“Those who understand the value of light have once sat in the darkest rooms. Those of greatest faith have once lived during trials when the angels were silent. Those who have found their calling have once lived in unimaginable emptiness. The most loving have been cruelly betrayed. Many who now live in abundance once had nothing. For these souls, the world was once a terrible place, not a home. In truth, the greatest have many times been the least.

These souls are alchemists. They have asked to die in their old traumatized selves and resurrect new ones. They know the darkness but give it no energy. They have become what they themselves once needed most. Light, and they know that’s how all the suffering will stop.” – Eden Atlantis ❤️

Healthy Holy Man


You will be confused, at first it will seem selfless or not very intense. You would think there’s something off about him, or that you’re not the center of his attention.

When a sane man comes to you, he’s not going to put you in a state of delirium and demand, he won’t demand attention and he won’t harass and control you.

When you attract a healthy man, they will have some things in common, but he’s not going to make the effort to love you and be nice all the time, he’s going to show for himself.

When a healthy man comes to you, he shares his peace and calm with you, he includes you in his life without training you and he respects your time.

He will show you who he is instantly, the masks won’t come off after a few months that will confuse you.

He will not waste space, he will listen to your silences and know your cycles.

When you attract a healthy man, only then will you know you’ve broken the repetitive pattern of attracting toxicity and violence, and you’ll know you’ve healed what was broken inside you.

Wish you all the things you deserve.

CNAs & my Blessing having had Destiny , and friends in Rehab

Destiny is on the right, and I could not have dreamed of a better caregiver , whom I plan to visit with, asap.

What a truly beautiful experience she provided , a bond created that’s normal and natural and blessed divinity .

This was posted on her wall, and I’m sure of the authenticity of these words … Earth Healing Angels ( with a few exceptions) are at risk, at work, overworked and underpaid…

Our healthcare system, must do better , be better …

Be a CNA they said. However, what they didn’t say was how fast we have to run after an exit seeking resident. Or how to deal with angry and upset residents who’s spitting in my face, scratching my arms to pieces, and hitting me in confusion. Or how to deal with a resident who’s deathly ill screaming for God to take them. Or how hard it is to deal with a resident during the holidays who never has any family come see them and they’re crying to you asking you why their family didn’t show up. Or how to juggle so many pages at one time. Or how to deal with the silent melt downs in the bathroom from the stress or losing your first resident. Or how to deal with the feeling of defeat after a long shift and wishing you could’ve done so much more but you didn’t have time to just juggle so much at once..

But I’ll tell you what. Nothing compares to joy you’ll feel when you give a resident an amazing shower and they tell you they love you just because you cleaned them. Or the bittersweet happiness you feel when residents grab you by the hand when they’re almost too weak to eat and just won’t let go of you because your presence is comforting them. Or when a resident who changes from hangry to absolutely happy from one meal just because you were there to help them eat. Or how trusted you feel the first time a resident remembers your name in a new facility when asking for certain favors. Or how important you feel when their family members ask YOU to do special favors for their loved one.

Being a cna is everything but easy. It’s exhausting, hard, emotional, aggravating, fast pace, heartbreaking and sometimes even ugly. But I can guarantee you there’s not another rewarding job such as this. I love my grouchy residents, my happy residents, my needy residents, my sad residents and even the residents who are completely dependent on the staff for their survival bc they can’t do anything for them self. Listening to these residents stories or their happiest moments, knowing they trust me with that much information is such a blessing and such a good feeling. No matter how hard my day was to deal with, how long it was, how busy it was, how it took my all that day just to get through my shift…

I absolutely love what I do. 💛

Waking from sleep – Mad in America

Spirituality can take on the DSM , psychiatry view point of mental illness .

I found this true .

Around the Web, from Spirituality and Psychology/Steve Taylor: “A few years ago, feeling serene and exhilarated after a meditation, I decided to go for a walk. It was a beautiful evening – clear blue sky beginning to get dark, orange where the sun was going down, a few stars beginning to shine through. I walked around the field near my house several times, looking at the sky, amazed at how beautiful it was. My mind was quiet and I felt full of vitality. I began to feel as though I was being engulfed in the sky, and my normal sense of space was changing. The sky didn’t seem ‘up there,’ it seem to be around me, a part of me. I felt that the blue-black space around me was alive, that the universe was a living being. Every time I stared at the sky, the feeling grew stronger. It only stopped when my mind started thinking again.

