Getting to the heart of the matter- Child Psychological Abuse

I was in a conversation recently, and an explanation was given about why two daughters had chosen to live with their father and not their mother Now I don’t know if parental alienation is involved in this situation or not, I’m merely commenting on the opinion given. I was told: “I think all we need to know is that the girls left their mum so she must have done something wrong.” I spend my days creating these posts, even on my birthday, on special occasions, over Christmas, and when I hear this sort of comment, how do I feel? I’m not angry, I’m not critical, and I’m not even surprised at this point. People don’t get it, and it’s not really their fault. But I know, without a doubt, that I was judged this way myself, for ten years, and it just makes me feel even more determined to spread awareness about parental alienation. The misjudgement of others is not the sole reason for feeling this way. People judge and we can’t stop them from doing this. But if there was wider knowledge about alienating behaviours, it might not be quite as simple as condemning the parent who no longer has the children living with them, the parent who has a child who apparently ‘chose’ to live away from them or reject them. It’s not even ‘Joe Public’ who will really make the difference here. We need to get to the social services, the schools, the mental health world, the legal industrial complex of the family courts … we need those people in positions to help, to actually help. We need to change policy, to educate, we need these people/agencies to see through the charade and manipulation and coercion to ensure the child does not become as described in this post. These children are being hurt and abused and denied a relationship with a loved and loving parent. I’m not going to stop until this is widely understood and the millions of us who have suffered/still suffer are given the support so desperately needed. And especially for the children.
p.s. I want to do these posts, which is why I do them every day. I choose this. All I want to do is help.

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Craig Childress PsyD : Family Court Reform

Everybody hates me and wants to hurt me.

Well, not all of you, just half of you, the crazy half.

I’m in the family courts working with family situations of intense and highly hostile child custody conflict, and I’m getting in the middle of it and trying to change things.

One half or the other half is not going to like that. The pathological part of the pathology does NOT like that I’m interfering and trying to stop it from being pathological. It wants to hurt me to make me go away.

That’s what I mean when I say I’ve read the pathogen’s source code. Trauma is pattern. The narcissistic-borderline-dark pathology makes itself dangerous to your allies who try to help you so they’ll go away and you won’t have any.

It’s not just me – it’s all of me, all of the clinical psychologists who would try to help you. The pathology makes it too dangerous for them to be here so they flee the danger, they go away.

They abandon you. See how that works?

The pathogen isolates its victim from rescue. Look – you’ve been isolated from clinical psychology (treatment not custody) for 40 years. No clinical psychologist will work in the family courts because half of you are holy cow dangerous, delusionally psychotic, vengeful and retaliatory humans.

You know that. You were married to them. You’ve seen what they’ve done since the divorce. That is a dangerously psychotic human.

The clinical psychologists know that, everyone knows the pathology in the family courts is a narcissistic-borderline-dark personality parent.

That’s why the forensic psychologists say they don’t diagnose pathology, they don’t want to identify (diagnose) the narcissistic-borderline-dark parent as that… because that pathological parent is an immensely dangerous, delusional, and retaliatory human.

They don’t want to mess with that… so they don’t. They sacrifice you and your child instead. Better you and your child than them, right? They’re just trying to make a buck, holy cow, what do you expect them to do, fix things?

And the malevolently delusional pathology has a lawyer. And the lawyer for the delusionally dangerous parent wants to discredit you in any way possible, including slandering your professional reputation and going after your license.

There is a whole professional class of humans in legal-world, opposing counsel, who hate me and want to hurt me in any way possible because they represent their delusionally dangerous client.

Holy cow.

ADHD psychologists don’t face this danger. Autism psychologists don’t either. No other psychologist faces this danger because… this is narcissistic-borderline-dark personality pathology – that is an immensely dangerous trauma pathology.

It’s the abuse pathology – child abuse – spousal abuse – psychologist abuse – human abuse. This is the most dangerous pathogen on the planet and I’m walking the tightrope as a clinical psychologist without a net.

Forensic child custody evaluations are going to collapse. The incompetence of forensic psychology will flee when it becomes too dangerous for their incompetence to remain… so who’s left?

No one. Uh oh.

What happens when incompetence flees and they’re all incompetent? What happens when competence refuses to come because it’s too dangerous in the family courts?

There’s a dangerous pathology in the family courts and parents want mental health help, but there’s no mental health help in the family courts. What’s going to happen?

