Mom asking about her child’s suicide

Is it the fluoride in fluoxetine that causes the brain to “misfire”?
Has pharma removed all ‘negative for them’ articles from the internet?
Most people I know call antidepressants medicine. Is there anything medicinal within antidepressants?
Why do a lot of people say antidepressants help them? And they don’t want me telling people they’re dangerous because they don’t want people to think they’re basically sinning if they do take an antidepressant, or that they haven’t prayed enough to feel better. And that some people Need a pill to chemically balance themselves. Are millions of people chemically imbalanced and need correction?
A friends son had a brain injury and they put him on one to balance his chemicals. He seems ok but I can’t ask them about it. Is it working for someone like that?
Is marijuana a safe alternative to antidepressants?
A psychiatrist told me that my son’s pot, and occasional other over the counter drug use (he was a junior in high school and partied on the weekends) (I didn’t know a lot of what he was doing at the time) cancelled out the effect of the antidepressant he was taking. So, the antidepressant had no effect on his suicide.
Is this true?
Our son was missing doses and the doctor said just get him back on it and take it for six more weeks until the end of school then he can quit. No instructions to wean off, just to quit. But, he died 4 weeks later, by suicide. He had continued to miss doses, so at the end, he was off and on, missing a day here and there. I believe this is what caused his suicidal thoughts. He kept moving from room to room his last day and was upset over the fight he was having with his girlfriend. He hadn’t slept most of the night. I didn’t know until we read his phone after he died that he cried all night too. I know he was stuck on the girlfriend problem and he tried to play video games but he couldn’t focus. Our daughter was 6 at the time and later said he told her his heart was racing. People always say a person commits suicide because of the emotion problem but I call his a symptom of what the pill did to him and the relationship problem just triggered the suicide. Can what he was experiencing be considered akathesia?
Have ‘they’ improved antidepressants from years ago, like so many believe?
I don’t know why I care to know all this now. I guess I just can’t quit talking about it. I don’t know why I talk about it with people, half or more just get mad because they believe in them. I guess I just want the truth and to tell the truth. In my mind, I believe pharma, with even one lie,
are not benevolent, to say the least. I believe they are evil. I don’t know why I bother and take so much of my own time trying to put together evidence against the antidepressants. Maybe because we were going to take it to court but the lawyer friend we were talking to said it wasn’t his specialty or anyone he worked with. Later found out he owned a walk in clinic. Probably didn’t have anything to do with it but?? My husband didn’t want to sue anyway because we didn’t want to make money off our son’s death.. I guess I’m just mad and I guess I’ll never let it go but maybe I’ll run out of steam about it and drop it. I do want to write about it for my blog but haven’t said much yet..
I know no parent out of so many I can’t count, that cares about this, even though I know a lot of their kids were taking an antidepressant at the time of their suicide.
The whole time I was growing up through the ‘70s & ‘80s, I remember of one suicide. I just believe it was because the dispensing of antidepressants weren’t as prevalent as later years?.?.

Expected Death

✨Expected Death ~ When someone dies, the first thing to do is nothing. Don’t run out and call the nurse. Don’t pick up the phone. Take a deep breath and be present to the magnitude of the moment.

There’s a grace to being at the bedside of someone you love as they make their transition out of this world. At the moment they take their last breath, there’s an incredible sacredness in the space. The veil between the worlds opens.

We’re so unprepared and untrained in how to deal with death that sometimes a kind of panic response kicks in. “They’re dead!”

We knew they were going to die, so their being dead is not a surprise. It’s not a problem to be solved. It’s very sad, but it’s not cause to panic.

If anything, their death is cause to take a deep breath, to stop, and be really present to what’s happening. If you’re at home, maybe put on the kettle and make a cup of tea.

Sit at the bedside and just be present to the experience in the room. What’s happening for you? What might be happening for them? What other presences are here that might be supporting them on their way? Tune into all the beauty and magic.

Pausing gives your soul a chance to adjust, because no matter how prepared we are, a death is still a shock. If we kick right into “do” mode, and call 911, or call the hospice, we never get a chance to absorb the enormity of the event.

Give yourself five minutes or 10 minutes, or 15 minutes just to be. You’ll never get that time back again if you don’t take it now.

After that, do the smallest thing you can. Call the one person who needs to be called. Engage whatever systems need to be engaged, but engage them at the very most minimal level. Move really, really, really, slowly, because this is a period where it’s easy for body and soul to get separated.

Our bodies can gallop forwards, but sometimes our souls haven’t caught up. If you have an opportunity to be quiet and be present, take it. Accept and acclimatize and adjust to what’s happening. Then, as the train starts rolling, and all the things that happen after a death kick in, you’ll be better prepared.

