It is not visionary , or fake , when I sense

the essence of light , but a gift 💝 that has

been a guided when I’m in my 0 point .

I have labored long and hard to know and

do better , and it’s time.

I surrendered to this 16 years ago, given my

life thus far , how I could impact the folks

who need to hear my message the most.

I’ve been all over the place in my studies ,

and it comes together beautifully like an

heirloom quilt .

The fruition of my child 🧒 hood dreams .

Dad looked like Elvis , was uber not fun when

tired , which I assured you was worn out tired .

Cindy , next door her Mom , Rose 🌹and Grand

Mother , brother Barry , and Woody , a Father

like none other, a survivor of cancer , who

lost his voice , ate through a tube , and smoked

his Camels to the end . He did not die of cancer .

This family aided in my upbringing with grace

and inclusion I did not feel at home.

Proper English ladies guided me , there was much

light around me . It helped , but there was always

the unspoken , the puffs of breath as if exasperated

from Mom who was feeling alone and servitude

would be her life.

As I pondered this Full Moon in Libra , of which

I am aware will bring gifts and openings long

time coming , I leap forward to May, and Taurus

full Moon, My Moon . Younger brother by 14

months , and could nurture and turn it off like

a faucet …each thus unstable for my Peace

and foundational energy , as theirs was not

stable , and communication with held , seemed

weaponized. I was not sure of how to self care

but found stability within others homes , just

as there was drama, but overtly it was the highly

bonded family , the Mom heard her child.

Working Mom’s as well, the whole family

unit engaged, and aware of each other, in

a unison lacking in my home. I never considered

living with Granny Zola, or Granny Cora &

Grandaddy Grayson , I stayed within my family

unit until 18 ..

My dreams were of communication, of caring

of laughter , beauty with gardens , space to run

or walk , all one needed in a harmony of

peace , that silence welcomed and understood

as holy , and sacred for individual growth .

Creative space as well, not out there somewhere

but honored in the home place . There are shows

that honor this sweet , simple, spiritual home

which is my personal Moon Mother Taurus .

As I listened to HZ music , impressed to learn

it raises one’s vibration positively @900HZ

which occurs to me , might be RX for mood ,

I glanced up at my dreamcatcher which is

3 Wolves , in stained glass .

That took my mind to my Native American

Astrology which is beautifully drawn in chalk

and shows 12 grandmothers , grandfathers

which Azure said was a lot at the time.

I began to weep , as my mind wrapped around

her words , and my awareness, as a Pisces

who represents all 12 signs, with a grandparent

to “hold” me in each !

As my awareness expands to receive these gifts

I am comforted, beyond measure , as I surrendered

to the power of love that is the universal heart

beat , that in my awakening , I am born again

and I laid the blue print that is the 10 of Cups

and it’s unfolding as Empress & Empress

who have come together in a higher love

that is Divinity itself , with our reality , our

center , our core in harmony , in sacred

union of souls . Nothing before it that was not

a stepping stone towards each other , poof

gone ..

Nothing between us , to block our paths as

intergraded, multifaceted people in union

as friends, lovers, partners . Debates but not

arguing . Authentic , and Deep , Funny , Safe

and Trusting , Erotic and Mysterious .

And with all that I became aware of craziness

that comes up to be transmuted, transformed .

And we each would do so, without inflicting

the other.

So I surrendered , long , long ago, to a stable

harmonic foundation , within which to create

unrestricted , unbound , but rhyming with

my flow , which can be altered at any given

moment , if need be.

I have made every effort to giving myself

this , since I found myself alone in each and every

way in 2003 , a repetitive theme that will

finally be resolved ..


Surrender was extremely arduous, for those

around me had no idea, of what was needed.

I am forgiving in the not knowing , it is

the knowing and withholding that no longer

serves me , and I have surrendered to releasing

that I may fill my cup with what my child

planted seeds for coming up long ago.

Surrendered to not having to know pain

addiction or humility, to know love ,

on my knees, along side , not below my

Emerald Emptor, who stands on his own

as I knew him at first site , without knowing .

I have surrendered to our union on high .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

A little old fashioned karma coming down – Blue Ridge Muse

A local Divine Masculine puts pen to paper

and beautifully shares his journey . Karmic

lessons , are often a generational inheritance

of negative content that they are transformed

though the actions and non actions of a higher


Holding shame is not necessary , inherited or not.

Shame for errors that you have made every effort

to correct , is holding energy that has been transmuted.

Thank You So Much for the honesty and truths

that will aid so many , to accept their beauty of spirit

that could not be defeated !


Blessings & Much Peace ,

Doña Luna

A little old fashioned karma coming down – Blue Ridge Muse
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Men Cause 100% of Unwanted Pregnancies – Can We Talk? – Medium

I totally agree that responsibility should be

balanced . Knowing our body’s is critical

to empowering choices .


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Our conversation about abortion places the burden of responsibility on women. I argue men are the root cause. If we actually care about reducing or eliminating abortions, we must hold men accountable.
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Masculine Transmutation : Shout Out -You Are Divinely Held

In my meditations, I am not swinging as much

in negative thinking towards the dark masculine

shadow , in my effort to support masculine

transmutation of harsh dark shadow energy

and join the feminine who have joined in

Christ Consciousness, to lead by example the

joy and light that truth brings .

Surrendering these depicted wounds is very

difficult in a heavily Divinity that has been taught

constriction, quiet , locking up emotionally is

the fire in the belly of a real man , when it only

leads to many negatives , including premature

death , death of the soul, and given that, man

turns on himself , just to feel something..even pain.

I feel that pain, intensely , and having transmuted

my own, serving all this life as an old soul

I have observed generations , and I pled

in prayer as my voice , my words are rejected

and abused , that masculine energies lay their

burden down .

Heal the child within , being with your truths ,

even if only 1 person hears you, know you are

worthy and much needed as we pull heaven

to earth in a light so bright , shades are absolutely


Dare to dream.

Open your heart.

Surrender to your magnificent god self

Forgive , and rejoice in laughter as well as tears

in the silence hear the voice of Beloved

who calls out in love and admiration

in prayer for a higher love that stands

as ordained by Divine , all that is

as we come together in the greater love

where love light is the beacon always and

ever more .

©️Doña Luna

With more Blessings and tears in my heart for

the rejoicing that shall be yours ..soon very soon.

Much Thanks for your every effort .

Too Many States Have Laws That Literally Offer Financial Incentives To DESTROY Families | The Daily Caller

This shall be reformed , sooner than later .

To stop creating fatherless kids, child support programs need to be radically reworked
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This school has introduced a home economics class where boys learn to wash, iron, and cook –

Once generations of young people learned to tidy up and keep their room in order when they were called to do their military service. Today compulsory military service no longer exists, and it is really…
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