Your Wild Heart


The wild heart is your untamable nature—that part of you which is free because it can’t be captured by anything you think or feel or do.

The wild heart is your naturalness, the innate intelligence beneath the rules and regulations of inherited beliefs, beneath the shoulds and shouldn’ts of any conditioned mind.

The wild heart is your inner authority—the tenacity to turn toward your innermost and give it your allegiance, even in the crucifixion of criticism or rejection or condemnation.

This wildness has nothing to do with being a rebel without a cause or raging against the machine. It has nothing to do with saying shocking things or wearing outrageous clothing or doing a crazy dance.

This wildness has everything to do with listening to the deepest truth in you, listening to that which is prior to narrative and prior to reactivity, listening to the silence within—and then moving from this silence.

Or not moving at all.

– Amoda Maa

Access Great Leaps Forward

“Access Great Leaps Forward”

9D Arcturian Council through Yvonne Constancio

This is a time of great energy that we are seeing right now. What we’re seeing is a burst of energy from the great power of the Sun causing great growth. What we’re seeing is a leap in growth.

If you are able to ride the wave of this energy that is available to you right now, you will find that there will be a massive amount of forward motion for you in whatever it is that you desire.

It is important at this time to find yourself with your skin to the Earth. Direct contact with your feet, with your hands. Direct contact of your eyes in the sunlight. For this is going to be activating you in a way that causes you to see with clear vision what the next step is toward your desire.

There is an important aspect here to remember. You are an active participant in creating what it is that you wish to experience. And while the energies are in support of you – they are in a very active state – in what one might call Yang Energy – where life force is very strong, or what we might call within its fullest potential …

It is also important that you recognize that just because you are have access to this energy, that it is not simply an energy that creates without your participation. You must receive it in a manner in which you recognize now what actions are to be taken by you.

So when we say “activation,” this does not mean that you are suddenly activated with whatever it is you desire to suddenly be manifested in front of you. But rather, you are activated to take action and you know what action it is that must be taken.

You are an active participant in taking action and creating that which you desire.

The energies that you will encounter in this time and perhaps for the next two to three months will be one that offers you the opportunity to WANT to take action. Rather than living in self-defeating thought, or beliefs, or patterns. You will have the urge to want to breakthrough these patterns and beliefs.

And here is where the support is – for you to be activated in a manner that causes you to move forward and when you choose to move forward, the energy that is being supplied to you at this time is one that can cause great leaps.

So, these will not be tiny steps that you will experience but rather, great leaps forward toward what it is that you desire.

It is important that you stay open to the energies available to you now. It is important that you are an active participant with the energies available to you now.

It is is important that you recognize the full potential that is available to you now. That activates, enlivens, and animates the full potential within yourself. Like magnets coming together to create a field of full potential.

This is what is available to you. Take advantage of this time and the energy being provided for you and to you. With gratitude, find yourself sitting, meditating, walking on the Earth with an opening of full reception to this energy.

The hidden pathogen- Childress

Childress – 2015: 1) Remain Hidden

“What makes this pathogen so particularly malignant and dangerous is that it has a very sophisticated defensive structure. In all my years of providing psychotherapy, I’ve never seen a pathogen’s defensive structure this sophisticated, and dare I say, elegant. The defensive meme-structure (information structure) of this pathogen is extraordinary.

There are three components to the defensive meme-structure of this pathogen

Stay Hidden

The pathogen hides by projecting the focus of blame. The two major projections of blame are,

1) Onto the child; (“It’s not me, it’s the child that… xyz”)

2) Onto the other parent (“It’s the other parent who is the source of the problem.”)

It’s in this latter projection of blame onto you, the other parent, where this pathogen truly excels. Absolutely masterful defensive manipulation of blame onto you. I describe this in Foundations. This defensive meme-structure can reach truly masterful levels of interwoven manipulation and exploitation.

Throughout the alienation process, which can span years of continuing alienation, the pathogen is consistently able to keep the focus of external scrutiny on the parenting practices of you, the targeted parent. And even though you are entirely a normal-range and loving parent, no one ever believes that you are.

