Marianne Williamson. A message for American Children

Marianne has empowered me , since she began

her career .. She was our 1st and perhaps only

ambassador of peace ..under Obama . She’s

considering running for Prez.

She is attached to humanity , A Course In Miracles

which many study ..

And from her huge heart , and enormous heart

she eloquently speaks for children .

Author Speaker Who Writes Of Trauma/ Suffering/Mental Illness Dr Gabor Mate’-Tim Ferris Interview

What drives us?

A Song Called ‘Quiet’ Struck A Chord With Women. Two Years Later, It’s Still Ringing : NPR

Born as a vessel for one person’s trauma, the song by MILCK became an anthem overnight after the 2017 Women’s March. But it wasn’t done growing.
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Psychiatric – No Science No Cure.

Over an 1 documentary … it can be hard to watch .

Science or Scam – Psychiatry – A Personal Experience

The following was produced by CCHR , who I networked

with but has some shadow , and has never aided me other

than the factual truths of what they have referred to as the

Industry of Death via psychiatry .

The loss of myself , unnoticed , of the abuse of myself thus

our children, all I held dear in life , at the direction of an

MD , whose office was adorned with proof of his trophies .

His sail boats , His Children , who were well educated ,

and I learned last summer via a conversation with a close

friend/senator ret , that he divorced his highly educated,

very professional 1st wife , Mother of His children …

I failed to note his ego, until I began to wake.

It was horrific to read his transcribed notes , recalling

he began his dictation before I left his office into

a handheld recorder …And within the file of Donna Lynn

I read , much like reading my own autopsy , triggered

time after time by errors , ignorance , and utter destruction

by a Virginia AMA sanctioned , and supported/protected

Dr . who has had Parkinson for over 20 years .

It appears an alliance was much like a ” brotherhood” ,

where “former”; was considered supportive.

Reading of my 1st Er visit , I told Dr , I had been hit .

I was ignored , legally addicted , a loss of Human Rights

based on profit and power ..

Ignoring the facts and truth , took me a lot of years , as

C-PTSD was considered hysteria ,drama , over-attached,

choosing addiction , and believed by 3 souls .

My experience is exampled far too much, normalized ..

In sharing myself , I am not condemning anyone who

had a better experience . My life of dark and shadow

opened to the color , the the light.. illuminated and

supported in clarification and clearing of falsehoods

that adversely erase families …

APA , effort not founded on facts ; that my research/experience rejects

The masculinity projected here, worthy of ” saving” is toxic

and lacking consciousness.

Conspiracy theorist and experts , referring to “snowflakes ”

and De – nutting men , are not awake to facts , of generations

of silent abuses to ” little men” who never tell of abuses of

mind, body and spirit , and hold rage at not being seen, nor heard.

Men matter, it’s foolish to encourage this separation , and

non cooperative , bully does cut it .. look around ..

Older women will rule the world as we live longer ( only part of the story )

Far from a take down of Divine Masculines or a power

play it is a genetic restoration of balance , that for hundreds

of thousands of years was balanced in feminine being

in positions of power , in alignment with peaceful prosperity

higher education , spiritual wellness , nutritional and healing

empathic knowing of generations . Intuitiveness has not been

allowed as a masculine trait , rather fear has been instilled

in competition rather than cooperation ie balance within

and without .. integration is key, and we witness a shift

and fall out from fear based individuals , in returning to

heaven on earth ..

Older women can sometimes feel like they’re invisible, but they’re the trailblazers others should be watching, says the director of the MIT AgeLab.
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