Most of us have experiences like this from time to time, when the world becomes more real and beautiful. Natural phenomena like trees, rocks and the sky become alive, and reveal their inner being to us. An atmosphere of harmony seems to fill our surroundings, which may intensify into a radiant energy or ‘spirit-force’ which pervades all things. We feel a tremendous sense of well-being and the world becomes a benevolent and meaningful place. Our normal sense of separation fades away; all things seem related, as if they’re expression of one essential oneness, and we feel a part of this oneness too.

These experiences are sometimes referred to as ‘higher states of consciousness’ or ‘spiritual experiences.’ However, in my book Waking From Sleep, I suggest that rather seeing them as transcendent or ‘higher,’ we should see them as natural. I believe these experiences represent a way of seeing and relating to the world which was once normal to human beings, but which we have lost.

It’s possible to see ‘normal’ human consciousness as a kind of ‘sleep’ which we wake up from in these moments. Most people are asleep in the sense that their perception of the world is automatic, so that they aren’t able to sense the is-ness and alive-ness of our surroundings. They’re also asleep in the sense that they see all things as separate to each other, and experience themselves as separate entities, as egos enclosed in their mental space with the rest of the world ‘out there.’ Seen through this state of consciousness, life seems meaningless, and the universe may appear an indifferent and even hostile place.

This state of consciousness is extremely dangerous, and can be seen as the root of our species’ reckless disregard for the environment. Since we see the natural world as inanimate and as something other to us, we have no qualms about abusing it. We see it as nothing more than a supply of resources to use for our own for our own devices, without responsibility.

However, I believe that this state of sleep is really a psychological aberration, and that it is actually natural and normal for us to be ‘awake.’”

Lots going on in Feb for a short month

February is the month of Forward Movement! It is a Retrograde-Free month, which is a rare energetic Portal, that will last through April 20th. This is a boost of cosmic energy, that supports significant changes and growth in the external, physical reality, as New Choices,

New Opportunities, New Beginnings.

We will have Fiery Full Moon in Leo on Feb 5th, which will Square Uranus – expect the unexpected! We will also move through Magical Venus-Neptune Conjunction right around Valentine’s Day -Major Higher Heart Energies, as well as 222 Gateway of Ascension, which will be loaded with Powerful Activations.

The energies of February very much feel like energies of the Destined Events, and is a preparation for

the Epic Energetic Events of March.

February 2nd – 2-2-2023 Energy Portal

February 5th – Full Moon in Leo

February 15th – Venus-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces February 16th – Sun-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius

February 19th – New Moon in Pisces

February 22nd – 2-22-2023 Gateway of Higher Ascension. ~divineenergyworks

©Mégane Claire

Take Back Your Energy

Energy / Ascension Update:

Time to claim back your divine power / Soul recall affirmation – prayer

The emotional body is breaking open so do not worry if you are very emotional, feeling sad or down, old dense feelings you are still holding onto are resurfacing to finally let go to receive the blessings.

Distracting ego thoughts like: why am I still not with my beloved divine partner, what am I doing wrong, why am I still stuck not moving forward, where is the success and rewards I worked for so long.

Feeling tired and need for rest with flue like ascension symptoms.

Believe me I am very tired also and long for all new to start.

Please do not give up and continue to focus on self love and self care as we are moving towards real unconditional love.

We continue aligning with our higher self and I Am presence.

It is important to go within and regroup. Reclaim back your life force energy through doing a power callback from all the external distractions. Show up for yourself through focusing on your own goals and plans.

This is part of travelling into higher dimensions where you will reunite with loving soul family, tribe, and Holy Grail union.

I felt the need to go to the beach today and recall back all my lost soul fragments and life force and made an affirmation for you to do the same.

Affirmation / Prayer:

In the name of my Divine I AM Presence, In the name of My Father Mother Creator God / Source.

I demand and comment that all my lost soul fragments from all time, space and dimensions be returned to me and make my soul whole and complete.

I demand and command that all my life force stolen from all time, space and dimensions be returned, restored and re-balanced in divine feminine and masculine energies.

I request that my highest energetic team and archangel Michael clear me from any remaining distractive ego thoughts, false beliefs, false guidance, dense and dark lower vibrational energies, hooks, cords, hexes, spells, AI, vows, promises, negative karma, not serving my highest and best new ascended life in divine unity love be deleted, removed or transformed into higher dimensional love.

