APA , Childress agree, not such thing as parental alienation , it’s Child Psychological Abuse, continuation of Malignant , intimate partner violence

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Am I clear? I want to be entirely clear. I agree with the American Psychiatric Association.

I’m an old-school conservative clinical psychologist. I apply knowledge, I don’t create it.

The Gardnerian PAS “experts” are a rag-tag group of misfit toys. Am I being vague? I don’t want to be vague, I want to be clear.

They reject the diagnostic guidance of the American Psychiatric Association – they think the APA is wrong and that they know more about diagnosis than the APA – and they reject the ethical guidance of the American Psychological Association – they think ethical standards don’t apply to them.

They’re wrong, they do. Ethical Standards of practice are mandatory. Ethical practice is not optional, it is required.

In 2013 the American Psychiatric Association made its determination on the diagnostic construct of “parental alienation” with the publication of the DSM-5. They said no – the APA said there is no such thing as “parental alienation”. For all professionals, that’s the end of it. That’s the end of the discussion. The APA said no, it does not exist as a diagnostic entity.

I agree 100% with the American Psychiatric Association. The construct of “parental alienation” is the worst diagnostic model for a pathology ever constructed since the beginning of time. It is awful, absolutely awful in so many ways.

The American Psychiatric Association is right. I agree with the American Psychiatric Association, there is no such thing as “parental alienation” – Childress, year 1.

The Gardnerian PAS “experts” assert that the APA is wrong. They assert that they know more about diagnosis and pathology than the American Psychiatric Association does, and they CONTINUE to use a diagnostic construct that does NOT exist in professional psychology.

In continuing to use the construct of “parental alienation” in a professional capacity, the Gardnerian PAS “experts” substantially degrade the quality of mental health services in the family courts.

The Gardnerian PAS “experts” are a fringe group of professionals who reject the diagnostic guidance of the American Psychiatric Association and the ethical guidance of the American Psychological Association.

Meanwhile, the forensic custody evaluators in the family courts are ignorant, incompetent, and unethical – and no one cares. They are simply financially exploiting the parent while solving nothing.

We need a pilot program for the family courts with university involvement for evaluation research to develop standardized high-quality diagnostic assessment and treatment protocols.

Amicus Letter for CA SB-331

Risk Assessment Handout

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857

(PDF) Dark Personalities and Induced Delusional Disorder, Part III: Identifying the Pathogenic Parenting Underlying a Crisis in the Family and Domestic Violence Courts

PDF | Approximately 10% of post-divorce custody cases become extended high conflict custody litigation in the family courts. Coincidentally, research… | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate
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Toxic Families Punish Truth Tellers

I have accepted this with regard to my family of origin, and the family I was discarded by. The blame will always be from them. They know everything , and find me ungrateful and unwilling to do what I’m told .

I accept their trauma,shame , and blame in keeping their abuses and use of me , is unhealed and what a detriment that is to their peace of mind , and soul growth . As I realized with the birth of our 1st child, while experiencing profound fear as he was taken for 12 hour observation, that God/Divine, had control of his life and I was helpless to do anything should he be taken from me .

Well he was taken from me , by many , and he as affirmed his trauma, his truth towards me , and his ever present anger/rage/hatred , and has not looked at all the influences that have him in a mindset that prefers me dead , and if alive , suffering , shamed, grieving .

Signs have presented themselves and will be seen as unhealed trauma , with those many influences and perhaps he will receive the healing he deserves and the peace within, mind , body and soul that truth and light bring . He may choose to stay in shadow , and again, I cannot help him as he targets me for all his issues . He did include his dad in his dissertation as he explained what a worthless rabid person I am, and how I should be ” put down ” like a rabid dog “.

Each child enjoys critiquing me , ignoring the situation , the dynamics , the family that was destroyed by psychiatry, Big Pharma , and a dad who wanted to win , and still refuses any responsibility for his actions and non actions .

My self work, and self worth will not allow me to consider any consolidation at this time and maybe never. That includes business partnerships , and reaching equilibrium of financial debts , and current pay.. the root of all this abuse is property . I am still considered property , and my usefulness is to be compliant , do as I’m told and not ask questions . For a truther it’s taken me over 20 years to speak my truth and it’s clear through these years and experiences that shutting me up permanently, is their wish .

