Comparisons 1st shot May 2023, age 71 .. 2nd shot early 2000’s

Unmediated , 18 years , never going back …

Medicated to the hilts . Early age 50’s , early 2000’s . Only partially revealing adverse ” side effects ” of being medicated by highly toxic , legal prescription drugs and disinterested family and friends , busy in their lives .

All this was reduced to the expression that was voiced years ago through a child of mine , made me ” grow up”.

Yes, I did grow , am still growing and more than ready to move forward , past the past that keeps a greedy , silent presence …no more, no way, no how ..

Change indeed , in so many beautiful mysterious and profound ways .

Conditioning & Traumatizing – Legacy for kids

Many women relate to being single married single parents , as I realized I was responsible for everything but a paycheck ..when I reacted to the psychiatric RX , the traumas of my life , our family was affected … however I became responsible for everything from a to z and after 20 years of trying to resurrect a family from those ashes to normalcy , ease and acceptance/ forgiveness is not my sole purpose in life .

I had no idea just how many families are adversely effected by psychiatry, toxic/addictive RX, a legal system that has aligned with the dictates of the psychiatric/ chemical companies for profit over families .

We cannot ignore the side effects of deep and profound trauma that is diagnosed as mental illness of varied labels and the consequences for the individual who does not know, accept or allow that transformation that re creation , reparenting , and surrender give us .

So having witnessed and experienced and researched , I know in my bones children deserve much better and it’s coming ..

( we are all seeds in gods hands )

Not Crazy & The Sane Society by Eric Frome

The 4th quote was included in a speech at a college commencement by VP Adlie Stevenson I believe in 1953

Discussing man becoming robots , (AI ) and the danger of that was/ IS that robots feel nothing and will eventually turn on themselves

Our psychedelic and chemical drug companies , media and greed have driven AI way too much energy and a civilized society is not what the 1980s were ; termed the Society of Suicide . Many were induced as I was to cover abuse and trauma .

We can and are and will do better 😘❤️

Woman to Woman. “ Sisters”

Meg Stone Wellness

To look at another woman with inspiration rather than the green eyes of envy.

To love another woman as a sister, rather than seeing them as the enemy.

To remember we each hold a love so vast and powerful it could heal the world,

To realize within our femininity is a strength that can move mountains,

That can either heal or crush another’s soul,

To take our responsibility as the wardens of Mother Earth as a privilege, rather than a burden.

To embrace and engage with the unspoken within and without.

To heal our wounds consciously for ourselves, our ancestors, future generations and one another.

To allow the feelings to flow through,

To be acknowledged and let go.

To observe,

To speak from the heart,

To accept our vulnerabilities as strength,

Sister, I see you as you speak your truth,

Sister, I honor you as you claim who you are,

Sister, I hold you as you rise to who you are destined to be.

~ Clare Deale

Art: Amalia Rachel

Bonds of Mother Son

When the bonds between, Mother and Son are destroyed by varied entitled sources ,mothers blow back is nothing short of spiritual and reclamation.

Our sons are not interested , and since all has been surrendered on my part , I leave them to their own journey , and wakefulness .

The Medicalization of the American Mind – Mad In America

As I experienced the pathology of a diagnosis that was false; a cover up for Domestic, Spiritual,Emotional and financial abuse , I found myself loosing everything . Family destroyed, children ignored and after years of investment in the healing of children , I am surrendering to further investment in myself , with children who like their mother/father guide of 20 years plus , has a trauma bond , secrets, shame etc that’s predominate over healing . Ie : stuck, in denial, or desirous of my demise.

I have been toughened up enough to not show emotions , and not to invest my energies , where I’d prefer not to be any longer .

Watching on the sidelines, taking no interest in me whatsoever, living in distortions , and unforgiving . Knowing how their spirits and souls are affected , and not being heard , in any mode but shaming , blaming and disposal.

Our sons have been guided, by other mothers, wives and abusive relationships , that ” own ” them, and disallow that healing matters, due to the influence that healthy healing might have on their relationships.

Lashing out at me, years ago , requesting I commit suicide , not once but twice …setting me up to be illegally arrested …threatening me with exposure of sexual abuse , writing of these memories ,citing highly distorted experiences , 2 of 3 trying to buy my property , with no though to my future , deny the fact that healing is needed.

With knowledge and awareness of the destiny of actions and none actions , I have no choice but to release , forgive their actions/non actions , for a past , and present that is far from normal , far from love , that prefers secrets, disposal and non forgiveness , and I am assured and assuring that these shadow energies will not be my future.

