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Holding tight to my core beliefs and dreams has been my survival superpower …

A Grand Cross factored into a favorable alignment in 2016 and yea the revelations were not all good 👍, but truths were and are much better than lies and shadow that does much harm stepped in secrets .

Boomerang 🪃 or Karma it’s better to be authentic but polite ✌️😊👁🙏

Blessings & Peace ☮️

❤️ Dona Luna

Waking Up ; We Got This 👁🙏❤️✌️😘

*Technocracy is Insane, Anti-Human and it WILL Fail*

“In a way, the fact that they are trying to push this insane agenda so hard is itself the greatest white pill imaginable. They know their vision of the biometrically surveilled smart city of the future with its social credit economy and its lab-grown bug burgers and its AI chatbot overlords is insane. But they spend all of their time trying to convince you that it’s real.

Why? Because the thing they fear most is you discovering your true powers: Your ability to say no. Your ability to withdraw your consent. Your ability to form community with like-minded people and to use the natural abundance of the world to survive and even thrive without the need for their technocratic tyranny.”

This is why they’re so concerned about losing the trust of the public. This is why Bilderbergers are fretting about “Populism in Europe.” This is why the World Economic Forum is focusing on “rebuilding trust” as the core theme of their Davos conclave. This is why the Council on Foreign Relations spends an increasing amount of their time worrying about how people are rising up against the technocrats. They know they are the pathetic old men behind the curtain and they know that Toto is pulling back that curtain.”


If you are struggling and feeling as if it is too difficult to go on with life here in the physical, please reconsider. when our passing over is self inflicted we don’t go to hell. Instead we experience a kind of spiritual rehab and healing. Although we are aware of the love of our loved ones on the other side, we must heal and go through a more intense soul review. Once you come into a state of deeper soul understanding you will join your loved ones.

If you are in physical body there is a purpose for your being here. Even when it makes no sense and you are suffering, your soul is choosing to be here to accelerate your ascension into a higher state of being. The more our struggle, the more potential we have to advance into a state of profound enlightenment and joy.

When we leave here through our own doing we will return in another life with the same and usually more challenging circumstances. Whatever issues pushed us to make the decision to leave needs to be met again and again, until we find within ourselves the power and love to transform.

I wish for you the presence of pure love and angelic protection. Your physical life is a blessing and gift, even when it hurts and seems so so difficult. The divine is within and surrounding you, now and forever. Allow the higher presence of love to be the healing in every circumstance in your life and in your heart, mind and soul.

NASA’s Blue Beam Project

I learned of this in 07

It scared me

I let go of it because it falls into conspiracy which humans have bought into.

My faith being tested repeatedly, I’m quite sure I won’t drink the kool aide

Dry Drowning

And Dad

Every year I try to post this for parents to read. Dry drowning is real and we all need to be aware.

What You Need to Know about Dry Drowning:

Most parents take five from lifeguard duty when their little ones hop out of the pool or make their way from the surf. Once they’re toweled off, it’s time for juice boxes, snacks and maybe playing in the sand. Right? Hopefully in most cases. But, dry drowning, also known as secondary drowning, can occur hours after your kiddos swim session has ended.

Defining Dry Drowning:

First, it’s important to understand what dry drowning is because the name can be a bit confusing. It has nothing to do with sand or heat—and everything to do with water.

“Drowning from fluid in the lungs that occurs not during submersion in water, but up to 24 hours after swimming or bathing, defines secondary drowning,” says Dr. Fisher. “If the child inhales water into the lungs, the vocal cords can spasm. The drowning is defined ‘dry’ because it occurs out of the water.”

Warning Signs:

Because you might not witness your child inhale and swallow pool, ocean or even bath water, it’s important to know the signs. Dr. Fisher says to watch for distressful breathing, consistent coughing, vomiting, unusual behavior or extreme sleepiness.

Seek Professional Help:

If you witness an event in the water, the lifeguard can and will perform initial lifesaving measures, but further observation should be in a medical facility.

“Go to the ER,” advises Dr. Fisher. “Treatment of dry drowning includes obtaining a chest X-ray, having an IV and being monitored for signs of respiratory distress or compromise.”

