Exposing the Narcissist

I’m all about the energy. I’m all about energetic boundaries. I’m all about spending “energy bucks” wisely. I’m all about energy mastery. It’s doesn’t get more fundamental than this. Don’t lose another ounce of your energy to a narcissistic person. It only perpetuates a dysfunction of energy that keeps you distracted from your destiny and impairs your ability to sustain mental and physical activity. It literally KILLS your vitality and eats at your soul.

Origins & Causes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

When people in society talk about narcissism, there is usually a definitive statement of, “Well it’s caused by childhood trauma…” with an undertone of…”So any aggressive behavior is justified.” However, according to research that’s not always or even usually the case – at least, not in the way people often definitively describe it. There has actually been mixed empirical “results” on the causes of narcissism from studies that have investigated it, although research has yielded surprising associations between parental overvaluation and the traits of narcissism, with less evidence for a direct effect of childhood maltreatment. It’s important to note that there is also no clinical verdict on the cause of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. So even if we learn more about the origins of the traits of narcissism, more research needs to be conducted on NPD as a full-fledged disorder too.

***Childhood trauma regardless of whether it is present or not is also not a justification for abuse. #originsofnarcissism #narcissisticabuse #emotionalabuse #mythsaboutnarcissism #shahidaarabi

Deeply Held Trauma presents as total Self Absorbson, Abuse , Toxic Behaviors

Anyone who acts as a parental alienator has major issues with their mental and emotional health and is incapable of relating to other human beings in a normal loving, caring way – not even their children.

I know this from first hand experience and was as deeply shocked as anyone who has had their children withheld from them as an act of vengeance, regardless of the impact it has on others. Alienators will do and say anything to hurt you, because they are hurting deep inside, and have been for a very long time.

There are common patterns in the alienators’ past. They suffered trauma earlier in their own lives and became detached from normal behaviours and feelings. It does not matter how strong these people appear on the outside, they are weak, vulnerable and insecure on the inside. Don’t expect them to change or seek help as they are terrified of re-visiting their past – they are stuck in their own traumatised state.

You may recognise some of the common patterns with your own alienator; a troubled childhood, possibly with domestic violence, emotional abuse, alcoholism, lack of loving or supporting parents, or being over favoured and knowing no boundaries. This list continues but some of these will be very recognisable to readers.

It is shocking to the alienated parent how quickly their child can go from being loving to not wanting to see them. The child is living in fear that the alienating parent will punish them in various forms if they do not comply with the alienator’s demands. The child goes into self protection. They are hugely conflicted but side with the people they are most afraid of, who threatens to do them the most harm. This is nothing less than emotional abuse and creates trauma for the child that can stay with them for years.

Whilst it does not change your situation, it can help to better understand why this is happening. Your experience is not because, you or your children did something wrong, but because your X is mentally and emotionally affected by trauma in their past. This is not to make them out as being a victim as any of them can seek help at any time.

Legal and social services remain poorly equipped to identify and deal with parental alienation, which means you are often left to your own devices to manage the situation as best you can.

3 top tips:

1 – Make sure you are in a good mental and emotional state so that you can deal with the situation. There are many tools and techniques to build your mental and emotional resilience

2 – Where you have contact, focus on rebuilding your relationship with your child by concentrating on their needs and support, rather than involving them in the alienation battle of asking them to deal with any of your own issues

3 – Create boundaries between you and the alienating parent. Tactically, it is helpful to remember that you are dealing with people that demonstrate infantile behaviour and you may need to manage them accordingly

Lacking Empathy

Did you know that narcissists share the same brain abnormalities as psychopaths regarding their inability to feel remorse or compassion?

Narcissists are also a close second to psychopaths on The Dark Triad.

When we first started learning about narcissism, most of the material we encountered was clear about how dangerous narcissists are and how detrimental it is to be in relationships with them.

But now, much of the material about narcissism is leaning more towards the “self-aware” narcissist or the “vulnerable” narcissist, comparing narcissists to their targets, comparing their inner wounds, and claiming that there are ways to make things work with a narcissistic individual.

But, toxic relationships don’t suddenly become healthy. People aren’t coming forward with the success story of the decade because the narcissist they know has suddenly had The Divine Epiphany and are deeply remorseful about their wicked ways.

If narcissists are truly evolving and becoming ‘self-aware’, why aren’t we seeing any real-life examples of improved behaviors and relationships?

If psychopaths cannot be rehabilitated due to their brain abnormalities, it only makes sense that narcissists cannot be rehabilitated, either.

You can read all day about how narcissists are improving with therapy or some other modality, but the neuroscience cannot be denied.

Narcissists cannot learn or develop empathy. Just like psychopaths, all they can do is pretend.

If you’re struggling with accepting the reality of your situation, then I’d love to support you.

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