Kayden’s Law – Bill # HR271- Abuse and violence against women and children

I have been ignored and laughed at by lawyers, police officers and Common Wealth Attorneys…

It’s past time to educate those who professionally deal/work with families , ending the ignorance that cost this precious 7 year old girl her life .



The impact of Kaden’s Law in Parental Alienation/ Child Psychological Abuse . Protecting Women

Emotional Cut Off- Child Psychological Abuse / Alienation

Emotional cut-off is a way of coping with unresolved issues whether it’s with parents, siblings, spouses, or anyone else. It can involve moving away or out of the home, or staying in touch but avoiding emotional issues. The trouble with emotional cut-off, such as with an alienated child, is that the problem stays dormant without being resolved. And it can go on for years. Substitutes might be found – new spouse, new friends, new job – but the same pattern/tensions might reappear. Cut-offs are effective in the short term. It’s ignoring the problem. But an unresolved attachment (to our issues) can manifest in fresh conflict, even within minutes, upon spending time together, because the old interactions and feelings remain. It can be exhausting, disappointing and upsetting. Maintaining the emotional cut-off and physical distance might feel like the easier option, but the wound just festers. And cut-offs can become habitual as a means to cope with conflict and potential harm. It makes it hard to repair the relationship between two parties. It can become like a face-saving standoff. Without communication, there’s only the victim narrative. Emotional cut-off should be quite easy to detect. The person will be indifferent, numb, and sometimes have very strong emotions if triggered.

Children should be supported and encouraged to have a relationship with both parents where this is in their best interests and safety. Where there is a parent who shows no wish to collaborate or co-parent, or who ignores custody orders, this should be flagged as a problem and as unhealthy parenting. Children flourish when they have safe, meaningful relationships with both parents and all the family who love and care for them.

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Carl Jung – Connected to Masonic Religion

Ever to Conceal; Never to Reveal

Secret Society ; Superior Religion that judges everyone else is…vulgar

And are pledged upon a very cruel death , to the secret , not to marry a non member .

Pledging their children and grandchildren…

I’m listening watching an expose’ and realize the ” cult” “inherent “, in too many institutions that are being exposed and of no power against the truths and the light.

Psychiatry is by it’s example of this ” religion”.


Sinéad O’Connor Documentary ‘Nothing Compares’ Reexamines Her Complicated Story | HuffPost Entertainment

Director Kathryn Ferguson re-centers the singer-songwriter as the icon she rightly is. But that comes with limitations.
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Indoctrination of Alienated / Psychologically Abused Child

These alienated children are so indoctrinated and enmeshed that they lose critical thinking skills when it comes to the ‘target’ parent. They can easily hurt our feelings and provoke a reaction from us by their words and behaviours, and we have to find the strength and calmness of mind to remember not to react in anger, not to make them feel guilty, not to talk about our feelings (hurt, anger, frustration). It only pushes them away, which is often what they’re trying to actualize because cutting off makes it easier for them when they’re under such emotional pressure. Be calm, be loving, be non-reactive. They will come up with the most unbelievable fictions. I was told once: ‘It’s not fair a parent is alone at Christmas’. This was the reason given that they never saw me! Do they forget we are parents too? No. But they ‘split’. They can’t deal with it, so they almost pretend it’s not happening. It gets buried. It is too confusing and too upsetting. That is because they do love us. They’ve been prevented from feeling it’s okay to love us and told all sorts of horror stories to make them reject us which they can perpetuate themselves. But deep down, they know the truth. It’s a matter of them finding it and setting it free.

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Targeted parents , don’t see it coming

As target parents, we do not foresee alienation from our child/ren. That is not because we are weak, gullible, stupid or ignorant. It’s because it’s not loving behaviour, and it is not something a mentally healthy parent would do. It’s not what we would do. There may have been signs (narcissism, for one) but still, we didn’t imagine the other parent would be willing to hurt the child/ren so they could hurt us. We hoped and trusted that the child/ren would be of the highest importance. Someone told me yesterday that a judge, before taking custody of his son, said the ruling was ‘against his better judgement’. How ridiculous! If the judge thinks it’s not right, then why make the ruling? He’s a judge! That’s his actual, paid job, to use his best judgement, and not make a ruling that goes against his best judgement. This father also described receiving letters with such statements as; ‘in the best interests of the children’. What hypocrisy! Family courts should understand that a loving parent does not badmouth the other parent, and have the child aligned with them against the other parent. A loving parent encourages and supports the child/ren in having a good relationship with the other parent. They do not coerce the child into fearing, hating and rejecting the other parent. This is psychological abuse. A parent capable of engaging in parental alienation will typically refuse to see the harm they’re doing or to collaborate in any way that’s helpful or remedial. These people do not change. They have poison in their own systems, and their parenting is pathogenic. We have to do all we can, when we can, to be the opposite of the alienator. We have to stay sane, we have to remain the mentally healthy parent amidst the pathology of abuse and lies, and a corrupt/broken healthcare system and appalling family court misunderstandings, rulings and theatricals. It helps to work on ourselves, to find understanding and some kind of acceptance, to be firm/know our boundaries, to be strong, to live a fulfilling life, to stay calm and non-reactive to provocation, to be happy, and to be mentally healthy – all the things the alienating parent is not able to do or be.

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