Trauma & Psychological Abuse

Some of the ways alienators will abuse and manipulate their children is by making them believe lies that will become foundational to their control.

Here are a few:

Your other parent is dangerous.

Your other parent doesn’t care for you.

Your other parent is unavailable for you.

Your other parent is a bad influence.

Which then leads to the abuser being the “better” choice:

I am the only parent who truly loves you.

I am the only parent who keeps you safe.

I am the only parent who is here for you.

I am the parent who sacrifices everything for you.

And results in the child having feelings of:

Betrayal (towards the alienator) for still desiring their “bad” parent.

Feeling guilty when they talk to or communicate with their “bad” parent.

Only being able to love and interact with their abuser.

11 Year Old Girl : Speech All Should hear

Gabby’s parents file for 50 Million

Gabby’s death and the deaths of millions of women ; many of color are taken after not being heard by those who should protect and serve .

Training is needed because as horrific as this is , boys , men are abused and murdered but at no point confide nor heal those abuses and it’s time to address this for ALL in ways that does not support abuses and the awareness to know the difference . A plan B to ensure no one gets by with such abuses as Gabby and many more have given their lives for …

It’s time for change in intimate partner violence

It’s time to expose the harm done when parents support illegal acts , who ignore the signs etc

Win Win weather the $50 million is actualized because it’s wayyyy past time for change in this area of Law Enforcement .



Holding a patient ( child) overlong ( as long as insurance pays )

We admitted Tom to a developmental disabilities unit at a psychiatric hospital nearby in January 31 – as you know things had been very hard for a long time. They were getting really difficult at school as well. Meds weren’t helping and they kept prescribing one on top of another without taking the prior one away, because they’re psych meds and you have to taper and there’s no time for that when he’s in crisis. He’s been ready to be discharged for about 2 1/2 months, in my opinion. The hospital team suggests residential placement – since nearly the time he was admitted. He’s doing so well now and the hospital team are seeing that he’s now having aggression because he’s sort of pushing back against the very restrictive environment. But there was no in home support to be found (no applicants) and wait lists a mile long with no guesstimate as to when a spot would be available….so he’s just been living in the hospital. He asks to come home almost every day and for sure when we visit. He even asks for his school teachers and speech and OT and school social worker. I miss him so much.

Human Experiments: Tuskegee 50 year anniversary

This info came to me via my studies through CCHR .

CCHR puts out excellent video

education on chemical RX

and intake individual

experiences that go

unreported by AMA .

Spiritual Warfare : Update

Much of what he says I have

heard or equates and makes

sense given current status

and events .

This does boil down to war

of spirit and shadow . It only

takes 11% of the worlds

population to effect change

and this return to love is

New Earth’s core which is

not going to be everyone’s

experience .

Lightening our ” loads ” ,

laying burdens down , know

truths are liberating as the

tribes form and we are the

force of evolution leaping

quantum style and these

horrific cycles never show

up again.

Sacrifices have been tragic in

this leap , as those who have

not awakened struggle and

hold tighter to their imbalance

of mind , body and spirit .

Fear and anger prevail and

not only affect your health

but fail to attract the more

positive experiences . Ease

Peace and Faith guide my

Love and that remains .

This is a big freaking deal

and I’m Thankful for my

personal transformations

of decades and the ancestral

bloodlines benevolent support

and trust !

Blessings & Peace ,

Dona Luna ❤️🙏🌈😘

Epidemic of HateCrimesAgainstWomen&Girls

Dad takes his life due to legal and grief over his kids


This is the final photograph of Phillip Herron 34, crying in his car, literally minutes before he took his own life.

He was a single Dad of three young children, struggling with escalating debt of over $20,000 and was desperately waiting for a Payday lending payment he’d applied for. But it’s paid in arrears, with a 5 week wait time. That wait drove him even deeper into debt, and when he died he had $4.61 in his bank account and clearly couldn’t see any other way out.

Like a lot of people, especially men, he kept all of this to himself, nobody else knew how bad things were getting. The poor man even had to tell his children that Father Xmas wouldn’t come this year, and in his suicide note he wrote that they’d be better off if he wasn’t there any more.

And now he isn’t.

We need to talk more. We need to be kinder. And we need to be a country that helps people when they need it the most.

Boys learn to isolate or anger as toddlers . It’s too feminine to allow emotions , tears ???

Be a Big Boy 👦

My Little Man 👨

He’s a child and worthy of expression of his feelings in a way that is not anger or rage but expressed in communication that is received compassionately and doesn’t project or target the other person .

Children deserve truth per maturation/age etc because they do get curious and asking around in peer’s can mislead or pressure an opinion .

Boys can be harsh and very physically intimating on impressionable younger boys and so they deserve to have a foundation that allows them participating in open , factual discussions per age and readiness .

Too late I realized that younger kids who hung out with our sons but had over 5 years life experience ; had much trauma at a young age sexually and other ways . This did not become fact to me until later in life as did the competition as I had our 1st child . I did not pick up on jealously and that would extend to lust for what I had in partnership . It was very unbalanced and I have had moments of clarity about the negative influences early on towards our 3 children .

I have grieved deeply about this and baby sitters and relatives that had our children when we were not there to witness and protect them .

This Dad could not take anymore . I’m not suicidal and I’ve had decades to surrender to the horrific cost of distorted alienating that is a living death when one has no contact with one’s children as punishment that continues Domestic Abuse/ Malignant/ High Conflict / Intimate Partner Violence that is non gender specific and is Child Abuse

CERN Georgia’s Reaction via Stone

The 10 principals of man

kind for New Earth were

on those tablets of granite

even touching on reducing

our population.

Population control via the

New World Order .

Fingernails on the chalkboard

shadow ; you’ve exposed

yourself .