Liberal Lutheran pastor melts purity rings into vagina sculpture, presents it to Gloria Steinem

I personally approve of the original intent.

That said, the over emphasis on body parts

be they phallic or vaginal , to me don’t represent

the inclusion ; rather over emphasize sexual body

parts as the extension or representation of

the gender’s strength or prevalence . That gives

the us vs them mentality that’s being transformed

into unison ..

Gloria Steinem deserves recognition for sure

but this resulting effort , seems a tad “off” .

Liberal Lutheran pastor and author Nadia Bolz-Weber has unveiled a sculpture of a vulva that was made entirely with old purity rings in protest of evangelical purity culture.
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The Office Supply Store in the House of Reps. Will Now Stock Tampons – Broadly

This is a very good thing.

However make those tampons and pads

organic and supplied to both women and

men’s bathrooms..

be natural and gender natural .

With a record number of women in the 116th Congress, the House Administration Committee has started stocking menstrual products, which members of Congress can purchase with their federal allowances.
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Catholic Archbishop Blames Disobedient Wives For Domestic Violence | Michael Stone

I see this, but noticing it’s not just a wife



Blaming the victim: A Catholic archbishop tells his congregation that the root cause of domestic violence is a woman’s disobedience to her husband. Speaking to his congregation in Toledo, Spain, Archbishop Braulio Rodriguez said that wives could escape being physically abused by not being disobedient and by not
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Domestic abusers and stalkers should sign national register like sex offenders, commons report says

Domestic abusers and stalkers should be forced to sign a national register like sex offenders, a cross-party parliamentary report has said.
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Adverse Childhood Experiences ,Ignored #Physical Manifestations

Whole new avenues to explore

healthier , inventive , more

equatable family

solutions are here ,

Now 🤓🎁💯

ChildEquality is highlighted by inequality so

flagrant , such a failure , lacking nurture

and nature balanced in harmony that is coming

2020 shall reveal this ..✔️

Child separations, here at home: We remove far, far too many kids from their families in the name of saving them – NY Daily News

The Trump administration shocked the nation’s conscience last spring when it purposely separated immigrant children from their parents. The outcry was loud and clear and spanned the political spectrum.
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