Don’t Be Fooled:

Most importantly, Dr. Fisher wants parents to know that dry drowning is very sneaky.

“Drowning conjures images of someone thrashing around in a body of water, not a child who went swimming several hours ago,” Dr. Fishers says.

She’s right. Think of your child at home resting on the couch, worn out by sun and swimming. Your child is only tired, right? Not dry drowning. Or is she?

“The scary part is the timing of the drowning, up to 24 hours after an event in the water,” Dr. Fisher says.

Even more scary:

Dry drowning can occur while the child is napping or down for the night. Why? Water in the lungs can induce vomiting, followed by choking.

Prevention Is Key:

Dry drowning can be prevented by taking appropriate precautions around water, according to Dr. Fisher.

“Children over the age of 4 years should have swim lessons and be supervised by at least one adult at all times while near a body of water, including bathtubs,” Dr. Fisher says.

In addition, parents and caregivers should know CPR. Proper fencing around swimming pools is an important safeguard, too. Don’t forget about boat safety: Passengers of all ages on a boat need to wear a life jacket.

“My No. 1 piece of advice when it comes to summer safety involving large bodies of water is to have someone with your child at all times. Incidents leading to dry drowning can occur in a matter of seconds,” Dr. Fisher says.

Dr. Danelle Fisher, vice chair of pediatrics at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif., shares crucial information to ensure a safe summer while having fun in the sun—and the water.

Red Flags


When you didn’t have enough care, you tend to accept the crumbs of casual attention. When you didn’t have enough of the right people nurturing your growth and encouraging you to try, you may have looked to ungrounded people to create and exalt into idealized figures. When you didn’t have real love and healthy boundaries to help you feel safe, you made poor choices which led you towards settling for less or made decisions which ushered you into hazardous places. When you didn’t have reliability, consistency, and a foundation built on living with truth, you missed the red flags of dishonesty that were planted knee-deep in terrains requiring authenticity.

When you didn’t have secure parental bonds or an early life of stability lined with trust, and then later in life you noticed these red flags, you likely believed they were subject to change or would eventually disappear or even transform into banners of integrity. You thought they could shift and switch their color and fly happily ever after, these red flags flown by those who fear intimacy; these flags hoisted by the ones with their own trauma issues, too; flags which represent the lack of the very same things you needed to recognize your individual worth.

These red flags waving somewhere in the distance, then blatantly raised were warning you not to come any closer. And these flags they held were flaring red yet overlooked early on are now firmly staked into the ground you share, and somehow have become a declaration of their unwillingness to commit to a clear and honest connection.

When you didn’t have what you needed to advise and offer guidance, you might feel like you’re on your own at learning how to avoid harmful, dangerous or toxic dynamics. Red flags show up almost right away, and because you became inured to tolerating less than what’s right for you — all the strength, confidence, and understanding that’s crucial to heed them couldn’t be applied. But just because you didn’t notice any ominous signs back then, it doesn’t mean you’ve made a pledge to put up and remain in imbalanced friendships, ill-behaved relationships, half-love marriages, disjointed partnerships, broken-boundaried family systems, or pernicious, demeaning situations.

When you didn’t have enough of the goodness you needed, you tend to feel like you’re not enough. Not enough to pursue what’s kind to you. Not enough to wait and see and take your time and hold out for what’s best for you, instead you run the risk of roaming far away from what you should have.

Rippling like signals in the wind, flags are red for everyone to see the threat ahead. And if it feels like its too late, it’s really not. It’s not too late to take whatever room you need to repair the rips and readjust the way you view and esteem your one and only heart, and use the space to practice and communicate the many sound, prioritizing ways you should be respected, loved and cared for.
—Susan Frybort


The image is a poem from the book OPEN PASSAGES written by Susan Frybort. The poem reads:
Know you should be loved. You should be held safe and warm inside an invested and caring heart. You should walk away from destructive and depleting forces and walk alongside calming streams. Know your dignity is deserving of the loving places you belong. Know that you matter and should be loved.