Entitled- Alienated children feel the targeted parent owes them

If and when we see a child who has been alienated, it can feel as if they’re doing us a favour. Or doing their duty. Or they think there should be something in it for them – a treat, a nice meal, an apology, hard cash … This sense of entitlement stems, of course, from the alienating parent. They feel we owe them too. We abandoned them, or we betrayed them, or we didn’t do right by them, or it’s all our fault. Whatever the scenario, it basically boils down to the same thing: the alienating parent, and therefore the indoctrinated child too, feels that we owe them. We should pay/be punished. We should pay – emotionally, and financially. That’s why it’s quite easy, given our situation to play along with this too and be so grateful to be given an audience, we do roll out the metaphorical red carpet. We don’t behave as we would normally because the time we have (if any) is so precious. It’s like the most unimaginably wonderful gift – better than anything that can be wrapped up at Christmastime with a pretty bow on top – to spend time with our alienated child. Alienation has turned everything upside down and inside out. It’s given the child the upper hand because we LOVE them so much. Because it is exactly our love for them that’s being played here. Teenagers might do this anyway, trying to get what they can from parents, but the alienated child has learned all the manipulative ways of the alienating parent. What it is hard, but nevertheless, worthwhile trying to do is not roll out that red carpet but just behave as we would as if the alienation had never happened. Plus this situation might have left us short-changed (emotionally and financially), rather than them. The alienated child doesn’t need a red carpet, they just need love.

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Psychosis Is an Expression of Early Childhood Trauma | Daniel Mackler – Mad In America

This is a perfect summation of trauma, born of abuses unspoken , ignored for decades , until life stressors bring it up for review and healing .

It was so with me, and I was powerless to prevent it , when medicated , I watched it going on with our sons..

With regards to myself and sons , the denial was and still is the foundation for Dad , as it has been his family code, and must be protected from exposure at all cost.

The signs have been there, and in trying to protect or get help , our family was erased and all the icky stuff , denied healing until it’s a monstrous mountain that’s impossible to surmount . Dodging the big stuff , only creates bigger stuff, and when everyone around you has unhealed trauma , denial etc , this becomes a normal set point .

We , as a family attended 1 family counseling session, and ex said he would not return.. not interested

Faith/church/religion was the same; NOT interested..

I came to know his lack of interest in me also, but I noted lack of interest in himself , and a very dark soul wound that drove his desire to be happy , elsewhere , creating a past that served his victim , survivor ” experience”

What makes psychosis confusing is that an eruption of infant trauma is expressing itself through the lens, the body, and the voice of someone who is now an adult.
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