Psychiatrist on ‘the essential emptiness of Donald Trump’

Shallow Hal’s, is simplistic , for these folks

who deny their own stuff and project , becomes

believing their own lies , or God like power.

Very Thankful to have completed by walk

in the light of truths and facts …

Stability is not present in NPD …

Dr. Lance Dodes, one of the first mental health professionals who questioned Donald Trump’s stability, discusses with Lawrence O’Donnell how Trump has devolved since the beginning of his presidency.
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Apology to Sinead O’Connor about Pope picture on SNL |

Trauma, is not recognized, in all its many

fractured presentations , as Sinead , spoke

sang and released and was slammed , publicly

certainly deserves to be apologized to.

Following the shocking revelations of 70 years of abuse of children by Pennsylvania priests, we owe Sinead O’Connor an apology. We now know that the pedophile scandals were rampant during the era of Pope John Paul, who chose to turn a blind eye. O’Connor was calling out the right person.
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State hospital employee accused of beating mentally ill patient

Human Rights Violations Abuses Ignorance Denial

is common in Mental Wards , where employee are

overworked, undereducated , working in poor

to degrading conditions , underpaid , and trauma

draining of life’s essences .. Certainly no healing

to be had .. Equal to jail , which my experience

as an induced mental patient , I endured mental

wards in 2 local hospitals , and an overnight in

jail, in a judgement, induced by a Domestic Abuser

exhibiting Narcissist Personality Disorder .

Council years ongoing allows me knowledge the

induced mental patient is prevalent in society

to a degree that does not allow its continuation

in our New Earth.. I do what I can to lend my

voice , that the horrific results of Psychology

Psychiatric,Chemical/Big Pharma and a Culture

Of Suicide have had an effect on human kind

that Spirit is transforming . I had no choice

but to survive what erased my voice , as a mental

patient I had no credibility , no rights , and

thus disadvantaged , I was unfit by my partner

who wishes my permanent silence , death

that he can hold secrets of abuses on many

levels , but on high , is demanding loyalty

to him only , separation of mother/child ..

Who I became , upon the evocative PTSD

of addictive RX and Abuses secreted from

childhood , flipping to all manner of fractured

parts , tainted and traumatized 3 I was entrusted

to vessel here .. it’s my job to give them as

much truth as possible , as I am well aware

is worthy of sharing , not as an example

perhaps , as a warning..

Much Better Days than not , I stand still for

preventative care, honoring individuals ,

being conscious …☮️🙏🏼😘


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

by sons

5 Investigates has learned that six staff members have been placed on leave while the Department of Mental Health investigates.
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How Loneliness Begets Loneliness

This was indeed fact for me for years , certainly

within marriage which is horrific when feeling

lonely in the company of a partner ..

In the aftermath of my removal from our home

loneliness was muted by stronger meds that

had me sleep 14 hours a day , but still there .

The beginnings of waking , brought home

losses that reduced me to primal fears , anger

at the falsehoods that altered every facet of my

life , laughed at by former whose real need to

torment me , long ago transformed to surrender

to the truth , I am never truly alone , or unloved .

I have come to accept , after many experiences

that former desires my physical death …

Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional death

has been ignored , stomped on …I’m sure he

feels my death would resolve all his issues .

It’s been many years , since I’ve experienced

that despair of loneliness , and I don’t classify

no contact disruption with regards to our sons

a basis for loneliness , for it was never their job

to fill that space their Dad did not …the fractured,

forced , fake facts fed them by a highly toxic,

abusive entitled human plus family and friends

affected 4 , whom are considered controllable

possessions , trophies or covers to fit in ..

Very Thankful, to have achieved an education

that supports my perceived 20 plus efforts

to know and do better .

In my alone time , my normal deep thinking

more often than not is connecting with

Spirit , very often necessary … Connecting

Spiritually is now as normal as breathing

as my Saturday bore out ♥️🙏🏼🎁 an

amazing day and night , surrounded by

so many examples of Spirit and Love 💕


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

I have an article that describes loneliness as

a molecule .

Social isolation kills, and in the process it makes it harder to reach out to others. A psychologist explains how to break the cycle.
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Guns Don’t Kill People, School Psychologists Do – Medium Kantbot – Medium

In the David Fincher produced, 2017 Netflix series, Mindhunter, two FBI special agents travel the country interviewing serial killers in the 1970’s. The series, based on the non-fiction book…
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Involuntary Hospitalization Increases Risk of Suicide

New study finds that people who felt they were coerced into being hospitalized were more likely to attempt suicide later.
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Narcissists Always Twist The Story To Make Themselves The Victim

Twisting the truth , believing their story , raging

if you dare suggest they are separated from fact

truth , or a character that they are superior, not

to be challenged on anything ever …

Those that have strong narcissistic tendencies have certain destructive social tendency.
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