more completely and fully as you truly are.

Now is the time for these energies, and now is the time for those of you who are awake and aware to truly benefit from all that is being given to you and to Mother Earth from those of us who care, from those of us who are watching and waiting and calibrating energies that will catapult you into the fifth dimension.


The highly sensitive tend to be philosophical or spiritual in their orientation, rather than materialistic or hedonistic. They dislike small talk. They often describe themselves as creative or intuitive. They dream vividly, and can often recall their dreams the next day. They love music, nature, art, physical beauty. They feel exceptionally strong emotions–sometimes acute bouts of joy, but also sorrow, melancholy, and fear. Highly sensitive people also process information about their environments–both physical and emotional–unusually deeply. They tend to notice subtleties that others miss–another person’s shift in mood, say, or a lightbulb burning a touch too brightly. ~Susan Cain

(Book: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

David Seay -Being My Best

In order to be my best,
I cannot let everything I see slide.

I also have to choose my battles,
As every situation is unique,
And deeply more complex than the eye can see;
But I have come to understand how difficult it can be to make better choices for ourselves.

Sometimes it is not as easy as just a choice.

As one of my first examples growing up;
The “food” me and my family ate as a kid was the first thing that affected me in later years,
And as I become aware and made more conscious choices around the food I was eating,
The more I tried to make my family aware.

This kicked up a lot of dirt in our relationships,
And as they clung to their lifestyle,
I further branched off into a different path.

After many years of battling this,
It eventually became clear that,
Even though it affects their health,
They won’t be able to make a change until their lives are at an even greater risk with their health.

That was and is easier/better for them,
Until it’s not anymore.

I love them to death and don’t treat them any differently than anyone else,
and we now have a great relationship once I found a balance within myself,
And stopped trying to change everyone.

Living as an example is truly more power than trying to convince anyone of anything.
Though words have their moments to shine.

It’s because of this pattern though,
that I used to think that people just didn’t care about their health
But it’s far deeper than that,
And much more difficult to address,
Without addressing deeper societal roots.

Most people are addicted to the societal lifestyle that we were born into,
even though we may have leaned to a different extreme within that in our later years.

We are deeply apart of what is killing us,
And we think it it is okay on some level.

It is easy to feel that way,
But the deeper I look,
The more I realize,
Something has to give.

I am not talking about just one area of life,
But all areas that can be improved.
(And all areas CAN be improved).
In fact for anything to improve fully,
All areas have to change.

To care is to change everything,
And the truth is,
Once you start pulling roots;
There is no going back.
So most stay right where they are,
In the comfort zone.

It hurts so much to see people I love doing harm to themselves without a willingness to even look at it,
And after years of being laughed at (even by my own family) because I wanted to do better,
And being in conflict with myself for years over the way my life has had to go for me to gain proper perspective in my ability to create lasting change;
I can now stand in the testimony that my desire for that change has created in my life and others.

I can say with confidence that I have helped prevent a significant number of suicides,
and can directly see how affective we can be when we believe in ourselves and our influence in the world.

It is easier to stay in the same old rut,
Than it is to start to see and become different;
And until we catch a spark of inspiration from somewhere to shift the tides of our lives;
We can easily and unknowingly remain in that rut.

I say all of this,
Not because I am better than anyone out there making any kind of choices,
or that I need any type of credibility;
But because it hurts to see my people causing harm to themselves and each other.
It is difficult to stand by to witness, feel, and bear the pain of our ignorance.

I look into the dark tunnel and see why it is this way,
I have no question as to why we are like this.
Which is why I can’t set integrity aside,
So that we can continue down the same path.

I am not here to save the world,
But while I am alive and affecting it,
I am going to leave the biggest imprint I can.

I have to.

I was created for it.

My choices are my own,
And I am doing my best;
Watching every pattern I can get my eyes on,
And still make enough mistakes that it worries me even more that some people don’t even try.

Though therein lies the mystery,
That even the person we would judge as the absolutely most asleep person,
Can be far more than we see,
And can turn around to change everything.

I have seen it happen.

