Hope for Child Psychological Abuse

May courts all over the world start to take more action against PARENTAL ALIENATION

In Israel, parental alienation is known as “Nikor horim”, and although the same concerns remain about there being little empirical evidence supporting the concept of PA, some courts in Israel are willing to take more action. In the case mentioned, the judge ordered the mother to pay 35,000 NIS in court fees. The couple separated in 2012, and the father tried many times to connect with his daughter, through the court. He submitted an appeal to cancel the 3,000 shekels (US$850 approx) he paid monthly in child support because of the ‘lack of connection. The judge noticed the mother’s lack of cooperation with the father’s efforts to see his daughter, and found the father had done all he could and was not at fault. The judge then made his ruling, favourable to the father, noting that the cancellation of child support would not harm the mother’s ability to care for the daughter as she’d sold a home worth 5 million shekel (about US$1.5 million) didn’t need to work to earn money, and had refused to submit her finances and income to the court.

May courts all over the world start to take more action! Of course, where parents have legitimate reasons to refuse or limit contact with the other parent and the child, where there are safety issues, this is a child protection issue and not parental alienation. They need to be able to identify the false allegations. But where parental alienation occurs because the parent is angry, or doesn’t think the other parent ‘deserves’ contact, or because of narcissistic personality disorders … this needs to be examined, and action taken accordingly, including fines for parents who defy orders to cooperate. Please see more of my posts on Instagram. I post 2-6 each day to spread awareness about parental alienation, to inform and to uplift. I hope they help. https://www.instagram.com/charliemccready1/

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No Doubt Trump Will Burn 🔥 it Down

Having a very personal experience was enhanced by Trump in spades . He was the dark shadow that brought so many conspiracy theories , lots of drama and trauma ( albeit with a poker face ) and huffed and puffed as stirred the shit ,as it were .

Trauma of cellular generations , some 14 that left inheritances of all manner of horrors that we ” hold ” , good or bad and have been graced to heal and never ever repeat past injustices .

Mind Body And Spirit

No one more portrays the exact opposite that former president and speaking to the shadow energies within us all , encouraged a civil war against each other and generate income for government agencies and get even with all those who turned their backs on his near bankruptcy.

Never forgets a slight , Absolutely shuns corroborating, he’s ” it” and vulnerable for allowing he would hire professionals who knew what he did not .

As we have noted the character of some of these professionals was suspect from the get go !

So brothers together they rose and fall together and expose 1 side of the coin as due the implosion that leads to the same with the Democratic Party until we are back at a government of and for the people as it’s mean to be .

Yes the catalyst for change was the discrimination and lawless , Justice delayed and totally too consumed with winning the war ( case) than Justice .

So we had a reverting of possesses that were becoming far to unnatural and fortunately we are returning to natural time .

Self care is number 1 and those who purposely do harm are clearly highlighted, so folks have the chance to make a more educated view .

His party fears him , for his blackmail threats etc and won’t cut him loose as he publicly expects bits a human out of balance .

It’s coming down to accepting the power and trust in one’s self , without ego 💯🙏❤️🎁



GAWD. Was this ever taught me and resulted in celibacy!

I met a young man who said the same thing .

I just wanted to clear that energy and I’m surely vested in ending the horrors that can and does traumatize and psychologically affect children .


Hidden Knowledge-Inspired

This message was perfect and expressed my life long attempt to live in harmony with Gaia and those around me .

I have great faith in my self and try to hold that faith for our sons but allow that I can be the warning , if not thy r example of how women have been used as the catalyst to control men and children . To abuse the mother , trickles down to the kids .When secrets , lies and denial of truths that would allow healing and liberation as I have surrendered to time after time , year after year until 2021 made it clear just how “Dead ” I am and how beneath them I am , how stupid , how inept .

No Thank You !

I head their Dad’s words , his conditioning , his culling his sons to hate and reject their Mom . He could not liberate himself from his and I failed in not freeing him from their trauma bond .

I am so totally ready and eager as I have been for decades, learning all I could , creating and evolving as I noted for a decade or so how these episodes and challenges are intent to imped my efforts and or break me ; hoping I’ll commit suicide and since I’ve been told by a very frank in law , our son’s friends think their Mom , me is DEAD !!

