Tune in

“Heal yourself with the light of the sun and the rays of the moon. With the sound of the river and the waterfall. With the swaying of the sea and the fluttering of birds. Heal yourself with mint, neem, and eucalyptus. Sweeten with lavender, rosemary, and chamomile. Hug yourself with the cocoa bean and a hint of cinnamon. Put love in tea instead of sugar and drink it looking at the stars. Heal yourself with the kisses that the wind gives you and the hugs of the rain. Stand strong with your bare feet on the ground and with everything that comes from it. Be smarter every day by listening to your intuition, looking at the world with your forehead. Jump, dance, sing, so that you live happier. Heal yourself, with beautiful love, and always remember…you are the medicine.”

María Sabina a Mexican healer and poet.

Ed Binkley ~ Artist

Mother Mary

Mother Mary is one of the most highly evolved beings to incarnate in a position of great power and influence on our planet. I was recently at a conference where I was stunned, appalled, even aghast to hear an Angel Teacher describe Mother Mary as a simple village girl who fell in love with Joseph and an angel happened to come to her and ask her to give birth to Jesus. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was 8000 years after the fall of Atlantis and the planet was becoming increasingly dense. The Intergalactic Council decided that something had to be done to raise the light on Earth. Something had to penetrate the gloom. They formulated a plan to bring Christ Light, the unconditional love of Source, back to Earth.

Since the planet was created the Christ light, which has nothing to do with religion, has been held over the Middle East. The hunt was on for a highly evolved being who had the light, power and wisdom to incarnate and be able to carry the Christ light energy and bring it back for humanity. Just as important was the team who would support him. A powerful and highly evolved mother was vital. Who better than Isis? This amazing soul had been tried and tested. She had been instrumental in the ascension of Lemuria, a High Priestess in Atlantis, given Virgin Birth to Horus in Egypt and was now ready to undertake the new cosmic service as Mary, Mother of Jesus.

During her incarnations she was overlit by the great Angel Mary who spreads love and healing throughout the entire universe. Angel Mary held her in her wondrous aquamarine light. The surrounding team of father, grandfather, grandmother, the Wise Men and teachers were all great souls who are now leading our planet forward. Mary was the daughter of Joachim, the High Priest of the Essene Temple of Helios, also known as the Temple of the Sun. When she was a baby she was dedicated as a dove in the holy Temple. Even as a very small child Mary was spiritually aware and attuned. Miracles happened round her.

Sirius Gateway ends 7/7

SIRIUS GATEWAY ~Here we go ,We are in for some high frequency energy downloads and upgrades in the next days/week. The energy is already pretty high because of the powerful solar energy coming in.

Additionally we will receive high frequency energy from the star system Sirius in the first week of July. We call it the Sirius gateway and it will end on the day of the 77 portal (July 7th). We are in for some treats from the Universe as Sirius is our parent star and the spiritual Sun. Are you ready? New energy, new light codes, new upgrades, levelling up and moving foward.

The connection between the Earth, the Sun and the star Sirius is bringing spiritual progress and this means we are also in for some triggering, tiredness, but also bliss. Some might experience a death and rebirth process. Don’t try to block it, as your ego will suggest. Open up to every emotion that will show up within. Feel it, experience it as the observer and learn from it. It will show you where you are blocking yourself and being afraid of your own power and light.

Open up to the darkness and you will find more light. Embrace and welcome change, don’t try to fight it. Sirius energy will help us access our true self in a deeper way and heighten our intuition. Open up, listen and receive

The Lemurian Unicorns


No ByPass for Anger & Rage

“You don’t get to bypass your anger and your rage, and call yourself peaceful in your avoidance. Your ability to feel anger or rage is not an accident. On the contrary, it is a great gift.

Rage is an intelligent fire. It is infused with its own magic, and born of love. And we need this intelligent fire to unfreeze ourselves from the glaciers of time.

Rage is not innately ugly. That which summons it, usually is. The platitude Love is all there is does not also recognize that if this is so, then all things must be born of the One Love. So how do they become so distorted and painful on their ways down from eternity to the nitty-gritty human experience?

Rage is not hate. Hate emerges from rage not recognized, responsibility not taken, the projection of blame for one’s own suffering onto others who are not to blame.

Rage places responsibility where it belongs. Rage recognizes what our part is in our suffering. Rage also recognizes when we are carrying the responsibility that belongs with someone else. Rage refuses to carry the inappropriate burden of the choices made by others. Rage fights back for a change that creates balance and justice. Rage is not the great punisher, but the equalizer and the liberator.

If you do not walk through the fires of your rage, or you do not admit that rage lives within you, you cannot find the dancing prayer that opens the gates of The Wildness. You will have too many holes burned into your vessel. If you cannot hold it, you cannot experience it, and it will not free you, so you may not enter.

