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Dating a high-value and high-quality man is drastically different from dating a narcissist (and narcissists can be male or female).
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Bonds of Mother Son

When the bonds between, Mother and Son are destroyed by varied entitled sources ,mothers blow back is nothing short of spiritual and reclamation.

Our sons are not interested , and since all has been surrendered on my part , I leave them to their own journey , and wakefulness .

Male actor speaks out on job proposition

This goes on for males far more that we are allowed to know . You don’t have to be a star , just a young kid , vulnerable . Sexual acts that are forceful, angry and nothing of love or caring

Then silent rage ., locked away in shame while trying act normal.

This young man wasn’t heard and good for him that he exited this hell on earth


Return of the Great Cosmic Mother

After too long a time the return of the Great Cosmic Mothers

Reactions are across the board

The unhealed make takes this as a sign of war rather than a return of rightful status after the horrific atrocities against women , thus children.

It’s true in my life adversely as an effort to tag/ blame me for my evolution and to stop me at all cost in a distorted energy that deserves healing and or elimination

“The witch-burnings did not take place during the “Dark Ages,” as we commonly suppose. They occurred between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries– precisely during and following the Renaissance, that glorious period when, as we are taught, “men’s” minds were being freed from bleakness and superstition. While Michelangelo was sculpting and Shakespeare writing, the witches were burning. The whole secular “Enlightenment,” in fact, the male professions of doctor, lawyer, judge, artist, all rose from the ashes of the destroyed women’s culture. Renaissance men were celebrating naked female beauty in their art, while women’s bodies were being tortured and burned by the hundreds of thousands all around them.” ― Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

Art by Eric Drooker

Not a Light

Far too familiar in character , to one I know and lots of men in this mode have been a turn off .

I was not impressed by him in his early years of wheeling and dealing and could not envision him or accept him as authentic enough to lead our nation . Many positive changes were afoot before his election but muted .

He defiantly was the shadow catalyst that brought much to light in our country and in our world that are due elimination and or change

Wish I could write like this…

“Talented and well-practiced in every vice, a stranger to compassion or empathy, a liar and a cheat so complete in perfidy that he has elevated his dishonesty to hold it up as an ersatz moral principle, violent, so long as he can order someone else to do the dirty work, grotesque in body, graceless in action, in possession of a wounded self-regard so colossal as to smother any spark of grace, treasonous, not only to country, but to every ally he has ever had, the poisoned fruit and rankest flower of racism and contempt for women, and utterly devoid of shame for his moral and spiritual bankruptcy.

That is your leader. That is to whom you give your money. That is who you follow and laud. That is whose banner you willingly carry. Why? Because he is a mirror, not a lighthouse. You see yourselves in him. He is what you would be, if you had inherited money and could shed the last vestiges of conscience and shame.

No, I do not “respect your choices,” nor do I admire your loyalty and dedication to this miserific, demoniac vision.

You have demonstrated not only a lack of civic virtue, loyalty to the Republic and to the rule of law, but a willingness to engage in violence and sedition at his slightest expressed wish. And you will never, ever admit you were wrong.

Because you see your dark, twisted, resentful dreams in him. And to renounce him is to renounce yourselves.”

~ Advocatus Peregrini


Stable Genius by Siegfried Woldhek, pen & ink, October 12, 2019.

Perfection. By Bob Marley

Thought for today

Bob Marley was once asked if there was a perfect woman. He replies :

Who cares about perfection?

Even the moon is not perfect, it is full of craters.

The sea is incredibly beautiful, but salty and dark in the depths.

The sky is always infinite, but often cloudy.

So, everything that is beautiful isn’t perfect, it’s special.

Therefore, every woman can be special to someone.

Stop being “perfect”, but try to be free and live, doing what you love, not wanting to impress others!