Woman , May I ?

May I call you….

When life has hurt you so much
And despair strikes

May I stand behind you and support you

When the pain is so bad
That you hoist yourself up in a steel armor
So that nothing can touch you

May I still be close to you

When your heart has grown cold and bleak
Because it has been disappointed so often

May I warm it again

When your heart is too heavy with grief
So it feels like it wants to come out of your chest

May I help you carry your sorrow

When you think that no one listens to you anymore
To the stories of your pain

May I hear them again

When you feel supported by me
And have felt my love

May I then be with you?

Ineke Akkerman

To the Woman who has given 2Much


To the woman who has given too much.
To the woman who has no idea how she will keep going like this, every day.

I see you.

I see how exhausted you are.
I see your desire to run for the hills without a care in the world.

And I know that if you did so,
the world which you have created,
would collapse, without you.

So, of course, that is not an option.

And I know, just how oppressive the weight of that can be.
How suffocating it is.
How scary that feels sometimes.

And I also know, how grateful you are for this load you carry.
For it’s everything you need and yet all that consumes you.

And that’s ok.

It is okay to feel weary, even when the weight is that of your blessings.
It is still heavy to carry.

There is no space for shame in that load of yours.
No space for guilt, no space for perfection.
Set those down.

Lighten your load of those things.

Next, take out the need to conform to others’ expectations.
And gather up all the past mistakes. And the worries for the future.

They can all go.

Lastly, the spaces you have just made should be filled with rest, for rest is very much doing.
And then add in your joy.

And whatever space is left, leave it there.

Ready for new things, which will show up as soon as they see their space waiting.

It’s high time.

Donna Ashworth
Art by Paula Belle Flores

wordsofwisdom #youarenotalone

Sexual Energy

Sex at its lowest is nothing but
pure animality.
At its lowest, sex is nothing but a
biological urge, a mere satisfying
of lower fleshly desires.⁣

Sex at its highest is a prayer and meditation.
Sex at its highest is communion with
God&Goddess. Sex at its highest is
the meeting of the Universal soul.
Sex at its highest is the dissolving into
the ocean of the infinite. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Sex at its highest is no longer just sex.
At its highest, sex is the bonding together
of two individuals, who are merging their
energies into one divine movement and
vibrating on the same frequency.
Sex at its highest is the finding and the
maintaining of the same wavelength within
two individuals, because it’s the coming
together of opposite polarities forming
a complete circuit. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

Sex at its highest is the ecstatic uniting
of the God and Goddess within Self, in
both. Sex is a Sacred Energy Exchange
of Magnetic and Energetic Energies.

May all learn to honour it and keep it
sacred for their Beloved.

Please be mindful who you share energies

When a man enters your womb, what
type of energy and consciousness does
he have?

Is he bitter, is he happy, does he love
himself, does he love you? Is he a positive
or negative thinker?

When a woman makes love to you is
she blessing you or cursing you?

Is she bitter, is she happy, does she
love herself, does she love you? Is she
a positive or negative thinker?

Sex is a ritual of exchanging DNA, Energies,
Thoughts, Emotions and Spirits. During
sex, you become a spiritual sponge for
the consciousness and energy of that
other person.

Each pump and each thrust is an

Are they draining your life force and
your energy or are they recharging
healing and re-fueling your spirit?

Are they leading you into un-fulfillment
low frequency energy, negativity,
depression and destruction, or are they
elevating you into a higher frequency of
love, life and bliss?

Be mindful of the TRUE POWER OF SEX!

Be mindful and master how your sexual
energy is being exchanged, received and
returned back to you.

Sex should be healing, powerful,
rejuvenating medicine to every part of your
being…From a cellular level, to your organs,
to your mind state, and to your spirit and


Creating Space for D.F .

CALL TO ACTION: Creating space for the Divine Feminine is more than just trendy words or room decor. It is a promise we make deep within our Spirit to develop a relationship, a communion with the Feminine aspect of God no matter what we believe or practice. How do we do this when there are scant few holy books to guide us, when there isn’t an established protocol of communion laid out for us? To simply mimic what has been done for the patriarchal aspect of God might be a beginning, but consider this: Do you have the same relationship with your Father as you do your Mother? What are the differences? The expectations? What is your heart’s deepest desire? These are noteworthy considerations that serve as today’s journal prompt. What do we mean by a relationship with the Divine Feminine? How do we even know where to begin? I have known for years that this was a calling within me. It began as a question (Why is there no Mother in the sacred trinity? Why aren’t we told about God the Mother? I imagined She had done something terribly wrong and was ostracized somewhere beyond the realm of reach. After all, this was largely the lesson I got from the Bible of what happens to most women: punishment, banishment, turned to salt, leprosy, stoning – it seemed it never ended well for any woman of the Bible, and that mostly they served as a warning on how not to be. That and that God didn’t like women. It breaks my heart to even write that, but it’s true. That isn’t entirely the Bible’s fault – more the hermeneutics which most Christian sects employ. The Bible is a vast, profound book of mystery and wonder, but it’s largely used as a tool with which to generate fear and judgment, and to gain and maintain power over others. Even those that regularly attend church rarely visit the depths of it, instead letting pastors and ministers decide which verses are important. But I digress. It took a lifetime of searching and querying, stumbling and gestalt to even begin to know where a

Watch “A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson Audiobook” on YouTube

Her books on tapes were vital as Psychiatric RX and distorted entities , hacked my life force .