However , I know the influences that retard spiritual growth , there are many, as well as how integral is is to soul and spiritual growth , or ” everlasting life .” My foundation of spiritual development and my mind have been tested , which have failed , and it’s now repair time for my physical which requires a stable foundation .. I’m joined by a friend who is helping me towards realization of that foundation , which should resolve itself soon ..

It has been 5 years since a hand written and witnessed document, was produced with promise of aiding me foundation-ally, a new vehicle , on behalf of all 4 family members as I discussed Child Psychological Abuse , and the unhealthy results for our children and grandchildren. He wasn’t interested or concerned , and never intended to honor his contact. I took that into consideration , knowing the result would not be advantageous for each family member.

My experience with a cunning , deceitful LLC partner , his offer of safety in his rental ( wasn’t his) , as he planned to take control of my property was the 4th attempt ,and left me homeless, and paying out far more for a roof over my head, but certainly not a thriving energy , just surviving .

The legal abuses , rose up again, as they were present in court actions with regard to business matters , until I was heard. I explained the high conflict, the malignant, intimate partner violence , and that he would never stop. I gave up the last of a very low spousal support, as I was advised with a force , declared, no force to take my social security .

The stuck energy left me long ago with regard to family , I’ve accessed through research , intuition , facts and spirituality and it’s clearly an ending . One he avoids , because control is everything , and as long as I have distractions I’m prey which has been proven wrong .

I’m not a place sitter , or a secret holder, and when it comes to my health and wealth being compromised, I will meet the challenge , aided by true justice on high as well in the system of justice we now see, as in many other systems is collapsing in order to be restored to be what it should be .

Of and for the people .

I love our children , but I release them , as I will legally , so that their inheritance will not be in partnership with me , which would only pit them against me in conflict that has been on going , by a man who has no morals , no respect and does not take responsibility for anything .

Toxic Families Punish Truth Tellers


Grandmother – Granddaughter – Child Psychological Abuse

My grandchildren just left and it’s so sad .I know it’s hard on any mother or father that going through this and the rest of the family .my grandchildren were brain washed into thinking their mom didn’t love them and she didn’t want them . My grand daughter told her mom today that she was going to leave something here that belonged to her so her mom wouldn’t forget her .I told her straight up that her mom has always wanted her and her brother. I left it at that I don’t know what else to say or do . We
Are grow up we know the truth of the matter but these children hasn’t had a choice in what they believe it was forced on them .my granddaughter doesn’t understand . She back talks her mom calls her names . Gives her a real hard time while they are here but when it’s time for them to leave my granddaughter can’t talk because she’s crying so hard . It hard on us but imagine the children’s feelings . They believe what has been forced in their little minds anyone that could do this to a child should not be allowed around children period . Myself I’m trying to have something done about this it’s not fair that the innocent have to pay for this .

Getting to the heart of the matter- Child Psychological Abuse

I was in a conversation recently, and an explanation was given about why two daughters had chosen to live with their father and not their mother Now I don’t know if parental alienation is involved in this situation or not, I’m merely commenting on the opinion given. I was told: “I think all we need to know is that the girls left their mum so she must have done something wrong.” I spend my days creating these posts, even on my birthday, on special occasions, over Christmas, and when I hear this sort of comment, how do I feel? I’m not angry, I’m not critical, and I’m not even surprised at this point. People don’t get it, and it’s not really their fault. But I know, without a doubt, that I was judged this way myself, for ten years, and it just makes me feel even more determined to spread awareness about parental alienation. The misjudgement of others is not the sole reason for feeling this way. People judge and we can’t stop them from doing this. But if there was wider knowledge about alienating behaviours, it might not be quite as simple as condemning the parent who no longer has the children living with them, the parent who has a child who apparently ‘chose’ to live away from them or reject them. It’s not even ‘Joe Public’ who will really make the difference here. We need to get to the social services, the schools, the mental health world, the legal industrial complex of the family courts … we need those people in positions to help, to actually help. We need to change policy, to educate, we need these people/agencies to see through the charade and manipulation and coercion to ensure the child does not become as described in this post. These children are being hurt and abused and denied a relationship with a loved and loving parent. I’m not going to stop until this is widely understood and the millions of us who have suffered/still suffer are given the support so desperately needed. And especially for the children.
p.s. I want to do these posts, which is why I do them every day. I choose this. All I want to do is help.

