The Great Reset vs New Earth

Jesus spiritually never left this planet ! Many have accepted their spiritual beliefs over religious beliefs and the religious zealots made that happen.

Using the Bible , a collection of writings that has been rewritten to serve the patriarchal society to create fear has lost its attraction. Many are in this mindset and best be avoided in lieu of the reality of combining or pulling Heaven to Earth which is ongoing and will happen .

Having known Heaven on Earth and the shadow energies that do all in their power to imped this awakening and embodiment of true spirit are inviting their own negative experience which they share like this guy.

One Dark Force to worry about ? One Dark Force to fear?

Faith in Divine , that is all there is , despite the horrific experience fostered by the believers of false beliefs and idols is the Alpha & Omega .

The destruction of those energies who are corrupt is self inflicted ; let them go.

You Do You with TLC

Blessings & Peace ☮️

Dona Luna


Those who are called ‘mentally ill’ or ‘mad’ are the voices in the wilderness, the ones who point to the distress of society, the ones who convict it of its crimes. By their ‘strange’ appearance and parting from the ‘norms’, they challenge and reveal that humanity is not free. They reveal that what is normal is but an accepted madness of the majority. Wars, conflicts, social injustice, abused children, all are accepted by the madness of the majority. But the one who dreams awake, that voice crying from the wilderness, sees something different. The eyes of perception are awakened, and a door to a new existence is opened. Yet the opening of this door is a frightful experience, for it unleashes all that which is the human condition, every experience, every vision, the collective realm of human beings. If there is any illness, it is not with the ‘madman’, it is the society that is ill. And this society has driven the ‘mad’ to that barren place, to that desert. As the prophets of old were rejected by their own, the voice and message of the ‘mad’ is often misunderstood and unheard by those around..

Dr. Dan L. Edmunds

I add this quote

n telling the native’s side he said, “I am telling my story that all may know the war we did not want. War is made to take something that is not your own.”
Yellow Wolf

Murder of Old People

Just as COVID became a reality ,I arrived at an appointment with an healer of 9/10 years .

She sat across the room and spoke of just being contacted by our state on COVID which they were told was attributable to folks over 60 and how that was 90% of their patient load

I could not be seen or treated

I left and stopped by a local health food store where this person was in conversation with someone their age and they were less that 2 foot apart !

I have not returned to that healer and won’t for the discrimination of that day up front and very personal .

Of course I was evicted July 28

2020 and little has been “normal ” since


Parentification is where a child is forced or expected, to act as a parental stand-in from a young age.

Parentification is generally classified as parent-focused or sibling-focused and then either as instrumental or emotional. Parent-focused means you were primarily taking care of your parent. Sibling-focused means you were taking care of a sibling or siblings.

Instrumental revolves around practical responsibilities.

– Physically meeting the needs of your siblings or parent by feeding them, helping them get dressed, or bathing them.

– Being in charge of cleaning, cooking, or grocery shopping.

– Paying bills, budgeting, or being in charge of the family finances.

Emotional revolves around being forced to be an emotional support system.

– Listening to your parent talk to you about adult problems.

– Giving advice or comforting your parent over age-inappropriate problems.

– Mediating between your parents or family members.

– Being the one to make your siblings feel loved, safe, and protected.


Former psychiatric patient speaks up

I just need somewhere to vent my feelings about both psychiatry & allopathic medicine in general (some fields more than others but there are a LOT more lies than just the field of psychiatry).

Without getting into too many details (I’ve spoken about it elsewhere), the level of anger, rage, and betrayal that I feel towards psychiatrists and other medical professionals is quite unreal. I was so young, innocent, and naive when doctors decided to push their bullsh*t drugs on me, and at the time I did not realize such levels of hatred which I feel were even possible. I also didn’t realize such evil existed in our corrupted medical system, which many people blindly accept as being fantastic.

The entire field of psychiatry is inhumane, barbaric, dishonest, and abusive beyond belief. The amount of death, suffering, and pain that these humans have caused (working in tandem with dishonest drug companies) is on a level most people can’t comprehend because it far exceeds the deaths/injuries from many other causes.

One of the worst things about this injustice is that it is never recognized anywhere in the mainstream. All doctors (including psychiatrists) are praised as heroes in white coats, respected, even revered. Most see them in a God-like manner, where they can do no wrong. Thus, when you try to explain that a doctor harmed you / lied to you, nobody will believe you – it’s always the victim who gets blamed.

I know for a fact that my doctor lied to me about the effects and risks of the psych meds I was put on, because I clearly remember the conversation – and every single other patient has said the same exact thing. The American Psychiatric association has been systemically misinforming patients for decades, as an organized mafia selling drugs. Yet nobody believes me when I say that my psychiatrist told me these drugs were safe, non-addictive, didn’t harm the brain, and don’t have any long-lasting effects. Everyone blames ME for taking them, saying it was “my fault” for not knowing, and even gaslighting me for not being warned about the risks.

