Your life’s Blood – Passion

The energies of the past few days has been extraordinary

intense , from high, lower , between , through, and around .

Hanging in Past Present Future , cycling whilst sharing , caring

and releasing phone calls…I have never had so many light

exchanges , and shared messages for each of our Sun’s

willing Divine that they listen in real time.

The video I’m posting was a gift , for me this morning on

a facet of my journey that’s not socially cool to acknowledge

of mothering being a job, and for some a passion . To

create a peaceful home , a loving foundation was exactly

what I spoke of , which did not mean a career outside our

home. A baby the 1st year blew his imprint of what he wanted

but did not speak of with clarity and informed , educated

factual truth. Only that his Mom worked, which was drummed

into a social suprematism, perfection ,oriented high speed

Mom who did not see him , did not hear him, allowed his rage

and taught him nothing of self growth and care . Our marriage

failed and trapped him , and it grew and grew over years .

He never heard me, I was his in house receiver , of whatever

he chose in a non regulated , total shut down that was

was without light. Rages sprung up like cyclones , he

thrived on fear. Mine my servitude , doing my job

which in his mind was to meet father knows best and has

all the power, all the money , all the glory.

Amongst my lessons yesterday was a young woman who

spoke of one of my earliest dreams , which I feel can be

implanted easily now just as I envisioned it .

So I marvel at the circle of life that continues to support

and lift me up in my passion, and upon completion

of my job, to 3 beautiful souls who came through me,

chose me as their mom, in cutting all cords , exposing

the adversity of families supported in a culture of suicide

that in its fake falseness induced trauma shadow

addicted us , creating delusional sickened peoples , infected

with moralities often depraved . Certainly void of our most

basic needs .. Loving homes , with compassionate educated

informed and balanced parents , elders as a solid safe

foundation establishes a state for thriving .

This shift is happening as we see rise to parents , putting

all that affects their child’s world 1st , for a prepared

life where need is met lovingly logically, holistically

and that makes me very happy.

Hearing this week, that babies born at this time are clear of

any and all trans generational family trauma/abuse ….

How freaking great is that? How freaking quantum.🤓

So I have surrendered , my private self, my low energy

are going to be uplifted and my passions are being realized

so I Present yet another soul whose had the experience . Less

than 10 minutes .

Blessings & Much Peace,

Kevin Powell – Redefining Manhood | Link TV

Kevin Powell, a leading figure in the call to redefine what it means to be a man in contemporary society, presents a brutally honest and provocative talk. He urges men to turn away from traditional rites of passage for many heterosexual males: sports, violence, and dehumanizing women and girls, to a new masculinity that operates as an ally to people of all gender identities. Watch his talk, now streaming on Link TV. #Bioneers

In this brutally honest and provocative talk, Kevin Powell offers his own life journey to illustrate how we can transform our concepts of manhood.
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catholic destruction of mayan text – Google Search

Do you grasp this?

One religion wiped out the writings of Mayan’s

because of their Divine Connection to Christ

Consciousness just as humans have been

educated in denial of facts , the universal law

has higher intents ..

As we witness the revelations denied , balance

in receiving shadow and light , allowance for light

to prevail in all things .

catholic destruction of mayan text – Google Search
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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program : Melanie Tonia Evans

My view on education is truth in basics, life skills

groups, sports , music , should be in the best interest of

child who decides his/her needs , not what is decided

in her/his best us interest .

Zero than Benevolence and Acceptance , Striving for truth

being impeccable with your bad self.. Rising to be that vision

of higher Love 💕 walking and talking 🎁 Your gift to our world .

Travel on this path has been my way , as the school/education

matrix failed me, independent education on subjects that interest

me , studies that are way over my head in the beginning

have transformed me, still disconcerting to the type A , or

resistance lol… I’m evolving in all manner of ways which

will include better communication and delivery.

I am student, teacher is in transit towards me. Part of

my dream..

Recover from narcissistic abuse with this empowering program. Learn how to thrive after the devastating effects of narcissism. Reclaim your self-worth & a new life.
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Israeli study links fibromyalgia to childhood sexual abuse | ISRAEL21c

Makes sense ..

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse who develop fibromyalgia may be effectively treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
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Maryland Del. C.T. Wilson hates describing the sexual abuse he endured as a child. But he has to do it. – The Washington Post

Thank you Sir, a true hero, in speaking your

truth , speaks for so many . Speaks to abuse

that’s ending , transforming with the light

of factual soul truth .

A Maryland legislator is now using his story to crusade against “soft laws” that make it easier for predators to hide from civil suits.
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Narcissist…the evil other

Monica’s point is valid ..If one has been abused

more than likely one has abused.

I am more than aware of trauma

deeply within ” former “and many

others ..I do still pray , and hold hope

for his truth and justice righted

enabling the necessary balance to

be established .

1 year ago 3/9/18 ,we signed the contracts

spent 4 hours in each other’s company

as he nearly wept , I honored his truth , his

heart , to discover a week later , it was all

an act ..

The Finale that must occur in order to secure

my future , that was horribly disadvantaged

by his greed .. Seems to be at an all time

high , those convinced their worth is how

family or society treats them .. I have been

stuck there , and that would be just fine

for a few folks , and it’s not to punish them

but to get the facts and figures , own the reality

of a contract . Nothing is binding me to him,

but I think he considers this property

as well as myself his to puppet master .

Umm no .

Great Piece Monica , Super acknowledgement that

most of us do have ego, certainly enough to stay

off our knees in surrender without a beloved’s

grace in joining us …I failed to note that lol🙏🏼

Narcissist…the evil other

Narcissist…the evil other
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