Separation & Polarity, by Sharon Lyn Shepard

The current battleground of separation and polarity we are observing on earth right now is what continues to hold the antiquated 3d/4d matrix in place. 
If this is the timeline in which you choose to play on behalf of humanity, then by all means take action. However, in order to be of the highest service it’s important to consciously ask: Can I intervene from a place of neutrality, a place of love and compassion? Otherwise, no matter the intent, we are continuing to augment the matrix of duality. 
If, on the other hand, you are choosing a timeline as a creator of the New Earth, which has transcended the matrix of duality, there is no battleground. There is nothing to fight. And yet, how easy it is to get pulled into the chaos and drama that is happening all around us, distracting us from creating a new earth so those who are awakening will have a new reality to step into when they are ready. 
Multiple timelines are playing out right now. During this time of emotional turmoil, I caution each of us to take a step back. Disengage, go deep into our hearts, and listen to the Wisdom of our Soul which will never lead us asunder. We each have our own unique Soul path. Take the time to become clear what your role is and then allow that “Point of Consciousness” to become your guiding star. *~ Sharon Lyn Shepard~
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Message 4men : Surrender

**FOR HER SURRENDER – TRANSMISSION FOR MEN**⁣⁣I had a male client communicate to me today: “she’s so hard. I want her to be softer. It pisses me off when she is so hard. What do I do? I keep telling her to be softer and to surrender in her femininity, but it’s not working.”⁣⁣“Well firstly, you being annoyed by her “hardness” as you put it, is only going to support more hardness.” I replied.⁣⁣She is already “soft” by nature. If she is not willing to be in that energy with you, there are parts of your being which she does not fully trust at this point. ⁣⁣An emotionally reactive and unclear man, is felt as a weak untrustworthy man. You don’t have to like it. It simply is what it is. ⁣⁣Even if her mind wants to trust you, her body will never feel safe enough to open in your company. It will brace in your presence. There will be an energetic cocooning as a form of protection. Not because you are a bad man, but because there are too many parts of you which are unclear, uncertain, and dispersive. This is unsafe for her on every level of love & surrender. ⁣⁣Men, you must realize to some degree what it means for her to be in a place of deep softness and receptivity with you. For you, it turns you on. For her, it’s risking life. ⁣⁣It requires her to release all order and control, which she has been forced to barricade up around herself, based on her past experiences with males. ⁣⁣This is what you are asking when you request for her to “surrender” more. You are inviting her into absolute exposure.⁣⁣On top of that, you are also wanting to literally insert a part of your body up inside of her, in a way which allows you to have full control over how you move it inside of her, in the most sensitive part of her entire physicality. DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH TRUST THIS REQUIRES? ⁣⁣As men, we cannot ever truly feel the reality of this situation in our body, and what it must actually feel like when it is presented in a disconnected and hungry way. ⁣⁣On the other end of the scale, having such intimacy presented in a connected, sensitive and conscious way must be like taking silky rockets of love-drops, made of dark chocolate, to the milky way. Excuse me, I’m veering…⁣⁣Basically, you are requiring her to bathe in oceans of vulnerability. A vulnerability which has been many times before you; used against her – disrespected, judged & dropped.⁣⁣Based on all of this…why on earth would she trust a man who she hasn’t vetted repeatedly?⁣⁣Welcome her challenge. ⁣⁣Welcome her moment to moment tests. ⁣⁣Realize it’s because she actually gives a damn about you. If she didn’t, she would never feel the need to test anything about you.⁣ ⁣If any of this sounds like something you simply don’t want to engage with, then leave her alone. She can probably find someone safer than you. ⁣⁣What men need to see is the beauty in the challenge – the beauty present in the opportunity to demonstrate your wisdom and strength. This, is the dance. ⁣⁣If you are wanting to show up for yourself, for community, for her – regardless of how terrified you may be, beautiful! Stay there, in your integrity, and allow her to continuously experience you. ⁣⁣Finally, the question answered:⁣⁣How do we as men experience woman in her softness? ⁣⁣Through learning how to LOVE HER.⁣⁣Especially in her hardness. Especially in her anger. Especially in her frustration. Especially in her tension. Especially in all the places she has been mishandled and traumatized. ⁣⁣Love her!⁣⁣And then love her more…if you want to. ⁣⁣If you don’t want to, there’s nothing wrong with that – But leave her the fuck alone. She doesn’t need another half-assed version of undercooked love. None of us do. If you are going to be there, at least commit to it.⁣⁣You want her to be soft? Learn how to love her. ⁣⁣Much love,⁣Chris⁣

The Heart of Awakening , Matt Kahn

“When you go through a hard period, 
when everything seems
to oppose you, when you feel 
you cannot even bear one more minute, NEVER GIVE UP! 
Because it is the time and place that the course will divert.”-   

