Mercury Conjunct Jupiter 27/28

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction occurs approximately once a year.

This cosmic union heightens our awareness of the signs and symbols that the Universe sends our way, guiding us towards our ultimate destiny.

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction energizes us to expand our horizons, embrace new perspectives, and deepen our understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us. It encourages us to tap into our innate wisdom and intuition, deepen our connections, manifest abundance, and fully recognise our true calling in life.

In essence, the meeting of these two powerful planets is a catalyst for spiritual growth and personal transformation. By embracing its energy, we can unlock our full potential and create a life filled with meaning, purpose, and passion

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Mercury Conjunct Jupiter: A Fated Cosmic Collision – March 27-28

Thank you

Alex Myles

Energy Update

By Antonio Arillo

Energy Update by Julie

Multifaceted grid work. I began seeing black nets around the energy fields of certain people and animals a few weeks ago. It was targeting specific areas like the throat chakra or just blocking and harnessing energy flow. These nets were clearable but there was more to it.

Krista Pretty and I worked together on this collective clearing project. Once going deeper into where they originated a blue and white holographic image was found sitting above and around the earth and was connected energetically to the black net web ( this was creating the ones I had been seeing on people and animals) found in the Earth. Both were being signaled from a galactic origin with a red light that was the third area we were sent to. From a previous update I had seen the black energy above the earth and it went into the Earth to hide before being cleared. This set of tech was more sophisticated with the three parts connected.

We started with the blue image and were shown a room with walls but there was something off about it, and it had many layers going out. Once the blue image was cleared we could see behind the walls. There were souls/minions being used to help hold the walls up, there is no actual structure. As this dark energy was removed the walls fell, turning to dusty lava and freeing the souls that were being used.

What we realized was this was causing people to think shadow work was needed but it wasn’t actually shadow causing the disruptions. So, it kept looping back to the same patterns, behaviors, perceived lessons, triggers, ect. because of this tech. Leaving feelings of never being able to find the root causes.

The blue image was used for holding people back by keeping them spinning in circles, procrastinating, having a hard time focusing, throat chakra blocks affecting how we speak and show up, and also affecting the lymphatic system.

The second black net image was attacking lower chakras affecting the nervous system, safety center, fear to move forward with soul missions and projects, relationship conflict, feeling stuck or worried, as well as the ability to ground and feel calm.

The point of origin was attacking the crown chakra and causing a chaos train of spiraling thoughts, head fog, headaches, neck stiffness, constant distractions, confusion, forgetfulness, repeating thought patterns, and affecting the connection to higher self and guides.

This tech as a whole was also interrupting energy flow to the chakras, disrupting the balancing of masculine and feminine energy and contributing to addictions.

Arch Angel Metatron appeared and signaled 3 boxes or sections to transfer the energy and return to source. All were combined and transmuted through a portal.

Once this clearing was complete, the Earth center expanded like a ball of blue electric lightning. This reconnected Earth’s internal core to the external galactic framework, like a nervous system being activated with Golden light anchoring back into Earth.

Dreams have been highlighted with subconscious clearing as well. Galactic history and trauma will now seem clearer and move faster. Themes include grief, guilt, areas where we wish we could have done more, empathy, abandonment, unfairness, and sadness to name a few. Allow the old to just move through you. What we noticed was the things coming up are just waiting for us to let go of the old so more clarity can come in.

People may see a clear difference in connecting with their higher purpose and repairing divine masculine and divine feminine energies in their life and work. For intuitives especially, this will manifest faster spiritual growth (not necessarily easy), new healing methods and more ways to receive information, especially personal galactic history. Many who have been restricted, veiled or hijacked will identify this and begin working their way out, perhaps even public figures. This will also speed up seeing through celebrity-bated social media, seeing where sympathy has been used to fuel greed and seeing where celebrity drama or manipulated narratives distract us.

Update :WOWZA!!!

