Viagra for Women — Is a Pill Really the Best Answer for Igniting a Woman’s Sex Drive?

Given the side effects of Viagra on the heart heath of men, this should not even be a consideration for women.

There is a new drug up for FDA approval called Flibanserin. This medicine is being called “Viagra for women.” The FDA has already denied approval twice.
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The Demon In you

Spiritually and Emotionally I stepped out of the energy that to me ( even in marriage )was highly casual with no intimacy or growth.


Sexual energy is the basic energy that will strengthen the entire chakra system. Every living thing in this world needs sexual energy to survive. This is because sexual energy is the Life Energy Force of all beings.

Demons (or in layman’s language is Satan), who live in the astral realm, need sexual energy to survive. But these “beings” do not have physical bodies so they use sexual energy mentally to exist.

This demon blends in with the inner impurities in the human body, just like when you have a dirty mind full of animal lust, then your sexual energy will be attracted and held in the Basic Chakra. When sexual energy is restrained and stagnates in the Basic Chakra, then this low energy frequency becomes food for the Demons.

Lust sex (lust) is the easiest way for Demons to absorb human sexual energy which is the nutrition for their lives to grow, develop, and get stronger. So they continue to strive so that the human mind is always dirty and lustful.

They control the human mind to keep it in a low vibration, through behavior that can trigger lustful thoughts. Because lustful is their vibration.

In fact, Demons are not completely bad, they just do things that are naturally programmed according to their nature. They exist to prevent you from achieving spiritual development by keeping the energy in the lower chakras, so that it cannot transform and transmute up to the upper chakras and transcendence. Your consciousness is not developing because the focus of energy is stuck in the lower chakras.

The higher the sexual energy you have, the more they will tempt you. Then you must be able to discipline yourself to see in a perspective that goes beyond your physical and five senses.

Everything that looks, feels, sounds, smells good for you, is not necessarily good for your soul.

Demons only have one intention, which is to keep you at a low frequency so they can use your energy for their health and strength.

They will survive by continuing to consume your sexual energy (life force), just like wild animals that prey on other animals to survive.

So as long as you continue to be trapped in animal lust, or live in lower chakra consciousness, you will become the “food” of the demons and become easily manipulated through the frequency of fear in survival.

The fear of survival, the fear of being alone, the fear of death, the fear of the dark, the fear… the fear… and the fear…

Fear and lust are tools they use to control you.

When a person has mastered his fear and lust, he will be freed from the illusion of the holographic matrix which is designed to suck up your spiritual energy.

As long as your sexual energy vibrates at the base chakra, you will only create “hell” on this earth.

But when you have been able to be sexually liberated through sexual alchemy, that is, by transmuting your sexual energy into the upper chakras, from lustful love to compassion-based love, then that sexual energy will awaken your consciousness, and move up to the Crown Chakra, so that you will help build “heaven” on this earth..


Tomy Tan Light 🌠🌈✨⚜️

Heart & Head ; Body joins In Lovemaking

⁣The heart and the cervix are connected via the vagus nerve. ⠀

When the heart-brain registers emotional safety, the other systems of the body shift into a state that allows cervical orgasm to happen. If you’re not tending to your heart and emotions but rather ignoring them or blaming others, then your heartbrain ‘informs’ the rest of the system to mobilise. ⠀

To reach our fullest orgasmic potential, we can’t just stimulate the cervix and expect the magic to happen. Cervical orgasm is a heart path. (Whereas it’s completely possible to have a clitoral orgasm when you’re pissed off or anxious – in fact they can provide relief). ⠀

For cervical orgasm, we clear the way for love.