– Rumi

Everything that you have been given the power to survive is here to be honored as a confirmation of your highest expansion in motion.
 I honor your pain, no matter how often you look away or blame anyone for it. 
I honor your grief, despite how much faster you wish it could be resolved.
 I honor your regrets, no matter how deeply you judge yourself for being as you are. I honor your sadness, despite how much time may be spent trying to negotiate your way out of its grip. I honor your frustrations, no matter how drastically the vision of your life differs from the grace of your current reality.
I honor your losses, no matter how big of a case you build against yourself or life as a result of your encounters. I honor your fears, despite how much work may have been done to psychoanalyze yourself under a microscope of shame. I honor your feelings, no matter how often you interpret them as proof of being unworthy or less than the eternal perfection you already are. I honor your memories, despite your best efforts to empty your inner photo album that can be celebrated as your resume of cosmic redemption.
I honor your disappointments, no matter who you ridicule, reject, or abandon whenever life doesn’t go your way. I honor your innocence, whether or not it shines at the forefront or remains buried under layers of hurt, betrayal, agony, and anger. I honor your victories, whether recognized or overlooked throughout each breath. I honor your talents, no matter how much time is spent trying to be like those who are here to be transformed by the gift of your uniqueness. I honor your joy, in whatever form it takes, no matter how often or infrequently it seems to be. I honor your courage, regardless of how often you worry about the things you cannot control.
I honor your destiny, no matter how good of a job you believe you are doing in fulfilling it. I honor your truth, regardless of how often you lash out or shut down. I honor your divinity, whether you are aware of it, awaiting its arrival, or overlooking it wherever you go.
Each facet of experience, no matter how deeply we pray for its demise, in exchange for a more preferable set of circumstances, cannot leave your field and return to Source until it has fulfilled its Divine role of assisting you in becoming more unconditionally loving than ever before. Knowing the mission each aspect has been created to fulfill, perhaps now more than ever before, we may find more moments throughout the day to make embracing our hearts and supporting ourselves the most essential way to unlock the door to life’s most miraculous potential.
Even if becoming the one that loves you the way no one else has loved you before doesn’t produce the feelings you desire, or erase the things you have yet to face, it could only be an even greater opportunity to cherish the one who always seems to want exactly what they don’t have right now.
You have survived the past, which confirms your eternal safety, no matter how often painful emotions echo throughout your being. Despite the circumstances and outcomes at hand, each feeling is only here to be loved. Throughout each embrace, whether you think you are doing it right or would rather spend time doing anything else, the grace of love assists you in ending your internal battles with the kindness, support, and compassion only you can offer the innocence that calls you home. Whatever arises, Love that. 

This is the heart of awakening. 

Matt Kahn ❤

The Moon’s Cresent Has Been Seen and it Has Beg ~ SacredUnions February 26, 2020

The Moon’s Cresent Has Been Seen and it Has Beg ~ February 26, 2020

The Moon’s Cresent Has Been Seen and it Has Beg ~ February 26, 2020
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Just When You Think You’re Enlightened – Lion’s Roar

“Tower moments ” refer to the authentic issues , challenges and steps back

rising, spiritually can be , and sure did not and will never stop or end

my faith in Divine n Me …we are One and that’s Fact …

Still rocking it 😍🥰😘


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Temporary spiritual experiences can be helpful signs of progress, says Andrew Holecek, but they can also be traps.
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Hopi Messenger So Many Truths from Ancestors

Including the messages of the Peace Accord agreed to represented

by the 4Corners

Southern ☦️ Cross, a consciousness in life transition written by Stephen Stills

As a group , Crosby, Stills , Nash and Young , were and still are my

number #1, as I follow their out out individually , I am still in awe.

All these years of love, of taking eldest Ivey to witness their unique

music , and an unintentional 2nd hand high in my 13 year old .

Who had no idea , and I don’t recall grasping it until he requested

a drink …his voice betraying his state of being as suddenly I was

alert to the odor behind us…I politely , but with force , explained my

desire for them to enjoy their concert , but not at the expense of my son.

Their concert , bar none was the very best I have ever seen , our seats were


I was none the less gifted with the news within these comments of Stephen

Stills state of mind , and life breakdown/breakthroughs , as he healed in this

unique place on earth that shall go on my bucket list .

I am very grateful today for the safety of 2 gals and the enrichment of family

as a result of safety , liberation, and spiritual determination.. very humbled

and proud of and for them as the teachings guide me as well …

1 awaits , the timing , the funds , to run away from home, towards sanity

healing abuses of far too many years …love bunnies 🐰, each one advantaged,

over powered , and lesson learned , each is leaping towards their higher divined

future 🙏💗💕♥️❤️😘🥰🌈☮️

I am grateful for the bare roots effort that is my blog and my effort , and

a new follower as of today .. many of my followers are from other countries

which pleases me , greatly .

Her poem caught my attention ,

oh i lack the strength

of loving anything that will last

less than forever


Totally concur , as the music 🎶 and words expand a conscious male’s expression

of transitions that a divine wake up call, and I cannot imagine a more divine

experience than that of the Southern Crosss👍🏼❤️🎁


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Crosby, Stills, & Nash

Better Man – Clint Black

It was early on , in his career, when I witnessed Clint

Black in concert , which was pretty awesome .

This song Better Man, is an enlightened divine masculine

and his clarity in such a strong voice spoke to me

in the past .

Preferably, how transformations will bring acknowledgement

and implementing of a higher manner , less anger , and

awareness of divine feminine energy in less competitive

and controlling equality ..

Grasping our unique missions , individually and collectively

whilst being supported , utilizing the very best, transforming

the negatives of past with facts, truths , and healing via

empowering …

The delicious signs are all around , of healing , of awakenings

of truths with held .. Even in this frigid weather , Sun shines

to love is my Pisces ♓️ Nature …To receive is Divine’s Message

I can be loving without overdoing , which was ongoing lessons

allowing the end of painful experiences.. Me first , has never

been my gig , withdrawal was for balance , retreat , and sadly

seldom have I mattered enough for support in horrific situations

within family ..As a veteran of that imbalance , discernment

and faith in Divine who does hear my prayers and reveals

each and every day , just how much I matter , and to continue

my liberation that provides the foundation .

Perhaps as a better wo’man , the better man will arrive in

vibration , liberated from his past , and leaping forward in

sacred friendship with space for growth , all round .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna