Adding to the CV mix , pushing Flu shots ..Biological Medicine hides the Flu Vac

I am very concerned about what I’m hearing about doctors and health departments pushing the flu shot at this time.
I am sharing this again, in hopes it will be helpful to those who are afraid and who may be considering taking steps that could be more harmful than they realize.

If you or someone you love does have to go to the ER or if you are hospitalized, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN AN ELECTRONIC COPY OF THE CONSENT TO TREAT! Demand to have it printed out and cross out the part that says you agree to whatever the doctor seems necessary. Write “NO VACCINES. NO BIOLOGICS.” I would also write it on your patient bracelet.
Hospitals are routinely administering flu shots to all inpatients because the percentage of reimbursement they receive from insurance companies and Medicaid/Medicare increases if their percentage of flu shot coverage increases.

How does the flu shot make you sick?

Imagine you are at war. Your immune system is the total sum of your available troops. When you get the flu shot, your troops are sent scrambling in multiple directions after three different viruses, which may or may not be actually causing disease this year in your area of the world. Subtract those troops from your total army. ~~They’re busy.

Out of what’s left, some troops are sent off to fight the toxins – formaldehyde and mercury, because the flu shot triggers the toxin arm of your immune system, too. ~~Subtract those troops from your total army. They’re busy.

Now… let’s say while your viral troops and your toxin troops are out chasing down false flags, something else comes along that is a REAL threat, and your immune system needs to respond. Something like a bacterial infection… tonsillitis, bronchitis, strep, bacterial meningitis… You really need your troops but they aren’t there because they’re too busy chasing after three “hypothetical” threats of flu virus and two very real threats of toxic assault.

What happens? You get sick. You tell your doctor, “The flu shot gave me the flu” and your doctor says, “That can’t happen because the flu shot is a killed virus.” The flu shot (killed virus) can’t give you the SAME flu virus and technically, it can’t give you the flu.

What it CAN and DOES do is send your available immune resources – your troops – off in all directions chasing after false threats, leaving you more vulnerable to the real threats – like bacterial infections… and other viral infections, including coronavirus, enteroviruses and any of the 200+ other viral strains that cause influenza or influenza-like illness (ILI) not covered in the vaccine.

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Why? C v l

  • Why all this quarantine for a flu-like virus with a 99% survival rate?
  • Why are tanks being deployed for a virus?
  • Why is Trump talking about a “hidden war” and an “invisible enemy”?
  • What does it mean when Yahoo Finance reports the Federal Reserve System has merged with the US Treasury?
  • Why are there 150,000+ sealed indictments on the books since 2017 when the average is just 1000+ a year?
  • Why have a record number of CEOs (hundreds) of major corporations stepped down in the past year( Bill Gates leaves Microsoft, etc)?
  • Why are celebs like Tom Hanks, Madonna, Ellen Degeneres, David Spade etc posting nonsensical, seemingly coded messages on social media (and why all the talk about pizza, pasta, fried fish, hot dogs, etc)?
  • Why all the effort to impeach a president who hasn’t been formally charged with any crimes? (first time in US history)
  • Why the unprecedented media hatred towards the president (nothing like this for Obama, GW Bush, etc)
  • Why is Google suddenly showing conspiracy results on page one that until recently were buried under their censorship algorithms?
  • Why did the US place a $15 million bounty on the president of Venezuela, in the middle of a “pandemic”?

-Why the rush to install 5G during all this?

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Life Time Relationship Habits

I have felt all my life that relationships could be much more loving and open in communication ..I felt I had that going on with as much as I could rarely feeling the connection was authentic.

Somehow shame played in the non hand holding , non door opening , respect , as if it was not required …in and out of love that failed to be enough ..