You will attempt to howl at the moon in all her glory, and your breath will escape from the hole in the back of your neck, or on the right side of your chest or out of your belly. You will wail and remember that your rage cannot be nearly as terrible as is life as a piece of swiss cheese.

Without your intelligent fire, parts of you will remain cold and isolated, separate from the hearth and home at the core of your being. They are there because you thought they were compromising your survival. But you can see now, can’t you, that without them survival is as good as it gets, and you want to thrive?

So find that rage, that intelligent fire, and call your children home. Release them from the bindings of blame and shame that is not theirs. Thank them. Welcome them. Feed them. Light up the night sky. Become whole, and let your rage be cleansed of guilt and shame, so it is given back its holy shine.

Rage can protect the innocent. Defrost the frozen, traumatized parts of your experience. Defend the sacred, the wild, and the natural. Rage can inform peace, but it won’t bring us all the way. No, for that you need everything you are. But without your rage, you won’t be able to retrieve yourself and become whole enough to find out.

Your journey is epic.

You are a miracle.

The Wildness is howling for your return.

Bring your rage with you.”

~ Alison Nappi



Art: Julia Jeffrey,

Stonemaiden Art


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Excavation by David Seay

We are a culture that glorifies the explosion.

Consumption is our icon next to destruction and erosion,

And while the waters are still flowing,

addiction dips it’s toes in;

And adds to the pollution,

Which is why some of us are glowing.

Tuned to confusion through over stimulation of useless information,

As we are speaking about nothing while in communication,

We cling to opinions that hinder revelation.

Time for an excavation,

Not of the land,

But the inner world of man;

For all of our relations.

The rocket ships we take;

A symbol of exploration,

Or escape?

I must ask.

Why can’t we take care of what we have before we expand our destructive path?

Our new symbol is the mask,

Our old one was the flag;

Trading freedom for security,

And doing it quite fast.

This is a ground breaking,

Earth quaking,

Life shaking,

Quickening of our reality.

The warriors are awakening.

Focus on vitality.

Foundation for our families.

Everyday a celebration.

Fireworks of appreciation explode vocally through me without even littering or frightening anyone locally.

Implode on an inner world to cultivate a love so innate that there is no need to escape.

This is what we celebrate.

Discern, observe, manage, regulate.

Write a book,

Become an author.

Chop wood,

Carry water.

With a skip in the step,

And a song in the heart.

Dance to the stars.

Work harder and harder on something you love;

Then do something you don’t like for someone going through something tough.

Spread the laughter and sweep the heavy,

Not under the rug but off of the levee.

Fire works,

To burn up all that heavy burden that we carry,

So don’t freak out when things get scary.

There is a way to face the music,

And dance right through it;

Even the mess humans are cocreating,

Can be cleaned and made pristine if we worked together as a team instead of constantly debating.

I am praying,

But not just bargaining or asking God,

Nor constantly complaining;

They are yearnings of the heart and soul,

Told of what this life is needing~

My deepest prayers are not the words I say;

It is the act of my heart beating.

To keep us alive,

Our hearts are bleeding.

Pumping the love.

Delivering the message.

Passing on the truth of trust.

Carrying out the way for us all.

That’s a living prayer;

Listen for the call.

Let’s build another way,

Not another mall.

Implosion of Narcissistic Is Inevitable

This morning out side of my

room , I am blessed with no

one here at the moment ! The

basic deal yesterday and I

chose to do very little .

The birds are joy filled and

singing on high and there are

moments when there is no

traffic and the singing sounds

are pure ! Heaven on Earth

includes non disturbed nature

sight and sound ; and sound

will be at my discretion and

mostly my discernment 🙏🏡

As will be guest ie visitors

who notify me as to their

intention to see me .

I deserve the peace and I

have grasp the continued

attempts to alienate me

are they indeed war between

shadow and light that ends

the choke hold of behaviors

such as narcissistic for several

reasons to intend to expound

on .

So I was only present a few

times when my abuser , took

the low road , became the

victim who was entitled to

walk out on his family , and

his ” partner ” , quickly co

habitat with his new supply

and all the horrific abuses

targeting me in intensified

and I was not allowed to be

in her airspace . The times

I was she childishly had to

pointy place me far away

or behind her ( as with

3rd son’s high school


I wasn’t allowed to attend his

college graduation , nor his

wedding , nor have I met his

2 sons .

I did not pay towards these life

events so I did not deserve to

attend .

So the wedding pictures have

the newer supply , who split

after almost same year span

and nearly dead .

She called as I visited , heard

my voice and I heard her

screaming !?!?!

So this is his life or was .,,

Not being a man of change

or communication with

honesty , I have noted the

signs of implosion .

