The Best & The Worst – Narcissist Teacher- Lessons – Growth

The effort to control , the silent aggression, the covert , full fact frontal abuse …modeled to 3 sons as ” normal ” …

The Narcissist Teacher – Thank you- Goodbye

Thankful for the lesson, the growth , and the conclusion of these harsh lessons … no more blocks towards my ” normal ” which is of peace and harmony even if it’s a party of one… I’m never alone or unloved or neglected in this exquisite , beautiful world that’s being being rebirthed, recreated in love 😻.

Comparisons 1st shot May 2023, age 71 .. 2nd shot early 2000’s

Unmediated , 18 years , never going back …

Medicated to the hilts . Early age 50’s , early 2000’s . Only partially revealing adverse ” side effects ” of being medicated by highly toxic , legal prescription drugs and disinterested family and friends , busy in their lives .

All this was reduced to the expression that was voiced years ago through a child of mine , made me ” grow up”.

Yes, I did grow , am still growing and more than ready to move forward , past the past that keeps a greedy , silent presence …no more, no way, no how ..

Change indeed , in so many beautiful mysterious and profound ways .

Pathogenic Parenting

It is not normal for a child to align with one parent over another who is ‘normal-range’, willing, loving, available. It should be something all family courts are alert to because it is a sign of parental alienation and there is pathogenic parenting going on here. It is child psychological abuse. To cope with the traumatic experience of being told terrible things about one parent by the other who also requires and coaxes that child to fear, loathe and reject their loved, loving ‘target’ parent, the child psychologically ‘splits’. It is a way of cutting off from the love they feel (that they cannot feel anymore) for the rejected parent. It seems counter-intuitive but even in abusive relationships, the victim seeks love and affection from the perpetrator. It’s Stockholm Syndrome, and ‘identification with the aggressor’ which I’ve covered in other posts. The alienated child is angry, rude, and highly critical of the ‘other’ parent. The experts should be wary of the child who has few if any good memories of the alienated parent, and has no wish to repair the relationship. Abused children want a good relationship with their abusive parent. This is hard to believe but true. The abused (alienated) child wants to downplay or deny any wrongdoing on the part of the ‘aligned’ parent, they don’t do the same with the ‘target’ parent. These are red flags.

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Child Psychological Abuse : I’m the only one who loves you

An alienating parent seeks to control the children to hurt the other parent. They lie, they twist the truth, they misinterpret events wilfully, and they say and do everything and anything to control the narrative so that your truth and your love become something the alienated child no longer trusts. This is why parental alienation is described as abuse (psychological, mental, emotional). What is even harder for you is that other people – even those who could support and protect – all too often do not recognise the lies and false allegations. Saying it rubs salt in the wound is insufficient in describing the injustice, grief pain inflicted. It is not the behaviour of a loving parent, but a fearful, controlling and/or vengeful parent who does this. It is a disordered mentality and yet this person will typically refuse counselling or collaboration. There are so many signs that should be fairly easy to spot. What we need to do is to educate those who can help us about how they can do their job and help us. Please see my red flag warning post and others for more on this.

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Joan of Arc , May 30 1431

Today we remember Joan of Arc who is one of the most unusual figures in history. If it weren’t for the thousands of pages of court transcripts from her trial, she would most likely have been dismissed as a myth. Yet she did live, she was real and she exhibited what may be considered psychic and mediumistic abilities. She saw and heard spirits she identified as St. Michael, St. Catherine and St. Margaret and through that guidance she rallied a defeated France to victory in the Hundred Years War. The controversy over her abilities continues and her life and death are a testament to the oppression of people who are “different” and people with psychic abilities have endured and continue to endure to this day… @liquidstudiosentertainment @bestholisticlife_magazine @bestholisticlife @omtimes @transformationtalkradio @coast2coastam @coasttocoastamcommunity @supernaturaluniversity @darkmatternewz




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Minnie Zola, Grandmother

I just discovered , this picture which seems to validate , that my Dad’s Dad, Warner , was a moon shine maker .

The clear liquid in the jar , equals addiction and money , and of abuse that left my beloved Grandmother , homeless, and without support , as the court found in his favor , dismissing her .. Her parents gave them the 120 acres , on which he grew corn, made moonshine , and reports of sacks of high value paper money.

He ran her away with just she could carry , fearing for her life, grieving at having to place her youngest children , and the rupture of her family .

She got nothing , but abuse, and his character assignations ..

While it did not destroy her, and her adult children and their children loved her, it altered each of them as born out in their lives, their health and deaths …

Indoctrination of Alienated / Psychologically Abused Child

These alienated children are so indoctrinated and enmeshed that they lose critical thinking skills when it comes to the ‘target’ parent. They can easily hurt our feelings and provoke a reaction from us by their words and behaviours, and we have to find the strength and calmness of mind to remember not to react in anger, not to make them feel guilty, not to talk about our feelings (hurt, anger, frustration). It only pushes them away, which is often what they’re trying to actualize because cutting off makes it easier for them when they’re under such emotional pressure. Be calm, be loving, be non-reactive. They will come up with the most unbelievable fictions. I was told once: ‘It’s not fair a parent is alone at Christmas’. This was the reason given that they never saw me! Do they forget we are parents too? No. But they ‘split’. They can’t deal with it, so they almost pretend it’s not happening. It gets buried. It is too confusing and too upsetting. That is because they do love us. They’ve been prevented from feeling it’s okay to love us and told all sorts of horror stories to make them reject us which they can perpetuate themselves. But deep down, they know the truth. It’s a matter of them finding it and setting it free.

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Charlie Mc Cready , The “ Child Catcher “

Do you remember the sinister Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? He terrified me when I was about the same age as the brother and sister in the film, Jeremy and Jemima Potts, especially when he abducts them. The character didn’t appear in Ian Fleming’s book but was a creation of the writer of some of the greatest villains of children’s literature, Roald Dahl and the director, Ken Hugues. In his long black hat, the Child Catcher searches the streets for children with a butterfly net, luring them to him with promises of lollipops. His horsedrawn carriage is transformed into a cage as soon as the children enter it, and he carts them off to prison under the orders of the evil rulers of Vulgaria, Baron and Baroness Bomburst. Their father Caractacus along with Truly Scrumptuous finally rescue all the children, topple the evil regime, and Vulgaria becomes a free country.

In many ways, alienating parents are like child catchers, and what they do is tantamount to a kidnapping. It feels like robbery, our children were taken from us with lies instead of lollipops. But we have to be so careful about the rescue mission. First of all they have to understand they’ve effectively been enmeshed/stolen from us. It reminds me of these quotes:

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Bonds of Mother Son

When the bonds between, Mother and Son are destroyed by varied entitled sources ,mothers blow back is nothing short of spiritual and reclamation.

Our sons are not interested , and since all has been surrendered on my part , I leave them to their own journey , and wakefulness .