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Targeted parents , don’t see it coming

As target parents, we do not foresee alienation from our child/ren. That is not because we are weak, gullible, stupid or ignorant. It’s because it’s not loving behaviour, and it is not something a mentally healthy parent would do. It’s not what we would do. There may have been signs (narcissism, for one) but still, we didn’t imagine the other parent would be willing to hurt the child/ren so they could hurt us. We hoped and trusted that the child/ren would be of the highest importance. Someone told me yesterday that a judge, before taking custody of his son, said the ruling was ‘against his better judgement’. How ridiculous! If the judge thinks it’s not right, then why make the ruling? He’s a judge! That’s his actual, paid job, to use his best judgement, and not make a ruling that goes against his best judgement. This father also described receiving letters with such statements as; ‘in the best interests of the children’. What hypocrisy! Family courts should understand that a loving parent does not badmouth the other parent, and have the child aligned with them against the other parent. A loving parent encourages and supports the child/ren in having a good relationship with the other parent. They do not coerce the child into fearing, hating and rejecting the other parent. This is psychological abuse. A parent capable of engaging in parental alienation will typically refuse to see the harm they’re doing or to collaborate in any way that’s helpful or remedial. These people do not change. They have poison in their own systems, and their parenting is pathogenic. We have to do all we can, when we can, to be the opposite of the alienator. We have to stay sane, we have to remain the mentally healthy parent amidst the pathology of abuse and lies, and a corrupt/broken healthcare system and appalling family court misunderstandings, rulings and theatricals. It helps to work on ourselves, to find understanding and some kind of acceptance, to be firm/know our boundaries, to be strong, to live a fulfilling life, to stay calm and non-reactive to provocation, to be happy, and to be mentally healthy – all the things the alienating parent is not able to do or be.

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Attachment Pathology- Craig Childress PsyD

Novi Sad, Serbia – 4/28/23

This is a pathology of lies. Everything – everything – surrounding this pathology is a lie.

What you take for reality, is a lie.

This presents as a custody conflict. That is a lie. One parent drives the family conflict into the legal system to abuse the ex-spouse by making it as hard as possible to see their child, and costing them thousands and thousands of dollars fighting in court.

It is financial and emotional abuse of the ex-spouse from a desire to put them on “trial” for being a bad parent (spouse) and making the targeted spouse-and-parent defend themselves against false allegations of being abusive of their child.

This isn’t about custody. Custody is simple. It’s either shared 50-50 or one parent gets school-week and the other gets every-other-weekend.

This isn’t about custody, it’s about pathology. A child rejecting a parent is an attachment pathology – a problem (pathology) in the love-and-bonding system of the brain.

The ONLY cause of severe attachment pathology (a child rejecting a a parent) is child abuse by one parent or the other. In all cases of court-involved custody conflict, a proper risk assessment needs to be conducted to the appropriate differential diagnosis for each parent.

All cases. It should be routine, and the diagnostic assessment protocol should be standardized at the highest professional quality. When possible child abuse is a considered diagnosis, our diagnosis needs to be accurate 100% of the time.

We can do that. We need to do that. We never abandon a single child to child abuse. Not one. We always protect the child from all forms of child abuses 100% of the time.

All forms.

This isn’t about custody. That’s a lie. This is about pathology and its treatment. Attachment pathology. We need a proper risk assessment for child abuse to the appropriate differential diagnosis, and we need an effective treatment plan to fix the attachment pathology displayed by the child.

A pilot program for the family court with university involvement for evaluation research would greatly assist in developing high-quality diagnostic assessment and treatment protocols for the family courts.

We need to end the fighting surrounding the child. This is not complex. It is simple. The ONLY thing that’s missing is the motivation to solve it.