SO! If you see something so clearly that can make this world even an ounce better than it is,
and it is calling you to pursue it;
answer that call despite how difficult the odds look.

It is easy to fall back into complacency,
And most will support you in it;
That is all too clear.

Talking to myself when I say;
Put down the phone,
Turn off the T.V.
And address the deeper layers of yourself,
And the world we live in.

I forgive myself,
And get on with it. 

Sing a song while you rebuild,
And have some fun.

Our time here is truly significant,
and whether we realize it or not,
It doesn’t matter if we are killing each other,
or helping each other;
we are still doing it together.

Breaking trauma cycles

Breaking the Cycle: How I Overcame Intergenerational Trauma to Become a Peer Advocate

By Angela Colón-Rentas

You may wonder: How did that young Puerto Rican girl who very much disliked seeing a therapist when locked up in the juvenile system end up working in the mental health field as an adult? Simple answer: I wanted to help youth in crisis. And it was meant to be.

Remember Me

Time is running out for me too,

And life has left scars on my face.

Though my body is growing old,

My soul will always stay young.

The day will come,

When I too will cross the bridge,

And leave this earthly life behind.

But as long as you remember me, I’ll live in your heart.

My soul will stay with you,

You will see my face in the rising sun.

My eyes in the stars,

That look down on you every night.

I’ll look back one last time,

And then my form will be slowly swallowed up on the other shore.

My own poem.

Stage 3 Cancer

My 1 lymph node was cancerous and had not spread . Contained

It was surgically removed .

I’m will be doing Ozone Therapy in my colon and body within the month .

I have declined desire for sweets , don’t drink and can include more raw foods in my diet .

I can stay on top of my body and colon with yearly Thermography.

I have every intention of recovery and of being stronger than ever after this Divine Intervention and am Thankful that my appendix ruptured to alert me to the abscess , the 1 diseased lymph was removed..

Be silent & Listen to Elders


Positivity changes a mind,

A kind word lifts many burdens,

A good deed makes a heart heal,

A gentle voice lifts many broken hearts,

Always say something nice,

Always say something with care,

Always say something in kindness,

Always say something genuine concern,

Always say something with compassion,

Always lift someone up,

Always give what you’ve got,

Always extend an out reached hand,

Always try to patch, mend broken hearts,

Always do something to heal shattered souls,

What goes around,

Eventually comes full circle,

What’s unleashed is delivered,


You might be needing,

To hear echoes of yourself …


The warrior

The messenger

Copywritten by Larry John Adams

From 2 pages that I’ve created called

Native/ inuit Canadian poetry writer


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I owe myself

I owe myself an apology

For all of the times

I tore myself apart

When I neglected my own needs

Lowered my standards

Berated myself

And put myself down.

For the self-sabotage

I continually inflicted upon myself

And the times when I apologised

For being who I was

And expressing myself authentically.

And I owe myself

The permission to start anew.

To forgive myself

For the battles I fought

That weren’t mine to fight

For all of the love

That I failed to give myself

And for the times when I failed to realise

That rather than being broken

I was worthy of value, respect

And beautiful, brilliant things in life

And that how I treated myself

Dictated how others would view me

And in turn, behave towards me

So by showering myself

With love, kindness, forgiveness and respect

In turn, I could pave the way

For others to do the same.

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Words by ©Tahlia Hunter

Prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences-Mad in America

In a new article published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine Focus, researchers lay out the American College of Preventative Medicine’s (ACPM) position on preventing and mitigating adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). While the authors endorse surveillance and research around childhood adversity, they recommend against screening for adverse childhood experiences in individual clinical encounters.

Through a synthesis of research and expert opinion, they put forward seven recommendations for preventing and assisting in recovery from adverse childhood experiences. They write:

“The American College of Preventive Medicine offers seven adverse childhood experiences‒related recommendations focused on screening, education/training, policy/practice, and research: 2 are evidence-based, and five are based on expert opinion. Notably, regarding secondary prevention of adverse childhood experiences, the American College of Preventive Medicine endorses population-level surveillance and research around childhood adversity but not adverse childhood experience screening in individual clinical encounters.”

