Thermography – Info ( not trying to sell you anything , on my part )



Who would like a lucrative side gig taking specific thermal pictures of the body for doctors to read & diagnose?

✴️Did you know that you can also purchase a thermography unit through the company that makes my Bioresonance scanner?

That’s right and training is covered in Phase III which is free for those who purchase the unit!!

The unit is a stand-alone unit. It’s a completely separate computer with the Only self-regulating software on the market & advanced custom-made camera that can be used on humans & animals!!

You are considered a “Technician”, as the reports are sent & read by licensed certified doctors. Results are given to the client, which takes you out of the mix.

This will provide a large income opportunity & you can even travel to other offices anywhere there is interest to take the images for them!!

✴️P.M. me to be added to the private educational group where you can learn the details or to schedule a quick call to discuss further ❤

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Mother in Law

The war never ended from her possession of her son . I gave up after years of trying ; once sitting with her and stating that it was ok if she didn’t care for me , that we could have some semblance of a relationship. She replied ” as a Christian, I’ve never met anyone that I didn’t like ” .

I understood her from that point on and witnessed her get hands on and loving towards our sons when someone was watching .

She was abusive to me openly and it was witnessed and he said nothing in my defense for it was very uncalled for .

I watched her smack at her 90 year old Mother’s hands for getting flour on the floor when making biscuits!

I believe her eldest children experienced a lot of trauma at her hands and he alluded to my having no idea .

I believe he found his Dad weak to her as she called him Mr _____ and he allowed her to rule . As he faded out , she lamented the place’s they would not be able to travel and her health challenges but how she couldn’t do her thing for taking care of him . His obit declared her a Daughter of the Eastern Star and he a 32nd degree Mason which I was unaware of ! Why the secret ?

She talked so sweetly to her daughters and never once had that tone with me .

Inviting her and sister in law to cook outs at our home stopped when the 4 huddled in one area as if too good to mingle with my parents.

My Mom’s Mom died close to Thanksgiving and we were eating at her house and as she said the prayer my Mom began to cry and had to leave the table , which was met with shame from her and I was so stunned I just sat there .

So as his partner and confidant I was used as leverage and as his ” crazy” drugged and vulnerable wife whom he just offered was sick or didn’t want to attend a family function , when he was ready to jump in with the new supply, she was totally supportive and our sons became possessions that could not betray her or their Dad by being in anyway supportive or compassionate toward me .

Mother in laws , aunts and wives have assumed the mother toll, discouraging any healing or connection with me as they admire her wealth and longevity. She is quite an artist and I’ve been told of her abuse towards our sons that was uncalled for .

I’m sure she feels she has a place in Heaven but to me she is demonic and hides under her know it all attitude and money/power .

I long ago allowed her to know I was not impressed and found the bond between she and her son unholy . He’s attached to her so deeply and it proved to destroy his relationship with his twin , another 20 years of leveraging a woman to get Mom’s favor and execute her finances !

God only knows what he’s pocketed , for anything he touches and wants belongs to him .

What a house of cards !!!

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Reporting Landlord Abuse

The rent is too damn high.
The mid-range rent is over $2,000 per month for the first time ever, and in June, landlords hit tenants with the biggest one-month increase in rents since 1986. Why? Landlords are using inflation as an excuse to hike rents.
But we don’t have to tell you that. Many of us are living through this crisis, and the president needs to hear what decisions we are being forced to make.
We’re collecting stories to share with White House officials as part of our campaign to regulate rents:
• Call 202.670.4290 and leave a message with your name, phone number, and your story about how the rent inflation crisis is hurting you.
• If you’d prefer to write your story down, fill out our story collection form.
People of every race, background, and ZIP code deserve a safe, accessible, and permanently affordable home. Join us to make it clear to the White House that they must take action to regulate rents and keep tenants in their homes