When Children get Punished for Their Invisible Disabilities | The Mighty

This is a serious issue , and should include all, in consideration

and compassion.

Dr. Liz Matheis, a Child Psychologist, explains kids with invisible disabilities need ongoing supports, yet they are often punished for having a disability as they are misunderstood.
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Kids Don’t Tell You They Have Anxiety, They Say ‘My Stomach Hurts’ – Love and Marriage

Still affects this kids , lol on occasion 👶🏼

Kids Don’t Tell You They Have Anxiety, They Say ‘My Stomach Hurts’ – Love and Marriage
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Schizophrenia Linked with Abnormal Immune Response to Epstein-Barr Virus

Schizophrenia Linked with Abnormal Immune Response to Epstein-Barr Virus

Related to vaccine

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Communication in brain may be remarkably constant in autism | Spectrum | Autism Research News

When I read the term ” brain on fire” referring

to vaccine damage ..

When I read the Dr state I had ” autistic like ”

symptoms induced by Xanax ..

When I learned of a grandson’s diagnosis of

OMS , and shared info and resources and

prayed after hearing of the treatment , that

was AMA crap shoot .. Success has been afforded

g.s. in large part due to his family ..❤️

Patterns of brain activity in people with autism may be unusually consistent over seconds — and even years.
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What Most People Call “Chemtrails” Could Kill Tens of Thousands of People, Says Harvard Professor – Collective Evolution

✅💯Remember, don’t panic! These are issues we have to approach from a place of peace. Responding with fear and worry is completely useless. Yes, it’s a major issue, but issues are transformed in a number of ways. It’s not all “doom and gloom,” it’s not all dark, there are wonderful things happening on this planet, […]
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Twenty-One Years After Her Autism Diagnosis, Haley Moss Is Admitted to the Florida Bar | Daily Business Review

Her doctor said she might never fully speak. In May she gave the commencement speech at the University of Miami School of Law and will now start her career at the firm Zumpano Patricios.
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