Surviving ! My friend Amy ,Celebrates 1 year Anniversary

A year ago today, at this time, I was laying in the snow, half naked, semi-consious, fighting for my life. Unable to walk after a seizure, I only remembered focusing on getting warm. My car battery was dead and I couldn’t charge my phone. I had managed to get to my car by rolling across the ground. The young man that found me at 11 clock that morning later told me that it looked like a war zone where I had struggled to get in the car. Frost bitten hands and feet did not help the situation. I couldn’t feel the car keys in my hand and remember I kept dropping them – I couldn’t feel them. I know that I am alive today for many reasons and I thank God for all of them. I will never forget thinking that where I was at was a vacation destination. Where we’re all the cross country skiers? Instead I was sent a man riding his bike in the snow. I said, You’ve got to be kidding. He saw me wave my arm and rushed over. He went home, called emergency services, then came back with blankets to cover me till help arrived. I could feel the warmth from the blankets, instantly. That’s all I remembered until they started putting a warm saline solution in me in the ambulance. They had heated blankets. Then I woke up in the ER. My life changed from that day. I’m extremely grateful to everyone that helped me along the way. While I get snowed in today, I get to reflect on my life. What a gift.

The experience Amy had , repeated an experience Dad had and he survived 6 months before exiting

Amy’s experience revealed many wonderful affirmations as we share a birth year and both have weathered much loss .

Amy proved our services DO care about elders and she was put in alignment with “helpers” and much prayer as she has survived, and thrives these days certainly grateful for the opportunity to grow and share herself , her wisdoms and yes her joy and love.

Amy shares the birth sign of Capricorn ♑as was my Dad and she’s as tenacious and focused as Dad was , and she’s my dear friend .

I celebrate Amy on this day, and look forward to many more days with Amy being part of my ” tribe” as changes test us collectively we know we have a part in pulling Heaven to Earth and I’m Blessed as are many that Divinity was with Amy Adams

and revealed to the community and soon the world will read her story and be uplifted by her journey as a Crone …a very very wise woman !

Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna


”Imagine that it didn’t happen the way you were told in the religious communities of childhood. Imagine hearing Eve’s words read from the sacred text one morning at your church, synagogue, mosque, or women’s circle:

As the Mother of all Living, I pick the fruit of life. It is good and satisfies hunger. It is pleasant to the eye. It is wise and opens the way to self-discovery and understanding. Those among you who are curious, who lust for life in all its fluidity, dare with me—bite into your life and the fullness of its possibility.

After Eve’s words are read, the elder women give an apple to the first person in the row. As the crone hands you an apple, she looks into your eyes and says:

Take and eat of the good fruit of life. You are good. You are very good. Bite into the apple and savor its sweetness.

After everyone has partaken of the good fruit of life, the closing blessing is spoken:

Open to the depths of goodness within you. Believe in your goodness. Live out of the abundance of who you are as a child of life. Affirm the original goodness of your children until the stories of old hold no sway in their hearts. Bite into your life and the fullness of its possibility.”

-Patricia Lynn Reilly, A Deeper Wisdom: The 12 Steps from a Woman’s Perspective

“Eve Claims Her Power” by Jennifer Bothast


You are strong.

Sometimes strength means saying no.

Sometimes strength means pushing really hard.

Sometimes strength means saying “enough”.

Sometimes strength means being exceptionally brave.

Sometimes strength means taking a break.

Sometimes strength means saying hard things.

Sometimes strength means doing hard things.

Sometimes strength means finding your heart again.

Sometimes strength means finding peace.

Sometimes strength means looking different than everyone else.

Sometimes strength means feeling emotion.

Sometimes strength means asking for help.

Sometimes strength means helping others.

Sometimes strength means being a friend.

Sometimes strength means being the friend.

Sometimes strength means breaking down barriers.

Sometimes strength means being content.

Sometimes strength means waiting.

Sometimes strength means being strong when you are tired of being so strong.

Sometimes strength means finding happiness.

Sometimes strength means determination.

Strength looks different depending on the person.
The circumstance.
The time.

You are strong.

Thank you for all of your strong.
I see you.

Finding Joy

Shared with Love
Sacred Wild Woman Medicine

Artist~ Unknown


Venus, the Goddess of Love, aligns with the sun over a period of 8 years to form a complete 5 pointed star (pentacle pattern) in the sky.

Each time Venus reaches one of the star points it marks a major celestial event, known as either the “Venus Star Point” or the “Kiss of Venus and the Sun.”

