As a target of weaponized silence I am aware when anyone uses this against me .

As such I’m aware of the distortion within the heart mind and soul of such an individual whose actions do not keep pace with their words . Or these words are omitted thus a feeling of correctness for not having truth within and challenged resort to covert acts .

Are psychiatrists pill pushers ? Def yes

There’s a lot of kick back , years ago a head psychiatric Dr could net $150 k extra for writing prescriptions!

No conflict of interest

My 13 year long experience with one psychiatrist who was a founder of a local hospital’s psychiatric department had a wall in his office , full of pictures of his elaborate sail boat, and children by his 1st wife . He relocated to be closer to the lake and leave behind a lot of patients who were worse mentally for his “treatment ”

He also had Parkinson’s Disease .

He has retired

A Return From Dignity From Psychiatric Abuse

This is written from a child’s experience and I appreciate it . The balance and dignity I have created for myself after the nightmare of abuses being further abused by psychiatry and an inept medical system and a social acceptance of craziness over trauma .

There are still folks out there that are served by their lower energy and resistance to change that are gunning for me , revealing themselves as having done much harm .

That legacy is not my intent for an inheritance for 6 innocent grandchildren whose parents are stuck in hatred and neglect towards me .

Addictive states are common in those repressed in grieving 👁