CNAs & my Blessing having had Destiny , and friends in Rehab

Destiny is on the right, and I could not have dreamed of a better caregiver , whom I plan to visit with, asap.

What a truly beautiful experience she provided , a bond created that’s normal and natural and blessed divinity .

This was posted on her wall, and I’m sure of the authenticity of these words … Earth Healing Angels ( with a few exceptions) are at risk, at work, overworked and underpaid…

Our healthcare system, must do better , be better …

Be a CNA they said. However, what they didn’t say was how fast we have to run after an exit seeking resident. Or how to deal with angry and upset residents who’s spitting in my face, scratching my arms to pieces, and hitting me in confusion. Or how to deal with a resident who’s deathly ill screaming for God to take them. Or how hard it is to deal with a resident during the holidays who never has any family come see them and they’re crying to you asking you why their family didn’t show up. Or how to juggle so many pages at one time. Or how to deal with the silent melt downs in the bathroom from the stress or losing your first resident. Or how to deal with the feeling of defeat after a long shift and wishing you could’ve done so much more but you didn’t have time to just juggle so much at once..

But I’ll tell you what. Nothing compares to joy you’ll feel when you give a resident an amazing shower and they tell you they love you just because you cleaned them. Or the bittersweet happiness you feel when residents grab you by the hand when they’re almost too weak to eat and just won’t let go of you because your presence is comforting them. Or when a resident who changes from hangry to absolutely happy from one meal just because you were there to help them eat. Or how trusted you feel the first time a resident remembers your name in a new facility when asking for certain favors. Or how important you feel when their family members ask YOU to do special favors for their loved one.

Being a cna is everything but easy. It’s exhausting, hard, emotional, aggravating, fast pace, heartbreaking and sometimes even ugly. But I can guarantee you there’s not another rewarding job such as this. I love my grouchy residents, my happy residents, my needy residents, my sad residents and even the residents who are completely dependent on the staff for their survival bc they can’t do anything for them self. Listening to these residents stories or their happiest moments, knowing they trust me with that much information is such a blessing and such a good feeling. No matter how hard my day was to deal with, how long it was, how busy it was, how it took my all that day just to get through my shift…

I absolutely love what I do. 💛


A Soul of 98 years , passed April 22/23 exiting this real in peaceful sleep. She was a widow of 16 years .

She grew peonies , and gave starts to me and many others in the family that I married . She was a force that only recently renewed her drivers license!

Her passing contributes to the change upon us ; clearing of the past and ending cycles .


This is my photo , and it’s not of her gifted start, but I had folks stop as I worked in my flower bed , to tell me I had a beautiful garden as a young Mom . Her gift for flowers was known in her area and she provided flower arrangements for her church and others . She created all the floral arrangements for our wedding and reception , giving her only son the best she could and it was pretty awesome . I gave her free reign to pick music out too!

She had done so with her two daughters and I wasn’t really into a wedding so lavish . She paid too , as a divorce’ with a very low paying job and parents who still had 2 kids in house , I was not going to come up with money for this event !

She paid for the reception and it was a blur of changing cloths , and picture taking . Those pictures were by the best photographer in her town and 1 was blown up and put in a frame for the front window !!!

May there be fields and fields endless flowers , near an ocean where you join your Beloved Mr .

Dona Luna 🐸