Michael Douglas Blames His Throat Cancer on Oral Sex – MedicineNet

An addict of oral sex never considers the horrific side effects possible.

A non gender specific medical condition, though the female is not mentioned

other than being at fault .

It’s a reality check more folks need be aware of ..


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Hollywood star Michael Douglas says oral sex caused his recent bout with throat cancer.
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Growing Up in Pornland: Girls Have Had It with Porn Conditioned Boys – ABC Religion & Ethics✔️✔️✔️💯

I am comfortable with true intimacy , which was highjacked

by porn which does not support my spiritual beliefs .

An intuitive knowledge that was apparent in my physical

world of indiscriminate sex , very early . Patterned by a

half sister , a victim of childhood sexual abuse , I evaded

becoming remotely of that shadow . From aged 6 to 52

that shadow haunted me, as if grieving that so few had

an awareness , then I began to receive affirmations , only

1 in the physical that convinced me that a time out was

required ..

Council with many masculine energies , concurs with the

implantation of expectations , of manhood beyond their

knowing .. Sex is one area that has been adulterated with

miss-information, socially shamed as well , and exposed

in school to horrific power plays in peer groups . That

becomes the cult like demand in college fraternity’s ,

that offers infinite support .. For those of affluent homes

connections prohibit growth from life lessons , character

skills , because they are bailed out, time after time.

Traumas of childhood , the horror of becoming adulted

at 13/14 without any true education , the college or a

work place that subjects them to servitude or high elevation

much harm is done ..

The sex sells everything , performance is all , missed

the depth and breath of truth in honesty , and trust

that creates a foundation that allows the blossom

of intimacy .. of being home , of safety , of connection

that would not allow abuse as it would be as if self

infliction .

Porno is dank shadow fakery to me , it does not jive

with my code .

Masking my essence of this , evoked many harsh lessons

as I missed the connection that I knew exist . Sharing

within , deeply accepting myself , nurturing always

healing through my work , offering my truths in word

is all I can do, or be and it’s enough 🥰👁🌹♥️🎁©️

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Pornography is moulding and conditioning the sexual behaviours and attitudes of boys, and girls are being left without the resources to deal with these porn-saturated boys.
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How To Conceive A Boy – 6 Tips To Conceive A Boy | BellyBelly

Beautiful Divine had me ovulate early

and our 3rd son was conceive ..

A beautiful young man, perfect wife

2 perfect sons ..

I have never met ..

Wondering how to conceive a boy? If you’re swaying for blue, here are 6 tips, some proven by science, and others anecdotal. Go team blue!
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Young People Are Having Less Sex – The Atlantic

Very long , very through, enlightening info.

For many reasons , abstained, sex is common .

Despite the easing of taboos and the rise of hookup apps, Americans are in the midst of a sex recession.
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