And yes huge pieces of their Mom is dead and the desire to begin anew , to communicate to heal their trauma is rejected . Grandchildren are with held to show me their power if I don’t do as I’m told !

Nope ❤️‍🩹

I’m aware of Heaven on Earth and plan to see the results of the evolution that no longer exalts abuse and depravities that dishonor the family . Or target one member to insure a WIN 💯

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna


Legacy – Family History

The picture I’ve included here is of ( left to right) , my great grandmother Laura Margret Creasy Wheeler, James Abner Wheeler , Dad , holding me and Granny Minnie Zola holding my cousin Pam Ragland .

I was born 2/29/52

* Due to a ” hint” on Ancestry I learned that Minnie Zola Creasy Wheeler lost her Dad in 1952!!

What grief must have dwelt in her soul 👁

I have tears for her, I had my Dad but major parts of him became lost to me due to my psychiatric “care” and his grief / anger/depression.

I’m so glad we had our time together to heal so much and for me to do my best to see that he had the dignity that he deserved .

Unfortunately 2 siblings took over his legal and medical and he made dementia based decisions . He was used and over medicated ; the greed was sickening .

Sadly I knew it all too well as surely did Granny Minnie Zola❤️

This was spring or early summer and Great Grandmother Laura is in a coat and scarf . Apparently already ill , she passed on June 7, 1953. She was born May 20, 1878.

* Ex left Dec 98, Mom died 4/9/99

Minnie Zola was born 1906.

Died 1994

** I vaguely remember her funeral , and did see her before she passed. Granny had warned me that if she could no longer take care of herself , she’d saved medications and do it herself.

**Valium did not take her out ; not quickly anyway and I saw her . She reached out for me her nails grazing my cheek . The gesture frightened me for I was 1 year on Psychiatric RX , certainly not myself . I long since accepted that she was scared out her mind and wanted to warn me . Her big brown eyes were wild .

* Minnie Zola – Valium

Dona Luna – Xanax

Both highly addictive Benzos

Warner Hartwell Wheeler -1908

Died 1977..

Granny Minnie Zola had been run off from her family farm with what she could carry ; by Warner and had to place the 2 youngest children, a son and a daughter until she became stabilized .

Warner and Minnie Zola had 5 sons and 2 daughters and lost 1 son .

The family farm was 120 acres given my grandparents by her parents Laura and James Edward.

I had heard stories of his abuse and temper which necessitated my Dad live elsewhere at an early age . He spoke of Warner not buying his school books .

He did have some kind of relationship with Warner until I was around 10/12

Warner it would seem was a moon shine maker , his sons were to help him with the fields of corn he grew . He had boxes of cash money seen by other family members .

Granny Minnie Zola struggled the rest of her life .

A baby boy was near term when Warner pushed her on outside steps and though a doctor was sent for baby David died and she was blamed . Of course he blamed her .

At some point as the new psychiatric RX came on the scene she was given Valium as was Granny Cora was , when the farm was sold to APCO electric company to create Smith Mountain Lake . Granny Cora was highly sensitive already and very religious and became labeled with a psychiatric disorder .

Valium decreased life vitality and increased mental stressors which neither Granny deserved .

I feel that somehow they knew I would solve the issue by having similar experiences with regard to psychiatric “care”.

I’m not sure why I had to learn these historical facts so late in life , experiencing the trauma with regard to the end of my marriage and my Mom’s death months later .

My aunt had taken Granny Cora to the same psychiatrist I ended up with but didn’t like him and Granny was spared , his medical abuse . Nothing was said when he became my psychiatrist for 13 very long and tragic years but it seemed to answer the prayers of ex who attended the same collage as Dr and to my knowledge never met Dr

My dentist and psychiatrist both had last names that started with an L and both were Polish and honored ex as my ” concerned ” partner !

So I’m sure that with the ancestry of abuse , the support and guidance of ancestors all these decades , that completion of these cycles have been cleared as I survived the trauma and abuse and alienation of a marital partner , loss of finances , character assignation and disposal by children , extended family and friends and religion that has not healed but continues to target me .

