Narcissistic Threat of Withdrawal of Love to kids is Abuse , Craig Childress PsyD

Ya wanna know how the allied narcissistic parent most powerfully controls the child – the contingent application and withdrawal of love.
If you don’t do what pleases me, I won’t love you anymore.  It’s a loyalty thing.  The allied narcissistic parent demands the child’s loyalty in completely rejecting the other parent.
Can you see the parallel process?  Can you see what happened to Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr – absolute loyalty is demanded or else you’re rejected – not just by the primary case – by the surrounding flying monkeys too – who attack you for being a RINO – gatekeeping what it means to be Republican – the “radicalization” of the Republican party.
Targeted parents… how many of you are familiar with your ex’s “alternative facts” that are simply lies?  Sound familiar?  Same pathology. 
The cult-mind won’t be able to see – the shared delusion cannot see itself, it is neurologically impossible (that’s what makes it a delusion).  For those who can see, use the example to learn the features of the pathogen.
It lies – not some of the time, all of the time.  It attacks threats of exposure with lies and slander.  It levies false allegations of abuse.  It is delusional – a shared persecutory delusion – ICD-10 F24.
It’s supposed to be a rare pathology – not so rare, I guess.  Just not diagnosed because that would typically be considered rude… but in this case, for child abuse and the overthrow of American democracy, I’ll make an exception – a shared persecutory delusion.
ICD-10 F24.  A real thing.
It’s a thought disorder created by unresolved trauma that leads to distortions to thought and perceptions.  The type of thought disorder is called a delusion – a fixed and false belief that is maintained despite contrary evidence. The type of delusion is called a persecutory delusion, a false belief in supposed “victimization.”
This is not political – many-many Republicans have said that the party left them – it’s become radicalized to the extreme far-right where they’re gatekeeping Moscow Mitch as not being loyal enough.
Just like with the allied parent and child, it’s not about truth, it’s about loyalty – the narcissist DEMANDS absolute loyalty – from Sessions, from Barr, from the child.  Disobedience from the control of the narcissistic parent… will be punished.
I love you ONLY if you submit to me… yikes, creepy.  Yeah, I know… it’s a ripple.
Craig Childress, Psy.D.Clinical Psychologist, PSY 18857

Self Image is Everything to a Narcissist

The narcissist’s self-image is everything, and he or she will wager everything on it – doing things that are unlawful, dangerous and criminal to uphold it. This naturally put his or her business at risk – and the narcissist has no issue in twisting facts and setting someone else up to take the fall when the trouble happens.
The justifications that the narcissist is capable of making to pathologise his or her behaviour are incredible.
Narcissists are disordered; their brain wiring is maladapted to circuits that are not healthy, or humane. The narcissist can justify immoral, inhumane and criminal behaviour easily because their soul was sold to serve the one true master – The False Self – long ago.
It’s important to understand narcissists will believe, firmly, that the person they are setting up to take the blame is at fault. Their minds are highly adept at creating a self-delusional story that exonerates their “above reproach at all costs” ego. Once this story has been replayed through the narcissist disordered mind a few times – it is TRUE to the narcissist. That is the extent of the disorder – superiority and impunity are necessary for the narcissist’s emotional survival.
This can seem incredibly personal – until we understand that narcissists are operating out of horrendous childish survival fears. The narcissist’s unconscious drivers are entrenched in this defence: “If I am exposed as wrong I’ll be annihilated,” which triggers the narcissist’s biggest fear – the bottom line terror of the ego – the fear of NOT existing.
The narcissist believes he or she must be seen as “perfect.” However, the intense fear and defences conversely create the narcissist’s character as not just “imperfect” but also highly disordered and damaged.
This becomes blatantly obvious if the spotlight is on the narcissist for any accountability for his or her actions or non-actions. This is when the narcissist becomes the most unhinged, or the most dishonest and manipulative.
He or she will do anything to avoid personal fault and scrutiny, and if someone can be scapegoated, the narcissist will employ this tactic.
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