Having to explain why you can’t have sex : new born & Mom

A man out of balance in a distortion that is primal and it sure does demean the person who dare .

Sadly I had the experience of force , 6 days after giving birth and it was I believe primal ; marking of property and jealously of his own child .


Soul – Delores Cannon

Birth Misconceptions:

Clearing up a common misconception about birth and when the soul enters the body. Many people assume it’s at conception (or when the heart forms) but we have actually found that to be inaccurate.

We have learned via QHHT regressive hypnosis that the soul usually enters the body around the time of first breath. It can enter the body before first birth if it wishes to, but it’s not really an enjoyable experience to be in the womb. (Quite frankly, it’s pretty confining and boring!)

Most bodies are on autopilot (just like they go on autopilot as we sleep) while they’re in the womb. The soul usually waits outside the body, observing its environment and parents. They can also still speak with their soul guides during this time to get extra assistance before they’re born. The soul is welcome to come and go as it pleases, right up until birth. The only prerequisite for birth is that the soul enters the body at first breath, which is when the silver cord must be tethered from the soul to the physical body. Failure to do so will result in a stillbirth. Stillbirths usually happen when a soul has chosen not to enter the body at the last minute, for whatever reason.

Miscarriages are also similar. We have learned that miscarriages usually happen when the soul backs out of the contract it had with that particular body. Often because it wanted to change something about themselves last minute. Perhaps it wanted to change its gender, or appearance, or even just their date of birth, which would change their natal (astrology) chart. When this happens, the same soul will usually return to the same parent(s) at a later date.

It’s also important to note that no soul is lost with an abortion. Souls know very far in advance if a particular body won’t survive long. Abortion is a conscious decision that is respected on the other side. If a woman doesn’t wish to carry the body to full term and plans to abort, then no soul will take the body. It would be completely pointless to do so. Therefore, no soul is lost. It’s just an empty vessel. Abortions are ALWAYS a life lesson for the adults in the equation. – Admin Lara


To the mama nursing the baby in the guestroom while everyone else chats around the charcuterie board or clinks champagne glasses . . .

To the mama wrangling the overtired toddler who refused to eat anything except a roll at the holiday dinner . . .

To the mama trying to eat her meal off a paper plate on the counter while balancing an infant on her hip . . .

To the mama with her eye on the clock, anxiously trying to figure out how to get a nap in for her little one so she can actually get some sleep tonight . . .

To the mama who can’t finish a conversation without having to console a child or keep them from putting something in their mouths they shouldn’t . . .

To the mama who has to leave the party early so bedtime doesn’t go haywire . . .

To the mama who leaves every social engagement feeling drained and anxious instead of grateful to be with people she loves . . .

I was you once.

And I promise—it gets better.

Someday you’ll eat at the table again, and you’ll sip your drink and eat hot food and take your time.

Someday your kids will run off to play with their friends or cousins and entertain themselves.

Someday you’ll be able to linger until the party’s winding down and talk into the night with other grown-ups about grown-up things.

Someday naptimes will be a distant memory.

Someday your hands and lap will be free.

Someday these days will be long in the past.

But you’ll never forget them.

I won’t tell you you’ll miss them, because some things you just won’t.

But you’ll look back and understand they were part of a precious short and fleeting season.

And when you see a younger mom deep in the trenches of motherhood, a mom who has her hands full—you’ll reach out one of yours to help.

You’ll make sure she’s got a pillow to prop up her elbow while she’s nursing.

You’ll make her a plate and offer to hold the baby while she eats.

You won’t utter a word when she says they have to go now, it’s time for someone’s nap.

And maybe as you grab the diaper bag and help her out the door, you just might say—

“You’re doing an amazing job, Mama. These babies are beyond lucky to have you . . .

And I promise—it gets better.”

Spiritual meaning of Umbilical Cord around baby’s neck ?

Our 1 born had the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times and was a shade of blue purple . The cord was clamped which I now know to be so wrong

I was told his birth was a sign of his having high psychic abilities and yes a gift 🎁 to our world .

I have prayed for the right sources to educate him of his abilities 🙏

Bringing a life into the world is one of the most precious things we can experience. But, in some cases, the baby can come out of the womb with the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck.

✨ You need to consider the spiritual meaning of the umbilical cord around the neck to know the message you are getting about your baby.


Cesarean births

Caesarean is the only surgery where seven layers of tissue are opened and the mother is expected to stand up six hours later, taking responsibility for one more person, not to mention the intense uterus contractions, product of the Stimulation of mammary glands, release of oxytocin… etc.

If you’re a mother via cesarean, you’re stronger than you think. Be proud of yourself. 💕

Sensitivity : Women vs Men

Little girls are constantly accessing their surroundings . Eyes , ears, hands , smell etc they are using all sensory from birth .

It is said that boys are more motor and physical and are not accessing their surroundings .

And then there is the super hyper sensitivity factor and many more babies have this extra ordinary sensitivity.



The advice from Dr Spock was to let baby cry up to 15 minutes . I tried this not knowing these horrific results .

There have been many advisors promoting detached parenting which is NOT what babies or children need not deserve .

Single Married Mama who had to be in the glow with a partner who had no idea or interest in parenting . Comfortable with brotherhood or uncle status that did not teach our sons well .

I regret not stopping everything to hold my baby , co sleep and had better intuitive skills that would have not allowed our sons to be alone with certain energies who masked many secrets

Crying it out: the foundation for NPD and BPD

(Borderline Personality Disorder

and Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

“One of the ways children have to adjust to a new order is called ‘letting them cry themselves out’.

The Mother puts the child into the crib at night to sleep. It is bedtime. But the sense of aloneness and the loss of contact with the mothers body terrifies the child, who begins to scream and cry.

No animal mother would fail to respond to a baby’s cry. Some human mothers believe, however that to respond would be wrong.

To give in to a child’s crying will spoil the child.

Besides, they have been told, crying is good for a child…

The first time this happens the child might cry for hours before falling asleep.

The mother might think the child has learned a lesson, but, the child doesn’t have the energy for a repeat performance…

After several experiences of this kind, the child learns to give up the struggle for contact with the mother. In effect, the child has cut off the longing for his contact and so no longer feels the pain of frustration.

A new reality in which the desire for intimacy and closeness is not expressed, has been accepted.

The foundations for narcissism and the borderline personality have been laid.”

Alexander Lowen,

Narcissism, Denial of True Self