Synchronization =Messaging Support From On High =Alignment

This is a constant through my life, without

my comprehension that it was , what it is .

It has been amazing to receive these and

of course their intensity increases as others

acknowledge it in their lives , I am blessed

and blissed , for each of us.. it’s actually fun

I learned to say ThankYou !

Way cool 😘🌈🎁💯🎶

Your life’s Blood – Passion

The energies of the past few days has been extraordinary

intense , from high, lower , between , through, and around .

Hanging in Past Present Future , cycling whilst sharing , caring

and releasing phone calls…I have never had so many light

exchanges , and shared messages for each of our Sun’s

willing Divine that they listen in real time.

The video I’m posting was a gift , for me this morning on

a facet of my journey that’s not socially cool to acknowledge

of mothering being a job, and for some a passion . To

create a peaceful home , a loving foundation was exactly

what I spoke of , which did not mean a career outside our

home. A baby the 1st year blew his imprint of what he wanted

but did not speak of with clarity and informed , educated

factual truth. Only that his Mom worked, which was drummed

into a social suprematism, perfection ,oriented high speed

Mom who did not see him , did not hear him, allowed his rage

and taught him nothing of self growth and care . Our marriage

failed and trapped him , and it grew and grew over years .

He never heard me, I was his in house receiver , of whatever

he chose in a non regulated , total shut down that was

was without light. Rages sprung up like cyclones , he

thrived on fear. Mine my servitude , doing my job

which in his mind was to meet father knows best and has

all the power, all the money , all the glory.

Amongst my lessons yesterday was a young woman who

spoke of one of my earliest dreams , which I feel can be

implanted easily now just as I envisioned it .

So I marvel at the circle of life that continues to support

and lift me up in my passion, and upon completion

of my job, to 3 beautiful souls who came through me,

chose me as their mom, in cutting all cords , exposing

the adversity of families supported in a culture of suicide

that in its fake falseness induced trauma shadow

addicted us , creating delusional sickened peoples , infected

with moralities often depraved . Certainly void of our most

basic needs .. Loving homes , with compassionate educated

informed and balanced parents , elders as a solid safe

foundation establishes a state for thriving .

This shift is happening as we see rise to parents , putting

all that affects their child’s world 1st , for a prepared

life where need is met lovingly logically, holistically

and that makes me very happy.

Hearing this week, that babies born at this time are clear of

any and all trans generational family trauma/abuse ….

How freaking great is that? How freaking quantum.🤓

So I have surrendered , my private self, my low energy

are going to be uplifted and my passions are being realized

so I Present yet another soul whose had the experience . Less

than 10 minutes .

Blessings & Much Peace,

A level headed contemplation : Find Seek,The Event

This gal rocks it…indeed be lighter in

all ways , possible. The snake sheds its skin,

the frogs 🎶 gig on high, birds are pronouncing

along side the darkness and shadow to be as

a true child , return to the inner light of love .


With so much love ❤️

Blessings & Peace

Ascension , Abused , Addicted : Used & Formally Induced Into a Matrix I had to exit to thrive n survive .

This guy was so in point , and so freaking cool

in his delivery, I felt I must post it.

As I began my latest cycle of waking , I discovered a gal named

Karen Bishop , who wrote ” What’s Up on Planet Earth?

I wasn’t in awareness of her terminology, or experiences

but her strength of conviction, her open chatter of her moving

around , state to state , as her quest led her to the desert and

contact with her star folks increased , life happened.

Her daughter had twins , equally 3 and she moved closer

to her to assist in nurturing her grandchildren and supporting

her daughter. North Carolina , last I heard , Karen dropped

out of her blog , and books , as far as I know , but her wisdoms

as an Aussie , a younger woman , augmented the wisdoms

of women I have come into awareness of since the late 80’s .

and most profound to me was it only takes 11% of the world’s

population to effect change . Now I’m especially attached

to the number 11, for reasons that have been accumulating

in supporting my total and divine connection to god , having

been allowed the experience of being the mother vessel for

our eldest son Ivey …His birthday is a major event for me , as

I quietly celebrated this year , for he has long felt it necessary

to deaden our relationship. I have great compassion for his

personal experience and respect for his quest , and long ago

prayed for divine intervention , that he might waken .

