Perfectionist- OCD

Labeled a ” mental disorder ”

or trauma response ?

Being subjected to a

perfectionist as a child can and

does create ” Patty Perfect ”

ends up in overwhelming

life situations, burdened with

responsibilities and many

negatives can result .

Alcoholism is just one response

but expecting all around you

to be perfect is a heavy burden

especially when one does not

strive for perfection perhaps

having laid that burden down !

Qualifying behaviors, as just

” my OCD” kicking in doesn’t

resonate when it’s a place for

blame , or projected blame

always pointing out the lack

in another . It’s a stressful

situation and personally I

don’t do well under such

pressure .

I had ” family ” members via

marriage that were always

exclusive in their bond , found

me less than desirable and a

partner who did not ever have

my back , but rather joined in

the ladies constant criticism

and judgment which was

highly toxic and really affected

me as a newly wed , mother

the 1st year and for several

decades . I did not want to be

in their company as it became

more intense and flagrantly


I was not fully aware that our

sons had adapted to this , and

with those last 5 years in toxic

treatment for ” bipolar ” it

was a mantra of ex and his

family that I chose to be

Bipolar and gravely ill to get

out of my duties as Mom .

I’m sure ex felt the loss of my

inability to do my ” jobs”

and further neglected the

horrific situation and it’s effect

on our sons .

He was busy making plans to

exit with as much as possible

and covertly blame all

failures on me .

Of course it’s always been and

always will be his job to heal

that childhood desire or

pressure for perfection but I’m

keenly aware of what a toll

that takes on everyone in his

world as he always is in that

mode and never really

enjoying the moment and that

radiates to others negatively .

It’s the ” bar” expected of those

around him ; Great

Expectations that I could not

meet which made me less

than in his opinion!

I realize how it drained him

and noted how scheduled he

was concerning his personal

habits .

He had no idea , nor did he

care how anything affected

me .

Micro dosing Psychedelics might improve mental health

This is used in PTS especially in veteran’s with success.

I have had clients who want to try this with me in council 🤔

Blessings & Peace ☮️

Dona Luna

61 benefits of Marijuana

I was exposed to 1952 era termite spray in 2012 ; after assurances of not having to leave the house and developing flu like symptoms with in days , after being poisoned.

I am very careful not to allow infection deep into my chest and if I react to COVID shedding, or seasonal allergies I can cough up clear mucus which is rather thick but NOT infected !

Not infected though dry cough and clear film and very runny nose .

I include the many chemicals that exist in our environment that we know of and many we do not .

I’m lucky not to have inherited the COPD of my Dad and his Dad along with asthma . WHEW

I have not utilized marijuana all my adult life , but I’m not sorry for many of the listed pluses for its use have benefited me greatly .

Including not being able to eat from grief 🙏

So for me and many others it’s a natural Blessing that we pray doesn’t get adulterated like cigarettes ( 150 chemicals in each ) .

I don’t vape due to studies that indicate a negative side effect on the interior of lungs .

I am grateful for the Ozone treatments and have faith that the future holds more healing treatments than the past has afforded me .

I have major dental work to be done and that includes abscesses from heavy metal poisoning in a rental pre COVID

I am legal for Marijuana in the Commonwealth of Virginia!

* You know you and your body !

Blessings & Peace ☮️

Dona Luna