You are what your father eats: Father’s diet before conception plays crucial role in offspring’s health, study suggests — ScienceDaily

Regrettably ignored !

Mothers get all the attention. But a study suggests that the father’s diet before conception may play an equally important role in the health of their offspring. It also raises concerns about the long-term effects of current Western diets and of food insecurity.
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My Dad , James Abner Wheeler , Mother Joyce and Me 1952

Dad was 22, Mom 21 , when I came to be .
He was larger than life , and empathetic 
and harsh when he was in fear ..His tender
understanding of his obligation to step in as 
Mom, experienced PTSD hell with my birth 
drugged by Twilight Sleep , precluding 
attachment , a nursing failure that took me to the brink of death .
I mourn Dad , physically , his voice and the end of exchanges that aided both of us in clearing out old stuff , much the last 6 months of his life , as he was drugged to death ..
End stage , elder care is a cause near and dear and one I keep my eye on, and will stand for intensely when my family liberation is more pronounced . 
The life lessons Dad taught me were not always pleasant, but a reality check for this water sign ..
As his exit allowed time , he took my hands , from his hospital bed  as asked with a very serious face , he asked “ what are you going to do when I’m not here .”
I smiled and touched my heart and my head 
as I said “ you are always & forever here “ just your physical is leaving , our souls are forever “ 
He went down when Mom passed in 99 just after the 50th Anniversary , due to my “chemical straight jacket “ I was disabled to aid him or Mom , in my Hell on Earth waking to healing much , before he exited 
with lots of force from dark shadow .
Despite that he was transformed and guided  by his angels as i watched  and never more proud and in awe of James Abner Wheeler , My only  Dad this life ,  
and none other has come close to filling the Dad shoes .. I have never considered marriage to compensate . 
Cannot replace ❤️ connection that soul 
based .
Forever & Always Grateful for my Dad who with me 💯👁. There is no end 🌞

The Monongah Mining Disaster: Remember the First Father’s Day | Fatherly

Father’s Day’s origins are tinged with sadness and can be traced back to a little town in West Virginia called Monogah.On December 6, 1907, 367 men were working in coal mines in Fairmont Coal Company mines when, unexpectedly, an explosion occurred which killed an estimated 362 of the miners, with only four escaping and one being rescued by those who came to help.
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Return to Innocence by Enigma

I found it critical to survival , to do just that .

To look at shadow , the cause and effect and temper it .

Just as much Light was fracking in at some point which

was my incentive. In the angelic messaging of my awakening

2004-2005 , allowed an intensive 11:11 code .. I began to

have back up on how holy , how connected birthing eldest

was to Divine with his 3-11- @ 11:11 birth , beyond imagination .

I accepted on my inner faith , sans religion which mask

so many lower energy , unconscious who shield themselves

under the guise of Christianity .

It’s healing to have expanded my gut feelings in an acute

awareness that releasing many files and folders in our

data bank of internal knowledge , holds many back in fear

of the unknown.

We come here, in innocence , requiring only to be heard ,

seen, loved ..

That goal is a worthy of holding , of restoring , from birth to exit

eliminating the gross abuses , in many forms that take us from

our very birthright .

I stand 🌎🌞🌝♥️


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Baby Boomers Are Consuming Pot at Ten Times the Rate of Past Senior Generations

Returning to the ” garden ” as it were , nature

not false chemicals ..

A new study from the University of Colorado found that Baby Boomers are finding immense benefits from increased cannabis consumption, despite issues with access and stigmatization.
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No greater joy than hearing your grand babies say I Love You

No greater grief , adding to the fractured loss of

sons , as I acknowledged it was part of the ever

present abuse . Our grandchildren are of course his.

Judgement that aligns with this , has been exampled

by the culture of suicide , where in domestic abuse

is accepted , often lost in the corporate greed to

profit , ignoring the true needs of children ,

in a competitive hell on earth .

Transforming this , that children are allowed

to love their erased grandparents , with whom

they were seeds , wisdoms and peace-filled

honoring love exchanges such as I have been

allowed , then not .. Excommunicated, by a judgement

that is dominate , abusive and deadly without

thought to grandchild .

Closer to stepping out of this dynamic

and very grateful 💯

So much gratitude to those babies , toddlers

etc , who teach me healthy love , fully present

who are’s healed me beyond measure

to have these exchanges of Divine pure love


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

No greater joy than hearing your grand babies say I Love You
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Tara on Self Blocking Of manifestations Truth

I was delighted to discover Tara this morning as I

had been Blessed to union with her on MySpace

and her profound wisdoms , in written word

are such that I still have printouts to share , and

remind me of the beginnings of a cycle that shall

Ever be , being in spirit , owing my feelings ,

powers and yours ..

Amazing wisdoms in a generation of faithful, mentored

by a consciousness of collective wisdoms of elders ,

especially baby boomers … She examples the Universal

principles with beauty and grace .

Truth & Light 💯❤️👁


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna