Being Correct

There is alot of old sticky, heavy, combative energy surfacing at the moment. This message is to say that

it’s okay, it’s not just you going through all of this right now, as a whole this is being experienced throughout.

Things that we had once thought

we had overcome, things that

we thought we had let go of.

Patterns, habits, coping mechanisms ,

past resentments and insecurities are all surfacing rapidly and also quite spectacularly.

Things that we thought wouldnt hurt us any more have rocked up to challenge our perceptions.

And have shown up seemingly uninvited to shine light uppon the deepest darkest corners of our sorrow.

This isnt time to internalize this,

as we have some how failed in our journey of healing. For some your healing has really only just begun.

It is to highlight that the layers of old pain and trauma don’t always go silently.

They don’t always, shift without having one last tantrum before it storms off in a almighty climactic huff.

There are times where it stops us in our tracks to say, “hey, there is a little piece of me that’s still here and you are ready to deal with me now”

In which case, this inner child suffering is being invited to be worked on to a degree that you might not have felt before. This can feel lonesome, tiresome, endless and at times we can feel completely unsupported.

There is no right or wrong way of navigating these things, no words that can take away or eleveate what you are experiencing.

Only this message of compassion and innerstanding that no matter how alone in all of this you may feel right now. You are very much supported, nothing can effect or challenge that.

Difficult conversations, disagreements and challenged perceptions might surface between partners, close friends or relatives right now.

Try to challenge yourself to come from a compassionate angle. Meaning when you think you do this already and you think you are being compassionate towards someone, challenge yourself to hold even more space and compassion for the other while remaining calm and holding clear yet loving bounderies.

Being correct isnt the goal of life.

Only the demands of the ego.

Common ground is found when we soften and see the other, human to human, soul to soul from one heart to another.

Its here where we can parent and nurture our inner children, they way they have always longed to be taken care of.

From my heart to yours 💚


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Let ‘em talk – says way more of them than you

Big Reveal / Revelations

In the drama and dysfunction communication is often indirect. There’s lots of “don’t ask don’t tell” going on.

Recent drama events will often be surrounded by deep denial.

Attempts to address these events…to try to resolve things? can be met with more dysfunctional behaviors as the parties involved cannot sit with their own discomfort.

Thus – they’ll likely not be responsive but rather become defensive, argumentative and in general turning the tables to make something wrong with you for trying to go there.

I’m other words?

More drama will ensue.

Instead of trying to convince them?

Let them have their drama.

Let them tell their stories about you.

Let them hold onto their idea that they were victimized by you, rather than abusive to you.

Once we stop trying to work things out with those who are unable to work things out?

Things sort of just start working out for us.