Why is that?

It’s a defensive meme-structure of the pathogen. I know what it is and I can describe it in detail. And we will be disabling it. The pathogen lays hidden in the shadows, in the dark recesses. We will be exposing the pathogen to the light.

The pathogen also stays hidden behind the child (that’s, in part, how it keeps the focus on you). It is essentially using the child as a “human shield.” No one sees the pathogen because they naturally assume the child is authentic. No. When this pathogen enacts the pathology, it steals the authentic child.

The child is caught in a role-reversal relationship with the narcissistic/(borderline) parent and is being used as a “regulatory object” to regulate the emotional and psychological state of the parent…

The pathogen remains hidden behind the child.

When other people, including therapists, assume (falsely) that the child is authentic, this then redirects the focus of external attention onto you. By remaining hidden, the pathogen is safe to enact the pathology.

When someone is able to penetrate the veil of concealment that hides the pathogen from view, and so sees the pathogen directly, this exposure of the pathogen threatens the ability of the pathogen to enact the pathology. In response to threat, a second level of defensive meme-structures are activated; ATTACK
ATTACK – Viciously

When the pathogen is seen, the person who has exposed the pathogen becomes a threat to the pathogen’s ability to enact the pathology.

The pathogen needs the pathology. The pathogen requires the pathology. This need to enact the pathology is at the level of a neurologically imposed psychological imperative. There is no other alternative for the pathogen. It MUST enact and maintain the pathology.

When you become an ex-husband, it is an imperative imposed by the structure of the pathogen that you also become an ex-father. There is no other alternative for the pathogen. This MUST occur. When you become an ex-wife, you must become an ex-mother as well. This is a neurologically imposed imperative for the pathogen. There is no other alternative possible for the pathogen.

The pathogen NEEDS the pathology. It requires the pathology.

When someone penetrates the veil of concealment and sees the pathogen, this threatens the pathogen’s ability to enact the pathology. The response of the pathogen to threat is to attack with incredible viciousness and a complete disregard for truth, accuracy, and reality.

Truth, accuracy, and reality will offer NO defense against the pathogen. The attack is not designed to destroy you (in which case truth, accuracy, and reality would provide a defense). The attack is designed to disable you, to nullify your threat, to nullify your ability to interfere with the enactment of the pathology.

The attack is to put you on the defensive, and to put the focus of attention onto you, and thereby take it off the pathogen. Whether the attack succeeds in harming you is secondary to its defensive role of putting the threat posed by the other person on the defensive and thereby nullifying the threat.” (Childress, 2015)

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857

Knowledge is key to eradicating the pathogen in Child Psychology Abuse via Narcissist – Childress

Childress – 2015: Allies: Binding Sites of Ignorance

“The third defensive meme-structure of the pathogen is to seduce and employ allies. It exploits allies to both enact the pathology (primarily the ally of the child, but also at times extended family such as step-parents or grandparents), and also to disable threats that might interfere with the pathogen’s ability to enact the pathology.

Because it seeks to remain hidden as its primary defense, the pathogen seeks “binding sites of ignorance” which don’t see the pathogen, and which it can then turn into allies to enact the pathology or disable efforts to interfere with the pathology.

The pathogen uses the ignorance of others as its primary means to remain hidden.

Our primary weapon is therefore knowledge, which we will use to expose the pathogen.” (Childress, 2015)

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857

Medically Assisted Suicide is Not a Win to Metal Health

Canada has law that 12 year old mentally I’ll children can ask for assisted suicide

Medically-Assisted Suicide Is Not a Win for Mental Health

By Megan Wildhood

Disability rights advocates argue that difficulty in accessing medical assistance in dying services is unjust and oppressive, that forcing someone to stay alive against their will is abusive and devalues human life since it doesn’t respect the power of choice. Whether you agree or disagree with that, the problem is the precedent it has set: this is no longer about physical illnesses known to be degenerative and fatal; it is expanding well beyond that into the areas of mental health and even socioeconomics.

