Judge awards Billions to settle sex abuse claims for Boy Scouts

Boys , men are often ignored in sex abuse cases , it’s often more violent and seldom discussed and healed .

This court award signals the change that’s deserved for males .


Successful Kids DO chores

Our sons had to be in charge after psychiatric RX , while Dad took care of himself .

He wasn’t home enough and had no desire to parent as he searched for his new supply . I would like to think he covered their finances but each son worked .

There is a lot of rage at not having parental guidance , family and I have been the target for over 20 years .


Judge Fines 650 Million in opioids suit


Wise Observations via Steve Jobs

The story has that the last words of Steve Jobs, a billionaire, were shortly before he died at the age of 56:

“I have reached the pinnacle of success in the business world. In the eyes of others, my life is a success. Aside from work, I have had little joy. In the end, wealth is just a fact I’ve become accustomed to.

Right now I’m in the hospital remembering my entire life, all the recognition and wealth I’ve been so proud of, has faded and become insignificant in the eyes of impending death.

You can hire someone to drive your car or make money for you, but it is impossible to hire someone to take sickness and die for you.

Material things lost can be found again. But there is one thing that never returns if it is lost: life.

Whatever stage of life we are in, over time we will face the day that the curtain closes.

Therefore, love your family, your partner, your children and friends.. Treat them right. Cherish them.

As we get older and wiser we slowly realize that your $300 or $30 watch both give the same time

Whether we have a $300 or $30 wallet, the amount in it is the same.

Whether we drive a $150,000 car or a $30,000 car, the road and the distance are the same, and we reach the same destination.

Whether we drink a $1000 bottle of wine or $10, the hangover is the same.

Whether the house we live in is 100 or 1000 m2, the loneliness is the same.

You will realize that your true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world.

Whether you travel first class or second class, if the plane crashes you fall down…

That’s why I hope you realize when you have friends, children, family, siblings, that it’s important that you talk, laugh, sing. Because that is real happiness!

An indisputable fact in life:

Don’t teach your children to be rich.

Teach them to be happy.

Teach them about the value of things and not the price.

Life is beautiful! ”

Money& Narcissist

IF YOU’RE STILL WITH A NARCISSIST, KEEP A SECRET BANK ACCOUNT IN YOUR OWN NAME. AND KEEP YOUR CHARGE CARDS SECRET, AND IN YOUR NAME ONLY…the rules are very different when you are still with a narc. Let me tell you what happened to me.

I had built up a good cash reserve in our joint checking account. We had a 401k and a separate retirement account as well…at the time we split up. I had cancelled all the charge cards that had my name on them, since she was so irresponsible, but she opened accounts in her own name.

When she gave me the divorce papers, I went to the bank shortly thereafter, since I needed to hire an attorney. ALL the money in our checking and savings accounts was gone, except for $24. The 401k and retirement accounts were zeroed out. She had tried, I found out, to take out a second mortgage on our home, but couldn’t without my signature.

I bought that home and 6 acres of land for cash, using my own money. The car she was driving I bought her for cash, so nothing was owed on it. Now, in my 50’s, I literally had nothing, except for a pension that would start in a about 5 years, which she could not claim any of, at all, as I earned it before we married.

If I knew then what I know now, I would never have imagined that she’d be fair about our assets and split them evenly. Instead, I would have started a separate account at a different back, about which she knew nothing (so she didn’t hound me about it), and gradually moved half or more of our assets to that account. I WOULD INSURE FAIRNESS in that way.

How many of you have had everything stripped away from you by the narc? My ex, when she moved, literally took everything she could get into a large UHaul, including my tools, my electric razor, my vintage camera collection…you get the idea. What was left was an oak entertainment center that was too big and heavy to put in the moving truck, some antique furniture in pieces (restoring them was my hobby), and a futon. THAT WAS IT.

All our possessions and all our money was what she took. If I was smart, I would have used some of the money I would have put in my own account to rent a place, and move half the furniture and possessions, my tools, and my personal possessions, to my new place to live. But, instead, i was in my 50’s and starting all over again with NOTHING.

To make matters worse, she had run up nearly $80,000 of debt in her own name, including over $50,000 in student loans, even though I had paid per tuition, books, and expenses, her car, gas money, etc, myself. So, I ended up having to give her the title to the home as well.

Narcs are often parasitic. She used me to get an education to the Master’s Degree level, then divorced me. However, the divorce, at least, gave me a huge sense of relief emotionally.

I hope you learn from my experience, and from the experiences you see in the comments section, below. And, I hope the end result, in the long run, of that divorce is also a lesson. I met my now wonderful, loving wife three years later, and we’ve now been married 15 years. Since I negotiated the divorce settlement in a way that I left the marriage with no debts, I am happy to say that my now wife and I are doing fine financially, and we have a wonderful relationship with each other, or kids, and our grandkids.

It was hard for a while, and it had been hard for my now wife, too, post divorce. But, together, we build, whereas with my ex, I would build, and she would destroy. A relationship with another empath can change everything, including changing your life.