Medical holocaust: Psych drugs have killed more than 5 million people over the last 10 years

Standing for each soul, so fortunate to have

survived 🙏🏼💯

If every single person currently taking psychotropic medications or antidepressants were to be pulled off these deadly drugs and given a new, safer
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Child drownings linked to phone distraction among parents at pools

Lots of cell phone addicts, seen it.. horrible for children

blatant disrespect , aimed at me plenty , says much

about the individual …very unnerving , in

detachment as well as disrespect

Experts around the world — lifeguards, police and public health advocates — have begged parents to stop using their phones at the pool.
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As Rental Prices Rise, Women Stay In Bad Relationships to Survive – VICE

I am ever grateful to not be in that dynamic


With rental prices going up in major cities across the globe, a sizeable percentage of women report being in an unwanted sexual relationship to avoid homelessness.
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14 Things You Didn’t Know About The Bodies Preserved At Pompeii

Exciting !

In 79 CE, volcanic Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompeii, Italy. Hidden from the world beneath pumice and ash, it was all but forgotten for nearly 1,500 years. But that changed in 1738 when excavation workers discovered the site preserved beneath dust and …
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No greater joy than hearing your grand babies say I Love You

No greater grief , adding to the fractured loss of

sons , as I acknowledged it was part of the ever

present abuse . Our grandchildren are of course his.

Judgement that aligns with this , has been exampled

by the culture of suicide , where in domestic abuse

is accepted , often lost in the corporate greed to

profit , ignoring the true needs of children ,

in a competitive hell on earth .

Transforming this , that children are allowed

to love their erased grandparents , with whom

they were seeds , wisdoms and peace-filled

honoring love exchanges such as I have been

allowed , then not .. Excommunicated, by a judgement

that is dominate , abusive and deadly without

thought to grandchild .

Closer to stepping out of this dynamic

and very grateful 💯

So much gratitude to those babies , toddlers

etc , who teach me healthy love , fully present

who are’s healed me beyond measure

to have these exchanges of Divine pure love


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

No greater joy than hearing your grand babies say I Love You
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This soldier has been in my head for 24 hours

and it’s true I have been gifted in my last review

with recall or force that that has revealed much

of my success, or mastery in ways that lift me

higher in gratitude , to the power of Faith


Universal Law And Divine love . My awareness

and faith long ago allowed me to translate despair

and feelings of death as something more ,

as well it is , transition feels like death .

We go through transition in birth , in giving

birth and in being born. And it can be very

challenging . As described , one feels nausea ,

anger-rage, ready to quit .. weary etc.

As we each have had the masculine/feminine

experience in past life , chances are giving

birth was a reality coded in your cells .

Cellular memory .

I am having the multidimensional experienced

only knowing of 3 generations , and soon will

allow space to reconnect with a relative to

share or information, pictures etc . I have Thank

You’s for elders still percent , honor for their life

choices , supporting values I hold dear ♥️.

I’m at ease and at peace in my life, and walk

beside each of you in your journey to temper

your demons , lose to gain, what it is you need

Now, surrender to your highest good , and be

awareness that your guidance, and inner strength

is much greater that you’ve allowed ..or be


Returning to a state of grace is much easier,

it’s all a progress .

Recall all that has graced you , in shadow and

light .

Forgive , Learn, Live, Love ❤️


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna


Pregnant mother killed by Seattle cops was shot seven times, had no drugs or alcohol in system – New York Daily News

Human Safari

Transforming this is very necessary .

A pregnant woman killed by Seattle police officers earlier this year was shot seven times, according to an autopsy report.
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