Old Souls


There is a special type of person in this world that is often misunderstood.

These people tend to be the loners, the free spirits, the innocent lovers. They see the world for all it can and should be.
They are the old souls, the dreamers, the people in tune with life, so intuitive of emotions that they frighten us.

They scare not because of who they are, but because of who we are not, what we lack.
Ancient souls reach depths we cannot understand. They have a connection to the Universe, to nature, and that’s why they are the people who are going to change the world.

Their touch is unusual, their sex is unusual, their clarity of view is unusual.
We often feel inferior, as if we have to strive to be even remotely close to their level, to be worthy of their love.

It takes a confident person to love an old soul. But it’s worth it. It will change your life.

They are romantic, they are loyal, they help us grow, they are not materialistic, they understand the deep connections in life, they are grateful, they are examples of bravery.

They walk the most painful roads of this life, and yet somehow they find the courage to smile, to be selfless, to support others.
Loving an old soul and being loved by them is a gift from the Universe!

~Unknown ~
Artist Unknown

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Lots of folks are waking to what

is not a reality ..and releasing

“contracts ” , even with what

feels sacred and the Divine

Counterpart of this life time .

Reunions are ignored , in lieu

of fear , wanting to control what

is ordained on high .

Delays of years are being

released as unions of souls be

comes reality..

Others become aware there are

options , including resisting

any contact at all..

I’m surrendered to knowing

and doing better , trusting my

journey , Thy Will Being Done .

I grasp the light that I share is

often reflected by the other..

Intentions are fleeting and time

silence negate the soul

connection .

It’s common to feel rejected but I

am more discerning , and don’t

hold the shame or blame of

anther, past , current or future .

I’m at peace ✌

Stop Walking On Eggshells

To love someone long-term is to attend a thousand funerals of the people they used to be.

The people they’re too exhausted to be any longer. The people they grew out of, the people they never ended up growing into. We so badly want the people we love to get their spark back when it burns out, to become speedily found when they are lost.

But it is not our job to hold anyone accountable to the people they used to be. It is our job to travel with them between each version and to honour what emerges along the way. Sometimes it will be an even more luminescent flame. Sometimes it will be a flicker that temporarily floods the room with a perfect and necessary darkness.

~ Heidi Priebe


Dec 25, Realities

On December 25th Venus, the planet of love is Conjunct Pluto, the planet of transformation.

For the past few days we may have been feeling nostalgic, sentimental, emotionally overwhelmed and even consumed by our thoughts and emotions at times. We might have noticed we are feeling passionately and magnetically attracted toward those we are romantically closest to. Also significant connections from the past could make an unexpected return, in particular those with whom we never received closure.

**This conjunction brings extremely intense energies that will directly impact how we perceive ourselves, along with how we view our personal and most intimate relationships. This can mean connections will either feel like a battlefield or nirvana right now and these energies will continue to be heightened over the next 48 hours.

One of the main ways we may have been affected by the Venus/Pluto energy over this past week is through feeling the need for affection, attention, validation and commitment far more than normal. We may have been craving communication or closeness with those we are closest to and might have noticed we have felt rejected or vulnerable when we haven’t gotten the the response we hoped for.

**We have possibly even started to notice where there are imbalances, for example, where there is unrequited love or where one person is making far more effort than the other. We may also suddenly realise that we are in a dynamic with someone who is extremely manipulative, controlling or dominating and it is also possible that we suddenly become aware of our own controlling, compulsive or domineering ways.

**During this time we may become aware that we, or others, have been playing mind games in order to gain a reaction or attention or even test the other’s person’s love or loyalty. This means there may have been noticaeble switching between being attentive and affectionate and then suddenly distant and disinterested, for no apparent reason.

**It is likely that any areas of our life where the energies are unhealthy, where there are suppressed resentments or where there are constant power struggles will have been brought to our attention over and over until we fully recognise that certain people are not healthy for us to be around.

**One of the main reasons we have been confronted with these power plays is so we realise that we have become far too reliant on how other people treat us or perceive us and that is having a direct impact on our self-worth and self-esteem. Too often we allow other people to project their insecurities onto us, thus leaving us feeling insecure and unworthy and causing immense internal suffering, rather than realising we are actually embodying other people’s perceptions of themselves.

***We are being alerted to relationships where the energies are unreciprocated so that we recognise where we are accepting far, far less from certain people than what we give, while also caught in a cycle of feeling abandoned and desperately seeking their approval.

Both Venus and Pluto together can bring out our shadow side when it comes to relationships, therefore it is possible we will be feeling irrational, insecure, jealous and possessive at times and be hoping that other people will heal these wounds. However, particularly this week, for some of us, it won’t matter how much anyone else tries to fill our cup, we will still feel an emptiness on the inside. This is why it is vital for us to understand the importance of learning that we don’t need anyone or anything else in order for us to validate and value ourselves.

Venus allows us to look at the ways our self-worth is affected by other people’s opinions of us, or through whether we are financially healthy or not, and various other superficial factors. **Generally, it helps us see how external sources have been dependent on whether we feel valued or undervalued, worthy or unworthy and how vital it is to find value and worth internally.

Pluto, the farthest planet in the solar system, can cause us to feel isolate and lonely, so it may make us feel like withdrawing for a period of time to process these intense energies.** Pluto also helps us cleanse and purge outdated and unhealthy behaviours, pattens and belief systems and to recognise where we have unhealthily high expectations, while Venus works to help us recognise where we are appreciated and also where we are allowing other people’s words and actions to value ourselves. In Venus’ energy we will also notice where our confidence is low and how we can rebuild self-worth and become fulfilled with self-love.

