Elemental Dragons

I am a Dragon (Water)

Or Water horse

Of course I was delighted when several grandchildren came in on year of the Dragon .

The Elemental Dragons

Dragons are fourth-dimensional elementals. They act as companions and friends and are always ready to help and protect us. They can also operate on different dimensions; in other words, they move between the wavelengths, altering their frequency as they do so. This means that they can transmute very low-frequency third-dimensional stuck energy and they are therefore incredibly important in the clearance process preparing us for ascension.

All dragons originated in Lemuria. Because the Lemurians so loved the Earth and nature, the dragons served them by keeping the frequency on the planet very high and pure. Dragons have been available to help us ever since that age.

Dragons can be small or they can expand to an enormous size if necessary. They also change colour, depending on the energy they need to use.

Just like angels, dragons have names. We can ask a dragon for its name and it will drop it into our mind. This creates a more personal bond between us.


The advice from Dr Spock was to let baby cry up to 15 minutes . I tried this not knowing these horrific results .

There have been many advisors promoting detached parenting which is NOT what babies or children need not deserve .

Single Married Mama who had to be in the glow with a partner who had no idea or interest in parenting . Comfortable with brotherhood or uncle status that did not teach our sons well .

I regret not stopping everything to hold my baby , co sleep and had better intuitive skills that would have not allowed our sons to be alone with certain energies who masked many secrets

Crying it out: the foundation for NPD and BPD

(Borderline Personality Disorder

and Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

“One of the ways children have to adjust to a new order is called ‘letting them cry themselves out’.

The Mother puts the child into the crib at night to sleep. It is bedtime. But the sense of aloneness and the loss of contact with the mothers body terrifies the child, who begins to scream and cry.

No animal mother would fail to respond to a baby’s cry. Some human mothers believe, however that to respond would be wrong.

To give in to a child’s crying will spoil the child.

Besides, they have been told, crying is good for a child…

The first time this happens the child might cry for hours before falling asleep.

The mother might think the child has learned a lesson, but, the child doesn’t have the energy for a repeat performance…

After several experiences of this kind, the child learns to give up the struggle for contact with the mother. In effect, the child has cut off the longing for his contact and so no longer feels the pain of frustration.

A new reality in which the desire for intimacy and closeness is not expressed, has been accepted.

The foundations for narcissism and the borderline personality have been laid.”

Alexander Lowen,

Narcissism, Denial of True Self

Narcissist & Marriage

Totally agree; I was no more than a “place holder “.

His reasons for marriage were not normal and masked until it was undeniable after 1 year but we had a child 🧒 and I had no resources for safety or money which gave him power for 21 years and 2 more children that were his property and leveraged to continue the abuse and hold him on high for his $$& connections .

Triangulation was constant , stability was zip ,acting as the all knowing, all seeing perfectionist to whom I’d never ever be enough for, much less equal .

And he set this standard, modeled this malignant character to our 3 sons ,who fear and deny the facts/truths.


To Be A Mom

Many are single married Mothers , with a drop in Dad who friends their child and creates the Mom who must delegate thus coming off as doctoral .

To be a Mom.

A Mom will break her own heart in pieces and glue those pieces into your heart that is broken.

She will tie your hair (im)patiently and run back to fetch your favourite toy, even if it makes her late.

She will pull the feathers from her wings and lovingly add them to yours just to make sure that you can fly higher.

She will use her last bit of energy at the end of a long day to wipe the tears from your sad face.

A Mom is thè one person that will always see the beauty within you.

She is thè one person that will believe you deserve only the best and bend backwards to ensure that you get it.

To be a Mom is to understand that at times, she will have to stand alone against the world.

I only realize now why Cinderella’s stepmom was so nasty and Mama Bear’s porridge was always cold.

I only realize now why Snowhite was alone in the woods and why Little Red Riding Hood’s granny so grey, old and sick.

Because the days of Motherhood were just too long and the years much too short.

And many, yes MANY days, a Mom’s plate of food is just too cold too often.

Luckily there are silver linings, especially around much darker clouds,

on days you need to see that silver lining the most.

The reward of being a Mom can be found in listening to the most precious of precious laughter of your child, sounding like water gently gurgling over smooth river stones.

It is in the privilege of hearing a little human that you helped bring into this world, say: “Mama, I’s loves you..” and you know it comes from their tiny heart.

I believe that you only grasp the true value of a Mom, the day you become a Mom yourself.

It is only then that you realize the power in a Mom’s prayers.

At times the title Mom also brings the deepest of hurt and pain.

But let’s be honest – to have a Mom and to be a Mom, is the highest privilege anyone can be blessed with.

🖋️~ Unknown, shared via Welcome Home pg.

*** Written by a mom for moms, but reading it, I know so many millions of Moms have an amazing, supportive Dad beside them. I honour you both. 💜

Art Credit : Artist unknown, published by Heidi @Parenting to Impress.

A Return From Dignity From Psychiatric Abuse

This is written from a child’s experience and I appreciate it . The balance and dignity I have created for myself after the nightmare of abuses being further abused by psychiatry and an inept medical system and a social acceptance of craziness over trauma .

There are still folks out there that are served by their lower energy and resistance to change that are gunning for me , revealing themselves as having done much harm .

That legacy is not my intent for an inheritance for 6 innocent grandchildren whose parents are stuck in hatred and neglect towards me .


No Long Term Mental Health treatment 4Kids

No Evidence for Long-Term Safety or Efficacy of Mental Health Treatment in Children

Instead, researchers argue that the social and environmental causes of emotional distress should be a major focus of prevention efforts.

“The impression that emerges from this overview is that there is no convincing evidence that interventions for the most common childhood disorders are beneficial in the long term,” the researchers write.

They add, “Whole-of-society actions potentially causing a reduction in childhood mental disorders are key, for example, by addressing support for parenting, (unhealthy) lifestyles, bullying at school, gender inequalities, and reducing stigma.”