Smart Meters , EMF & Bill Gates ( wants 2 rule the world)

Opting out of Smart Meters is a reality in Virginia . I had a protective kit on the smart meter when I learned the homeowner could opt out .

I told my ” landlord ” who did contact APCO and the smart meter was removed !

I had an adverse reaction in August as I worked outside and sweat ensued , in all those places I sweat , I blistered big time . There was a transformer in the front yard area emitting enough radiation to poison me and cause the blisters .

This is very serious and I’m very concerned for loved ones health and well being , especially children .

Moisture draws the radiation ☢️!

I’m not fond of utilities who gouge folks for profit and as part of the experimental services that are utilized and adversely affect many people who are unaware .

Children’s well being deserves more attention .

Big Daddy watches over the usage of electricity and can lower or even cut it off ?

No freaking way should this be allowed !

Bill Gates has a huge Karmic lesson coming .

Blessings 🙏 & Peace ☮️

Dona Luna 👁❤️

July 28th 2020 : Eviction Day

This was extremely traumatic

Landlords did not mind abusing and challenging any progress in my healing .

My desire for quiet , for my life that finally get on track and bear witness to progress finally buying a home .

These folks do mind being exposed for what happened factually . Calls are made to inquire why a person talked to me .

Thursday , one of em saw me in a store , came up to me and asked why I was destroying the family ?!

I asked that they move away from me and ignored this spiritual vampire .

Like I said they doing mind being evil but they do mind being found out .

My warning ignored : This is about character and I have worked very hard at rebuilding mine and there is no tolerance for anyone trying to destroy me .

* decades of being targeted prepared me for this type of energy .

I’m very Thankful to all that has allowed healing of Complex Post Traumatic Stress to the degree that I did not have have ” trigger” .

I did report it to the Sheriffs Department .

My awareness is such , that folks attacking , reveal their own experience .

I had discussed the consciousness that does not involve , agendas , financial extortion and less that healthy behaviors and environment that’s askin to the 60s New York “hood”.

Lots of crooks in this energy

Many are being exposed .

I’m just an experienced messenger !

After 12 years I’m going to find my safe place ,my home : no more lords nor ladies with agendas that have no respect for my life , the healing of my children etc

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna


My hair is still much better .

Leading up to 2020’s COVID

eviction, I was loosing an

increased hair loss . I found

out later that my hair broke

off and fell out ! The broken

off hair is about 8″ from my

scalp and can really be

irritating as it flies away;

Usually in my eyes and face

made worse by sweaty heat .

In 2021 Amanda Martin , a

Beloved , turned me on to

a generic shampoo and

conditioner for specific hair

type to combat hair loss .

I haven’t colored my hair

for over 5 years .

The result of my hair loss was

related to heavy metal

poisoning which also

occurred with prescribed

Topamax, Lithium .

I am ALLERGIC to metals .

Sharing this info with

rental property owner was

met with communication

stating I could stay until

Spring 2020. My lease had

not been offered for renewal

August 2019 and October

2019 brought the message

of ” we want you to be happy”

so know you have until Spring.

However I was far too depleted

from arsenic poisoning to

actuality do anything .

$650 rent is $1000 today

and no major remodel was

attempted .

Today receive notice and am

complimented often by women

and men on my hair .

A dear friend Jessica Kellogg

is now cutting my hair and

I acknowledge how Blessed I

am to have not lost all my hair.

I did loose dental fillings and

a 3 tooth Permeant crown/

partial and have abscesses

over both eye teeth .

Expensive treatment and

dental work lie ahead .

The owner/landlord group

won in court ; judgement

was not interested in hearing

me , my medical proof and

baggie of hair .

Time for change in landlord

tenant law and lawyers who

know these laws and

retaliatory landlord abuses


Blessings & Peace 🙏🤘🏼

Dona Luna

Funded Landlords Repair Raise Rent

$650 2020.

$1000 currently

Minimum Surface renovation

I was evicted , very weakened by a high conflict 3 year rental that was very toxic .

Homelessness did not afford me catch up physically nor finically.

New laws and suspected legal representatives who take this as unworthy of being heard and further the abuses deserve factual education.

Conflicts do exist but pass in this small town. The very obvious denial by one department who failed on several levels with several request for help that was theirs to determine.