This property was depicted as my safe place after 4 very months of bouncing around after my COVID eviction.

Having given away most of my furniture, there were things there I could use and things that I helped facilitate giving away for owners.

It was never cleaned and sadly I found the tenet before me was the only child and with her son ( grandson ) had been evicted as well before me !!! Of course stories abound but I find it interesting and example this house which did rent to a man and repairs are being made as noted in this shot . New deck and new paint .

An offer was made to sell at $50 over what was paid and my research showed a reduction in value 10k what was paid by current owners/landlords . I did not find my self desperate enough to buy it at such a high price with such obvious and varied repairs , far greater that was we saw today .

Notices to move (30 days )were the result of my friendship with the only child to whom I was told not to talk to.

Many stories were created and embellished to create the belief that we the renters were to blame and deserved to be ” thrown out ”

Many times I asked ” Am I safe here , and was always reassured that I was .

The male tenet HAS a lease !

The views are magnificent but there is a negative vibe attached to this ” gated community ” where I began to feel I was watched and certainly was true of a repair guy who worked for them , and would just show up , parked in the yard , in the storage shed which he had lots of stuff as well as the owners who allowed that I would have space to store my things , rather than pay storage else where. I was not comfortable with the situation nor the ability of repairs . A washer was replaced with yard sale type 2nds due to a spring having gone bad which was missed by their examination and discovered by my 23 year old repair man !

A very harsh winter , time with no electric power after being told it NEVER happened ! And I was not checked in on by these folks in any way , shape or form .

It was discovered after I left end of July 2021 that dementia and pre existing mental illness ( life long secret ) gripped 1 of the 2 and I had to feel that I had dodged a bullet .

All in all … wasted time

wasted faith

wasted money

And the betrayal of home and heart that sadly has met its mark with an only child and their son .

It did however result in the acceptance of truths and healing for the child/grandchild

Photo credit

Laura B

Watch “A&E Cults and Extreme Beliefs – Jehovah’s Witnesses” on YouTube

I had no idea of the shadow side of Jehovah Witnesses.

The sex abuse and patriarchal distortion , are news to me .

A recent experience with a secretive JW , possibly a minister was life altering , Thankfully sex was not an issue . Betrayal was …

Dear Men : Remember ?

He stated the sex would increase if I lost weight.

Sex helped him sleep

I’m quoting …

18 years younger sister , had a body that reminded him of mine and so they had sex …She enjoyed sharing part of the story

I was drugged by psychiatry at the time of her confession and his summation of this was her body reminded him of mine before children.

The shallow words and acts masked his hatred of me and his wish for me to take my life and provide ease for him to be free.

in a competion that had her jealous of our sons also…corruption and much heartache 💔 over primal desires predominating .

Dear Men,

Remember how beautiful, smooth and sculpted her body was at the beginning of your marriage.
She is still the same beautiful woman with the same spirit that you have always loved.
The difference is that she gave your children life.
The price for that was the loss of the body she once had.
Do not complain about your wife because her fat increased and do not think that she likes it!
A mother’s affection makes her turn a blind eye to all of that and her only concern is her children and your happiness.
Remember that this tummy was once the warm home who hugged your children for 9 months with all their pain, fatigue and weight, to seal them until childbirth.

A thousand hearts to all the Mothers ❤️

Narcissist Discard Their Children


Narcissists discard their children when they’ve been exposed for who they really are. In my experience outward appearances count for everything in the life of a narcissist. Narcissistic parents expect (in fact insist on) absolute loyalty from their children. A child may be well aware of his/her parents’ lying, cheating, and manipulative ways, but he/she is expected to remain “on side,” always. If the children dare to cross to the “other side,” and take a principled stand, they should be prepared for the inevitable outcome; alienation. A child will be treated with the same (or greater) contempt as anyone else outside the family who has dared to cross them. They will be made to suffer the consequences of exposure. After the perceived “injury,” narcissistic parents will set a deliberate course to rally as many “flying monkeys” as possible to their side, adeptly portraying themselves as victims of their children’s ungrateful, self-serving treatment of them. Their attempts to discredit their children to preserve their image will know no bounds. Accept that those who really know you will not be convinced, and those that don’t, simply don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Supporting one another in our decision to go “no contact” with our parents has not only strengthened our relationship, but has also allowed us to heal together.

  • Joanne Hill, Hon B.A., B.Ed Psychology & Sociology (1984)

Betrayal in Trauma

Sherrie Cambell PhD

The hardest thing to get past is the trauma of the betrayal we experience at the hands of toxic people. Toxic people betray us at the lowest levels, and in the most vile ways. Betrayal is nothing short of disorienting, and the impacts of it often last far past the time of the original assault.

The best way to recover from betrayal trauma is to recognize that you are not the dishonest, disgusting, irresponsible, conniving person who would ever two-face, gossip, cheat, lie, steal or intentionally scar another person and then deny any wrongdoing. Only sick people operate like this.

You must hold the wisdom that your life is better off without a person, including a close family member, that has shown your heart zero mercy when you won’t do exactly what they want.