The Inconvenience of your Illness to Narcissistic

It was soul snatching to become aware just how little support I had in matters of my heath . It began with pregnancy and only grew worse .

A fall and sprained elbow had to await his need to continue an evening out of dinner and drink.

Hours after my fall ,I screamed as I tried to move my arm ,I had thrown up in pain ; did he take me to the ER

A former Vietnam ” Mash ” Dr examined me and gave me a shot of pain medicine.

Certainly had complaints when he helped wash my hair , commenting on my long hair , stating I should cut it off ! as it’s too long and I wasn’t worth his time nor effort

Lots of that ; much shadow involved that did much harm to our family .

Honoring Diana

Today, August 13th, marks the beginning of the week long Festival of Diana!

Themes: Fertility; Children; Providence; Abundance; Harvest

Symbols: Moon; Water; Forest Items; Sun

As a goddess, Diana embodies the moon’s fertility and watery aspects, along with the sun’s protective and nurturing power over the forests and its creatures. On this day she was celebrated in Rome, and she will be remembered in our hearts as the huntress who helps us capture the spiritual “food” we need.

To Do Today: Starting on August 13, the Romans had a weeklong festival for Diana, praying to her for the harvest’s bounty, and to turn damaging storms away. The traditional place to leave an offering of fruit or vines for her is in the forest, or at a crossroads. As you do, if any stone or leaf catches your eye, pick it up and carry it as a charm that will keep Diana’s power with you that entire day. Come night, release the gift to flowing water or back to the earth with a prayer of thanks and a wish for one of Diana’s attributes that you wish to develop in your life.

It is also customary to light some fire source to honor her on August 15 or anytime during the festivities. Afterward, to generate this goddess’s physical or figurative fertility within you, follow Roman convention and wash your hair with specially prepared water (water to which just a little milk is added so that it looks white, like the moon). If you have children, doing this for them incurs Diana’s protection over their lives

Excerpt from: “365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To the Magic and Inspiration of the goddess” by Patricia Telesco

Art: “ Diana” from “The Divine Feminine Oracle” by Meggan Watterson, Illustrated by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman


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Green Tara

“Green Tara embodies the emboldened state that overcomes fear and allows us to take action on what we know is right. According to the Tara Tantra, eons ago Tara incarnated as a king’s daughter. She showed such spiritual excellence and such profound compassion that she impressed a group of monks. They told her that they would pray for her to be reborn a man so that she could reach enlightenment. She told them that there’s no such thing as male and female. The ideas, projections, and expectations that we superimpose onto the male form and the female form are not real. They are contrived. (Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form.) Tara vowed then and there, before all the monks, that she would remain a female Buddha for all lifetimes until all beings were liberated from the illusion that a person’s sex determines their ability to become enlightened.

Tara has four different types of enlightened activity and divine attributes, depicted symbolicall through the colors red, white, black, yellow and green. Green Tara is Tara’s embodiment of compassionate action, or enlightened action. Her green color signifies vigor and vitality. Her mudra also represents vitality, and the purity of our life force, the prana mudra. She is the action we take from a deeply rooted place within our heart. She is the energy that seeks to act in alignment with what will free us as we liberate others.

When your soul selects her card:

Green Tara is that sacred nudge to get moving, to do what it is that your soul compels you to do. Don’t sit with an idea or a project any longer, take action on it. Don’t think about a friend that keeps coming into your heart, go bring her dark chocolate or send hera love letter. Don’t wait to express your love to someone you’ve needed to, go now– tell the truth. Let your feet be moved by what has been caged within you. Let your wisdom shift into inspired action.

Green Tara is about aligning what moves us to tears with compassionate action. She’s the push to do something, anything that might alleviate the suffering of others. In the process of taking action with love and from love, we also liberate ourselves.”

– Excerpted from “The Divine Feminine Oracle “ by Meggan Watterson; Illustrated by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

“Green Tara”

Mixed Media


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Child Psychological Abuse , Childress

Stop using “parental alienation” in a professional capacity, it will only lead you to your destruction. Use Child Psychological Abuse instead.

“I am concerned the other parent is psychologically abusing our child. I am concerned that the other parent has formed a shared persecutory delusion with my child targeting me, that is destroying my child’s attachment bond to me… as described in these quotes from Walters & Friedlander.

From Walters & Friedlander: “In some RRD families [resist-refuse dynamic], a parent’s underlying encapsulated delusion about the other parent is at the root of the intractability (cf. Johnston & Campbell, 1988, p. 53ff; Childress, 2013). An encapsulated delusion is a fixed, circumscribed belief that persists over time and is not altered by evidence of the inaccuracy of the belief.” (Walters & Friedlander, 2016, p. 426)

From Walters & Friedlander: “When alienation is the predominant factor in the RRD [resist-refuse dynamic}, the theme of the favored parent’s fixed delusion often is that the rejected parent is sexually, physically, and/or emotionally abusing the child. The child may come to share the parent’s encapsulated delusion and to regard the beliefs as his/her own (cf. Childress, 2013).” (Walters & Friedlander, 2016, p. 426)

Walters, M. G., & Friedlander, S. (2016). When a child rejects a parent: Working with the intractable resist/refuse dynamic. Family Court Review, 54(3), 424–445. 

“I’d like a risk assessment for possible Child Psychological Abuse surrounding a possible shared persecutory delusion of the other parent with the child.”

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857