Lots of Fact within this post . Man/Woman Consciousness.

So you say you want a conscious man, hey?

You do realize this would require you to be a conscious woman, right?

Do you know what that means? Do you understand the demands that unavoidably come with this territory?

It will require your ALL. It will require that you own your shit, all of it, even the deep, dark, hidden, nasty bits.

You’ll be forced to face:

The wicked witch within

The manipulative bitch who simply must get her way despite the cost

The prostitute who sells herself

The unhealed, needy little girl who wants constant reassurance from the outside

The destructive wild woman who will tear down an entire city simply because she feels like it

The unhealthy mother who treats her man like a little boy vs. her lover

The years of hiding the parts of self that aren’t accepted in our society will have to be opened to.

You’ll have to look at your distrust of the masculine square in the eyes and tell it to ‘fuck off’.

You’ll have to catch yourself every time you feel your body or your heart closing. And then you’ll have to work to open it.

You’ll have to let go of the rage, the grief and the pain you hold toward him. You’ll have to soften into an open hearted, completely trusting place so that this conscious man can take you to places you would never and could never take yourself to.

There’s a reason you crave a conscious man. Your heart and your soul knows what’s possible.

But you must be willing to do the work to get there. This is no airy fairy ride that you can transcend your way into and it isn’t for the faint of heart.

Talking to your angels will not get you there.

Opening your third eye will not get you there.

Skimming the surface and dancing around the truth of who you are will not get you there.

Knowing thyself will get you there. Knowing, seeing, opening to and accepting every aspect of yourself will get you there.

Letting go of the walls around your heart, your womb, your yoni and every other part of your body will get you there.

Forgiving every man who has ever wronged you in this life and every other life you’ve lived will get you there.

Forgiving yourself will get you there.

There’s two ways to do this:

You do the work on your own. You open, you release, you heal, you come to wholeness on your own and then you meet a conscious man who is on the same level you are.

You do it together, with a man who meets you where you’re at right now. You evolve together. He becomes consciousness, you become love.

Here’s what’s true, you always attract and inspire a man as deeply committed to opening in love as you are, right now, which means that a man will be conscious and present to the same degree that you are actively radiating your love and allowing life force itself to roll through your being.

If you want a conscious man, go get him! But don’t expect him to fall into your lap. He won’t. It’s against every natural law there is.

Do the work with a man who meets you where you’re at now or do the work on your own until a man who meets you shows up.

Everything else is just wishful thinking and fairy tales.

– Sabrina Lynn Domenosky

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The Oracle Report

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be Benevolent, our words , and deeds convey

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