11/23/21 brought another partner in business that had groomed me in a case of fraud that was to deprive me of all I have financially and I experienced yet another lesson in law that did not serve me or the factual truths but the criminal who still walks freely, committing his crimes . My request for codes and for a detective were ignored by one office .

I am grateful to have installed a new battery and new tires in my 98 4Runner as on Dec 14 after breaking into my place and shutting off my internet , my jeep became my ” office ” .

My old jeep , a 4 cylinder could not make it up the steep icy driveway and I had to call a wrecker who was very kind . In the Spring I had to pay out $1200 for engine repair from the effort .

My business partner claimed to own the property and gave me an inclusive price of $650

Electric , internet and rent for a very shabby single wide that was to be my shelter until spring 2022 when we would build my house .

He did not mean a word of it , I discovered he rented the single wide and has no physical address . He later turned off my electric but thankfully I had received my pay and hired a lawyer who informed him of the illegal transaction and it was back on by days end . I later discovered he has not paid the electric in months and was shut off just after I left May 1 2022

I have been in a motel at triple the expense of rental , yes it’s inclusive . My things are in storage , one being 40 miles away costing $300 per month .

I am Thankful to the magistrates I talked to who informed me there were many laws broken and the many deputies I talked to but each were unable to help until the orders were given by the one office that much like ex and business partner and our children …are not interested in me what so ever .

I’m sure Granny Minnie Zola felt the sting as did I but I allowed that I would keep my head and heart on my intended outcome .

I met ex in Nov around this time and he offered to rent me a room ; I eventually moved in and acknowledge that stability and safety were never part of our life over the next 21 years . And of course all he surveyed was his , controlling every aspect of my life until I started to wake in 2004 and he began the process of trying to strip me of everything I had ; his property. $$$$

His sons , his grandchildren and his story , all ripe for the truths that release the trauma bonds and end the insanity of malignant intimate partner violence and effect much better laws that end the erasing of families due to the distorted reality of one who has no God , no morality no empathy and no place in my life !

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Switching Parties Explained

Both parties need to evolve and yes the Republicans seem to be imploding within.

As I see it both parties cannot be eliminated and a strong 3 rd party hasn’t taken hold , so with change the Democrats can hold the foundation steady until a solid foundation is established.

His children don’t support him , where was his wife ? and his own party by and large does not want him in office again.

The shadow that came with this man has adversely spewed toxicity across our nation and there is certainly no more need nor desire for more …

Trump was a Democrat just as Regan was before switching to a party they had better advantage of ruling 💯

Give Trump his TV station not another 4 years .

Inconceivable that he could dare to run with pending charges


Baby it’s Cold Outside

I am blogging a post that has not registered on Facebook due to my account being restricted .

Yep , ” fact checkers” have me on lock down for about a year or more . I was blocked from our local group ; which is too frequently done by an admin of men , one of whom verbally and public ally attacked me in response to a stated fact.

It’s part of this abusive Warfare of folks who are not holding peace within and feel threatened by the healing or healed feminine energy ; an unbalance in yin/yang that shows up in fear and anger .

Needless to say those who are pushing the envelope in regards to free speech #shutherup are revealing themselves so I don’t take it personally though it has been a blow to my work . And my time line of being past these experiences of such patriarchal, backwards motion .

Round these neck of the woods it’s chilly to say the least , with possible snow as we are higher elevated . After so much rain , the dip in temperatures, and even mild wind can be challenging until our bodies acclimate somewhat .

Lester Weddle a sweet heart of a man and musical artist pointed this out tonight . I chose to not go out and surely missed Open Mike @ Dogtown but my body won out in favor of staying put 💯

So for Lester and all my friends who are adjusting a tune with love from me to you ❤️🙏

Special warmth for our Florida transplants 🎶🎵🔥


This post went up under restriction on BIG BROTHER’S guidance but but still RESTRICTED by Z man and his posse of ” fact ” checkers !

Next 11k given the ” pink slip ” by Mr Z , who stated he over estimated in his hiring thus had to fire 11 K , losing money and customers is looking at a “come to Jesus ” experience !

I don’t feel it’s far off SIR and well earned

No presidential candidate here

Bam it’s self inflicted and has a recoil

Baby it’s Cold Outside