Wounded Child

With practice, we can see that our wounded child is not only us.

Our wounded child may represent several generations.

Our mother may have suffered throughout her life.

Our father may have suffered.

Perhaps our parents weren’t able to look after the wounded child in themselves.

So when we’re embracing the wounded child in us, we are embracing all the wounded child in our past generations.

This practice is not a practice for ourselves alone, but for numberless generations of ancestors and descendants.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Art: Emily Balivet

Mental Health Industry Speaks of Our Society

The Mental Health Industry Speaks Volumes About Our Society’s Priorities

By Kimberley McLean

An educated public has a much better chance of advocating from the grassroots for safe and effective treatments in the face of a pharmaceutical industry more interested in profits than people.

I know it personally as the Industry of Death

The 1980’s ushered in the “Society of Suicide ”

I was enjoying Motherhood and birthing babies , as I witnessed acquaintances die , first breast cancer ; after treatment brain cancer .

I was more than concerned at the casual marriage and the desire for it to be open sexually … in all my world was very shadowy and never offered me the security and foundation , nor support but I never was suicidal .

The darkest thoughts were created when I was tuned in or could not ignore what was.

How sad that the darkness had him so distant and distorted and depressed and never communicated it , but flew off.

Sending his fear of death and his rejection that he’d leave this earth . Genetics being what they are , his Mom in mid 90’s , however she did not smoke , drink excessively or have casual sex etc

Suicide raises the statistics for children by 50% if a parent commits suicide . I was induced into my ” gesture ” of overdosing on Seroquel , but he considers that to be an attempt because I lost him to Ms Happy .

Nope , no man,no human is worth dying over 👍


Role of Women

The role of a women, and feminine energy, in a home is tremendous. I didn’t really understand this until I became a mom. Even though my husband and I share pretty equal responsibilities in the house (and sometimes he gets the heavy end of it), if I’m away for any extended period of time, my husband and son gradually begin to decompose. The opposite doesn’t seem to hold true as much. 😊

In the Ayurvedic tradition, the feminine energy in nature is a powerful creative force known as Shakti. Shakti is literally what makes the world go around — it powers all of nature and all of the planets. It is the creative intelligence that organizes life. My spiritual teacher in India, Amma, always says, “Shakti can live without Shiva, but Shiva cannot live without Shakti.” Shiva is the masculine energy in nature and is also present within each one of us, albeit generally more concentrated in men. I always thought Amma’s comment was referring to cosmology, because the universe originates only when Shakti begins to vibrate. But this principle is very much at work in our homes, as well as the rest of the cosmos.

Women are naturally built with more Shakti energy because of their ability to have children — we need concentrated amounts of Shakti to create another human being within our wombs. Although Shakti is an energy that both men and women have access to, women’s biology allow for more of it naturally without having to do the extra work of cultivating Shakti through spiritual practices. Even all of our mitochondria, which are the batteries for each cell in your body, are inherited exclusively from our mothers. Women literally power the world, cell by cell, and when their Shakti energy is honored and nurtured, they are able to support and uplift the entire family spontaneously. In fact, in ancient times, when a nation wanted to destroy another civilization, it began my weakening the women, who held the Shakti of the entire population.

But most women today — mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, etc. — tend to focus on taking care of others much more than themselves during the holiday season. With all of the family events over the holidays, much of our attention is focused outward rather than inward. Also, women as a whole, tend to have more Vata and Kapha dosha due to their hormones. This means that we are generally at greater risk for an imbalance during Vata and Kapha season, which happens to be during the holiday season — it’s a double whammy! This leaves us exhausted by the New Year, and when we’re exhausted, the Shakti in the entire house is depleted.

Protecting my Shakti energy is a sacred act that supports my well-being, and the well-being of my entire household. I have seen it year after year that whenever I get frazzled during this time of year, my son and husband follow suit pretty quickly. Staying grounded and balanced is the greatest gift I can give to my family. I encourage you to see the ultimate value of your Shakti energy this holiday season and to honor that by taking a daily 20-minute pause to meditate and rejuvenate. Give thanks for the amazing gift to be the vessel of this Shakti energy and honor it my nourishing yourself so that your energy naturally flows to uplift the ones you love. If you need extra support at home or at work, ask for it. Just like the sun can’t help but kiss the flowers and tress when it is shining bright in the sky, we women spontaneously radiate our Shakti to the world when we’re healthy and happy. 😊

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Excerpt – Little Child Rising

“In order to deal with the feelings related to the absent parent, children often make the assumption that they are to blame. This is the only way they can make sense of it- if the adult isn’t loving, it must be because we are ‘unworthy’. After all, “Rachel’s father spends a lot of time with her”, and “Michael’s mother always hugs and kisses him in public”, so if yours doesn’t, it must be because there is something wrong with you, something not enough, something not worthy of love. Thus begins the internalized shame and self-blame cycle, often reflected in the disdain we feel for our bodies, our creations, our very existence. Of course our unworthiness is entirely untrue, but it is experienced as deeply true for the child self. And if the bitter parent actually told you that you are unworthy, or bad, or a mistake or anything that undermines your sense of self, then you have literal evidence of your own valuelessness. Who do we believe if not the parent? Who defines us before we are ready to define ourselves? It then becomes very difficult to recognize and call out abuse and neglect, because you move through the world certain of only one thing- your inherent unworthiness. If you are constantly seeking validation and approval, if you are not yet at an egoic stage where you can recognize your own value, on what basis do you stand up to those who abuse you? I think one of the reasons I didn’t call out my mother in my early adulthood was because I had taken her negative message to heart. If I was a bad person, how could I demand her to treat me with respect? If I was ‘persona non grata’ on Mother Earth, on what basis would I fight for my right to the light?”

(~an excerpt from my affordable “Inner Child Rising: Healing the Effects of Unawakened Parents” course. This simple and easy-to-follow downloadable audio course will show you how to transform wounds and patterns, and move forward in your life. If curious, check it out at the link below…

Mother Love

I’ll be your voice

When you cannot speak

I’ll be your eyes

When you cannot see

I’ll be your heart

When you cannot feel

I’ll be your strength

When you feel you can’t go on

I’ll be your guide

When you’ve lost your way

I’ll be your hope

When you’ve lost faith in the world

I’ll be your confidence

When you’ve lost trust in yourself

I’ll be your biggest supporter

When your heart has been broken

I’ll be your inspiration

When you’ve lost motivation

I’ll be your compass

When you’ve lost direction

And I’ll be your mirror

When you cannot see your beauty

But as you grow, I won’t always be there

To support you and offer help

So I will teach you to do and be

All of the above for yourself

But in the meantime, I’ll do all I can and more

To help you flourish and thrive

And teach you to grow wings

So that you may one day fly.

– A love letter to my future children

Words by Tahlia Hunter

Artwork by Katie m. Berggren

There were those who found fault , silently , critically and in alignment with the judgement that children did not need their Mom after age 7 .

Our youngest was 6 when psychiatry intervened and I was never the same .

It only got worse , until it ended our family .

My intentions were to be there for our sons and educate them in ways their Dad was not as to self love , forgiveness , compassion and wholeness ✔️