I dunno, but it looks like we’re going to find out. What happens if the nation doesn’t pay its bills? What happens if there’s no mental health support in the family courts? Maybe it won’t be so bad.

What happens when the forensic psychologists have been booted out or fled the dangers, and the clinical psychologists refuse to come because it’s too dangerous?

Holy cow, what a mess. l wonder what they’re going to do? It looks like we’re going to find out.

Everyone says bad things will happen if we don’t pay our national debt. But I dunno, maybe it won’t be so bad if there’s no mental health support in the courts. Maybe we should eliminate the FBI and all of psychology should leave the family courts. Do we really need them?

After all, the only thing in the family courts is the core of evil, is Putin really so bad? Dark Triads and Dark Tetrads are the most malevolent people on the planet, they are immensely high-conflict and they are in the family courts. Fact.

They want all of psychology gone so they can enact their malevolence on the other spouse-and-parent and on the child. Look how they drove clinical psychology away, leaving you with the nothing that is forensic custody evaluators.


Empty of knowledge. Empty of competence. Empty of ethical standards. Empty of their obligations. Empty of empathy and compassion. Empty of the courage needed to protect the child.

It’s a mess. It’s likely to remain a mess until it’s not. The path is there, we need standardized high-quality diagnostic assessment and treatment protocols for the pathology in the family courts.

Give the task to our top universities wherever you are and ask them to develop the diagnostic assessment and treatment protocols for the family courts.

Abracadabra – solution. We will then have standardized high-quality diagnostic assessment and treatment protocols developed by our top university people that everyone can agree on.

Until then, I dunno. I think it’s headed for a big mess, and I think everybody hates me and wants to hurt me.

Not everybody. Just some of you. The pathological you-people, the crazy dangerous ones – just you hate me and want to hurt me. The healthy people, not so much.

I’m just trying to be helpful. I need to stay out of trouble. Why does everyone hate me? Oh, right. They’re delusionally dangerous humans.

It goes with the territory. If you’re in the family courts, know where you are. This is trauma-world. This is the world of child abuse and spousal abuse. This is the world of cruelty and complex trauma. This is the world of narcissistic-borderline-dark personality pathology – the abuse pathology.

I’m a trauma psychologist out of foster care. This is my world, this is my pathology. I’ve read the pathogen’s source code… and fixed it. That’s what I do. I’m a clinical psychologist. I fix things.

What things? What needs fixing?

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857

Psychosis Is an Expression of Early Childhood Trauma | Daniel Mackler – Mad In America

This is a perfect summation of trauma, born of abuses unspoken , ignored for decades , until life stressors bring it up for review and healing .

It was so with me, and I was powerless to prevent it , when medicated , I watched it going on with our sons..

With regards to myself and sons , the denial was and still is the foundation for Dad , as it has been his family code, and must be protected from exposure at all cost.

The signs have been there, and in trying to protect or get help , our family was erased and all the icky stuff , denied healing until it’s a monstrous mountain that’s impossible to surmount . Dodging the big stuff , only creates bigger stuff, and when everyone around you has unhealed trauma , denial etc , this becomes a normal set point .

We , as a family attended 1 family counseling session, and ex said he would not return.. not interested

Faith/church/religion was the same; NOT interested..

I came to know his lack of interest in me also, but I noted lack of interest in himself , and a very dark soul wound that drove his desire to be happy , elsewhere , creating a past that served his victim , survivor ” experience”

What makes psychosis confusing is that an eruption of infant trauma is expressing itself through the lens, the body, and the voice of someone who is now an adult.
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Bonds of Mother Son

When the bonds between, Mother and Son are destroyed by varied entitled sources ,mothers blow back is nothing short of spiritual and reclamation.

Our sons are not interested , and since all has been surrendered on my part , I leave them to their own journey , and wakefulness .

The Medicalization of the American Mind – Mad In America

As I experienced the pathology of a diagnosis that was false; a cover up for Domestic, Spiritual,Emotional and financial abuse , I found myself loosing everything . Family destroyed, children ignored and after years of investment in the healing of children , I am surrendering to further investment in myself , with children who like their mother/father guide of 20 years plus , has a trauma bond , secrets, shame etc that’s predominate over healing . Ie : stuck, in denial, or desirous of my demise.

I have been toughened up enough to not show emotions , and not to invest my energies , where I’d prefer not to be any longer .

Watching on the sidelines, taking no interest in me whatsoever, living in distortions , and unforgiving . Knowing how their spirits and souls are affected , and not being heard , in any mode but shaming , blaming and disposal.

