The Medicalization of the American Mind – Mad In America

As I experienced the pathology of a diagnosis that was false; a cover up for Domestic, Spiritual,Emotional and financial abuse , I found myself loosing everything . Family destroyed, children ignored and after years of investment in the healing of children , I am surrendering to further investment in myself , with children who like their mother/father guide of 20 years plus , has a trauma bond , secrets, shame etc that’s predominate over healing . Ie : stuck, in denial, or desirous of my demise.

I have been toughened up enough to not show emotions , and not to invest my energies , where I’d prefer not to be any longer .

Watching on the sidelines, taking no interest in me whatsoever, living in distortions , and unforgiving . Knowing how their spirits and souls are affected , and not being heard , in any mode but shaming , blaming and disposal.

Our sons have been guided, by other mothers, wives and abusive relationships , that ” own ” them, and disallow that healing matters, due to the influence that healthy healing might have on their relationships.

Lashing out at me, years ago , requesting I commit suicide , not once but twice …setting me up to be illegally arrested …threatening me with exposure of sexual abuse , writing of these memories ,citing highly distorted experiences , 2 of 3 trying to buy my property , with no though to my future , deny the fact that healing is needed.

With knowledge and awareness of the destiny of actions and none actions , I have no choice but to release , forgive their actions/non actions , for a past , and present that is far from normal , far from love , that prefers secrets, disposal and non forgiveness , and I am assured and assuring that these shadow energies will not be my future.

My efforts to heal myself , will not be breached, of this I am sure , as everything I knew of love was attempted to be destroyed , but I held on .

My prayers for a life of spirit , of sharing experiences and wisdoms are at hand , after much effort , I know my worth , and pray for the deliverance of each child, and adult that lost their normal, natural path , due to a distorted, partner, addictive and abusive , debilitating drugging by psychiatry who have been instrumental in ” erasing families “.

Failure with my own children , who prefer status quo , has taught me well, as years of co council with young people their age , who favor me , and my wisdoms .

While that may not be my future , one on one for the drain on my energy , I will be writing , reading and moving forward unfettered by grievances, abuses etc …for that’s exactly what’s most desired ..that I give up and give in, which just isn’t realistic. Generational trauma and abuse has been resolved , I understand and respect free will, and release the painful , often horrific experiences of past , and disallow any repeats .

Dona Luna 🐸✌️😘❤️

One cause of fragility? Pathologizing our children with psychiatric diagnoses and focusing on a medical solution to life’s problems.
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Return of the Great Cosmic Mother

After too long a time the return of the Great Cosmic Mothers

Reactions are across the board

The unhealed make takes this as a sign of war rather than a return of rightful status after the horrific atrocities against women , thus children.

It’s true in my life adversely as an effort to tag/ blame me for my evolution and to stop me at all cost in a distorted energy that deserves healing and or elimination

“The witch-burnings did not take place during the “Dark Ages,” as we commonly suppose. They occurred between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries– precisely during and following the Renaissance, that glorious period when, as we are taught, “men’s” minds were being freed from bleakness and superstition. While Michelangelo was sculpting and Shakespeare writing, the witches were burning. The whole secular “Enlightenment,” in fact, the male professions of doctor, lawyer, judge, artist, all rose from the ashes of the destroyed women’s culture. Renaissance men were celebrating naked female beauty in their art, while women’s bodies were being tortured and burned by the hundreds of thousands all around them.” ― Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

Art by Eric Drooker


My soul is ageless.

Sometimes I wake up and I’m five.

I still want to believe in magic and pixie dust…

Sometimes I wake up and I’m 15.

I have strength and I feel I can change the world…

Sometimes I wake up and I’m 30.

I step on the earth, but I know I can fly…

Sometimes I wake up and I’m 60.

I have the experience and I want to share.

Offer the tranquility and wisdom of time,

that doesn’t stop, that heals, that heals…

Sometimes I wake up and I don’t know how old I am and

nor how many passed.,,

And it’s in the soul, full of love and memories

that I feel all ages,

showing me a rich and precious life.

And that’s where I find my great treasure,

a beautiful patchwork quilt,

unique, original and that bears my signature.

And on it is written:

“LIFE!” 💕💕💕

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Mothers Day without her

As Mother’s Day approaches across parts of the world, for those who dread the day…I hope this helps x


For many, Mother’s Day is one to be avoided, to dread, to rage at.

But consider this.

If you have a mother in heaven, who you miss so much that this day burns like fire, then you have been blessed.

So many do not know this.

So many do not understand a love so deeply bonding, that the grief is beyond comprehension.

And consider this also.

If your mother is no longer with you on this mortal coil, do not, for a moment, believe that she is gone.

That you are without her.

For that is not possible.

She beats with your every heartbeat.

She breathes with your every gasp.

She is coded into your every cell.

That cannot be undone.

Perhaps, perhaps, you could begin to celebrate, on Mother’s Day, and every day, that you were gifted a mother like yours.

And instead of avoiding this day, perhaps, perhaps, you could embrace it again and invite her to be with you, again.

Remembering, as you did on earth, how blessed you were.

Perhaps, perhaps, this day could become a sweet one once more, as you do all the things you know she loved on earth. For her.

For many, Mother’s Day is one to be avoided but I wonder if maybe that could change.

I wonder if she is waiting for that.

Perhaps she is waiting for that.

Donna Ashworth

From ‘loss’

ART BY Claudia Tremblay #claudiatremblay

#mothersday #mothersdaypain #motherlessdaughters #motherless #griefonmothersday #grief #missyou

Grandmother’s womb

“All the eggs a woman will ever carry form in her ovaries while she is a four-month-old fetus in the womb of her mother.

This means our cellular life as an egg begins

in the womb of our grandmother.

Each of us spent five months in our

grandmother’s womb, and she in turn

formed in the womb of her grandmother.

We vibrate to the rhythm of our mother’s blood before she herself is born, and this pulse is the thread of blood that runs all the way back through the grandmothers to the first mother.”

💜 Layne Redmond, When the Drummers

Were Women

🎨 Amy Haderer, The Mandala Journey Birth

Sun & Ancestors

“My ancestors experienced the Spirit through their contact with the sun.

Like all natural phenomena you have to catch it just right. Not too intense.

A healing moment when the sun touches your skin, with such warmth, it seems the sun has gone inside you. You are warm from the inside out. My ancestors knew that is what being with the Spirit feels like.”

~ Native American elder

Steven Charleston

Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

Breaking trauma cycles

Breaking the Cycle: How I Overcame Intergenerational Trauma to Become a Peer Advocate

By Angela Colón-Rentas

You may wonder: How did that young Puerto Rican girl who very much disliked seeing a therapist when locked up in the juvenile system end up working in the mental health field as an adult? Simple answer: I wanted to help youth in crisis. And it was meant to be.

Be silent & Listen to Elders


Positivity changes a mind,

A kind word lifts many burdens,

A good deed makes a heart heal,

A gentle voice lifts many broken hearts,

Always say something nice,

Always say something with care,

Always say something in kindness,

Always say something genuine concern,

Always say something with compassion,

Always lift someone up,

Always give what you’ve got,

Always extend an out reached hand,

Always try to patch, mend broken hearts,

Always do something to heal shattered souls,

What goes around,

Eventually comes full circle,

What’s unleashed is delivered,


You might be needing,

To hear echoes of yourself …


The warrior

The messenger

Copywritten by Larry John Adams

From 2 pages that I’ve created called

Native/ inuit Canadian poetry writer


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