Canada’s MAID program, which has been in the spotlight lately, has drastically lowered the requirements for who can qualify for their services. The kinds of diagnoses have expanded from physical illnesses known to be terminal to “mental illnesses”—and some applicants are being accepted for MAID simply because they’re poor. The worst part is that the process has been streamlined so that the time from application to death is getting alarmingly short.

Dave O Brian – Energetic Insights

Insights that may help some of you. Absorb what is useful and discard what is not.

In the human form to maintain balance we need to move towards the axis points of each energy polarity. Humans are conditioned to believe that the darkness, discomfort, tears, sadness, fear, trepidation and shadow sides of ourself and life are energies that aren’t good. They’re viewed as something to be rejected, resisted or viewed as something dark and bad. But the reality of it, is that these energies are very necessary for us to move forward towards attaining balance in our lives. These energies that are viewed as bad are God’s gift. The compass that each of us are given allows us to gauge where we are at in the polarities of each energy that we navigate simply put.

We need love. We need fear. We need tension. We need relaxation. We need flexibility. We need inflexibility, etc.

Let’s the view the human body as an example. If you in the human form would be completely relaxed, you would have no form. You would be mush, a form similar to mud. If you were completely tense you wouldn’t be able to move. You would be solid like a statue. We need opposing energies. We need enough tension to keep us upright, but we also need enough relaxation to keep us moving. Everything in the universe including yourself is made up of energy polarities.

When we feel physical discomfort in the body, a good question to ask yourself; where is it that I’m out of balance. Do not reject the sensation. If you feel excess tension in the head for example; it’s a clear sign that you need to move towards the axis point of the tension/relaxation polarity dynamic.

The more you resist or reject the discomfort, the more you intensify and further move away from attaining balance within the energy polarization dynamic. Each day our energies change, so it’s up to us to move towards balance based on our current life experiences, emotions, thoughts, external environments and our inner environments.

Some days we need to really ground ourselves and the energies. Other days we need to elevate our energies and be less grounded. The key is to walk the middle path between heaven and earth. The biggest challenge is to maintain balance in the human form as we walk between heaven and earth. One foot in the invisible world and one foot in the visible world. How do we find balance within ourselves and our external environments as we navigate a world full of gray area.

Food for thought.

Just be in the Silence

“A Beckoning”
A Wayshowers message from Amanda Lorence

Can you feel it…?
There is a ‘beckoning’…
a Calling, into the SILENCE…
for this time period. It can’t be heard via linear thought mode, or in talking conversation mode. It’s a Calling from beyond linear thoughts. Yet the waveforms within the brain can pick it up, purely in WAVEFORM. If you drop thought, for just one moment, go quiet, you can FEEL it.

We are individually being called into the Silence, the void, in our own way. It is pure energetic MAGNETISM, calling us into the Silence we MEET, within us.

If we feel this call, choose to go into our HEARTS, then into this Silent VOID, it is FILLED, with the eternal LOVE. Yet it is wanting us to penetrate this space of nothing/everything EVEN MORE DEEPLY than ever before, for now. For into its depths is MORE. To choose this again and again in the next 2-3 days, in order to CONNECT and EXPAND even MORE.

There is nothing to do in this Silence, except BE, Consciousness ItSelf. There is nothing to search for. Nothing to see or hear or do. Just allow the depth of it to OPEN, unto you. Simply BE in the infinite space, devoid of matter, images and sound.

If you hear/feel this MAGNETISM calling you, and choose to immerse into this, in the next few days, it will in turn, AFTERWARDS… open up more of your own LIGHT DATA KNOWLEDGE, for YOU. However you receive Light Data.

If you feel unusually sleepy during these 2-3 days, try to honour it if you are able, and go to sleep. For often we are called to tune out of this reality…into Consciousness ItSelf or into Dreamtime, to receive additional Data, or it can be an actual expansion of Consciousness.

A beautiful silence…A time to slow down, float, and just BE. Beyond the mind of thoughts and words. This is a beautiful Calling…to journey into just NOW.

So much Love,
Amanda Lorence
30 March 2023

Posted by Pam Younghans ❤️

Photo: A newly risen moon over half dome by Casey Horner (Unsplash)