That’s changing. I traveled to the Balkans because it’s changing there.

I encourage the professionals in Serbia and the Balkans to consider an APA presentation in 2024 in Seattle to inform your American colleagues of your developments in your approach to court-involved attachment pathology surrounding child custody conflict.

Come visit me in the Pacific Northwest in 2024. We’ll go visit Mt. Rainier and take in a Mariners game. I’m confident the APA would welcome an international submission. You have top-tier professionals working toward a solution. Work for a year, then come and tell us about it.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857

Craig Childress PsyD : Family Court Reform

Everybody hates me and wants to hurt me.

Well, not all of you, just half of you, the crazy half.

I’m in the family courts working with family situations of intense and highly hostile child custody conflict, and I’m getting in the middle of it and trying to change things.

One half or the other half is not going to like that. The pathological part of the pathology does NOT like that I’m interfering and trying to stop it from being pathological. It wants to hurt me to make me go away.

That’s what I mean when I say I’ve read the pathogen’s source code. Trauma is pattern. The narcissistic-borderline-dark pathology makes itself dangerous to your allies who try to help you so they’ll go away and you won’t have any.

It’s not just me – it’s all of me, all of the clinical psychologists who would try to help you. The pathology makes it too dangerous for them to be here so they flee the danger, they go away.

They abandon you. See how that works?

The pathogen isolates its victim from rescue. Look – you’ve been isolated from clinical psychology (treatment not custody) for 40 years. No clinical psychologist will work in the family courts because half of you are holy cow dangerous, delusionally psychotic, vengeful and retaliatory humans.

You know that. You were married to them. You’ve seen what they’ve done since the divorce. That is a dangerously psychotic human.

The clinical psychologists know that, everyone knows the pathology in the family courts is a narcissistic-borderline-dark personality parent.

That’s why the forensic psychologists say they don’t diagnose pathology, they don’t want to identify (diagnose) the narcissistic-borderline-dark parent as that… because that pathological parent is an immensely dangerous, delusional, and retaliatory human.

They don’t want to mess with that… so they don’t. They sacrifice you and your child instead. Better you and your child than them, right? They’re just trying to make a buck, holy cow, what do you expect them to do, fix things?

And the malevolently delusional pathology has a lawyer. And the lawyer for the delusionally dangerous parent wants to discredit you in any way possible, including slandering your professional reputation and going after your license.

There is a whole professional class of humans in legal-world, opposing counsel, who hate me and want to hurt me in any way possible because they represent their delusionally dangerous client.

Holy cow.

ADHD psychologists don’t face this danger. Autism psychologists don’t either. No other psychologist faces this danger because… this is narcissistic-borderline-dark personality pathology – that is an immensely dangerous trauma pathology.

It’s the abuse pathology – child abuse – spousal abuse – psychologist abuse – human abuse. This is the most dangerous pathogen on the planet and I’m walking the tightrope as a clinical psychologist without a net.

Forensic child custody evaluations are going to collapse. The incompetence of forensic psychology will flee when it becomes too dangerous for their incompetence to remain… so who’s left?

No one. Uh oh.

What happens when incompetence flees and they’re all incompetent? What happens when competence refuses to come because it’s too dangerous in the family courts?

There’s a dangerous pathology in the family courts and parents want mental health help, but there’s no mental health help in the family courts. What’s going to happen?

I dunno, but it looks like we’re going to find out. What happens if the nation doesn’t pay its bills? What happens if there’s no mental health support in the family courts? Maybe it won’t be so bad.

What happens when the forensic psychologists have been booted out or fled the dangers, and the clinical psychologists refuse to come because it’s too dangerous?

Holy cow, what a mess. l wonder what they’re going to do? It looks like we’re going to find out.

Everyone says bad things will happen if we don’t pay our national debt. But I dunno, maybe it won’t be so bad if there’s no mental health support in the courts. Maybe we should eliminate the FBI and all of psychology should leave the family courts. Do we really need them?

After all, the only thing in the family courts is the core of evil, is Putin really so bad? Dark Triads and Dark Tetrads are the most malevolent people on the planet, they are immensely high-conflict and they are in the family courts. Fact.