Energy is just pouring in.
I feel distinctly weird/wired and
my ears are hurting.
We can expect this to continue for most of the week as we head into equinox shifting on the week-end.
The image was taken in Australia and shows the delicate and beautiful Feminine Heart energies that are flowing in at this time.
So soft and gentle, yet so powerful and packing such a wollop!
We are moving back into our connection with the Divine Mother and with our multi-dimensional self.
Our DNA is activating, our Original Human Angelic Template is buzzing and our New Human Light Body Template is vibrating powerfully.
Such a powerful Integration that is happening now as we head towards Equinox where we will balance all these energies.
For myself ( and my cat) we are sleeping a lot at the moment. Lots of rest required and lots of self care.
Go gently.
This is not the time for pushing forward.
Just gently flow with the energies.
You are loved and supported by your Angelic and Galactic families and you are never alone!
Celia Fenn

Current Energies

The energies now are churning up
so much which needs to released and forgiven once and for all so that we can return to the very heart and soul of unconditional love and unity.
As long as there is anger, fear, resentment, those deep festering wounds, we are are in dis-ease and thus attract more dis-ease into our lives as well as stress.
As with our new lightbody forms, our central nervous systems are getting more sensitive to negative energy in any form or way, as our pineal and pituitary glands are reawakened to the highest degree.
I have had moments in the last week, where so much of the Feminine side, the left side of my body suddenly came up, and thus deep Mother healing, but also the Female lines before me, and all I ever was in past lives, especially persecution and that this entailed of the Divine Feminine.
She is back with immense love. I was transmitting the Holy Sophia yesterday, as one of my lessons for my ongoing White Flame of Illumination course, and it was profound.
It was all about the deepest dying onto the old, and being reborn in the Mother’s womb, and indeed being reborn in and with pure love, and thus into the highest state of Love and Unity, as the Divine Feminine Wisdom, then reveals itself in the deepest sense.
Here is the Forgiveness Decree again, and you say this aloud three times, standing with shoulders back, as if commanding an army. It is very powerful. You can do this as often as you like. Note that you may be surprised at what soul memory banks it does open and what needs to be forgiven and released, to free your soul and others, so that you can fully ascend into the New Earth and New Golden Age, without tethers and bonds, hooks and ties pulling you down or in any form still attaching you to the 3D.
Forgiveness Decree

I forgive everyone who has ever hurt or harmed me,
Consciously or unconsciously
In this life or any other.
In every plane, level or dimension known or unknown.
I offer them Grace.

I ask for forgiveness for anyone I have ever hurt or harmed,
Consciously or unconsciously
In this life or any other.
In every plane, level or dimension known or unknown.
I ask for Grace.

I forgive myself for anything I have ever done to hurt or harm myself and another, consciously or unconsciously
In this life or any other
In this universe or any other.
In every plane, level or dimension known or unknown.
I accept Grace.
I am free.
All chains and restrictions fall from me.
I stand in my power as a master.
(Courtesy of Diana Cooper. I am a trained Teacher of the Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension)