Venus Conjunct Pluto will take us through a dramatic transformation where we will gain a greater understanding of love and start to see with clarity how everyone has their own unique love language. We are going to gain insight into how we need to be loved and also how we show love to others.

Everyone gives and receives love in different ways, so what may look like love on the surface may not actually be love at all, and where we think we aren’t cared for or appreciated – we may be deeply loved. Most of all we are going to learn that we might not be feeling love from others purely because we haven’t been fully loving ourselves – particularly if we have been badly burned in the past.

This is the time to let go of all pre-conceived notions of love and to submerge ourselves in divine unconditional love of ourselves. Pluto is telling us to surrender the past and heal and Venus is telling us it is time to trust in love and accept we are worthy, valuable and deserving of it all.**

*Relationships of all kinds will be going through a transformation where they will either become far deeper, fulfilling and more meaningful or a light will be shown on where we are holding on to fantasy and illusions or where we have become involved in a destructive, unhealthy or unsatisfying dynamic.

*Over these next few days it will begin to become imminently clear who we value, who value and loves us unconditionally and who it is time to untangle from and finally let go.

Overall our perception of love is about to radically change and we will begin to see how trust issues and fear of loss and rejection has held us back from love for far too long, not only with others but ultimately from giving and receiving that love within ourselves.
Alex Myles

Reflection on Past experiences in love

Reflect back on a series of challenging events in your love life, you may be revisiting the lessons of love that you haven’t yet taken on board.
check yourself before you wreck yourself:
Ask yourself what you’ve done that you could have done better.
Be honest about your role in a recent relationship row.
Do whatever you can to own your shadow, because the
only way to learn from your mistakes is to admit the truth As you reflect back on a series of challenging events in your love life, you may be revisiting the lessons of love that you haven’t yet taken on board.
check yourself before you wreck yourself:
reflect back on a series of challenging events in your love life,
you may be revisiting the lessons of love that you haven’t yet taken on board.
check yourself before you wreck yourself:
Ask yourself what you’ve done that you could have done better.
Be honest about your role in a recent relationship row.
Do whatever you can to own your shadow, because the only way to learn from your mistakes is to admit the truth to yourself.
From here on in, things are only going to be better.
Ask yourself what you’ve done that you could have done better.
Be honest about your role in a recent relationship row.
Do whatever you can to own your shadow, because the only way to learn from your mistakes is to admit the truth to yourself.
From here on in, things are only going to be better.to yourself.
From here on in, things are only going to be better.


There is an abundance of people who wish to connect with us.
We have more dance partners than we might ever imagine possible.
We can never be lonely on a planet with billions of people.
But we have to let them in….
If we close our heart, we create barriers to relationships, to loving experiences and indeed encounters.
Our disconnect with others mirrors a disconnect with ourselves.
Our lack of dance partners reflects back to us the feeling of lack we hold about ourselves.
If we believe we are lacking we will draw to us that which is lacking.
If we believe we are not worthy we will make this a reality in our life too.
Because we are powerful magnets.
We are magnets of attraction.
And, believe it or not, what we can conceive of we can bring into our lives.
If we want loving people to enter into our lives we need to become that person we wish to connect with.
So how do we want to be and what sort of person do we want to draw into our experience as the social being that we are?
Clearly, if we are gentle with ourselves we will attract those who are also gentle with us.
Likewise, if we accept ourselves for who we are then we will bring into our consciousness those who will accept us also.
If we stop harsh judgment of ourselves we will draw in those who will not judge us.
To the measure we hold a belief about ourselves is the measure of who we will bring into our lives.
When our conscious thoughts are loving towards ourselves we then open the door to attract that which we are.
A lacking sort of person will bring in those who lack.
But those who feel wholesome will draw into their lives those who are also whole.

I do not know the author

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna ✌️🕊️❤️

Partnership : Triangles fail

Your partner should be your BEST FRIEND.
No one takes presidence over your lover.
Not mom. Not dad. Not the homies or the girls you’ve known since kindergarten.
Your lover should be where you go in every season. Good days. Shit days. Sunshine or rain, your lover is HOME.
I hear so many men talk shit on their “old lady”. How she’s this or that, nags and bitches about everything. I see women sipping martinis and cackling about him.
Nothing is more sacred than the UNION between lovers.
Nothing is more POWERFUL than that bond.
NO ONE, regardless of blood or time known comes above your lover. EVER… the second you allow anyone in between you two is the second you crack your own foundation. The second you take your problems, concerns or frustrations to anyone outside of your UNION is the moment in time you alienate that trust and bond.
I love my family and my friends, but my wife comes before all. My ideas and passions and fears and frustrations land with her above all else. Concerns with our connection don’t go to a Theripist or fellas on the golf course, they go to my queen.
I made a vow when I committed to my queen. Fuck the paper and the “legality”, I gave my word to my queen that she would be my partner and my best friend. That I would give her everything regardless of its intensity, depth, or emotional charge.
I have friends and family and acquaintances, all of whom I cherish and love, but my queen is my queen. She sits beside me and holds the keys to the kingdom. She knows my heart when it’s softened and when it rages. She gets ALL OF ME long before I give even a piece of me to anyone else.
Friends, your partner is your greatest advocate. Your partner is the builder of the same foundation your home is being built on. Are you edifying and strengthening that foundation, or chipping away at the foundation? Because if the house falls, you both end up on the street.
A union with a lover is STRENGTH. It is RADICAL POWER. Giving another human the keys isn’t weakness or scary, it’s liberating and divine.
Fear comes from the unknown.
Make your heart KNOWN. Make your union SACRED. Make your union the source of POWER that nothing can shake.