Psychiatrist are largely unenlightened

Psychiatrists are largely unenlightened people. They have to rebuke their field consciously and begin to see, accept and believe in enlightenment — or they remain calibrated ‘off’ or sort of sociologically “down” as dangers to society emotionally and physically. Their field is 500% wrong perception and it is their purpose to begin to let go of it more and accept the truth, which is that they have been wrongly and controllingly hurting innocent people with diagnosises that are completely untrue, and whom all need a completely different more metaphysical therapy and with other openminded, nonblaming holistic fields adjacent to it that can help guide people in these extreme trance states to their actual purpose of enlightening further; that is their purpose and interrupting it is more than sacreligious.

Just ask the Universe, yourself, over and over for a sign, if you happen to be a psychiatrist wrongly believing that you should endeavor to protect your “job”; this action is totally superficial. The spirit family would guide you to see a more wellrounded perspective about the actual truth of that entire construct. Acceptance for you guys, and letting go more. 🧚‍♀️🌎☠️

Pushing Vaccines

Having these vaccines for power immune , compromised adults is total insanity .

Flu shots for babies don’t make any more sense than the multitude of vaccines they do get that weaken or damage their livers such as HepB

That vaccine protects the many medical staff that come in contact with your born.

Vaccines Facts are Worthy of study .

The CDC holds no fact no truth for many conscious experienced folks .


A healer heals you A guide guides you  That’s why you go to them. That’s the role they’re playing for you at the time.  Sure we have healing energy in ourselves. We go to teachers to learn how to access it if it doesn’t occur or unfold naturally.  And make no mistake, a healer in session is not using your own energy to heal yourself. Please study different modalities in the healing field before making or believing statements like that.   They are ideally aligning with Source to do so and in specific ways. And no, whilst you are an aspect of Source ….  that’s not what a healer is tapping into in that session.   Sure we have wisdom in ourselves. We find guides who help us find that awareness we forgot we had  And no, it is the guide’s wisdom that is helping you through at that time. It is their ability to recognize a pattern and assist in it’s identification and resolution.  There’s this very narcissistic idea present in contemporary spirituality that denies the skill, energy and work of facilitators, especially with the rhetoric of Oneness.   And honestly, if we’re going to talk about spiritual bypassing …. Give credit where it is due.  It takes energy, time and effort to do this work. It takes years of continuous learning and application.  What differentiates a person who heals and guides as a vocation from others is simply that they have chosen to make it a central part of their lives. It doesn’t make them more or less special, it’s just what they chose to do with the life they have.  Whilst we all have the potential to develop these levels of awareness, it takes dedication and work. Over the course of a lifetime. Multiple, in fact.  Respecting that commitment to service and acknowledging what a person has helped you heal from or realize – is part of the journey. You lose nothing by being humble, teachable and willing to let another person do something you could not do for yourself at that time.  We give so much power to the pedestal of being ‘up above’ that we’re all about  I AM MY OWN GURU  Well that’s half of the picture  Acknowledging that  I am student  Is just as important….  In short,  Let’s not confuse potential with actual action. Just to placate all the egoes in the room. 

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Narcissist Never Get Over You…

Seeing through the rage early on, seeing the 3 year old wounded child

that happened to be male , but imbalanced for whatever reason .

The trauma affected the softer , feminine child, molding him towards

an exterior that denied the softness.. Drama was not perceived in the dead

pan delivery in mask , usually attributed to someone else . I became his fix

his target , which he modeled for our 3 sons . He’s still in that mode ,

sadly , regrettably denying any responsibility , contracts that supersede

any written or dictated by human .


Blessings & Peace

Doña Luna

April Brought phase 3 Acceptance

April 26, 2020 – The Great Shift Challenge, Phase 3 – Adaptation: Acceptance.

“Sometimes death is the healing.” I first heard this phrase in a Holistic Healing class, some 25 years ago. At the time, this was a shocking idea. It is conceptually antithetical to our standard medical model, wherein death is considered an enemy that must be battled at all costs. Our models are reflections of society. Many of us intellectually embrace the idea that for something new to be born, something must die. And every cell of our body is programmed to resist death, and – therefore – resist change. Herein lies the rub.

Pluto/Osiris – Lord of Death, God of Regeneration – is now retrograde. The other two planets comprising The Great Shift will soon follow – Saturn on May 10 and Jupiter on May 14. The energy of The Great Shift is turning inward.

It will be easy to be fooled while Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are retrograde; to think that things are “returning to normal.” That will not happen. Our task is to accept the truth – our world, both individually and collectively, has changed and will never be the same.

The first part of Phase 3 has been about sitting with the reality of our situation as contrasted to how we would like things to be. Now it is time to accept this change. Each day, spend time breathing this new reality into your body – inhaling it into your cellular system. The ability to be at peace with the Now, rather than wanting and wishing for something other than what is, will gradually arise from this practice. From this place, creativity is born.

The Great Shift three (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) will turn direct during the three weeks stretching from mid-September to early October.

April 26, 2020 by Ruby Falconer. Available for chart readings.

“Shamanic Egyptian Astrology; Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods” by Ruby Falconer & Linda Star Wolf.

Image: Prayer for Peace by Mark Henson.

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