Hidden Knowledge-Inspired

This message was perfect and expressed my life long attempt to live in harmony with Gaia and those around me .

I have great faith in my self and try to hold that faith for our sons but allow that I can be the warning , if not thy r example of how women have been used as the catalyst to control men and children . To abuse the mother , trickles down to the kids .When secrets , lies and denial of truths that would allow healing and liberation as I have surrendered to time after time , year after year until 2021 made it clear just how “Dead ” I am and how beneath them I am , how stupid , how inept .

No Thank You !

I head their Dad’s words , his conditioning , his culling his sons to hate and reject their Mom . He could not liberate himself from his and I failed in not freeing him from their trauma bond .

I am so totally ready and eager as I have been for decades, learning all I could , creating and evolving as I noted for a decade or so how these episodes and challenges are intent to imped my efforts and or break me ; hoping I’ll commit suicide and since I’ve been told by a very frank in law , our son’s friends think their Mom , me is DEAD !!

And yes huge pieces of their Mom is dead and the desire to begin anew , to communicate to heal their trauma is rejected . Grandchildren are with held to show me their power if I don’t do as I’m told !

Nope ❤️‍🩹

I’m aware of Heaven on Earth and plan to see the results of the evolution that no longer exalts abuse and depravities that dishonor the family . Or target one member to insure a WIN 💯

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna


Mental Health – She escaped

6 Good Things That Happened When I Stopped Believing in ‘Mental Health’

By Charlotte Beale

In my late twenties, I had a series of crises. I realised I was far unhappier than I had been at seventeen, when I had first sought treatment. The pursuit of mental health had made me mad.

A pseudoscientific model of thought, bankrupt ethically, intellectually and philosophically, stole twelve years of my life. By some measures, I am lucky to have escaped it when I did..


988 Suicide Crisis Number going nation wide

Before the Trump admin

the UK was discussing dropping the DSM as a legitimate guide .

There was also talk of specialist in service to show up to treat attempted suicide .


What’s Destroying Collective Mental Health

A summarized collection and critical assessment of the ongoing research that exposes the sickening effects of capitalism on mental health was recently published as a chapter in the Oxford Textbook of Social Psychiatry by epidemiologists Jerzy Eisenberg-Guyot and Seth Prins.

Psychiatry and social sciences’ focus on individual factors has failed to account for the role of structures and systems – such as capitalism – in developing mental illness and the disparities in psychological forms of suffering.

The authors write:

“What explains these trends and inequities? While this question has been a primary concern of quantitative social science, the resulting answers have not always engaged directly with capitalism—a socio-economic system that not only structures societal distributions of health-affecting resources and power but also modulates our experiences of reality and the production of knowledge within it. Instead, mental health researchers have focused on the roles of individual-level factors like ‘risk behaviors’ or socio-economic status. Moreover, capitalism’s ubiquity makes it difficult to isolate pathways through which it affects any single outcome like mental health.”

Capitalism is Destroying our Collective Mental Health


Post Lockdown Suicide Tsunami that never came

As we near the third anniversary of COVID-19, international suicide statistics reveal that the suicide epidemic that was widely predicted to ensue after the lockdown never happened.

Understanding how these predictions failed reveals the limitations of mental health modeling, challenges our assumptions about suicidality, and begs the question, “why wasn’t there a suicide epidemic?” A viewpoint article recently published in the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry offers some answers.

The Australian authors, Nick Glozier, Richard Morris, and Stefanie Schurer, quote Nobel prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman:

“People cannot be faulted for failing to predict the unpredictable, but they can be blamed for lack of predictive humility.”

The Post-Lockdown Suicide Tsunami That Never Came