Chemical Imbalance :Junk Science

Psychologist and CCHR Commissioner Dr. Toby Watson brings up an extremely valid point: if psychiatrists knew that there was no scientific basis for the chemical imbalance theory, as many are now stating, why weren’t they exposing this to the mainstream media? Or complaining to the FDA for “allowing aspirational language that the drugs ‘help to restore the brain’s chemical balance’ and ‘bring serotonin levels closer to normal’ even though both claims were, and remain, scientifically meaningless.” Mainstream psychiatry did not expose the chemical imbalance myth in the more than 30 years it’s been falsely promoted, did not fight for informed consent, did not demand to see scientific evidence supporting this marketing claim and did not fight for patients rights to have factual information. But we did. And so did many of our commissioners like Dr. Toby Watson.

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