Mental Campaigns – Mad in America

An article published in New Ideas in Psychology hypothesizes that mental health awareness efforts in Western countries may be partially responsible for the rise of mental health problems those countries are experiencing. Psychologists Lucy Foulkes from the University of Oxford in the UK and Jack Andrews from the University of New South Wales in Australia wrote the article.

Foulkes and Andrews argue that the increase in mental health problems in places pushing greater mental health awareness likely involves at least two precipitating factors. First, more people with mental health problems accurately report symptoms that would have been under-reported, ignored, or dismissed if not for greater mental health awareness. Second, some people with mild forms of distress incorrectly interpret their experience as a mental health problem.

According to the authors, the latter case can lead to mental health problems that would have otherwise not existed due to the power of labeling. They write:

“First, we argue that mental health awareness efforts are leading to more accurate reporting of previously under-recognized symptoms, a beneficial outcome. Second, and more problematically, we propose that awareness efforts are leading some individuals to interpret and report milder forms of distress as mental health problems. We propose that this then leads some individuals to experience a genuine increase in symptoms because labeling distress as a mental health problem can affect an individual’s self-concept and behavior in a way that is ultimately self-fulfilling.”

Mental Health Awareness Campaigns May Actually Lead to Increases in Mental Distress

The Myth of Mental Illness

I have several of Dr ‘s books . He was alive when I started my waking and very honored in the movement against psychiatry as we now know it . It’s a very lucrative profession co joined with Big Pharma ( chemical companies) and very powerful ; deadly and the culprit for the erasure of families. Diagnosing behavior , no test and prescribing toxic medications which distort and often destroy the health and well being of a targeted individual as the list of drugs increases with ” side effects ” of said RX

The 80’s , ” The Society of Suicide” accepted the shadow side of psychiatry and this deception took root in our legal system which has only gotten much worse .

I highly recommend any of Dr S ‘s books and found this one is on Youtube and with a Christian take on the book but mostly correct in his summation .

The Myth Of Mental Illness

Blessings , Peace & Love ❤️

Dona Luna