Woman lied about husband’s abuse and tried to exclude him from child’s life – Care Appointments

Woman lied about husband’s abuse and tried to exclude him from child’s life – Care Appointments
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Female Dragonflies Fake Death to Avoid Males Harassing Them for Sex

Scientists observed female dragonflies stopping mid-air, falling to the ground and lying motionless until the male had gone.
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A very beautiful message from Divine .

I was already reactive, releasing tears

when I began to watch , crying harder

at a low ebb….praying but owning hope

Ever & Always



Japanese Women Settle Into Luxury Retirement Village in Japan

How wonderful !

Elderly Japanese women live in this enchanting retirement village in Japan. Issei Suma designed this incredible set of homes that would make anyone envious.
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Shrill talks about plus-size women and the morning-after pill when the medical community won’t [Video]

Fat women have sex. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. But the media’s portrayals of plus-size sex lives—or the decided lack thereof—might cause you to think a vow of celibacy comes with shopping in the plus-size section.
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Man Says Women Should Stop Complaining About Period Pain Unless They Know What A Scraped Knee Pain Feels Like, Gets Shut Down | Bored Panda

Studies indicate , time after time , that men

do not have the capacity for physical pain

that women do.

I would venture overall, that the same applies

to emotional pain as well.

Not even close to being the same.

Apparently, periods are small potatoes to other forms of bleeding – for example, a skinned knee. A male athlete took to Twitter to not only imply that women
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