Watch “Brandi Carlile – The Mother (Official Video)” on YouTube

A beautiful rendering of the Sacred union of

Mother & child . Divinity, that has been leveraged

and is now coming into the forefront , as each

heals their mother wounds .

With a profoundly better educated viewpoint , and

a completion , I am very blessed to be on my way

to peace in my foundation to a degree that brings

restoration and resolution .

Settling in for a winter wonderland , perfection in

the timing and earth angels involved ; my plans

and needs are simple.. Eat, Sleep, Read , Write

in Gradatude and Thanks for Divine guidance 🙏.

Mother is the god we know 1st .

Blessings & Peace ,

Dona Luna

Watch “Jim Carrey – What It All Means | One Of The Most Eye Opening Speeches” on YouTube

I have referred to the deep sleep induced by chemicals prescribed by an MD with intent on wealth and fame .

Jim referred to depression as the Deep Sleep..

Savagely I was induced into this deep sleep and the effort to keep me in that muted place for the protection of the inducers and the utilization of the two sleep state where in abuses abounded is lost .

It has been for a very long time as I patiently strived for a solid and safe foundation to complete and publish .

Releasing writings and research that supports current events and my small tribe while enjoying my life fully .

I never planned to fix anyone just to be heard .

Discernment is not Discrimination .

Abuses toward children attending ..As are all getting a more equitable platform and that challenges the ego bound .

Peace is not a concept or reality for many ..


Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Narcissist Never Get Over You…

Seeing through the rage early on, seeing the 3 year old wounded child

that happened to be male , but imbalanced for whatever reason .

The trauma affected the softer , feminine child, molding him towards

an exterior that denied the softness.. Drama was not perceived in the dead

pan delivery in mask , usually attributed to someone else . I became his fix

his target , which he modeled for our 3 sons . He’s still in that mode ,

sadly , regrettably denying any responsibility , contracts that supersede

any written or dictated by human .


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna