Know Mothers who do this and wives who are challenged by Mother-Son

Ex is still bound to his Mom and I’ve had to consider his reasoning in destroying relationships with sons was to thwart and sever our ” living connection”

But then he saw himself as the superior ultimate Dad/Mom and imprinted them early on . Our family was never more important that his Mothers requirements .

Of course his causal connection celebrated birthdays etc with money not his presence and I declined in competition with his detachment of being and giving

I believe this was an issue with the next supply as he became toxic and detached when she became so ill she couldn’t work and he had the responsibility of paying for her health care . Mentioning in court these facts and even how much she spent on bras !

He is still owned and still selfish even as he steals from me . That’s clearly not going to heal in mid 70’s and mid 90’s

His partner, his confidant is Mom who allows him to have relationships and listens to his complaints and supports his ending said relationship.

Stella Davis – 1937

I had no idea of the content of this movie before watching it and it was so sad , I cried .

It concerns the mother – daughter relationship in which the Mom gave in to releasing her daughter to her Dad who remarried and was very secure and supportive of daughter .

The last scene is the daughter’s wedding and it moved me to tears .

I was not allowed to attend a wedding of any of the 3 sons I shared with the partner / husband whose win was vital .

I’m sure as I heard later in another family function , ex MIL was asked if it was ok if I attended an after party . The event was the Christening of granddaughter . I wasn’t allowed to attend her birthday party the day before , buying her Christening dress and a pearl bracelet was allowed . Taking chocolates to the Priest who remarked he preferred wine .

Exactly why I brought chocolates 😎

The then partner of the ex refused to attend if I were allowed .

Her Mom died ,and she had to travel out of town.

The paternal grandfather had his wallet stolen in the parking lot of the cathedral! He was not ever nice to be around , and even less so for his loss of money etc.

The ex MIL sat beside me and he on her right ; and as we sang a song of welcome, I looked her straight in the eyes allowing her to make the gesture . It was a ” draw” but she was aware of my intention as I quickly sat down .

I noted these things 2013 Neither brother nor their family attended the Christening because I was there .

I honked the horn , and maybe called for son to come out and get gifts , which he did.

I did not give up , nor am I giving up now , I’m ending the cycle of such distortion as to test the soul . I am ending being a target by a vicious , retaliatory, distorted ex partner who wishes me dead and would do anything to do me harm .

Empowered Woman

The Empowered Feminine is not the Woman who has finally, painstakingly fixed her flaws.

She is the Woman who has stopped apologising for them.

The Empowered Feminine is not the Woman who has conquered fear.

She is the Woman who knows well there is no courage without fear.

The Empowered Feminine is not the Woman who has it all figured out.

She is the Woman who steps in to uncertainty and dances with the Mystery.

The Empowered Feminine is not the Woman who has never fallen or failed.

She is the Woman with scars on her hands and knees, some of which may still be bleeding.

The Empowered Feminine is not the Woman who never cries.

She is the Woman who dares to feel vulnerably and care deeply.

The Empowered Feminine is not in competition with other Women.

She is a diamond in a sky full of stars.

The Empowered Feminine is not the Woman playing the blame game.

She is the one whose divine assignment is the solution.

The Empowered Feminine is not the Woman waiting for the approval of others.

She gives her own permission.

She has heard the call.

And she’s not waiting any more.

❤ Dana

Artist unknown

Sacred Divine Feminine