Dear I AM Presence I do not want to be controlled and guided by my ego any longer. I demand and command you to take over all control and free me from all false guidance & temptation.

Divine I AM Presence please help me connect with my higher self and lead me into my new ascended life on the higher dimensional plane, connecting and aligning me with the higher realms, my divine counterpart and my higher love, light and soul family.

Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done.

With divine blessings 🙏😇💖

David Alexander Lightfoot


The exploratory surgery while I had a very bad UTI and ruptured appendix procedure has me weak but able to use the urnial to the amazement of my aids ; I’m damn good at it .

Slicing and dicing my bowels is painful and I’ve not had anything for pain since arrival at Rehab which is cruel. It’s affecting my sleep and I plan to resolve it

I have weakness in my legs which others are reporting as well and have plans to do energy work as well as supplements to correct .

I’m working on increasing my insurance coverage asap which I’ve tried to do for several years

When I woke from matrix of bipolar mental illness and learned that my cobra serve was running out , my fears of a catastrophic illness or disease would challenge me .

I tried unsuccessfully to get insurance , all took my deposit and a few payments , received a pre approved medical bill and threw me out. One company didn’t even cover the state of Virginia and I found this out 3 months after waiting for an appointment with a specialist , who told me upon arrival for said appointment that ” I’m not taking new patients” !

After buying my last house and in legal battles with ex , I signed on with Anthem Blue Shield with poor credit was $3000 deposit just to sign up

My Bipolar diagnosis still in play the policy would be $1000 per month , and I had a new $1000 house payment It was very scary and when I received a bill for $3000 2 weeks after signing up ; I quit that matrix

The coverage at $1000 per month did not cover glasses or dental !

Blue Cross/ Anthem did not refund my $3000 deposit and my futile efforts to have that money returned has met nothing but dead ends .

I’m in awe of the mostly women who have cared for me and their dedication and compassion are inspiring.

They do release our current medical model is in dire need of improvement, better pay and work conditions. I have deep gratitude and respect and share my experience and cutting edge quantum healing which they seem interested in .

Teacher/Student the beat goes on and I’m aware of the lessons I’m learning and light I’m receiving and dispersing.

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna😘❤️🥰


Tested time after time , my surgery and recovery are yet one more hurtle .

I’m better but have a ways to go and my faith and determination are solid .

Magical people assist me and come into my life wherever I am and I’m gratified

What falls away is supposed to to make space for what’s in my best interests now.

I used to worry what did I have to offer , what was my worth and how could I best serve ? After years of being targeted by distortions to protect unspeakable abuses , I had to learn again I am love and I bring love and not everyone has the eyes to see and the heart to accept me ❤️

This surgery has brought me to a place of comfort and peace and patience because of the very special and unique earth angels that are at the ready to stand beside me and support me and that’s beautiful; money cannot buy happiness or these bonds that are of value beyond that I have known in the past . With the exception of the Heaven on Earth I knew as a young Mom I have never known that love ; the sweetest ever and that challenges the distorted , greedy and controlling.

I know I’ll be on my own and that’s ok until the man shows up that has a hand for my back and no knives to harm me . It’s hardly a consideration now as I fight to regain my physical strength and return to my room and seek my home 🏡

Medical treatment this time around has twice opened the door to psychiatry which I politely slam shut just as I reject the common offer of chemo for 1 cancerous polyp.

# I Got This

Ancient Souls

‘When you love an Ancient Soul’

“There is a special kind of person in this world who is often misunderstood. These people tend to be the loners, the free spirits, the innocent lovers. They see the world for all they can – and should be – although the world rarely sees them.

They are the old souls, the dreamers, the people in tune with life, so intuitive of emotions that they frighten us. They frighten us not because of who they are, but because of who we are not, what we lack.

Ancient souls reach depths we cannot understand. They have a connection with God, with the Universe, with Nature, and that’s why they are the people who will change the world.

We often feel inferior, as if we have to strive to stay remotely close to their level, to be worthy of their love.

It takes a confident person to love an old soul. But it’s worth it. It will change your life.

They are romantic, they are loyal, they help us grow, they are not materialistic, they understand the deep connections in life, they are grateful, they are examples of bravery.

They walk the most painful roads of this life, and yet somehow they find the courage to smile. Of being selfless. Support others. Loving an old soul and being loved by it is a gift from the Universe!”

— Louisa Fletcher

Art | Ellen Uytewaal