The decline in U.S. life expectancy is unlike anything we’ve seen in a century | Popular Science

AMA and Big Pharma, Stress , Poor Nutrition, much

factors into these stats , transforming that …💯

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control shows that the small decrease in life expectancy, from 78.7 to 78.6 years is part of a continuing trend. Even as we make progress against cancer, heart disease, and stroke—three of the biggest killers—we’re losing ground on other fronts and have been on a decline since 2014. The CDC highlighted three in particular they they say have contributed to the loss of life expectancy in recent years.
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How Loneliness Begets Loneliness

This was indeed fact for me for years , certainly

within marriage which is horrific when feeling

lonely in the company of a partner ..

In the aftermath of my removal from our home

loneliness was muted by stronger meds that

had me sleep 14 hours a day , but still there .

The beginnings of waking , brought home

losses that reduced me to primal fears , anger

at the falsehoods that altered every facet of my

life , laughed at by former whose real need to

torment me , long ago transformed to surrender

to the truth , I am never truly alone , or unloved .

I have come to accept , after many experiences

that former desires my physical death …

Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional death

has been ignored , stomped on …I’m sure he

feels my death would resolve all his issues .

It’s been many years , since I’ve experienced

that despair of loneliness , and I don’t classify

no contact disruption with regards to our sons

a basis for loneliness , for it was never their job

to fill that space their Dad did not …the fractured,

forced , fake facts fed them by a highly toxic,

abusive entitled human plus family and friends

affected 4 , whom are considered controllable

possessions , trophies or covers to fit in ..

Very Thankful, to have achieved an education

that supports my perceived 20 plus efforts

to know and do better .

In my alone time , my normal deep thinking

more often than not is connecting with

Spirit , very often necessary … Connecting

Spiritually is now as normal as breathing

as my Saturday bore out ♥️🙏🏼🎁 an

amazing day and night , surrounded by

so many examples of Spirit and Love 💕


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

I have an article that describes loneliness as

a molecule .

Social isolation kills, and in the process it makes it harder to reach out to others. A psychologist explains how to break the cycle.
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Risk of Cardiovascular Death Increased After Psychiatric Hospitalization

With a Mom and Dad who had heart disease issues

as well as my surviving 13 years of psychiatric RX

and Domestic Abuse , I am Blessed to be here 🥳

The rate of death due to heart-related problems is more than double the rate in the general population after psychiatric hospitalization.
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Do Family Courts Encourage Child Abuse?

The family court systems in both the United States and .08/15/2019 8:46:10AM EST.
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Middlesbrough West Lane Hospital: Second teenage girl dies – BBC News

In their anti truths , CCHR, has been demonized as associated

with Scientology …

The facts , and statistics they publish is the only one of such magnitude

I know of . Certainly targeted by Big Pharma , AMA, APA , counselors

and institutional housing etc .. as it affects their profit and power.

The actual accounting for RX induced suicides , is nominal

it’s seldom tested in deaths , or disclosed ..


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

“Another failure from the psychiatric industry. While 13 members of staff are facing disciplinary action over alleged ill treatment of patients, it shouldn’t

go unnoticed that young people are regularly locked up at the behest of a psychiatrist and are ‘treated’ by a psychiatrist.

Psychiatrists have also played a part in the tragic deaths of these young people.

Two teenage patients at the children’s mental health unit die in the space of two months.
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Catholic Church Paid $213 Million To 4,445 Children Sexually Abused By Pedophile Priests In Australia

The multi abuses against all children is coming to an end

with more and more exposure …

Catholic Church Paid $213 Million To 4,445 Children Sexually Abused By Pedophile Priests In Australia
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Our ‘nice guy’ father murdered our mother and sister yet the media focused on his suicide –

Luke and Ryan Hart’s father Lance murdered their mother Claire and sister Charlotte in 2016. Below, they speak about how their father was personified as “a nice guy” who “snapped” in th
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