Boy oh Boy- Proud to have been able to assist

These boys who am sure look different today or I would not share .

Neighbors in a complex that was 2 boys under 2 and then the twins arrived early .

This couple was up against it in every way possible and knew no one .

My council was agreeable to the owner – landlord until it wasn’t .

The eldest 2 were on the spectrum and I shared what I knew .

They left , no court for anyone else in these situations; just me .

Deputies were called many times to that unit where environmental toxins were hard to keep at bay and kids were adversely affected .

I asked for help on my local group on Facebook and an angelic couple did respond .

I sat with the gentle man with the boys while his wife took Mom to clear some legal issues.

When they returned I had the infant twins in my arms and each was sleeping !!!

How’d you do that ? I smiled and just glowed inside because I do know and don’t diagnose it .

There were many rumors about this couple but I didn’t witness illegal acts and my focus was on the boys .

I learned later that though my council of the Dad ,Mom had surrendered to her spiritual journey and that was super great news !!

Moving out of Virginia was the very best thing these parents could do for their sons and themselves .

The owner – landlord was knowing before this couple moved in and had a record as well… I feel I had a right to know but things went from very bad to worse as I became weaker and learned more that insured my eviction as COVID gave landlord the opportunity to retaliate.

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Youth more vulnerable to personally changes due to COVID

Duh ?

Trauma abounds and it’s not worthy of mention?

Trolling for new consumers as psychiatric jargon took hold in the mid 60’s amongst much change and uncertainty.

Our trauma as we witnessed the murder of our beloved president , Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy which have not healed due to conspiracy and denial .

I was on a shit load of RX for mood and emotions etc that dismissed the hell on earth of living with a masked , distorted , godless partner who would like to take revenge until his last breath , in order to discredit me !


Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

Oct 2021

Last October in the single wide .

The vehicle parked out front is the neighbors , 1 of 3 that had to pull in my drive way , if I were in the kitchen , living room area it was up close and shocking ( I never got used to it )

If I parked to thwart the parking of these 3 vehicles it was communicated and I had a very angry old man pound on my door complaining because my parking was interfering with the neighbors

I had no privacy in the front , and certainly not in the back where a dog was chained . His owner said he had been happily chained for 8 years . He could not fit in his dog house and used what originally was a chicken coop that belonged to the single wide.

Turned out the old man was the owner , the man who rented to me was renting and upon my discovery stated he planned to buy both properties in December 2021 . He promised to build me a deck so I could spend time outside privately on the far end of the single wide .

Before I left the owners of the property next door brought in donkeys , goats , horses etc which were real close .

The single wide was in sad shape , but I accepted that I could help my fake landlord reclaim it .

The stove was shot and replaced with what he called a ” smart stove ” and therein the burners would go from high to off without touching the dial ?!

I could not find any info on this at all !

An answer for everything but nothing based on truth or fact .

So glad to be out of that shadow play !

BottomFeeders are a reality ; even more so in todays lower energy !

Thank for the higher quality folks in my life and I’m not concerned with what karmic response awaits those who chose deception that adversely affects my quality of life .

Blessings & Peace 🎃

Dona Luna 🙏☮️

Bill Gates and Bunkers

Yes Bill Gates has been preparing for decades to survive the clearing of carbon foot prints so he can live beyond well. Of late he has bought up farms and amassed much land to factory farm . Conspiracy theorist , years ago discussed the viability of putting vaccines in corn !

Gates also has been busy collecting seeds for decades which are in a chamber below ground , so he can grow foods after the induced collapse of our world !

I see Gates being prosecuted, for his crimes against humanity .

Of importance is the fact that neither child of Bill Gates has ever had a vaccine .

Trauma & Psychological Abuse

Some of the ways alienators will abuse and manipulate their children is by making them believe lies that will become foundational to their control.

Here are a few:

Your other parent is dangerous.

Your other parent doesn’t care for you.

Your other parent is unavailable for you.

Your other parent is a bad influence.

Which then leads to the abuser being the “better” choice:

I am the only parent who truly loves you.

I am the only parent who keeps you safe.

I am the only parent who is here for you.

I am the parent who sacrifices everything for you.

And results in the child having feelings of:

Betrayal (towards the alienator) for still desiring their “bad” parent.

Feeling guilty when they talk to or communicate with their “bad” parent.

Only being able to love and interact with their abuser.

11 Year Old Girl : Speech All Should hear

Gabby’s parents file for 50 Million

Gabby’s death and the deaths of millions of women ; many of color are taken after not being heard by those who should protect and serve .

Training is needed because as horrific as this is , boys , men are abused and murdered but at no point confide nor heal those abuses and it’s time to address this for ALL in ways that does not support abuses and the awareness to know the difference . A plan B to ensure no one gets by with such abuses as Gabby and many more have given their lives for …

It’s time for change in intimate partner violence

It’s time to expose the harm done when parents support illegal acts , who ignore the signs etc

Win Win weather the $50 million is actualized because it’s wayyyy past time for change in this area of Law Enforcement .



Holding a patient ( child) overlong ( as long as insurance pays )

We admitted Tom to a developmental disabilities unit at a psychiatric hospital nearby in January 31 – as you know things had been very hard for a long time. They were getting really difficult at school as well. Meds weren’t helping and they kept prescribing one on top of another without taking the prior one away, because they’re psych meds and you have to taper and there’s no time for that when he’s in crisis. He’s been ready to be discharged for about 2 1/2 months, in my opinion. The hospital team suggests residential placement – since nearly the time he was admitted. He’s doing so well now and the hospital team are seeing that he’s now having aggression because he’s sort of pushing back against the very restrictive environment. But there was no in home support to be found (no applicants) and wait lists a mile long with no guesstimate as to when a spot would be available….so he’s just been living in the hospital. He asks to come home almost every day and for sure when we visit. He even asks for his school teachers and speech and OT and school social worker. I miss him so much.