Boundary Violation

Dr. Annie Kaszina has this to say about forgiveness of your abuser:

Notice, this is all about self-forgiveness. Those people who tell you that you need to forgive the people who hurt and abused you, might well not be considering your feelings in all of this.

Your feelings are what matter.

Toxic people who hurt you quite deliberately don’t need your forgiveness. They won’t do anything good with it. If and when you actually want to forgive them, feel free. But do think what that forgiveness means to you.

It can just mean cutting the cords of resentment – but still holding people accountable for their behavior. In your own mind, at least.

It doesn’t mean exposing yourself to further abuse.

The person who needs your forgiveness is you. Clearly, your life suffered as a result of choices you did or didn’t- could or couldn’t – make.

Even if the choices were wrong, your intention was likely honorable. So, forgive yourself for your mistakes and allow yourself to start to rebuild.

Why Narks fake Intimacy

Perhaps some , distorted

folks do fake intimacy . The

fact is it never existed on his

part, ever ! I knew that was

the place we needed to go

to succeed; it never got there .

It was good insanity to lies

his war , his lies , his

addictions .

It took , years to face that fact

and realize that smut and

pornography, swinging and

drinking at every opportunity

with no growth whatsoever

in our marriage . End Game

I considered options and

internalizing his rejects , lack

of support with expectations

that our home was in perfect

order and our lives were to

be envied .

Never Knew Lonely as deeply

and began to know how

weaponized he would make

every body and everything

I held sacred and holy .

In the 2 decades since he

released himself from any

and all emotional ties with

me , all that remains is hatred

and the continuation of my

living death so truths die with

me .

There was a beginning .

There is an end .

His WAR belongs to him as

liberation has released each

if our family to peruse their

lives as they wish .



And in between Thy Will Is


Blessings & Peace ✌️

Dona Luna

Heart & Head ; Body joins In Lovemaking

⁣The heart and the cervix are connected via the vagus nerve. ⠀

When the heart-brain registers emotional safety, the other systems of the body shift into a state that allows cervical orgasm to happen. If you’re not tending to your heart and emotions but rather ignoring them or blaming others, then your heartbrain ‘informs’ the rest of the system to mobilise. ⠀

To reach our fullest orgasmic potential, we can’t just stimulate the cervix and expect the magic to happen. Cervical orgasm is a heart path. (Whereas it’s completely possible to have a clitoral orgasm when you’re pissed off or anxious – in fact they can provide relief). ⠀

For cervical orgasm, we clear the way for love.



Narcissist Relationships

Being in a relationship with someone who is a narcissist, sociopath or has a personality disorder is extremely confusing. It is difficult to know what was real and what was made up. Did you make it up or did they? And why? You can get lost in a maze of why’s but there will most likely never be a answer that makes sense to us. Because we don’t think that way. The relationship was set up to be confusing. Your abuser benefits from you being unsure of where you stand. Keeping things in turmoil makes it easier for questionable behavior to be missed. The goal is to make you insecure, unsure of yourself. The less confidence you have the more reassurance you will be looking for. This is actually a very calculated. plan set up by your abuser. They know what they are doing. It’s important that you educate yourself and then take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

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Nark Parent

Anything and everything has been done and said to disqualify me as a parent . As a person

Money is a super power , thus I should not have money to buy a house , a new vehicle, to pay for health,dental treatments, much less travel or invest .

So entitled, he has negotiated leasing contracts , and I receive varied amounts of income per year in a 5 year contract period .

For 20 years !!!

Believing your own lies and expecting me to.

My social security was affected by his 1 check from check company which looked like higher income and thus he paid taxes on it .

With credit & family companies and connections plus his creative abilities allowed him to annul our marriage with a request and large donation!

Nothing he won’t do to save his reputation EXCEPT doing the right thing . Doing as he wrote , promising .

He loves ” his ” kids ….

Silence/ Blocking

Once I give you silence

I’ve nothing left to say

I’ve retreated to my darkness

I’ve moved out of your way

Silence is my blessing

Silence is my curse

And once I pass it on to you

I’m finished with the words

There’s nothing left to be said

And nothing left to do

When I retreat in silence

Just know I’m really through

I’m sure you feel the distance

It’s tangible, it’s real

Because I’ve got nothing left for you

There’s nothing left I feel

Just the ghost of aching sadness

A memory, a dream

Like something I’ve forgotten

As I’ve forgotten how to scream

Once I give you silence

I’ve blessed you with my curse

I’ve moved on to better things

And I’m putting myself first.

~Mandy Kocsis©2022~

New Moon Message ; Better late than Never

She speaks of the warrior of

Love being just and coming

from the heart .

My heart has been heavy for

a few days , and I sense others

lower vibes and I have a

matter of the heart mission

near completion . Imagine

a painting , awaiting a frame.

I cannot hang out in this place

and began my day wayyyyy

too early , so I cannot resist

another 2 hours of quiet .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna