Coming Around by Eric

A very sad example of the tragic abuses of child psychological abuse .

The alienation started when my daughter was born. I wasn’t allowed to ever have her overnight. When she was 4 she told me that mommy said you’re not my dad while we were driving in the car. When her mom’s second marriage was ending in divorce her husband told me that my daughter’s mom would lie about my daughter being available for visits. She lied to the court about me paying child support, and told them I was selling drugs. Another lie. My daughter was appointed a court attorney that sided with her mom. I was told by my daughter’s attorney to send her texts of funny cat videos as a way to connect with her. I was ordered to pay the attorney fee. My daughter became more despondent. She became afraid of me because of what my ex was feeding her. My family would send cards and gifts with zero response. The last meaningful visit I had with my daughter was when she was 9 yo. I had brief text exchanges with my daughter in the following years. Sending her money for Christmas, and birthdays(child support aside). My last communication with her was right before her 18th birthday. I was told by most of family and friends that she would come around, and to be patient. Which I fully held out hope for. June 23rd of this year my daughter passed away. I am devastated. My anger towards her mother is something I’ll be dealing with for the rest of my life.
Please never give up, and don’t wait for them to “come around”.

Stagnation Over : The Daily Vibe

Very true , cutting away all that does not jive 😎

It’s been ongoing for years 🎃

Murder of Old People

Just as COVID became a reality ,I arrived at an appointment with an healer of 9/10 years .

She sat across the room and spoke of just being contacted by our state on COVID which they were told was attributable to folks over 60 and how that was 90% of their patient load

I could not be seen or treated

I left and stopped by a local health food store where this person was in conversation with someone their age and they were less that 2 foot apart !

I have not returned to that healer and won’t for the discrimination of that day up front and very personal .

Of course I was evicted July 28

2020 and little has been “normal ” since


Grief doesn’t just go away after a person has died.

Grief will show its face on a Tuesday afternoon, even if the first half of the day was manageable.

Grief will follow you through the grocery store.

Grief will turn the volume up on their favorite song that plays on the radio.

Grief will take the empty seat at the dinner table.

Grief will fill your dreams at night, while you try so hard to just get some rest and escape the daunting reality.

Grief will ring in your ears as you shower.

Grief will buckle your knees when a random familiar scent passes your nose.

Grief will come and go as do the waves of the deepest oceans.

-Jessica Traczynski

Judge Fines 650 Million in opioids suit