Our sons have been guided, by other mothers, wives and abusive relationships , that ” own ” them, and disallow that healing matters, due to the influence that healthy healing might have on their relationships.

Lashing out at me, years ago , requesting I commit suicide , not once but twice …setting me up to be illegally arrested …threatening me with exposure of sexual abuse , writing of these memories ,citing highly distorted experiences , 2 of 3 trying to buy my property , with no though to my future , deny the fact that healing is needed.

With knowledge and awareness of the destiny of actions and none actions , I have no choice but to release , forgive their actions/non actions , for a past , and present that is far from normal , far from love , that prefers secrets, disposal and non forgiveness , and I am assured and assuring that these shadow energies will not be my future.

My efforts to heal myself , will not be breached, of this I am sure , as everything I knew of love was attempted to be destroyed , but I held on .

My prayers for a life of spirit , of sharing experiences and wisdoms are at hand , after much effort , I know my worth , and pray for the deliverance of each child, and adult that lost their normal, natural path , due to a distorted, partner, addictive and abusive , debilitating drugging by psychiatry who have been instrumental in ” erasing families “.

Failure with my own children , who prefer status quo , has taught me well, as years of co council with young people their age , who favor me , and my wisdoms .

While that may not be my future , one on one for the drain on my energy , I will be writing , reading and moving forward unfettered by grievances, abuses etc …for that’s exactly what’s most desired ..that I give up and give in, which just isn’t realistic. Generational trauma and abuse has been resolved , I understand and respect free will, and release the painful , often horrific experiences of past , and disallow any repeats .

Dona Luna 🐸✌️😘❤️

One cause of fragility? Pathologizing our children with psychiatric diagnoses and focusing on a medical solution to life’s problems.
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Parent : Forgive Yourself and Release your Adult Child whose unforgiving

This came in , just when I needed to hear this message the most …..

Return of the Great Cosmic Mother

After too long a time the return of the Great Cosmic Mothers

Reactions are across the board

The unhealed make takes this as a sign of war rather than a return of rightful status after the horrific atrocities against women , thus children.

It’s true in my life adversely as an effort to tag/ blame me for my evolution and to stop me at all cost in a distorted energy that deserves healing and or elimination

“The witch-burnings did not take place during the “Dark Ages,” as we commonly suppose. They occurred between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries– precisely during and following the Renaissance, that glorious period when, as we are taught, “men’s” minds were being freed from bleakness and superstition. While Michelangelo was sculpting and Shakespeare writing, the witches were burning. The whole secular “Enlightenment,” in fact, the male professions of doctor, lawyer, judge, artist, all rose from the ashes of the destroyed women’s culture. Renaissance men were celebrating naked female beauty in their art, while women’s bodies were being tortured and burned by the hundreds of thousands all around them.” ― Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

Art by Eric Drooker


A Soul of 98 years , passed April 22/23 exiting this real in peaceful sleep. She was a widow of 16 years .

She grew peonies , and gave starts to me and many others in the family that I married . She was a force that only recently renewed her drivers license!

Her passing contributes to the change upon us ; clearing of the past and ending cycles .


This is my photo , and it’s not of her gifted start, but I had folks stop as I worked in my flower bed , to tell me I had a beautiful garden as a young Mom . Her gift for flowers was known in her area and she provided flower arrangements for her church and others . She created all the floral arrangements for our wedding and reception , giving her only son the best she could and it was pretty awesome . I gave her free reign to pick music out too!

She had done so with her two daughters and I wasn’t really into a wedding so lavish . She paid too , as a divorce’ with a very low paying job and parents who still had 2 kids in house , I was not going to come up with money for this event !

She paid for the reception and it was a blur of changing cloths , and picture taking . Those pictures were by the best photographer in her town and 1 was blown up and put in a frame for the front window !!!

May there be fields and fields endless flowers , near an ocean where you join your Beloved Mr .

Dona Luna 🐸

Does divorce cause a broken home?

The term ‘broken home’ needs to be binned. Homes that are within one family member who is no longer there for whatever reason, can function perfectly well and happily. Loss of a loved one is heartbreaking, of course, but that doesn’t condemn a family to being broken. It’s an old-fashioned, derogatory, judgemental term that stems from the time when divorce was condemned. But with parental alienation, the loss (and coerced rejection) of a parent has been inflicted on a loved, loving ‘target’ parent and their child. It is not the home that is broken, but the pathology of the alienating parent, and the system that fails us.