Washington state passes law extending statute of limitations for victims of sexual violence – ThinkProgress


Washington state passes law extending statute of limitations for victims of sexual violence – ThinkProgress
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Narcisstic Cannot Answer this Question

This guy is so correct , I am triggered , at what

I must acknowledge.

I must retain my conciseness, acknowledging

watching the mentoring of this upon sons

the imprint, the demand and perhaps secrets

I cannot libel myself for , or insight ..

that this is trauma . Deeply held Trauma

vulnerable is not something they do.

Needs , are abused early on, utilized

by the parent , in love.

Our sons parked all that in me, as I was

induced into mental illness.. Awareness of

the AMA , induces , disease , A to Z

and I am going to grab a hot shower ,

Detox these truths of shadow

and head out into the Sunshine .

Days away from the writings of such clarity

and release, I am weak.







Blessings & Peace ,




Most doctors are steering clear of Virginia’s medical marijuana program – Virginia Mercury

Of course they are , the unknown , unaccepted , corrupted by

political investment , goes against the medical programming

that remains , as life’s total education . Change comes through

orders from the top, and Corp is totally vested in profit , not

the need or viability of this product of god in its natural

state and it’s healing attributes .

Take your Psychiatric RX , and go back to sleep reps .


Most doctors are steering clear of Virginia’s medical marijuana program – Virginia Mercury
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Winner & Still Champion : Appointed Judge Matriarch Of God

‘Twas no judge , but a critical matriarch, who

deemed me unworthy , and supported her son

by saving him from being responsible , but to

her .

Whatever bound them together , is still in play

tragically , and that energy has no healing ,

no compassion, only fear at getting caught

certainly never at what was done .

Silence, assured that given the past , their

funds , their connections , and careful planning

will never expose the abuse ; the living death

of separation before and during my induced

mental illness , assured the story line of my

unfitness , as compassion , often daily contact

was with held for 5 years as he searched for

his twin, and followed the same story line.

Of course , once again the victim , this horrible

experience reduced her to near death , as he

mourns the outgoing money he owes her ,

which limits his living as large as he has chosen

at the loss and expense of beloved’s , be they

romantic or children .

Confiding he’s executing the Will, will

not be the cake walk he expects ..

Light can only be had by truths, and there

is much to transform , releasing this finally

as the factual truths that lighten any soul

that chooses to see the challenge far exceeds

the desire to step into so much shadow .

I found it absolutely necessary , to process and

be responsible marriage dynamics that created

a living death , a surrogacy , induced mental

illness , that was professionally supported

and socially accepted as it appeared to be hell

on earth.. that family was unaware or unable

or saw the adversity as opportunity to prevail

by bottom-feeding, showing no connection

to any god I am aware of ..

By whatever name it is child abuse to abuse their

Mother . Abuse in drugging her , creating a monster

mirroring her abuse of this life , of generations

of abuse, that by very exposure enlightens

so many , and is whatever each of our sons

wishes to make of it.

Releasing them from shame , and any contract

that says they cannot own their feelings , or

heal some deep wounds , and release hatred

and grief from a past they , nor I were empowered

to combat , light so dimmed as not to exist .

Indeed Hell on Earth , that light of truth

vaporizes .

Deputy Mefferd’s War on Parental Alienation – parental alienation speaks

Deputy Mefferd survived 7,200 volts and over 20 surgeries, yet not even that prepared him for parental alienation.
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CDC director resigns after being caught buying vaccine maker stock

It definite conflict of interest , ignored far too long

and far too often..

(NaturalHealth365) The U.S. CDC director is forced to resign after being caught buying big tobacco and vaccine maker, Merck stock.
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