I am not the example , I was

the warning ; it would not

serve me to make any

efforts towards helping him

as the last example I

experienced was the end of

any more test .

Legal business matters are

more urgent , for several

reasons and as usual he goes

silent and disconnected ;

not an ounce of cooperation

as our sons hold tight, the

past is present . I again can

do nor say anything .

I am resting a lot , mentally

holding peace and faith , but

my body has other


A 1st partner , contractually

owned me through the laws

of a Common Wealth that up

holds the standard quo in

patriarchal abuses that’s

gained clarity as we

experience, the country of

men, not a country of law .

That paradigm is domestic

abuse and domestic terror

and has no place on New

Earth !

It’s way past time ; I

surrendered to the path both

the marital partnership and

the resent attempt to partner

while doing business as well

as my living space and

reducing my income income

as indicated this is his business

and his faith upholds these

acts !

Both feel chosen and enabled

to target me , attempting to

leave me very little . Age ,

health, and a conscious that

says this is wrong or illegal.

The repeated lessons of not

finding legal assistance , left

no doubts who did not have

an interest in my situation

and as such cost me the truth

towards getting charges ;

same repetitive lack of

concern and consciousness

that’s a red flag 🚩

Neither are interested in doing

the right thing . This is the

energy that sucked up our

sons , and we all know

we have free will… eventually.

Healing is supported , choices

are made , resolutions do

exist , and I’m quite sure I am

not responsible nor deserving

of being targeted by anyone

for any reason ; it does say

more about the other person

but for now I’m safe , seizing

the restorative aspects of

this fraudulent attempt at

divestment; while assured

I was invested and would

not know I was being taken

and that no one would care .

Excellent response by Deputies

magistrates and Agency on

Aging , as well as Austin

who has my back and for Spirit

who assures me , all is coming

together in true liberation

of any energies who do not

support me and I am grateful

to be closing out ancestral

trauma for both sides of my

family ; that our grandchildren

as well as we , never have to

have these abuses come up

for replay , repeating the

trauma .

Blood Lines are cleared and

new again for New Earth and

New Beginnings !

Blessings on this 4th

Let freedom / Liberation and

Unity rock & roll

Dona Luna


Blue Rays


The blue rays starseeds are a unique soul group that came through the blue ray of creation for benevolent purposes on this planet .

They have a strong connection to Source , the planet Sirius and have Christ consciousness encoding in their blueprint and embedded in their cellular structure and auric field.

Many of these experience very difficult childhoods because they purposely incarnate into certain family dynamics in order to transmute and heal that DNA lineage.

They are here to seed and create a new paradigm and template on the planet .

They are here to deliver the Christ consciousness blueprint to others through the merging of their energy fields with those of others.

Many of them will find that people either absolutely love them or feel uncomfortable to be around them.

This is because they embody truth and wisdom and many people aren’t ready to face the truth.

Blue ray beings are seekers of the truth themselves and have been searching for their own answers their whole lives.

The blueray starseeds are incredibly talented and easily learn new things.

This allows them to speed through life lessons and handle much more in life than others .

They seemingly make as many human mistakes as they can.

By doing this they rapidly learn lessons and bring themselves to the conclusion that there is way more to this human experience that meets the eye.

This results in awakening and they then can begin their divine work here on earth.

The bluerays have blue / purple auras and most have had ancient past lifetimes in Lemuria , Egypt and Atlantis just to name a few .

They all have a deep connection with esoteric knowledge and higher awareness

They are extremely intuitive, telepathic and strongly psychic.

They are Clairsentient , clairvoyant , with strong inner knowing

and feel the feelings of others even when they don’t try to .

This is because they are here to merge auric bodies with other light minded ones and share the Christ consciousness blueprint .

By Shari Mattson

Hearing Voices : Dr Dan

I have found that with psychoses we will often find a two trauma mechanism. An initial trauma often early in life, often before the age of 2. There becomes the growing abscess of the mind and later, often in late adolescence or early adulthood a subsequent trauma arises and everything is unleashed, the positive and negative symptoms. Voice hearing often takes on the form of the trauma one has experienced, the voices can be fragments of a shattered self, it may be words given to the pain, they may represent fears or actual persons who did harm. Just more recently a fellow told me he had been experiencing voices for many years and it was like shrieks and mumbling but he could not identify them. As he thought about this two trauma mechanism he stated he experienced parental separation in infancy and in later life was incarcerated where he was for a time in solitary confinement and heard voices, muttering and shrieks through the vents. He said whenever under alot of stress he would have voice hearing and he now knows from where they came. I have noticed that both the positive and negative symptoms lessen when there is created an environment of sanctuary where one can find solace and healthy connection.

Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D.