Monarch eTNS Device Inspires “Stop Psychiatric Abuse of Children!” (SPAC!)

A psychiatrist and a therapist argue that this FDA-approved ADHD ‘treatment’ is a form of child abuse, and call on others to help stop it.
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Raising girls who are “includers” instead of “mean girls” | Lisa McCrohan

Raising girls who are “includers” instead of “mean girls” | Lisa McCrohan
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Florida kids are getting Baker-Acted in record numbers

Florida has lots of chemical/Big Pharma , addiction, drugging issues , and ongoing with children .

Transforming this is a pleasure ..

Such evaluations have been outpacing child population growth statewide — and in regions like Southwest Florida, by leaps and bounds —\u00a0for nearly a generation.
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35 Children’s Books That Teach Empathy And Kindness | HuffPost Life

These stories feature messages of compassion, acceptance and inclusion.
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Ontario psychologist used ‘obsolete’ tests in expert opinion calling for parents to lose their kids, judge says | The Star

More finite test do exist, making for a teachable

experience …Sharing with Childress who can and will

make contact with valid proof .

The Star is highlighting cases that reveal problems with parenting capacity assessments, expert reports that can be influential in causing Ontario parents to permanently lose their children to adoption.
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Do Family Courts Encourage Child Abuse?

The family court systems in both the United States and .08/15/2019 8:46:10AM EST.
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