Sexual Energy

Sex at its lowest is nothing but
pure animality.
At its lowest, sex is nothing but a
biological urge, a mere satisfying
of lower fleshly desires.⁣

Sex at its highest is a prayer and meditation.
Sex at its highest is communion with
God&Goddess. Sex at its highest is
the meeting of the Universal soul.
Sex at its highest is the dissolving into
the ocean of the infinite. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Sex at its highest is no longer just sex.
At its highest, sex is the bonding together
of two individuals, who are merging their
energies into one divine movement and
vibrating on the same frequency.
Sex at its highest is the finding and the
maintaining of the same wavelength within
two individuals, because it’s the coming
together of opposite polarities forming
a complete circuit. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Sex at its highest is the ecstatic uniting
of the God and Goddess within Self, in
both. Sex is a Sacred Energy Exchange
of Magnetic and Energetic Energies.

May all learn to honour it and keep it
sacred for their Beloved.

Please be mindful who you share energies

When a man enters your womb, what
type of energy and consciousness does
he have?

Is he bitter, is he happy, does he love
himself, does he love you? Is he a positive
or negative thinker?

When a woman makes love to you is
she blessing you or cursing you?

Is she bitter, is she happy, does she
love herself, does she love you? Is she
a positive or negative thinker?

Sex is a ritual of exchanging DNA, Energies,
Thoughts, Emotions and Spirits. During
sex, you become a spiritual sponge for
the consciousness and energy of that
other person.

Each pump and each thrust is an

Are they draining your life force and
your energy or are they recharging
healing and re-fueling your spirit?

Are they leading you into un-fulfillment
low frequency energy, negativity,
depression and destruction, or are they
elevating you into a higher frequency of
love, life and bliss?

Be mindful of the TRUE POWER OF SEX!

Be mindful and master how your sexual
energy is being exchanged, received and
returned back to you.

Sex should be healing, powerful,
rejuvenating medicine to every part of your
being…From a cellular level, to your organs,
to your mind state, and to your spirit and


Sex Addiction

My worth, my love is no longer ignoring the reality of sex addiction and my desire not to involve myself in that energy.

As a survivor of childhood oral rape, intimate partner abuse and failed attempts to engage me in relationships have fueled my celibate state .

Sex is far from a sleep aide , and intimacy, trusting in a partner has not jelled , yet

As a Mom of 3 sons , I was drugged into Hell on Earth, and education and truths denied , and much has been distorted about the normal flow .

It’s very sad to sense that energy, and it’s often not noticed because I’m not seeking a casual sexual experience . I did not marry in an open marriage mind set , but in the shelter that dispelled the Predators.

For years o thought it was something I did to encourage the secually addicted, but I learned long ago it was not I. Pornorgraphy and Sex Addiction as everything was a disorder, labeled to profit the industry of death that has been psychiatry.

It’s open season now , as the chemical soup offered up , further alters our natural self and reversion to very low energy, primal and often distorted in unhealed trauma tries to benefit from those they consider ” weaker” .

Tie a knot in the end of your rope , and hang on as light and love washes you clean and your creative juices aide you in evolving New Earth .

Let it Flow , Let it Flow

I’m keeping this little light of mine , safe …ending cycles and generations of abuses that deserved healing .

My living death , deserves an autopsy , a burial and grieving for losses beyond human endurance , ignored by laws , society , religion, medicine 💊which is the rabbit hole we are unprepared for ..

Know your boundaries in this new earth , know all is not seen .

Know your gifts . Know ego is a passenger, not the driver Your ego works with your higher self in synergy and balance .Rest and Rejuvenate.

Let your burdens go fall or leap into the safety of Divine Love and begin again ❤.

Much Love Much Peace Many Blessings 🙌

Dona Luna ✌

Michael Douglas Blames His Throat Cancer on Oral Sex – MedicineNet

An addict of oral sex never considers the horrific side effects possible.

A non gender specific medical condition, though the female is not mentioned

other than being at fault .

It’s a reality check more folks need be aware of ..


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Hollywood star Michael Douglas says oral sex caused his recent bout with throat cancer.
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Growing Up in Pornland: Girls Have Had It with Porn Conditioned Boys – ABC Religion & Ethics✔️✔️✔️💯

I am comfortable with true intimacy , which was highjacked

by porn which does not support my spiritual beliefs .

An intuitive knowledge that was apparent in my physical

world of indiscriminate sex , very early . Patterned by a

half sister , a victim of childhood sexual abuse , I evaded

becoming remotely of that shadow . From aged 6 to 52

that shadow haunted me, as if grieving that so few had

an awareness , then I began to receive affirmations , only

1 in the physical that convinced me that a time out was

required ..

Council with many masculine energies , concurs with the

implantation of expectations , of manhood beyond their

knowing .. Sex is one area that has been adulterated with

miss-information, socially shamed as well , and exposed

in school to horrific power plays in peer groups . That

becomes the cult like demand in college fraternity’s ,

that offers infinite support .. For those of affluent homes

connections prohibit growth from life lessons , character

skills , because they are bailed out, time after time.

Traumas of childhood , the horror of becoming adulted

at 13/14 without any true education , the college or a

work place that subjects them to servitude or high elevation

much harm is done ..

The sex sells everything , performance is all , missed

the depth and breath of truth in honesty , and trust

that creates a foundation that allows the blossom

of intimacy .. of being home , of safety , of connection

that would not allow abuse as it would be as if self

infliction .

Porno is dank shadow fakery to me , it does not jive

with my code .

Masking my essence of this , evoked many harsh lessons

as I missed the connection that I knew exist . Sharing

within , deeply accepting myself , nurturing always

healing through my work , offering my truths in word

is all I can do, or be and it’s enough 🥰👁🌹♥️🎁©️

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Pornography is moulding and conditioning the sexual behaviours and attitudes of boys, and girls are being left without the resources to deal with these porn-saturated boys.
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How To Conceive A Boy – 6 Tips To Conceive A Boy | BellyBelly

Beautiful Divine had me ovulate early

and our 3rd son was conceive ..

A beautiful young man, perfect wife

2 perfect sons ..

I have never met ..

Wondering how to conceive a boy? If you’re swaying for blue, here are 6 tips, some proven by science, and others anecdotal. Go team blue!
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Young People Are Having Less Sex – The Atlantic

Very long , very through, enlightening info.

For many reasons , abstained, sex is common .

Despite the easing of taboos and the rise of hookup apps, Americans are in the midst of a sex recession.
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