Reporting Landlord Abuse

The rent is too damn high.
The mid-range rent is over $2,000 per month for the first time ever, and in June, landlords hit tenants with the biggest one-month increase in rents since 1986. Why? Landlords are using inflation as an excuse to hike rents.
But we don’t have to tell you that. Many of us are living through this crisis, and the president needs to hear what decisions we are being forced to make.
We’re collecting stories to share with White House officials as part of our campaign to regulate rents:
• Call 202.670.4290 and leave a message with your name, phone number, and your story about how the rent inflation crisis is hurting you.
• If you’d prefer to write your story down, fill out our story collection form.
People of every race, background, and ZIP code deserve a safe, accessible, and permanently affordable home. Join us to make it clear to the White House that they must take action to regulate rents and keep tenants in their homes

Housing Market Update

I have noted that big corps are gonna feel this down turn finally and of course the speculators who’ve been buying up houses will have a definite decline and loss , not just a consumer .

There is a housing shortage and demand for affordable well built homes .

I’m going to do all I can to be in my home Dec 2022

Personality Type

Most of this is right but I don’t seek the approval nor attention of others ; I just AM💯

I used to get embarrassed, I used to get sexually harassed but that’s been long gone .

Not everybody likes me , not everybody cares but I learned long ago , if just one person heard me ; if I made a difference in 1 person’s life especially in my work effort , that’d be a good thing.

I’ve very happy with that part of my life and my foundation will balance out the unsteady parts ; home -my home 💝 after years of ” shaky ground ” will never be taken for granted .

On the run🙈

This is the trunk of my 08 Kia

loaded with as much as

possible .

There have been several of

these chronic retaliatory land

lord abuse .

There will be no more 🐸👍

The Kia has seen better days

at this stage of evolution ☑️❤️‍🩹

I am ready to let her go , after

careful examination 🙌

That won’t be a problem , but

1st she’ll be examined through-


That’s how I rock !

Dad helped me buy her , and

signed over the title a year

before he exited !!!