They want all of psychology gone so they can enact their malevolence on the other spouse-and-parent and on the child. Look how they drove clinical psychology away, leaving you with the nothing that is forensic custody evaluators.


Empty of knowledge. Empty of competence. Empty of ethical standards. Empty of their obligations. Empty of empathy and compassion. Empty of the courage needed to protect the child.

It’s a mess. It’s likely to remain a mess until it’s not. The path is there, we need standardized high-quality diagnostic assessment and treatment protocols for the pathology in the family courts.

Give the task to our top universities wherever you are and ask them to develop the diagnostic assessment and treatment protocols for the family courts.

Abracadabra – solution. We will then have standardized high-quality diagnostic assessment and treatment protocols developed by our top university people that everyone can agree on.

Until then, I dunno. I think it’s headed for a big mess, and I think everybody hates me and wants to hurt me.

Not everybody. Just some of you. The pathological you-people, the crazy dangerous ones – just you hate me and want to hurt me. The healthy people, not so much.

I’m just trying to be helpful. I need to stay out of trouble. Why does everyone hate me? Oh, right. They’re delusionally dangerous humans.

It goes with the territory. If you’re in the family courts, know where you are. This is trauma-world. This is the world of child abuse and spousal abuse. This is the world of cruelty and complex trauma. This is the world of narcissistic-borderline-dark personality pathology – the abuse pathology.

I’m a trauma psychologist out of foster care. This is my world, this is my pathology. I’ve read the pathogen’s source code… and fixed it. That’s what I do. I’m a clinical psychologist. I fix things.

What things? What needs fixing?

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857

Entitled- Alienated children feel the targeted parent owes them

If and when we see a child who has been alienated, it can feel as if they’re doing us a favour. Or doing their duty. Or they think there should be something in it for them – a treat, a nice meal, an apology, hard cash … This sense of entitlement stems, of course, from the alienating parent. They feel we owe them too. We abandoned them, or we betrayed them, or we didn’t do right by them, or it’s all our fault. Whatever the scenario, it basically boils down to the same thing: the alienating parent, and therefore the indoctrinated child too, feels that we owe them. We should pay/be punished. We should pay – emotionally, and financially. That’s why it’s quite easy, given our situation to play along with this too and be so grateful to be given an audience, we do roll out the metaphorical red carpet. We don’t behave as we would normally because the time we have (if any) is so precious. It’s like the most unimaginably wonderful gift – better than anything that can be wrapped up at Christmastime with a pretty bow on top – to spend time with our alienated child. Alienation has turned everything upside down and inside out. It’s given the child the upper hand because we LOVE them so much. Because it is exactly our love for them that’s being played here. Teenagers might do this anyway, trying to get what they can from parents, but the alienated child has learned all the manipulative ways of the alienating parent. What it is hard, but nevertheless, worthwhile trying to do is not roll out that red carpet but just behave as we would as if the alienation had never happened. Plus this situation might have left us short-changed (emotionally and financially), rather than them. The alienated child doesn’t need a red carpet, they just need love.

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Charlie Mc Cready , The “ Child Catcher “

Do you remember the sinister Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? He terrified me when I was about the same age as the brother and sister in the film, Jeremy and Jemima Potts, especially when he abducts them. The character didn’t appear in Ian Fleming’s book but was a creation of the writer of some of the greatest villains of children’s literature, Roald Dahl and the director, Ken Hugues. In his long black hat, the Child Catcher searches the streets for children with a butterfly net, luring them to him with promises of lollipops. His horsedrawn carriage is transformed into a cage as soon as the children enter it, and he carts them off to prison under the orders of the evil rulers of Vulgaria, Baron and Baroness Bomburst. Their father Caractacus along with Truly Scrumptuous finally rescue all the children, topple the evil regime, and Vulgaria becomes a free country.

In many ways, alienating parents are like child catchers, and what they do is tantamount to a kidnapping. It feels like robbery, our children were taken from us with lies instead of lollipops. But we have to be so careful about the rescue mission. First of all they have to understand they’ve effectively been enmeshed/stolen from us. It reminds me of these quotes:

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