I no longer sit at tables where I might be the topic when I get up | TODAY.com

I ignored this , way too long , especially in

former married life , and it cost me dearly

but it did teach me ..

2018 brought a new wave of this energy

manipulating a sacred friendship , and I

stepped away .. it’s happening again with

another single male friend , shaming him

for not friending younger , sexually active


Said 1 in 2016 to be out of the blue in a business

related exchange , at my home


I’m into 35 year old women !


That’s chill I’m into 35 year old men!!

I’m not but I came back quick with words

my only defense against uncalled for

communication, and discrimination.

Assuredly not into him, I’m guessing my

request for a quote of very necessary work

on a property , a rental , was in his ego

mind , a sign of lust for him… not

He refused to give me a quote , hanging

with the landlord , and any respect I had

towards him evaporated …

The mind games or concepts of friendship of

a few folks , has not prohibited deeply held

respectful unions …for which I am deeply


After last year , I went internally to review

as well as check myself , horrified at the twisted

sisters who adversely , and negatively affected

shamefully someone who is transitioning .

Mask were off and on , results were devastating

regrettably …

So the effort to resurrect that energy from

anyone , will be noted and transmuted ..

I’m refuse to give anyone who behaves

in discrimination, judgement , critical

assessment any energy ..🔥

Former projected it was always someone

else … no , Dude it was your hysteria …

your drama, fed others , that they say or do

in your steed .. a force unto itself …


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna 😘

Find a new seat.
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Skateboarding Women in India Challenge Gender Norms in This Must-Watch Video

Skateboarding Women in India Challenge Gender Norms in This Must-Watch Video
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Desperate single dad of three with £4.61 in the bank wept after waiting weeks for Universal Credit before killing himself – The Sun

This should never happen, ever .

Desperate single dad of three with £4.61 in the bank wept after waiting weeks for Universal Credit before killing himself – The Sun
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Must Reads: How millennials replaced religion with astrology and crystals – Los Angeles Times

The dogma and separation fear based religions have ensured

the shift to spirituality , which can include ancient practices

which are mocked by those unaware .. Religious zealots

reduced those who practiced , especially women to

sorcery, witches, bad news .. Just as Eve was..

Just as Mary was , according to those who chose to

deny the truth & light .

It’s delicious to acknowledge the mysteries of spiritual

life , to feel at peace in heart and soul , and to join these

liberated , free thinkers as New Earth evolves to

Heaven on Earth ✊🏽☮️🤓😎🌈🎁🤩😘💯

Love from a Boomer ❤️🎁

Blessings & Peace

Much Thanks to Millennials🙏🏼🌈

❤️ ©️

Doña Luna

As people sour on the religious beliefs they grew up with, a new generation is embracing astrology apps, tarot cards, crystals and other spiritual practices.
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Black Woman Appointed California’s First-Ever Surgeon General

So looking forward to the day that this news won’t require

black or woman to announce success or advancement in

one’s field .🤓

I have listened to her on Ted Talks , and she’s brilliant ,

powerful , and uber worthy ✅✅✅.🤩🤓🥳


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

California Governor Gavin Newsom appointed a Black woman to be the state’s first surgeon general on Monday
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100 Years Ago, Women Were Beaten and Tortured For the Right to Vote | A Mighty Girl

Grateful that after winning our freedoms as women

which is a birthrights of the universe , the forces that

challenge or abuse are highlighted that finally balance

is restored in all ways .

Denial or threats to these rights always escalate as this

becomes political , which is becoming extinct , as becoming

acutely aware of the wormholes , the dark shadow is

dispelled ..


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Remembering the forgotten history of the Women’s Suffrage Movement’s “Night of Terror”
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