Having to explain why you can’t have sex : new born & Mom

A man out of balance in a distortion that is primal and it sure does demean the person who dare .

Sadly I had the experience of force , 6 days after giving birth and it was I believe primal ; marking of property and jealously of his own child .


Christmas Trees

I have had a few , live and artificial . I even found a tree stand like my parents , but lost it in a force home move . Landlord was a hoarder , most have been loaded with confiscated items . One would come in and ask where I bought something and how much it cost .

Christmas 2021 a lovely soul gave me a small tree and ornaments , I found some in the years that I was in family and I celebrated on my own. It’s not a season I share myself with . It meant something to sons if I gave but did not receive . Clearly a power move to show me my place , but it was a sweet coffee cup and a small offering of sweets that I gave away 💚

Yes it’s the thought that counts and watching the grand gifts given ex , and his siblings and their children , with my token gift was not hard to grasp or reject . I got the message loud and clear

Preferring cash , ex testified he saved $4, 000 to spend on kids and grandkids

His gifts were not sensitive to my spirit and he always had to be told what I wanted

His Mom received ultra lavish gifts chosen by eldest daughter whose perfection was absolute

Christmas is sacred to me for many reasons and I’ve had to squish all the joy filled memories shared with our sons when they were younger and not yet culled into using holidays to define their distortion

They choose to ignore the trauma associated with X mad 98 ; he left the 27th

Christmas 99 he spent Christmas with his new supply and her kids and each of us were morose in our effort to enjoy out first Christmas with out Dad ❤️‍🩹

So Christmas with me was expendable as he made his point and newbie had the win she constantly strived for !

I stopped putting up a Christmas tree🎄 a couple of years ago. Something about wanting the perfect tree, the perfect decorations, the perfect gifts, the perfect holiday meal 🍽️ and the perfect “Holi-DAY”was just too much for my already overly hyper perfectionism tendencies.
So, I let it go. I let go of the need to make everything look perfect for the understanding that EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE is perfect. We are perfectly flawed and perfectly loved. Whether you sit at my invisible tree 🎄or someone else’s, it really doesn’t matter. I love you just the same. It’s not always about just who is sitting around your tree because many of us have been in the season of fake trees for far too long. I found The Secret to Life. Everyday is important not just the holidays. Everyone is important everyday not just on special occasions. For me, the true joy of life is more about who we hold in our heart ♥️ and who holds us in theirs♥️
Live everyday with love

Boy oh Boy- Proud to have been able to assist

These boys who am sure look different today or I would not share .

Neighbors in a complex that was 2 boys under 2 and then the twins arrived early .

This couple was up against it in every way possible and knew no one .

My council was agreeable to the owner – landlord until it wasn’t .

The eldest 2 were on the spectrum and I shared what I knew .

They left , no court for anyone else in these situations; just me .

Deputies were called many times to that unit where environmental toxins were hard to keep at bay and kids were adversely affected .

I asked for help on my local group on Facebook and an angelic couple did respond .

I sat with the gentle man with the boys while his wife took Mom to clear some legal issues.

When they returned I had the infant twins in my arms and each was sleeping !!!

How’d you do that ? I smiled and just glowed inside because I do know and don’t diagnose it .

There were many rumors about this couple but I didn’t witness illegal acts and my focus was on the boys .

I learned later that though my council of the Dad ,Mom had surrendered to her spiritual journey and that was super great news !!

Moving out of Virginia was the very best thing these parents could do for their sons and themselves .

The owner – landlord was knowing before this couple moved in and had a record as well… I feel I had a right to know but things went from very bad to worse as I became weaker and learned more that insured my eviction as COVID gave landlord the opportunity to retaliate.

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna