Ya Just Don’t Mess With Momma Bear. PERIOD. – Artvoice

On so many levels I am so very proud 💯♥️❤️😘👨‍👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👧‍👦🤱🏽

BY Teresa Reile Parents across the nation are uniting, organizing and mobilizing in what is quite possibly the biggest push back against Big Pharma and corrupt politicians this country has ever seen. Legislators across the country are being pressured by vested interests to mandate vaccines without parental consent, to do away with religious and medical…
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Motherhood – Medium

Looks good 🐣🐥🤱🏽🤦🏽‍♀️👼🏼

Becoming a mother is a transformation like no other, but there’s no one way to be a mom. It’s messy and joyful, complicated and exhausting. Like, really exhausting. In these essays, ten moms expand on their unique experience of motherhood, so far. Cover art by Herekita Con.
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Sask. teen sexually abused as child says school system didn’t equip her to escape

We owe children facts that are making informed choices .

A Saskatchewan teen who was sexually and emotionally abused by her biological dad for years says changes need to be made to the curriculum and education needs to start in kindergarten.
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Scientists discover the LIMIT to human endurance | Daily Mail Online

✔️💯Scientists from Duke University in North Carolina suggest that pro athletes push their bodies to a limit similar to what the human body endures during a pregnancy over a longer period of time.
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Why Mental Health Is Crucial for Men – Mental Health Awareness Month

Men are taught , more often than not to be big boys, no

support for proper emotional health, it’s anger or isolation

or boys .. A young boy’s life , modeled by Dad , and friends

who test, challenge , shame and worse .. Too many boys loose

their Mom to abuse and neglect , or fail to connect to nurture

as too feminine , holding trauma , anger , fear and grief…

Transforming this ♥️🌹©️

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Yet, there’s a stigma that prevents men from talking about what’s in their heads. Men are dying because of this silence. Here’s how we can address the issue.
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Do not intervene to speed up birth unless real risks involved, advises WHO | Life and style | The Guardian

This is wonderful , some of their advice is right on ..

Women in labour are increasingly being subjected to unnecessary and unwelcome interventions such as caesarean sections, warns WHO
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Margaret Atwood says it’s “a form of slavery to force women to have children they can’t afford”


Margaret Atwood has an eerie prediction about the outcome of abortion restrictions, one that bears an uncanny resemblance to the dystopian future depicted in her hyper-relevant novel, The Handmaid’s Tale.
Speaking at New York City’s Book Con on…
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