The Venus Star Point brings mystical energy that enhances our emotions, helps us manifest love and abundance and deepens our most intimate relationships.

The Sun and Venus align in Capricorn, opening a new portal of love and closing the previous Star Point portal that last occurred in Capricorn on January 11, 2014. This Star Point marks the completion of an 8-year karmic cycle of love, where forgiveness takes place and fear, regrets, resentments and disappointment all finally begin to dissipate.

There was also a Venus Star Point in Capricorn during January 2018, so it is worth taking time to reflect on the relationship themes that have taken place in the past four years, and how our relationships have developed during this time and what unhealthy patterns of behaviours we would benefit from letting go of.
Venus moves along 10 different pathways to create the star (5 interior conjunctions and 5 exterior conjunctions).

The last conjunction was on March 26, 2021 and the next one will be on October 22, 2022. Therefore, we can also look at relationships patterns and themes that have occurred between last March and now and we can follow the next pathway that runs from now until October 22.
Typically we may notice the beginning and ending of significant chapters in our lives, and as each point carries different energies, depending on the zodiac sign it is in, as this one is in Capricorn we will all be feeling Capricorn’s characteristics within our dynamics for the next 10 months.

During Venus’ alignments with the sun she alternates between being a morning star and evening star, so from now until late October Venus will move from being visible in the evening to being a morning star. Venus’ movement also signifies movement to a new phase of love, with new beginnings that highlights how we value those around us and particularly how we love and value ourselves.

Venus, as the morning sun, carries the energy of the divine feminine, so for the next ten months there will be a greater uprising of feminine aspects. This means that, for both the feminine and the masculine, there will be a shift toward connecting on a deeper level, enhanced emotional intelligence and clearer and more empathetic communication.

There will also be greater focus on self-love, self-care and self-value and an overall sense of empowerment, heightened intuition and acceptance of our authentic selves. This is a time to believe in ourselves, to get creative and to start setting intentions so that we materialise our goals and dreams and most of all reach a place of deep inner fulfilment.

Alex Myles

Winter moon /Women

“The silvered glamour of the Woman of the Winter Moon may be woman in her greatest power, woman in her guise as Elemental, as Force of Nature. This is woman to be revered. She is a concentration of feminine wisdom gathered and concentrated over the years, blended with the astral knowledge of the soul-star, and blessed by the traditions of the Sacred Feminine that she has made herself, or resurrected from Time, and passed living and intact to her daughters.”

~ Elizabeth S. Eiler Ph.D., Singing Woman: Voices of the Sacred Feminine

Art: Frank Howell

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I no longer desire to hold onto the versions of me that feel heavy to hold.
The stories of my past brought me here and I love and respect their part in my journey.
But I won’t keep speaking them and breathing life to their wounds to make you feel comfortable because you struggle to embrace who I’ve become.
Growth is all there is and we must allow each other to evolve in all the ways destined for us.
My whole being is in harmony with itself
I am beginning to align my actions with my intentions more and more.
I am cultivating the space that allows me to be balanced in mind, body and soul
Perfection is an illusion that I will not chase.
My circumstances make me who I am today. I am not a victim.
I am a beautiful puzzle and I keep discovering new pieces that make the picture I have of me feel whole.

Author ~Romy Wyser

Shared with Love
Sacred Wild Woman Medicine

Artist~ Hans Walor

5th Ascension 2020-2040; New Earth by 2060

According to the Near-Deather Mellen-Thomas Benedict,
the 5d ascension process would be greatly accelerated in the years 2020–2040 and by 2060 the earth would be unrecognizable compared to how it is today…

“In 5th dimensional awareness you are more psychic and powerful than you ever have been. Once we reach 5th dimensional awareness that is the gateway to the multi-dimensional interface to the cosmos. So things are wildly opening right now for some people. I say just hang on, trust your life and don’t get to mental anymore. Let go and just get into Instant knowing. The higher Self contact is going to be the real big thing that everybody is getting Into. When we get to 5th dimensional awareness, there is no fear. Can you Imagine a world without fear? Can you imagine a human being without fear? When I was on the other side I saw your future ancestors and they are different creatures without fear.
They are that new creation that has been talked about. It’s a new kind of a being. Can you imagine a world where nothing is taken away from you? That everyone is very important to the system. When we start realizing that each and everyone of us is the same being, then we start waking up to the next level of higher conciousness. The human species is being detoxified into a new vibration where fear doesn’t exist. You won’t be able to take fear with you in the full 5th dimensional awareness. That’s why you’re having trouble with it right now; it does not exist there. If it did, you can imagine what your mind and body does to you now, the relationships and what you think, and what negative emotions do to your immune system, just think if you were infinitely more psychic and powerful what would happen.It just doesn’t exist there;
I didn’t see it. It doesn’t exist there.
That is something well worth hanging on for and living for. It really is. And what’s amazing is that the people of the future look back on us as the ‘Giants of History.’ They don’t know how we did it. We are the ones who transmuted fear into the new creation and created heaven on earth…”
–Near-Death Experience of Mellen-Thomas Benedict