I am assured we are all in stages of ascension , and that I

must share myself with those who need me , for I have

had more positive than adverse since I began to own

my past , and clearing as much as I possibly could.

Time has been a healer , and armed with my trio of

past, present and further , my visions align with much

of what this man articulates ..Being it ! Which has lovingly

been mirrored to me enough , that I’m releasing amazingly

calm, surrendered to my higher self, yet determined to

balance via the facts , the past 20 years , and of being a

silent partner by demand of a former whose still in

abuse mode after 42 years .


I am therefore determined to go higher with my story

and hopefully not have to speak of it , unless I choose

and am prepared . I choose to do this in a 3rd person

having moved past the repeat, repeat, repeat in my soul

that released in various ways, not all positive until……

Stages , all of life is a stage lol. Perhaps BoneZee369

speaks to you in some way.

I am feeling so much peace and calm today ! Sleeping

is off, however , as well as my gut, but I’m on it !

Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Our Great Illumination , Ongoing Cosmic Love

Each and every relationship , including within ourselves

is being illuminated by Cosmic Love , via protonic light.

Christ Consciousness that is the awakening required , ordained

on high , that I have come to accept .

Old souls , seemingly always living in past , present ,and future

I reviewed life enough to grasp my thwarted attempts to

live in spirit , and the culmination of adversities that forced

my surrender .

The catalyst was a boy , almost 16, who deserves to know I am

his Nona , is not crazy, but was extremely rearranged , for

he and Harper are the 2 of 6 I was allowed time within which

to bond . It was immediate , with each , as we know the old

soul, and unite in great harmony ..

I grasp how my world, rarely allowed others to know

of my deep connection , in their journey of not knowing.

My quest is ongoing , however I have reached a plateau

of spiritually that has allowed me to see the Divinity in each

experience . Given that , and my residence to invite the

adversities inherent in awareness, that have abused me

profoundly in the past.

Coming to a place of acceptance that the closing of a cycle

of separation and abuse , is allowing that what is to be in

my highest good is upon me. For each of us this is so.

While I have had so many examples of others who have

” split” in trauma , that we are healing on some level

unfortunately there are those who won’t awaken..

Accepting this has been life long in its teaching , with

my greatest earth teacher , as he exited , was my Dad .

There was nothing but love between us as we acknowledged

that far before he lost ” contact ” with our world . In our

love was forgiveness an understanding that we were not

ourselves in anger . So his rages , rudeness interspersed

were but reflecting his helplessness at the forces that were

draining him of his life’s chi.

He waffled in his moods , surely influenced by the RX , but

one on one our communications were never deeper

never more profound .

The disruption of his divine exit , of course angered me , as

I was abused by 2 brothers , whose grief was exhibited as

self preservation and power trips , never openly exited .

Heartbreaking but it exampled that of my marriage’s ending .

I had to accept Dad had a blue print of his own, his experience

in his exit was Divinely his own, and I could only do my part.

My eyes and heart were opened and fractured with his exit,

however my awareness of Dad not being able to bear up

as these years unfolded to bring us to this evolutionary leap.

His job done , Dad , James Abner father of light , is shining

his light on me for sure, with Mom popping in , for parts

of my healing and clearing is theirs as well.

Much celebration 🍾 as well as sage , and sobering , realities

of how much determination and resolve is required , that

being in spirit as much as possible , as grandly designed plans

from oh high ( our highest self ) reveal themselves .

Much will try to take me away from spirit , however tested

beyond my measure , has allowed my cellular knowledge

and acceptance of a love that is infinite , that is my home,

my foundation , and nothing deters my walk with spirit .

Woman is here to lead man to spirit

Man is here to make the world safe

That she may do so.

In unison

Side by Side

Not In front of

Not behind .

4Either .

It does seem I have been alone much of my life , physically

and mentally , as I spent so much time in deep disconnect

from harsher realities as a child . Like Mother Earth 🌏

is currently doing , I bobbled …

Spirit is individual, unseen , heard , unseen , the mystery

that Old Souls ” hold” and that doesn’t always present

as such, certainly with a consciousness that’s always in

fear of said Spirit , and wars against acceptance , and

integration , which in marriage , never happened ..

So, I have accepted the mysteries of life , and given

that there are resonances within the messages contained

within the following video .

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