You won’t get a chance to catch your breath later on. You need to do it now.

Being present in the moments after death is an incredible gift to yourself, it’s a gift to the people you’re with, and it’s a gift to the person who’s just died. They’re just a hair’s breath away. They’re just starting their new journey in the world without a body. If you keep a calm space around their body, and in the room, they’re launched in a more beautiful way. It’s a service to both sides of the veil.

Credit for the beautiful words ~ Sarah Kerr, Ritual Healing Practitioner and Death Doula , Death doula
Beautiful art by Columbus Community Deathcare

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Chemical Heroine of 1916

Her name was Charlotte “Lottie” Meade, married, mother of 4, and a munitions worker in a British factory during World War 1.

On October 11, 1916, Lottie Meade died at the age of 27 in the Kensington Infirmary after a difficult illness.

Her autopsy concluded that Meade’s cause of death was “coma due to disease of the liver, heart and kidneys consequent upon poisoning by tri nitro toluene [TNT].” This was directly attributable to her work in the munitions factory.

On June 21, 2016, the British Royal Mail honored Meade by placing her on a first class stamp in their World War 1 commemorative series.

During the Great War, countless women went to work in munitions factories on both sides of the conflict, and many were poisoned slowly by the chemicals with which they worked, or killed quickly by accidents and explosions. Many who survived were unable to have children.

In Britain, female munitions workers often were called Canaries, because their skin turned yellow from constant exposure to the deadly chemicals they poured into shells destined for the front.

,*But it was through the power they gained through their indispensable work and the experience they earned through collective action that women suddenly were in a position to push their governments for one of the key freedoms denied them, and in the years immediately following the war’s end, one by one, almost all of the warring nations finally granted them the right to vote.

James A. Wheeler Obituary – Bedford/franklin, VA | Roanoke Times

Dad physically exited 9 years ago but spiritually

guides and watches over me .

I am sure he’s part of my being in my new home .

I smile at how proud and thrilled he would be

in human form at my survival and blessing that

reward my efforts .

Watch “Martin Luther King – Inspirational Speech {Be Phenomenal Motivation}” on YouTube

My ears have heard , “what else do you want?

“We” gave Negroes and Women the right to vote ,

what else do you want?

Seated at a table top with women of color in an Asian

Restaurant, I of course over heard their conversation

of injustice …I said , I married upper middle class

who targeted me , drugged by a ” brother” psychiatrist

into surrender that allowed his destruction of home,

children , all that stood in his way of being ” happy” .

His “brothers” have supported his abuses, also targeting

me..Discrimination was constant in the shadow of his

superior family , as he took income and social security

becoming the sirvior, of a crazy wife who nearly ruined


That discrimination shows up as I pro se due to lack

of educated officers of the court unaware or in support

that stand in solidarity of distortion that has no place

on any level on New Earth .

New World Order damned them selves , no God no sin

denies Universal Law ..

I have cried during several of these tributes to a

visionary who was human ..who left a legacy that defies

gender or color to Do Right …

Whose murder left much trauma, ignored .

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Witches -WiseWoman

It was not witches who burned.It was women.Women who were seen as-Too beautifulToo outspokenHad too much water in the well (yes, seriously)Who had a birthmarkWomen who were too skilled with herbal medicineToo loudToo quietToo much red in her hairWomen who had a strong nature connectionWomen who dancedWomen who sungor anything else, really.
ANY WOMAN WAS AT RISK OF BURNING IN THE SIXTEEN HUNDREDSSisters testified and turned on each other when their babies were held under ice.Children were tortured to confess their experiences with “witches” by being fake executed in ovens.Women were held under water and if they floated, they were guilty and executed.If they sunk and drowned, they were innocent.Women were thrown off cliffs.Women were put in deep holes in the ground.
The start of this madness was years of famine, war between religions, and lots of fear. The churches said that witches, demons, and the devil did exist, and women were nothing but trouble. As we see even today, there is often a scapegoat created, and the chaos escalated in Sweden when the Bible became law and everything that did not line up with what the church said became lethal. The Bible fanaticism killed thousands of women. Everything connected to a woman became feared, especially her sexuality. It became labeled as dark and dangerous and was the core of the witch trials throughout the world.
Why do I write this?Because I think the usage of words are important, especially when we are doing the work to pull these murky, repressed and forgotten about stories to the surface. Because knowing our history is important when we are building the new world. When we are doing the healing work of our lineages and as women. To give the women who were slaughtered a voice, to give them redress and a chance of peace.
It was not witches who burned.It was women.
Author: Fia ForsströmThank you Andrea for this post 🙏