The amount of abuse and gaslighting I’ve received from psychiatrists and other doctors is downright disgusting. It’s as if they have taken NLP training courses to learn how to manipulate you, and narcissistic abuse / emotional abuser courses to learn how to gaslight you. They are masters at it. Every single one of them without fail has blamed me for the symptoms I developed, instead of their toxic drugs. They defend drugs, not patients. Their egos are larger than life, they cannot listen, admit they are wrong, or realize they have caused you harm. They act in a way that makes you question your own sense of reality, even though you know that they have lied to you and caused you harm.

I still have a hard time comprehending how these people can be such abusive human beings, masquerading as “helpers”. Many of them are likely just clueless idiots, but some of them are psychopaths who only care about money and enjoy being able to control and manipulate others via mind-altering chemicals and a position of authority which gives them a power trip.

I hate these people more than anything, and I feel that many of them deserve a life sentence for the way they’ve harmed so many of us. Unfortunately, the reality is that justice will never be served, but I can only hope that the scandal of modern-day psychiatry will one day be recognized for what it is: disgustingly evil.
Thanks for listening. F*** these lying psychos and I’m sorry for everyone harmed, abused, and gaslit by a psychiatrist/doctor.

Triangles : Childress

There are no two-person arguments in a family. In a family, conflict always breaks down into a three-person triangle.

Bowen Center: “A triangle is a three-person relationship system. It is considered the building block or “molecule” of larger emotional systems because a triangle is the smallest stable relationship system. A two-person system is unstable because it tolerates little tension before involving a third person. A triangle can contain much more tension without involving another person because the tension can shift around three relationships. If the tension is too high for one triangle to contain, it spreads to a series of “interlocking” triangles. Spreading the tension can stabilize a system, but nothing is resolved.”

Bowen Center: Triangles

There are no two-person arguments in a family. Either they break down into a coalition of the parents against the child (called the “identified patient”), or into a coalition of a parent with the child against the other parent (called a “cross-generational coalition”).

Salvador Minuchin, the founder of the Structural school of family systems therapy has a Structural family diagram depicting a cross-generational coalition of a father and son against the mother, resulting in an “emotional cutoff” (Bowen) in the child’s relationship with the mother.

Cloe Madanes, the co-founder of the Strategic school of family systems therapy, describes the cross-generational coalition in her 2018 book, Changing Relationships.

From Madanes: “In most organizations, families, and relationships, there is hierarchy: one person has more power and responsibility than another. Whenever there is hierarchy, there is the possibility of cross-generational coalitions. The husband and wife may argue over how the wife spends money. At a certain point, the wife might enlist the older son into a coalition against the husband. Mother and son may talk disparagingly about the father and to the father, and secretly plot about how to influence or deceive him. The wife’s coalition with the son gives her power in relation to the husband and limits the husband’s power over how she spends money. The wife now has an ally in her battle with her husband, and the husband now runs the risk of alienating his son.”

From Madanes: “Such a cross-generational coalition can stabilize a marriage, but it creates a triangle that weakens the position of both husband and wife. Now the son has the source of power over both of them. Cross-generational coalitions take different forms in different families (Madanes, 2009). The grandparent may side the grandchild against a parent. An aunt might side with the niece against her father. A husband might join his father against the wife.

From Madanes: “These alliances are most often covert and are rarely expressed verbally. They involve painful conflicts that can continue for years. Sometimes cross-generational coalitions are overt. A wife might confide her marital problems to her child and in this way antagonize the child against the father. Parents may criticize a grandparent and create a conflict in the child who loves both the grandparent and the parents. This child may feel conflicted as a result, suffering because his or her loyalties are divided.”

Jay-Haley, the other co-founder of Strategic family systems therapy provides the professional definition of a cross-generational coalition.

From Haley: “The people responding to each other in the triangle are not peers, but one of them is of a different generation from the other two… In the process of their interaction together, the person of one generation forms a coalition with the person of the other generation against his peer. By ‘coalition’ is meant a process of joint action which is against the third person… The coalition between the two persons is denied. That is, there is certain behavior which indicates a coalition which, when it is queried, will be denied as a coalition… In essence, the perverse triangle is one in which the separation of generations is breached in a covert way. When this occurs as a repetitive pattern, the system will be pathological.” (Haley, 1977, p. 37)

Notice Haley calls the cross-generational coalition a “perverse triangle.”

These are the top people in family systems therapy – Bowen – Minuchin – Madanes – Haley.

Do you think family systems therapy would be relevant to apply to family conflict in the courts?


Do they apply family systems constructs and principles to their work with family conflict in the courts?


Is that unethical practice in violation of Standard 2.04 Bases for Scientific and Professional Judgments that requires – mandatory – that psychologists apply the “established scientific and professional knowledge of the disciple” as the bases for their professional judgments?


Do they even know family systems constructs and principles when assessing and treating family conflicts?


Are they in violation of Standard 2.01 of the APA ethics code for practicing beyond the boundaries of their competence?


Do the licensing boards care that they are in violation of Standards 2.04 and 2.01 of the APA ethics code?


Why not?

I don’t know. Someone should ask them and find out why they don’t enforce ethical standards of practice in the family courts.

Don’t you deserve to have ethical and competent psychologists treating you and your children?

Apparently not.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.

Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857