Sugar Sweetened Beverages = Cancer

I know quite a few folks who I know got the jab and COVID in some cases who still drink tons of alcohol, soft drinks and fast food and the aging process has accelerated and yes if cancer is present ; the sugar or fake sugars as new sugars . Education is key

I’ve watched as coke is the lunch drink , Diet Coke and 2/3 refills from a self professed ” I’ll eat anything ”

Finally noticed a definite hump and apparently never made the connection .

Fridge packed full of food . Always pushing food on child who is highly sensitive and very active thus requiring ” fuel”.

It’s scary to witness ; partner is very vulnerable and body shows the results of poor sugar laden diet

It’s said we all are carrying cancer cells and the business of treating cancer is huge $$$, and folks getting the jabs ( of any kind ) are unaware of the ” science” of vaccines .

Bill Gates , like Ex Prez Trump states he relies on the science , does not vaccine , his children were not vaccines .

I’ve always have had a problem with the ” class system ” that allows such demonic folks like Gates etc to dictate medical decisions $$$

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna 🐸

Pfizer Confesses : Jab doesn’t prevent COVID

Bill Gates and Bunkers

Yes Bill Gates has been preparing for decades to survive the clearing of carbon foot prints so he can live beyond well. Of late he has bought up farms and amassed much land to factory farm . Conspiracy theorist , years ago discussed the viability of putting vaccines in corn !

Gates also has been busy collecting seeds for decades which are in a chamber below ground , so he can grow foods after the induced collapse of our world !

I see Gates being prosecuted, for his crimes against humanity .

Of importance is the fact that neither child of Bill Gates has ever had a vaccine .

Nutrition & Psychiatry

Long time coming ; I was discouraged from any vitamin intake . I used natural thyroid and was prescribed Synthroid, a human made product that does not address all the Ts lost in low thyroid .

Many have lost bone mass etc with the use of prescribed psychiatric drugs that do much harm in my 13 years of personal experience and in council with many who are altered physically and mentally and spiritually by these toxic compounds .

Tossing COVID 19 4kids : lack of Demand Kudos Parents !!!!

Chemical Imbalance :Junk Science

Psychologist and CCHR Commissioner Dr. Toby Watson brings up an extremely valid point: if psychiatrists knew that there was no scientific basis for the chemical imbalance theory, as many are now stating, why weren’t they exposing this to the mainstream media? Or complaining to the FDA for “allowing aspirational language that the drugs ‘help to restore the brain’s chemical balance’ and ‘bring serotonin levels closer to normal’ even though both claims were, and remain, scientifically meaningless.” Mainstream psychiatry did not expose the chemical imbalance myth in the more than 30 years it’s been falsely promoted, did not fight for informed consent, did not demand to see scientific evidence supporting this marketing claim and did not fight for patients rights to have factual information. But we did. And so did many of our commissioners like Dr. Toby Watson.

#informedconsent #chemicalimbancemyth #cchrint #patientsrights

1986 , jab history

This isn’t a vaccine. The difference is in live and dead viruses. This is marketed unjustly as a vaccine so the makers are not liable. In 1986 Fauci stood next to Ronald Reagan when he signed a bill making vaccine makers no longer liable for any harm or death. The movie  is about this.

Note to Millennials: Boomers didn’t screw you. 😜Conservatives did.

Millennials today are rightfully anxious about their future and righteously angry that their parents’ generation has generally done a piss-poor job of safeguarding their inheritance. Millennials, it is often said, may be the first generation in…
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