My efforts to heal myself , will not be breached, of this I am sure , as everything I knew of love was attempted to be destroyed , but I held on .

My prayers for a life of spirit , of sharing experiences and wisdoms are at hand , after much effort , I know my worth , and pray for the deliverance of each child, and adult that lost their normal, natural path , due to a distorted, partner, addictive and abusive , debilitating drugging by psychiatry who have been instrumental in ” erasing families “.

Failure with my own children , who prefer status quo , has taught me well, as years of co council with young people their age , who favor me , and my wisdoms .

While that may not be my future , one on one for the drain on my energy , I will be writing , reading and moving forward unfettered by grievances, abuses etc …for that’s exactly what’s most desired ..that I give up and give in, which just isn’t realistic. Generational trauma and abuse has been resolved , I understand and respect free will, and release the painful , often horrific experiences of past , and disallow any repeats .

Dona Luna 🐸✌️😘❤️

One cause of fragility? Pathologizing our children with psychiatric diagnoses and focusing on a medical solution to life’s problems.
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Global Push for Human Rights in Mental Healthcare Gains Momentum ~ Mad n America

Scoping review highlights policy-level initiatives to promote voluntary care and human rights in mental healthcare.
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If you love an Empath

If you love an empath ❤

Love them honestly, and with all your heart.

Empaths don’t take love lightly, they don’t pretend.

When they really chose to open their hearts to you, then expect to be blown away.

Their love is intense, powerful, messy and sometimes difficult to deal with, but it is real.

Empaths don’t know how to love any other way.

An empath is someone who is very sensitive to people’s energy, moods, emotions, situations and their environment to the point where they can feel emotions as if they were theirs.

They also have some psychic ability to

′′know′′ things without proof of it.

A little mysterious and complex, their emotions are deep, but what lies below the surface is a world that is unique to him.

When you look into the eyes of an empath who opened their heart, you see vulnerability, honesty, pain, dreams, happiness, love.

With these thoughts, ideas, emotions, desires flown over, not everyone can be in a relationship with an empath. Nothing keeps an empath away more than if you try to change his sensitivity and empathic abilities.

Empaths are different from the majority of people we know.

They are sensitive, intuitive, easily overcome.

They cry and see beauty everywhere.

They feel the pain of others.

They need the person they love to be honest.

They feel all the dishonesty in the world, and need shelter from it.

Dishonesty does not work for an empath.

Even if they are never meant to discover the deception, they will feel it.

It’s torture for them to know that we’re doing something behind their back and not getting a direct response.

Be honest and sincere the first time.

In cages they will cause damage.

They are like birds, they must be able to fly freely to where their emotions guide them.

Caging them is cutting their wings. They will lose the light that guides their way if you try to control them.

If this happens, they will stop opening up and they will hide the love they have to give deep enough in them.

Damage is not easily fixed, but it can be avoided by not trying to cage it.

The empath you love has probably been heartbroken in her life and needs to be treated with sensitivity regarding the pace where things go between you two.

Don’t rush it.

He will come from himself when he is ready.

You need to let them spend time alone. Empaths need to recharge in a space that is unique to them. It’s different for everyone but they need time to be alone.

It can be tiring to always feel the energy of the people around us, please don’t be embarrassed or bored when they need to recharge.

This doesn’t mean they don’t like you or they don’t like your company.

This means they have to calm their minds and renew their energy. They will come back happier than before.

They often can’t express how they feel. The emotions of an empath are incredibly complex.

To the point that they struggle to express how they feel.

Give them space.

Be understanding.

Take seriously what they say.

Empaths are extremely creative people. There’s always an idea that pops up from their minds.

Take them seriously.

Believe in them, even though the idea may seem crazy to you.

Empaths, probably more than anyone, have the ability to truly change the world.

Listen to them when they open their hearts to you.

Because somewhere between their enthusiasm, passion, and the words they use mix, something quite amazing is about to be created.

They are intense.

Empaths tend to be pretty wise people. They don’t say it, but they feel everything so deeply that it comes naturally to them.

If they are exceptionally intense, give them some space.

If they need you, stay close.

Their intuition is usually good.

Contrary to popular belief, they actually know what they’re talking about.

They are empathetic and they feel everything.

So when they have a good feeling about something, trust them.

When they think someone is lying, trust them.

When they tell you about a dream because it touched their hearts, trust them.

When they tell you a situation is not right, believe them.

They see the past, future and present all at once.

Trusting an empath in your life is showing life that you believe in it. This will lead the way.

Author Unknown

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