Watch “Fatal Attraction” on YouTube

Thy will was done , in as this movie revealed

relationship lessons of infidelity, breeching the

Contract of Spirit and Universal Law , which profits

the industry of laws that do much harm to families .

A very extreme and harsh lesson, I have heard and read

such horrors of traumatic experiences .

Unnoticed , Unheard ,Unhealed

That healing is happening in mass 🐸🙏💯❤️💜💖✌️🌟☮️

Blessings & Much Peace 😘

Dona Luna

Watch “Lauren Daigle – You Say (Official Music Video)” on YouTube

This is not who I am now.. I’ve been on my own

and reserve leaping until I am aware that I’m wanted .

Respected etc .. Awareness of more , being my grand

design has made it much easier to discern , thus

celbicy has been easy…romance and all the basic

foundational necessities required for a harmonic

even cosmic experience mutually satisfactory without

low energy or 3D attachments ..

3rd party is not acceptable, be it work or a person .

“Me” time is necessary , for each with trust built on

efforts, not secrets .

Still this song is deep and soulful and I look forward

to the man who knows me , and joins me in union

that defeats all negative past encounters and

experiences .

Blessings & Peace , 🤘

Dona Luna 🥰


Watch “Now We Are Free” on YouTube

The French in me appreciates this song , though

I don’t know the words , my soul does .

Liberation …I know true liberation of spirit as gift

gift is laid before me , even in deep loss , I grasp

my miss is my mercy .

A conversation with a friend who has waited for my

contact patiently , after a harmonizing near death

now receiving gifts and love and support she has been

lacking , in a state of greif , failing to achieve her dreams

and now heroically survives and thrives..

We are going to council her experience and write it

for its multiple affirmations should reach masses .

I had an interview on podcast , my 1st , though my vision

shared the possibility .. the clarity was not as we wanted

corrections can be made and rescheduled for next week.

I was however calm , and enjoyed myself and this

stage fright thing is cured …

Ms Moon is budding in Virgo and its been an opposition

to this Pisces as a targeted dump bucket for 4.5 decades

my past ….North Node in Aquarius is my South Node

my Destiny , my past life sign and our new age ….

So , tonight I read the distorted responses of Beloved

who is in his past, projecting , shadow spewing

his truths…..

And yes , I feel ……liberated .

Blessings & Peace ,

😘 Dona Luna

Intimacy Without Responsibility | DailyOM

To be responsible is to respond , and I used to be overly

responsive , and weighted down with caregiving while

receiving little to none , which repeated childhood

lessons ..

Targeted “softly” from the get go, it became undeniable

personal experiences.

Discrimination , corrupting poison taking form in

legal chemical addiction via AMA , Big Pharma

and a legal system and government tricledowns of

revenue supporting the partner who had favored

representation . Erasing Families for profit , ignoring

glaring omissions of distortion and abuse , adding to

trauma and abuse as well as financial loss ,

plus the social stigma deepening the trauma and

isolation in divorce .

The systems are flawed deeply , corrupt .

Its not been balanced for generations , responding in

responsibility and we are on the eve of birthing the

more equitable solution preventing the horrors of

Family Law , CHIPS and Child Immigration Services

which DO much harm ..

Intimacy is trusting , communication , responding , compassion and care equitably …

💯 Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Cracks in the Armor—Why Perfectionism is Destroying the Relationships of Adult Children of Alcoholics. | elephant journal

“I’ll never be Your Maybe “

Honey,I’m not the kind of person that will wait for you to “figure things out.”I know what i want and who I want it from- I expect the same from you.If you can’t make me a priority, then don’t think that I’ll stick around as a possibility.I know my worth and I’m as good as they come.If you can’t see that, someone else will.I may not have everything always figured out and I may just have “those” days sometimes where i cry in the shower, but then, who doesn’t?I never said I was perfect and I don’t ever want to be.So, if you’re looking for Barbie, Ken, you won’t find her here.I’m imperfectly beautiful in all the most chaotically wonderful ways, and if you’d stop looking at me and start actually seeing me, you might just get that.I need someone strong, confident and passionate-I don’t want to sit idly and watch a small camp fire, I want passion fiery enough to set a thousand nights ablaze.If you’re trying to define me like every other woman you’ve known, then let me just stop you right there.You may never figure me out, you might have a challenge trying to understand me, but if you want something badly enough, I’d think you’d do your best to try to unravel my layers.True love and blazing romance doesn’t just appear for the faint of heart.You can call me stubborn, headstrong or sassy- I’ll just smile and thank you for the compliments.I’m not going to be just another option in your playbook and I’m not happy settling for small slivers of your attention.So, this is your chance and I’m your wake up call.If you’re playing a game, then find another field to play on.My love isn’t something I value lightly and i don’t waste my time with hopscotch of the heart.So, do us both a favor, won’t you?Forget your maybes, hopefully and possibilities.Step up and treat me with some respect if you want to earn my love.My life isn’t a dress rehearsal and this isn’t an audition.This time..I’m playing for keeps.|ravenwolf