Judith Kusel ❤

Photo Credit: Daniel B. Holeman

Update on Ascension

The Sacred Heart: Transfiguration

We are in now stepping into the
Tidal Waves of transformation and transfiguration, as mass awakenings will now start occurring on unprecedented scales as never happened before.
This is an inpouring of immense electromagnetic storm waves, and indeed, these are working directly with the Heart center of humanity, and indeed all creations on planet earth and directly through the Heart center of Mother Earth.
We are now moving into a time of timelessness, where we are literally lifted beyond anything we have known before. We cannot step into the New Earth and the New Creation with the old thinking, old belief systems,
the old structures and forms.
They just will not work in the Higher dimensional state.
We will need to forget all we ever thought we knew and now go deeper into our heart space, become as one with our souls, and the Divine within, and then follow the intuitive inner knowing and guidance, and act on this.
Note every soul now needs to know that it needs to follow this inner knowing, as the heart center opens more and more, and not allow itself to be influence in any way by anyone else.
Keep focused and disciplined on the immensely rapidly inner growth and inner expansion.
Keep it simple.
We are stepping not only into no time – but at the same time a New Creation, yet also the Unknown. It is not there in manifested form as we know it from the dense physicality of the Old Earth and Old 3D. We are stepping into the Unformed, the Form-less, yet within the seeming non-form, all existence lies.
This is the reason why we need to go through transfiguration, and during this transfiguration, there is a phase, which is the non-phase. All dissolves into no-thing, no form, before the new emerges and forms and thus the new Light body and the
New You.
I am being shown the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart is sacred. It is a holy and sanctified space. When I did the opening of the Sacred Heart toning Webinar, a lot of those attending felt their heart center opening like never before, and then had tears. Not tears of woe, but of a deep releasing inside, and then stepping into a deep remembering of something they cannot voice, yet the soul recognizes.
Indeed, what is recognized is the Core Heart of Unconditional Love, and Core state of the Soul Creation, which is pure innocence, yet embraces Omniversal Power.
The Sacred Heart is indeed the Holies or Holies. It embraces immense Power, and indeed this Power connects to All-That-Is.
As the tidal waves of change move in, and with it the bursting forth of new life, totally new existences in totally new and much higher frequency light bodies, we will be lifted more and more, and the only way we can allow this total transfiguration to occur is through the Sacred Heart center.
We will start finding that we speak less. We use less words, especially words empty of feeling and meaning.
For when one enters the space of the Sacred Heart, words fail. One starts communicating at a much higher Cosmic Level, where one communicates wordlessly, heart to heart, soul to soul, and this is the silent language of vibrations and frequencies, which even the deaf can hear.
This is the new communication system. This is the new language. The silent vibrational frequency language of the heart and soul.
I have tears of inspiration writing this.
I have so often experienced this intensely in the last few months and weeks.
When the Sacred Heart is fully open – there is just the Power of the Love in the highest degrees, steeped in the Omniversal Wisdom, which is beyond human words. Through this Divine Light shines through and when all merge as one the Sacred Fires ignite and thus expands the Sacred Heart into a finely tuned communication center, which can tune in Universally.
We are being transformed.
We are being transmuted.
We are being reshaped, reinvented, and indeed, totally brought into non-form to be reformed into New.
It is the Sacred Heart which is the Alpha and Omega – the Portal, the Gate, through which all need to go through before they can step into the fullness of the New Golden Age in the New Earth.

Judith Kusel

2020. Corrective Morality , Radical Configuration happening

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Richard Tarnas, one of the best astrological thinkers on the planet, offered his views on this “grave and astonishing moment.”  Here’s the youtube link:

Excerpts: “This is a time in which there are volcanically intense evolutionary pressures for the radical reconfiguration of all life structures.”

“We’re in the midst of an encounter with a collective mortal emergency that completely focuses our attention.”

“Our agency, as humans, plays a role in how these archetypal energies express themselves. The more courage, imagination intelligence, compassion we can bring to bear on these events, the more free and skillful we can be in shaping the expression of the archetypal energies.”

Quoting Greek philosopher Plotinus, Tarnas says, “The stars are like letters that inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky. Everything in the world is full of signs. All events are coordinated. All things depend on each other. Everything breathes together.”

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David Talbot offers the following thoughts:

The bad news is that it’s end of the world as we know it. The good news is that it’s the end of the world as we know it. And we can use our imaginations to dream up a better world.

I’ve begun jotting down some notes about how civilization can emerge from this catastrophic pandemic in more socially decent and healthy ways.

1. A climate crisis turning point. The skies have never seemed cleaner and brighter. My city has never seemed so quiet and placid. Do we really have to return to a fossil fuel-powered, frantically acquisitive way of life?

2. There is a new appreciation for the daily heroism of health care workers and the fragility of our public health system. Isn’t it past time for America to join the rest of the civilized world and move to Medicare for all?

3. There is a new appreciation for labor in America, especially those who are keeping the country running at warehouses, markets, delivery services. Isn’t it past time for employers like Amazon — run by the richest man in the world who’s now getting richer by the minute — to treat these workers fairly, increasing their wages and benefits and allowing them to join unions?

4. Crime is down and people are shooting each other in America with much less frequency. Does our society have to be so weaponized?

5. We have to think twice or more before reflexively making purchases these days as the ranks of the unemployed swell and the economy crashes. Let’s convert our society from its enslaving consumerism to cooperative networks and reduce our wasteful dependence on the latest fashions, cars and electronic gadgets.

6. Now that it’s dangerous to vote (black Americans can tell us all about that history), we have to reinvent democracy. How about if we we completely convert to a mail ballot system — which would not only make the election process safer, but also more inclusive?

How else can we imagine a new post-plague world? Your thoughts?

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