Illusion of Death by Bruce

It would appear there is a greater dis-ease. The symptoms have been surfacing over the months. It’s the seeming lack of trust in God Source, the body and the natural order. I know many who are deeply spiritual. If there were ever a situation to call upon us to stand firm within our spiritual truths. This is it. But instead, there is so much fear of death and distrust in the divine form. The body. We all act with care in day to day life, of course. We wear seat belts, we avoid dangerous situations, etc. The cost is never this high though. If you cannot see how the world is changing drastically, I would say you are not looking and feeling into the long term. Life is a gift. What are we doing with this gift now? The gift is becoming something so painful for some that they have chosen to leave their bodies. I hope we can look at the symptoms that are surfacing that speak of alignment with fear and not love. If your life is changing in ways that might pain you but you are doing it to preserve your vessel just a bit longer.. I would look at this. Death is a doorway. There is no “bad” in death. Of course I have fear of death as well. And I also known that the truth within my heart whispers to me… this fear is to be overcome. It is an illusion.

Our Choice :New earth

Why are we here…

This existence here on Earth we chose for ourselves is incredibly harsh but we chose this existence when we were in our higher, expanded consciousness and I hear so many say “I never agreed to live in this limited state of consciousness” Ohhh but you did! A much more expanded level of YOU chose your life. Now the hard part is understanding why you chose it.

So basically you already made the choice to live in this existence, this 3-D Earth existence, a low vibratory state of awareness now you have to understand why you made this choice. So that’s why it’s so important to expand your consciousness, your awareness in the physical body because then it helps you understand why you made this choice.

So really what you’re doing is you’re starting to connect to that source of YOU that made the choice. All that buried knowledge, insight and information all starts bleeding together from your limited, physical state of consciousness that you are experiencing down here, into your higher self, your soul self… where ALL is known. This is Ascension…

We are here to change the experience of programmed humanity and change the nature of the experience here on Earth for our species. And in this time the Elite control system is going to throw everything at us they got and we’re seeing that now. It’s just a desperate attempt to hold onto power thru fear, war, disease, oppression etc. They’re on their way out, their reign is over.

People who are easily controlled by fear believe they have something to lose. I know I hammer on the heavily religious but their fear of their God and not going to Heaven is a perfect example of controlling their minds thru fear. Like the Caterpillar who thought his life was over then he turn into a butterfly. Fear is an illusion and a brilliant but sinister way of keeping you in control.
Sooo, symbolically saying we’re breaking out of that Catapillar state of mind and breaking into a higher state of awareness and we’re beginning to fly.

And it’s not that this control system and this Reptilian element is all powerful they’re not! We’ve been so easily controlled because we’ve been kept in such a low frequency we haven’t been able to access that higher state of awareness and all that knowledge and information that goes with it. So basically this Reptilian control system has put humanity in a lower vibrational state of awareness than they are. It’s really quite understandable how they’ve pulled this off. They had to put us in a smaller box suppressing our awareness meaning all knowledge, information and insight.
We’ve been kept from it all through a low vibrational frequency they’ve kept us in meaning manipulation of
our consciousness.

So, those who are fearful of losing something are easily controlled so these Elite Off World psychopaths live in extreme fear of humanity waking up, expanding our awareness because they lose everything meaning total control of their entire empire.

When the human race realizes that we can expand our awareness, insight and knowledge to levels that this elite control system cannot we’re unstoppable this is what they fear. It’s a real testament to our true nature and our power the lengths they have to go thru to keep us in control especially during this Human Awakening that’s going on. It’s absolutely crucial that humanity as a whole and you as an individual wake up.

It’s time… Teri Wade ❤

Be True To You END Attachments that deny YourTruths

…“People get into a heavy-duty sin and guilt trip, feeling that if things are going wrong, that means that they did something bad and they are being punished. That’s not the idea at all.
The idea of karma is that you continually Get the Teachings that You Need to Open Your Heart. To the Degree that you didn’t understand in the past how to stop protecting your soft spot, How to stop armoring Your Heart, You’re given this Gift of Teachings in the form of Your Life ,
To Give You Everything
You Need To Open Further.”
~ Pema Chödrön ❤

Watch “Narcissistic Fathers and the damage they do to their children” on YouTube

I am surrendered to and have faith in Divine .

Signs were in place slowly evolving several years ago.

Life’s demands and physical issues and professional help to enlist a better foundation for family .

Repeated instance that I am not family .

I don’t do as I’m told .

I cannot see grandchildren as a result .

I understand it may never get better only worse .

I am surrendered .

Nothing spoken from 2 who left long ago ..don’ t remember.

Honor Thy Father .

Mother does not exist .

Watch “Narcissistic Mothers” on YouTube

Aspects remind me of Mom but and without her communication in deep matters , my search concludes her AMA, RX and unhealed trauma and lack of strength against a masculine energy temper what sounds like narcisstic behavior .

I do better understand this wounded energy in masculine that tend to hold this love hate relationship to the end and exclusion of a healthy self image and partner .