Indeed I Returned to Love and I won’t entertain living without love ❤ that’s so tangible ..often in a strangers eyes … ah the delicious mystery of love and life and glory ❤ to Divine to know of loves presence and permanent place in my life and the gift of surrender to this ❤and releasing those who do not see me , do not hear me , do not allow that I matter , Thy Will is Done .

Cycle ended. Job completed , Thank You for the Lessons .

DO you Love Me 💘

“Do you love me?” ” asked Alice.
“No, I don’t love you!” ” responded the White Rabbit.
Alice frown and shook her hands as she would whenever she felt hurt.
See ? the White Rabbit replied to her
Now you’re going to start wondering what makes you so imperfect and what did you do wrong so I can’t love you even a little.
You know, that’s why I can’t love you.
You won’t always be loved Alice, there will be days when others will be tired and bored of life, head in the clouds, and hurt you.
Because that’s how people are, they somehow end up hurting each other’s feelings, either through indifference, misunderstanding, or conflict with themselves.
If you do not love yourself, at least a little, if you do not create an armor of self-love and happiness around your heart, the weak nerves caused by others will become lethal and destroy you.

***The first time I saw you I made a pact with myself: “I will avoid loving you until you learn to love yourself. ” 💜

  • Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland

Love yourself…….Get into your Power

Watch “LOVE. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) – John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (official music video 4K)” on YouTube

The story behind the song in the words of John Lennon & Yoko Ono.

John: I’d always had a fantasy about a woman who would be a beautiful, intelligent, dark-haired, high-cheekboned, free-spirited artist (à la Juliette Gréco).

My soul mate. Someone that I had already known but somehow had lost. A woman who would give me what I got from a man intellectually. I wanted someone I could be myself with.

With Yoko I really knew love for the first time. The only woman I’d ever met who was my equal in every way imaginable. My better, actually. The dream became a reality.

Yoko: He had a very intelligent side that appealed to me and also a kind of sensitivity. He was awake but he was a bit unfocused, like a lost soul.

John: I was lonely. I didn’t have full communication with anybody and it took a bit of adjusting.

Yoko: and then when we met, he suddenly had a clear vision like he used to have when he was a boy.

John: She rediscovered the thing that existed in me before I left Liverpool and re-cultivated the natural John Lennon that had been lost in the Beatles.

She encouraged me to be myself because it was me that she fell in love with, not the Beatles or whatever I was.

Yoko: he was incredibly shy. I know you’re not going to believe this, but he was. And that made me feel like we were two of a kind.

John: She came and reminded me that there was light. And when you remember there’s light, you don’t want to get back in the dark again.

Yoko: I was a very lonely person before I met John. When I met him I stared to open up a little through love and that’s the greatest thing that happened to me yet.

I had never met anybody else who could understand me. That’s rare. Most men really don’t. We understand each other so well. I’m not lonely any more, which is a shocking experience, really.

John: Love is a great gift, like a precious flower. You have to feed it and look after it. It has to be nurtured like a very sensitive animal because that’s what it is.

You have to work at love. You don’t just sit round with it and it doesn’t just do it for you. You’ve got to be very careful with it. It’s the most delicate thing you can be given.

Yoko: When you send love to your loved one, you are not just sending love to the special person in your life, you are sending your love to yourself, our planet and the universe.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream.
A dream you dream together is reality.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

Keanu Reeves Nails this Evolutionary Leap.

“Humans are about to release themselves from the matrix.”
A war is underway that will shape the future of human existence and the world we leave to our children is silently optimistic about the future because humanity shows signs of breaking the matrix.
The human race has been reduced to slavery for thousands of years,
we have been kept in mental prison by dark elites and secret societies who have done their best to oppress us and prevent us from achieving our potential.
The real world matrix is starting to crack. Humanity shows signs of the release of the matrix.
What a time to be alive!
Exciting times we live in.
Yes, of course, there are many people who are only interested in the Kardashians, but a large portion of the population has been awakened.
The most important thing is that there is now a war between our supreme masters and those who want to free us.
What is the matrix?
the matrix is a holographic universe projected into us by those who want to control us.
Humanity has been repressed and controlled in this way for millennials.
We think it’s real, but in reality it’s just a movie that’s playing in the collective consciousness,
which presents itself as “reality”.
This is a Spiritual shift that needs to take place.
People have had enough of useless wars, totalitarian leadership and authoritarian control.
People wake up to what’s really important in life.
It is time to regain our infinite power and open the doors of our mental prison.
It is not an easy thing to do, but it is time to walk in the light of freedom.”

~ Keanu Reeves ❤