So yes being mindful , communicating and sharing the core strength Divine has afforded US .♥️©️

Blessing & Peace

Dona Luna 😘

Musing 3 30 20

There are many years of tears and experiences on each and every level behind me . Screaming freely would benefit,  but I am not in that space .
Physically … nor can I walk safely so I fill my space with heavenly music. This time I have my windows up , but shut them due to pollen because it does affect my breathing.  I stopped moving fast because I grew weary of stubbing my little toe .. I stopped dancing after I fell 2 times just as Dad exit had taught me the AMA version of health decline via falls .. I will not write the number of years , due to wtfk???  Onky God knows … I speak adversely about the medical community due to the many near deaths not only of my self but of our children , parents and friends .. the result of education that has failed the whole for the corporate approach .
In concert with che$micals that drugs constitute
more harm than good in a pyramid/ponze blinking of health and wea$lth , meanwhile increasingly citizens were focused on education and having it all. College groups segregated and were host to indrotonation to very vulnerable,  survivors of abuse , holding trauma , and bam you have a power structure of secrets and networks and cover ups, a brotherhood that runs our government. 
We are stepping out of that matrix what has been a force is now flowing.  With peace within,  awareness of the spin cycle slowing down , long ago knowing if I did not ,I was gone … beyond not being a quitter , I found the more I know about myself,  the more I could translate , on a soul level which in time I have tempered how much of that I carry.. I learned to lay my burdens down..
Woosh …The layers of healing created the woman I am , and my pain is eased by staying true to my path , knowing there are stones in the road .
I don’t walk super fast , I have a glitch that can be addressed in many ways ..I prefer the middle walk tempo , to see things , to stop and admire in a natural setting ..That’s finally my mind set , and my its disrupting to be sped up .. It is my belief that we all can use a slow down, wake up call and surrender ..However I grasp the fear , I had them, and moving very 2 years basically , not making roots , no tribe as I AGED, you can bet your sweet ass , health is of major concern . Concern for the many issues I have had in treatment , nutrition was and is vital.. my focus on holistic more natural methods , in part because of the escalating medical cost and pushing of drugs .
Creating the dis ease , treating the dis ease ,drugging or cutting out or off , it became very scary and so socially accepted , most folks disinterested in casual…Spirit balanced all this out . My faith keeping has been rewarded as long as I was consistent and more balanced the more balanced.
I certainly have been tested in that peace , in fact my jaws hurt from grimacing at some point in my sleep ..I’m ready for ad free Pandora lol.
There are many opinions out there and it’s sad to witness so much at once, but that is surrender . It is what chemicals have done to Mother Earth , it is what challenge Father Sun, and challenge each of us as we slumber.
This is US , on an LP , not a 45…Concentrate on how creative and liberated you would be , as was intended , money were not an issue , your health was great , home was as sweet as you ever dreamed…how would that look ? If you had , and were enough ? Who has the right or power to tell you who you are supposed to be, love , have etc ?
No one …
Within in that of course is US
The skies are clearer , we witness much improvements , and this was the normal for most baby boomers .. We are not your enemy , though that’s how shadow prefers it , being at war within and out .
Divesting of what’s not needed for the next leg of the journey,  is a personal/free will choice,  often begun with trauma,  and now as the slow down pauses US , we see value and merit and unity is the better path .
The opportunity within the crisis . It has been so in basics for many , I know and faith allows that many of US are United in Heaven on Earth , which includes far less stress, more in alignment with our core needs and desires ..So dare dream as you journey on, play , play it out as much as you can day to day in this pause . Be the field of dreams faither , and hold this to your heart , share only bits or very little of the intimate juicy details ..this is all about and for you ..
The higher we are in our singular dreams,  positive as much as possible,  we join with others and the power of this positive energy has created a flood of healing , and enjoying and innovation.
Look for the helpers..have tools in your emotional tool box for the grief,  and lower energies so you are warriors and don’t have to rewound deeply each time ..let go of as much as you can , feel as much as you do you
nurture , forgive , feed and play while you pamper you ..
Allow yourself to know you will be cared for , and when you can aide another in anyway you can that does not adversely affect you .
We elders see much deeper in you than you allow yourself and we are so very proud to be along side you .
Old soul that Pisces are,  it’s very exciting at 68 to have clarity and a clean slate to begin again .
As such , against so many odds , I must say I have great admiration and faith in US ..
#FaithKeeper ©️🗽🕊🦅

Blessings & Peace ,

Dona Luna 🐸😘🌈♥️🌐