Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day moms.

It may not seem happy, but this one is different. This year it’s just another day – because we’re on active rescue now – we’re not accepting it – we’re actively fighting back against the bad people doing bad things to make them stop.

I know it hurts. We’ll figure it out and get your kids back to you and protect them.

It may be slow-going for a bit, one-by-one as we turn the tide against your foes and against your adversaries – but we’re here – and we’re not stopping until we’re successful.

You’re mom. Let’s get your kids back and protected. Not today exactly maybe, but we’re working on it, you’re working on it, it’s coming – that’s for certain.

Never doubt for a moment the unbreakable bond. Dorcy’s right, listen to Dorcy, she’ll help get things right.

I’m the stick – she’s the carrot. I get the fun part. I get to whack your ignorant mental health people and get them into line.

I know it’s weird and awkward – it’s spousal abuse using the child as a weapon… pretty effective too.

No worries. You did nothing wrong. It’s not your fault, bad people are doing bad things, we are going to make them stop – now – today.

Or know the reason why. I’m stone-cold serious, I’m going after their licenses one-by-one each time – happy Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day coming up) – whack – whack – whack = I get the fun part.

Talk to Dorcy, listen to Dorcy, don’t doubt for a second your unbreakable bond. They’re just confused. You’d be confused too if you had a parent like that.

Your child is giving you the problem because your child knows you can solve it – and you can. You just need support. You have support. Let’s go get your kids back.

So this Mom’s Day, we’re in active battle – Dad’s Day too this year – and for as long as it takes – today – now – it stops – or we know the reason why.

This is not a child custody issue. It’s a child protection issue. It’s a spousal protection issue. They have duty to protect obligations – whack – whack – whack – it is fun, I must admit – whack – then need to know what they’re doing when the life of your child is on the line.

You be kind, always be kind – you have a different role – you’re more powerful than you know – it’s just your triggers, your insecurities in your patterns from the past.

Dorcy will help you let those go, get rid of the triggers and buttons that get you spinning this way and that – respond don’t react.

I’m here. Dorcy’s here. We’re not going anywhere and we’re both on active recovery now – whack – met too now.

Happy Mother’s Day – a whack from me to you for all those nonsense people who are currently here but not for long – we’re not accepting anything any longer – I get the fun part – you get the best part – you be kind – let’s go get your kids.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857

Crystal Clear About Trauma

Let me be crystal clear: if you’ve faced a tragedy and someone tells you in any way, shape or form that your tragedy was meant to be, that it happened for a reason, that it will make you a better person, or that taking responsibility for it will fix it, you have every right to remove them from your life.

Grief is brutally painful. Grief does not only occur when someone dies. When relationships fall apart, you grieve. When opportunities are shattered, you grieve. When dreams die, you grieve. When illnesses wreck you, you grieve . . . . Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried.

~ Tim Lawrence [Photo by Sarah Treanor]

Watch “Court Cam: Judge Put on Trial for Threatening Children in Open Court | A&E” on YouTube

This is beyond shocking and horrific psychology..I’ve received judgements , words I could not believe came from a judge .

So the punishment fit the crime .