American College of Preventative Medicine Makes Recommendations for Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences

2-2 portal

“The Undoing”

The Keepers of the Records, through Valerie Kashouty Sargent

Even though 2023 has only just begun, you are well on your way energetically. You have already moved through some rather intense solar flares, 2 energetic portals, and currently there is a very strong forward momentum that may make it feel as if things are moving very fast. Many things are occurring now that your conscious awareness is recognizing.

The illusion that time is speeding up is only an illusion if you are still thinking of time as something that is a constant. The truth is that you are much more aware of your multidimensionality now. The feeling that time is moving faster is real in that you are existing in all of your timelines at once and your conscious awareness is expanding to recognize this.

You are feeling things very deeply now because your expanding consciousness is responding to experiences in other timelines. You may not remember or have the conscious awareness of an experience in another timeline, but your soul does, and at some level, your heart (and in some cases, even your mind) recognizes the energy of that experience, so you may feel a deep emotional response to a seemingly small trigger.

Your sleep cycles may be disrupted, and you may be dreaming more, or more vividly. This is another aspect of your ever expanding awareness, bringing greater detail of other existences to your consciousness.

It is so fascinating!

There is no slowing down now, and that is exactly how you chose it to be.

As your consciousness and therefore your awareness is expanding, you are also recognizing patterns, beliefs and deep programming that no longer serve you. The intense light and energy that you are receiving vibrates loose the deeply embedded programming that is in your DNA which allows for the re-pairing of your DNA. There is nothing to be fixed; your DNA is being re-paired with your Source consciousness, and in this process, the old programming sloughs off like old skin. Seems simple enough, yet the old programming is deeply ingrained in your cellular memory and in your energy field, and anything that deeply embedded can often be painful to extract.

So you are feeling the effects of lifetimes of societal and cultural programming being shaken loose from the very core of you.

Acceptance of this process and kindness and compassion for yourselves and each other are what will help you the most.

Acceptance is a major aspect of Grace. Without it, you cannot truly heal, you cannot truly be free. Without acceptance you are always judging yourself, and when you are judging yourself you will always come up short. Being human is about being unique and having experiences. If you were all exactly alike, there would be no growth, and it would radically reduce the experiences you would have. You’ve already experienced that as Source. You have been and encompassed All That Is, so you chose to experience being something different.

You are simply finding your way back now. And again, you chose to do this.

The undoing of societal and cultural programming is what you are moving through in earnest now. The old programs are not bad, they are the experiences that you, as individuals and as a collective consciousness have chosen to be free of now. They no longer serve your expanding awareness of Who You Are so you are in the process of undoing them.

There are many who judge them as bad or corrupt, but as you move through this process it is important for you to remember that your perception of everything is what is showing up as your reality. So you can judge old programming is bad, or you can simply be grateful as you move forward, that you are releasing it.

Your vibration is yours to monitor and control. No one else can do that for you, nor would you want them to. Part of the old programming involves the belief that others in your life and in your world dictate how you feel.

Remember that you have superpowers: Your ability to choose how you feel in any moment, and being in the feeling nature of any aspect of Grace: Acceptance, peace, compassion, love, gratitude, joy, etc.

Your superpower changes your life.

Changing your life affects those around you.

That affects your circle of influence.

Your circle of influence is much greater than you know.

That is how you contribute to the shift in consciousness.

February is a month of undoing deep programming. You chose to move through the process of awakening, or enlightenment in this way: Coming to earth as human, and moving through a timeline of awakening, until you leave this physical incarnation. There will always be an integration and healing process for as long as you are in this body, and it does get easier as you continue to awaken, or enlighten. You are receiving light that affects the cellular structure of your body and your DNA, so you are indeed becoming enlightened. The awakening is the process of waking from the amnesia of not remembering Who and What You Are.

The joy and the excitement of it is in the journey, the process of re-membering, so if you are able to recognize that truth, choose to shift your perception from pain and suffering to excitement, gratitude and even joy. It behooves you to do so, and in choosing the higher vibrational feeling, you are inviting those around you to do the same.

That is how you contribute to the enlightenment of the world.

We see you for Who You Are and invite you to always see yourselves as that.