Never Passing Through , Nor Repeating.. We May Never Have the Offering Again

In Spirit , I became aware of closure of a 20 year

Cycle, a 50 year cycle , and of ending generational

trauma , that I have personally reviewed in a

consciousness that says if I don’t , I must repeat

2018 energy…

Now , while it was a very teaching year, of great

importance , an imbalance rose up enough , to

not want to address it again. I have addressed it as

best I can, often met with silent energy that can be

perceived in various ways, intent on messaging

which increased my inner work, which led me to

multidimensional awareness. In peaceful surrender

I note that , in crossing over , transitioning out of negatives

and leaning into positives , I accept that there will be

changes, ie losses.

It’s a graduation Spiritually , that allows hope to motivate

me , despite fears , or lack that may nudge me in old 3D

negativity , for I have traveled far and have further yet to go.

Still my hearts awareness that one heart struggles , as did

in trust, in surrender , not acknowledging the universal

” test” that do not cease until surrendered to one’s destiny

and grand design. I understand , I support self journalism

quest in healing, self empowerment , accountability ,

responsibility , acceptance , moving forward , growth

at whatever rate , with whatever resources in what ever

mode of spirit.

Aware that a cut off exist , and turning backwards is not

an option , that stepping out of stuck, painful shadow

lacking trust and faith is difficult. Plus we want to rest,

have fun, enjoy ourself. Reward for job well done.

Unsure of what is…fear , is not enough for me to not

accept the mission, the challenge with in spirit that

closes one door and opens a multitude of others , that

I must roll with .. Love & Always and Forever is worthy

of standing for, of holding space for..Ordained , yet free

willed ..clarity would note the balance , ending competition

doubts , lack of trust , and tradition that doesn’t resonate

any longer ..

So indeed , despite the adversity, the gifts 🎁 have been amazing

Adoration I shall carry silently , deeply , as I leap towards

the trinity that is my #3 …

Seals n Croft – We May Never Pass This Way Again

A Song Called ‘Quiet’ Struck A Chord With Women. Two Years Later, It’s Still Ringing : NPR

Born as a vessel for one person’s trauma, the song by MILCK became an anthem overnight after the 2017 Women’s March. But it wasn’t done growing.
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41 Percent of Republicans Are Uncomfortable With a Woman President, Poll Indicates

An admin that res presents Domestic Abuse , whose acts

actions and not actions , as formers alignment with this

credo is exposed .. and purging , as to be transformed

walking beside , not in front , not behind ..Spirit has no

gender . The end of this retro concept , leaps out of 50

years of repression/depression.

Each act speaks of the character ..good/bad , shadow/light .

A considerable number of GOP respondents in a poll expressed that they would not be comfortable seeing a woman in the Oval Office.
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‘It’s a man’s problem’: Patrick Stewart and the men fighting to end domestic violence | Society | The Guardian

He grew up witnessing his Mum’s abuse , and makes a

strong advocate in consciousness that’s refreshing .

Stewart, David Challen and the Hart brothers know the devastation abuse can wreak – and are challenging the idea that it is a women’s issue
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Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20–21, 2019 – Where and When to See

I own a book with charts of eclipse placement in

a given year .. One of our sons , had 4 which was

double the others I looked at .

Total lunar eclipse on January 20–21, 2019: Where and when is the Blood Moon visible and what will it look like? Visibility map, animation, and local times.
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Concent : A great Way To Renew Self -Forgiveness In Not Knowing

Her voice is AOL -Hell o , but so many facts within

in discussion thoughts/belief/consent . Cognitive Desensitize

is Detachment and we mourn the non attachment of our youth.

Often it’s difficult when trauma creates a wall , for which we are

ill prepared , children are too often subjected to survival mode

which inheritance is anger .

It has been delicious to be on my way that has brought calm to my

heart , often joy , and enhanced my hope to open pathways ,

offered by folks or research/networking which results in my

“Mission Statement ” is set .

It has been since I was a child, multidimensional is something

Pisces is , just is.. Fractured pieces of light, blessed beyond measure

to have been pushed beyond a point that required , I open

the door to infinite …everything …

I gave my consent , as I peered into C’s navy blue eyes , as I had

his Dad’s blue eyes , and more so with #2 and #3 and Harper’s

soul in creation , my love , my efforts will liberate you to

love who you will , and be loved in return.. Horrors of childhood

eradicated in all ways.. Children sovereigns, conscious integral

beings protected and guided .

It’s lovely to see this implanted , knowing we reached critical mass

and balance will be restored individually and collectively .

Those withholding benevolent consent, support , language

ethics on all level will be revealed , abled to transform within

as we all rise from the world created in large part to separate

us from our Divinity .

The Lack of Gentle Platonic Touch in Men’s Lives is a Killer – The Good Men Project

I see it, I feel it, it resonates , please read 🦉🤓

Mark Greene explores how in American culture, men avoid all contact rather than risk even the hint of causing unwanted sexual touch.
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