CNAs & my Blessing having had Destiny , and friends in Rehab

Destiny is on the right, and I could not have dreamed of a better caregiver , whom I plan to visit with, asap.

What a truly beautiful experience she provided , a bond created that’s normal and natural and blessed divinity .

This was posted on her wall, and I’m sure of the authenticity of these words … Earth Healing Angels ( with a few exceptions) are at risk, at work, overworked and underpaid…

Our healthcare system, must do better , be better …

Be a CNA they said. However, what they didn’t say was how fast we have to run after an exit seeking resident. Or how to deal with angry and upset residents who’s spitting in my face, scratching my arms to pieces, and hitting me in confusion. Or how to deal with a resident who’s deathly ill screaming for God to take them. Or how hard it is to deal with a resident during the holidays who never has any family come see them and they’re crying to you asking you why their family didn’t show up. Or how to juggle so many pages at one time. Or how to deal with the silent melt downs in the bathroom from the stress or losing your first resident. Or how to deal with the feeling of defeat after a long shift and wishing you could’ve done so much more but you didn’t have time to just juggle so much at once..

But I’ll tell you what. Nothing compares to joy you’ll feel when you give a resident an amazing shower and they tell you they love you just because you cleaned them. Or the bittersweet happiness you feel when residents grab you by the hand when they’re almost too weak to eat and just won’t let go of you because your presence is comforting them. Or when a resident who changes from hangry to absolutely happy from one meal just because you were there to help them eat. Or how trusted you feel the first time a resident remembers your name in a new facility when asking for certain favors. Or how important you feel when their family members ask YOU to do special favors for their loved one.

Being a cna is everything but easy. It’s exhausting, hard, emotional, aggravating, fast pace, heartbreaking and sometimes even ugly. But I can guarantee you there’s not another rewarding job such as this. I love my grouchy residents, my happy residents, my needy residents, my sad residents and even the residents who are completely dependent on the staff for their survival bc they can’t do anything for them self. Listening to these residents stories or their happiest moments, knowing they trust me with that much information is such a blessing and such a good feeling. No matter how hard my day was to deal with, how long it was, how busy it was, how it took my all that day just to get through my shift…

I absolutely love what I do. 💛

May 10 Energies

Ascending Starseeds / LightWorkers : On this particular timeline, we will receive downloaded codes and content as well as higher realm assistance to release any residue of trauma from the physical ascending body to help free and heal more from many burdens carried. As you continue to unblock Self your awareness will ascend to higher levels that are connected with the nervous system resulting in the release/upgrade.

Starseeds This current ascension theme is Understanding the inner child on a deeper level as this is such an important aspect of your ascension journey. The energy of our inner child lives within us and is a part of our subconscious mind. It exists at the level of development where we were at when we experienced childhood woundings and trauma, The degree of this stored trauma varies from person to person. Being aware of our inner child and working to heal any past traumas is always important for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

You were never created to live depressed, defeated, feeling guilty, condemned, forsaken , ashamed or unworthy. You were created to reflect the expression of your true divinity .

The universe together with higher self often tests our truths by presenting situations that challenge our beliefs and make us second guess everything. These experiences are always higher opportunities for growth and learning.

You know when much better things are coming it’s when everything seems to be going wrong.

Old energy is clearing out for the new energy to enter , its best to remain patient .

it’s wise to stay grounded in your intuition and trust what you know to be true in your heart. Connecting with your soul can provide guidance and clarity during these challenging times. Ultimately, staying true to Self and your beliefs is key to your Ascension.

The battle within ourselves and on this earth seems at times never ending . The truth is that no darkness can defeat the expanding light within you and on this planet . Justice will always prevail . Love has already won and all of this battle is playing it self out in 3D linear time .

However In the future quantum fields of higher creation resides a transformed collective and harmonious planet . This is what we are all ascending and ultimately striving for . Ascension in self helps the planet achieve this planetary outcome .

Expect to see more outrageous changes in the outer world as the 3D matrix and collective reflect the very reason our planet needs major change and transformation as it transitions from lower levels of global insanity and density to higher realms of awakenings and awareness .

Things may start to feel surreal and the need to be with self will possibly creep up more often during this transitional phase and this could also be a factor and reality in life for you . Accepting self , and enjoying your own company ( as you are infact a team working and collaborating together ) merging with higher self brings in this conscious awareness .

When you spend more conscious time with Self Your system has higher opportunities to strengthen , stabilise , repair and rejuvenate when you remove your self from distractions of self and others . Investing time with self is the highest form of investment on your Ascension journey . The value to your investment in Self is endless and priceless .

Starseeds no matter how bizarre and surreal things may seem to get in your inner self realities and outer world awareness .All of this is the way it is meant to be for now . The truth is Everything is on schedule for you and working with your higher self and divine plan .

In loving and dedicated Starseed /LightWorker service

Written by Ascension LightWorkers

Having to explain why you can’t have sex : new born & Mom

A man out of balance in a distortion that is primal and it sure does demean the person who dare .

Sadly I had the experience of force , 6 days after giving birth and it was I believe primal ; marking of property and jealously of his own child .

Pfizer Confesses : Jab doesn’t prevent COVID

Gaia Daily ! Dream a Little Dream

Holding tight to my core beliefs and dreams has been my survival superpower …

A Grand Cross factored into a favorable alignment in 2016 and yea the revelations were not all good 👍, but truths were and are much better than lies and shadow that does much harm stepped in secrets .

Boomerang 🪃 or Karma it’s better to be authentic but polite ✌️😊👁🙏

Blessings & Peace ☮️

❤️ Dona Luna

Waking Up ; We Got This 👁🙏❤️✌️😘

*Technocracy is Insane, Anti-Human and it WILL Fail*

“In a way, the fact that they are trying to push this insane agenda so hard is itself the greatest white pill imaginable. They know their vision of the biometrically surveilled smart city of the future with its social credit economy and its lab-grown bug burgers and its AI chatbot overlords is insane. But they spend all of their time trying to convince you that it’s real.

Why? Because the thing they fear most is you discovering your true powers: Your ability to say no. Your ability to withdraw your consent. Your ability to form community with like-minded people and to use the natural abundance of the world to survive and even thrive without the need for their technocratic tyranny.”

This is why they’re so concerned about losing the trust of the public. This is why Bilderbergers are fretting about “Populism in Europe.” This is why the World Economic Forum is focusing on “rebuilding trust” as the core theme of their Davos conclave. This is why the Council on Foreign Relations spends an increasing amount of their time worrying about how people are rising up against the technocrats. They know they are the pathetic old men behind the curtain and they know that Toto is pulling back that curtain.”