1986 , jab history

This isn’t a vaccine. The difference is in live and dead viruses. This is marketed unjustly as a vaccine so the makers are not liable. In 1986 Fauci stood next to Ronald Reagan when he signed a bill making vaccine makers no longer liable for any harm or death. The movie 1986TheAct.com  is about this.http://1986TheAct.com

Note to Millennials: Boomers didn’t screw you. 😜Conservatives did.

Millennials today are rightfully anxious about their future and righteously angry that their parents’ generation has generally done a piss-poor job of safeguarding their inheritance. Millennials, it is often said, may be the first generation in…
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Hopi Messenger So Many Truths from Ancestors

Including the messages of the Peace Accord agreed to represented

by the 4Corners


Over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs in America – NaturalNews.com

These numbers are very old , estimates are 80% of Americans

are on some form of psychiatric medication ..

Children and Elders are most vulnerable but there

are no exemptions in these corporatists desire to

addict and finically drain as many folks as possible .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna


Over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs in America – NaturalNews.com
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GPs must stop putting people into diagnostic boxes and pause before prescribing antidepressants

Totally concur , I’m offered antidepressants in GP offices

usually by NP . Pushing drugs , is vulgar , and I don’t return

due to too many horrific errors ..So glad I have an

integrated Dr 🎁

Headline GPs must stop putting people into diagnostic boxes and pause before prescribing antidepressants
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Baltimore teen given birth control implant at school without parent’s permission

This is horrible in all respects ..

The teen was complaining about headaches and a pain in her arm. Her mom says a pediatrician told her the implant was put in incorrectly.
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Prozac maker’s secret payment in mass shooting lawsuit revealed

Twenty-five years after a jury absolved Prozac of blame for Joseph Wesbecker’s shooting rampage, a newspaper reports the drugmaker agreed to pay victims $20 million before the verdict
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Cell Tower Causing Cancer in Students and Teachers | NaturalHealth365

@Removed By Demand , last sentence 💥

(NaturalHealth365) Parents are demanding the takedown and removal of a cell tower after several students and teachers get cancer in nearby school.
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