Narcissist Never Get Over You…

Seeing through the rage early on, seeing the 3 year old wounded child

that happened to be male , but imbalanced for whatever reason .

The trauma affected the softer , feminine child, molding him towards

an exterior that denied the softness.. Drama was not perceived in the dead

pan delivery in mask , usually attributed to someone else . I became his fix

his target , which he modeled for our 3 sons . He’s still in that mode ,

sadly , regrettably denying any responsibility , contracts that supersede

any written or dictated by human .


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

Gateway To Health | Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome

I’m not trying to post this to sale anything .

I found out , all my dental work was incorrect

and toxic .. I have had many examples of bad

denistry , and I have lacked the money to see

biological dentist , and my health has been

compromised .. Weakened physically for many

reasons , outside myself , dental issues have increased

and bridges done 40 years ago are required replacement

and root canals are harboring abscesses . When I read

the statement , of a dead tooth , root canals is left in the body

and what other dead organ is left in our body . Toxic Teeth .

And yes , dental and heart health go hand in hand .

Yes , my health care and finances have been altered by former

partner ( who never was) and yes, his preference is my death .

So I do all I can, and can do more ..

Migraine pain , shows up on an MRI..I am not addicted

to pain RX , though my neck is normally tight , from the

dental issues , since 2005 .

I am gratified to know the conclusion of the cycle that has

tested me , in dental health, as teeth are now being regrown

and we become aware that the unnatural does not make

bodies healthier in the long run.

Toxic dental material and practices affects us all . Mercury

and plastics have not place in our teeth , behaving as neurotoxins

with each bite ..☠️🦷


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna 🐸


Gateway To Health | Healing Secrets of the Oral Biome
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Stones In the Road

This song describes in part my experience and that of many boomers

who retain faith and hope , in a better world for all. In a society of suicide

we may have been induced into that society , duped that it was entirely

up to the individual ..Addictions became common , unexplainable, and

the individual who was already targeted by abuse with the home to such

a degree , that many stones lay in the road.

Who has not been held accountable ? Chemical /Pharmaceutical Corps co joined

with the AMA and APA and therapist who stay in the induction state due to

the enormous profit ..

Same reason a partner seizes the induction of illness of any kind to plot

an escape that only physically proves an abuse and ego that takes years

to get in alignment with their plan.

That does not detract from the totally casual partnership , that has no truth

being built on a foundation of friendship , that includes infidelity, withholding

information , emotionally, spiritually , financially, in order to have a body in house

to do whatever is wanted or needed .

Silence became the norm , 3 months after I do, when blessed with child became

a burden , I had to step out of .. I gained 30 lbs over my norm , our son was over

due , with the blatant disregard , disconnect as he discussed this problem

5 days a week at work.. He became the victim .. I became it , as he’s prone to

state , he had to marry me .

Wed 3/4/77 a year of great astronomy/astronomy, his wounds became

more clear and pronounced in the mask or his truth showed up in the

year of Chiron the wounded healer planet was discovered .

Our 1st son , bore his name , though he protested , I did not understand

his reasoning for not IV ing , as time bore out . 3/11/78, 2 weeks late

put his expected time of arrival was 2/28/78, my non Leap Year

celebration .

His 🎂 birth even 2 weeks late , still bore out , his false assertion that

he had to marry me .

Yes he had to…I cooked , I cleaned , I cared , I looked presentable when we

went out , quickly pushing through the judgement and critical words of

his life long partner .. Yes , I belonged to him, and a child he did not mentally

or emotionally prepare for , refusing to take precaution for , lacking that

responsibility , showed up where it mattered most ..💰💰💰

Joy was not something I attach him to in those days ..

Mask of the corporate , secrets, family business , locked into place

he was more aware with our 2nd son, whose birth was stressful

and he was drunk, or hung over ..Back labor, was harsh and

he was indisposed until birth , decrying he always wanted a brother.

Our 3rd Son, was the unspoken , Well you know what you’re in for

as a single parent , stay at home Mom …

Yes , I began to know my place in his world , had no growth , no real

attachment , no foundation .. I had 3 sons to nurture , and I was allowed

and I tried to make that enough ..

I was not enough, I lived with that those last 5 years , as he searched for love

outside himself, still … I gave up on him…A desire to hold me in the same

possessive shadow in regards to our sons , who have no intimate connection

to me ..

As it appears , winner takes all..he cannot take what does not , and never did

belong to him..

Stones in the Road , were boulders that have been removed , as the facts are the

truth , long ago released from abuse that has continued beyond , beyond .

I am not the sledge hammer , I am the Mom who knows the light heals

and I can longer accept being a target that has resulted in our sons being

abused as well, their children , a tradition that can cease and desist .


Blessings and Peace ,

Doña Luna 🥰🎉❤️

Doña Luna

Bill Gates on Coronavirus: 5 Things World Leaders Must Do Right Away

How vested in less carbon foot prints ( human life , eliminated )

The investment offered, will be made back plus much profit ..

Not so great a humanitarian , Children born to him were not vaccinated .

Bill Gates called coronavirus a “once-in-a-century pathogen” in a piece for the New England Journal of Medicine — and gave world leaders advice on next steps.
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The Difference Between Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) 99% and 70% | Lab Pro Inc.

Killing germs

The Difference Between Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) 99% and 70% | Lab Pro Inc.
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Early-onset Dementia, Alzheimer’s a growing concern in Philly region | PhillyVoice

The number of millennials being diagnosed with early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease significantly increased between 2013 and 2017, according to a report released by Independence Blue Cross. Diagnoses among Americans between ages 30-44 rose by 83%.
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Woman’s OBGYN told her she needed her husband’s permission to get her tubes tied…in 2020

They wouldn’t sign off on the procedure without permission from her husband.
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Study: The Human Body Responds To Sharp Changes In Solar & Geomagnetic Activity ~ February 26, 2020

Study: The Human Body Responds To Sharp Changes In Solar & Geomagnetic Activity ~ February 26, 2020

Study: The Human Body Responds To Sharp Changes In Solar & Geomagnetic Activity ~ February 26, 2020
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