P.M.H. Atwater, Researcher and Author of “Beyond the Light,” in which Mellen’s advanced skills are discussed.

“The near-death experience of Mellen-Thomas is the only one I have yet come across where an individual willfully changed the episode’s scenario as it was actually happening. What impresses me the most about Mellen-Thomas is that he dedicated many years, not only to understanding the phenomenon’s after effects, but to controlling and training his newly expended psychic faculties. By opting for discipline instead of notoriety, and keeping himself firmly grounded in the practicality of patented invention, he is now emerging as a clear and steady voice… a solution finder… ready to tackle the most vexing problems of the global community.”

Lee Pulos, Ph.D., Author of “Miracles and Other Realities,” Former President of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis and Senior Psychologist to the Olympic Team Canada.

“Mellen is able, while in trance, to see into microcosmic structures. Although he maintains awareness in a hyper-alert state, it is clear that he is able to simultaneously span several octaves of consciousness, from which he can acquire biological information that is extraordinary.”

Dr. Kenneth Ring, Author of “Heading Toward Omega; The Omega Project”

“Mellen-Thomas has the big picture.”
“His story is one of the most remarkable I have encountered in extensive research on near-death experiences. It is very rare that those who have died and returned have seen into the future to the extent that Mellen has. His vision of the future is one of hope. He has participated in studies of a Major University, where he contributed to understanding the structure of genes and chromosome coding for a genetic disease, while researchers puzzled over how he could have access to this information.”

Dr. Janice Holden, with the University of North Texas and president of International Association of near-death Studies (IANDS).

“Mellen-Thomas, under hypnosis, was able to give accurate information about and draw the genetic makeup of a rare neuromuscular disease. I was astounded by this. It’s not the kind of thing where one could cheat.”

“Mellen is an encyclopedia of the afterlife.”–Deepak Chopra

Mellen Thomas Benedict Insights from the other side

Dr Namoi Wolf

I recently spoke at a gathering for medical freedom advocates in a little community center in the Hudson River Valley. I cherish this group of activists: they had steadfastly continued to gather throughout the depths of the “lockdown,” that evil time in history — an evil time not yet behind us — and they kept on gathering in human spaces, undaunted. And by joining their relaxed pot-luck dinners around unidentifiable but delicious salads and chewy homemade breads, I was able to continue to remember what it meant to be part of a sane human community. Children played — as normal — frolicking around, and speaking and laughing and breathing freely; not suffocating in masks like little zombies, or warned by terrified adults to keep from touching other human children. Dogs were petted. Neighbors spoke to one another at normal ranges, without fear or phobias. Bands played much-loved folk songs or cool little indie rock numbers they had written themselves, and no one, graceful or awkward, feared dancing. People sat on the house’s steps shoulder to shoulder, in human warmth, and chatted over glasses of wine or homemade cider. No one asked anyone personal medical questions. (While I believe that all decisions about how you live your life vis a vis an infectious disease are intensely personal, and I would never recommend to others to assume any specific level of risk or to pursue any specific strategy of risk reduction, I think it’s worth noting, by the way, that to my knowledge, they had gone through the last two years without having lost a soul to COVID.) Meanwhile, what had been human community outside of that little group, and outside other isolated normal communities — and outside of a handful of normal states in America — became more and more surreal, terrifying and unrecognizable. The rest of the world, at least on the progressive side in the United States, became, in my view, increasingly cultlike and insular in its thinking since March of 2020. As the months passed, friends and colleagues of mine who were highly educated, and who had been lifelong critical thinkers, journalists, editors, researchers, doctors, philanthropists, teachers, psychologists — all began to repeat only talking points from MSNBC and CNN, and soon overtly refused to look at any sources - even peer-reviewed sources in medical journals — even CDC data — that contradicted those talking points. These people literally said to me, “I don’t want to see that; don’t show it to me.” It became clear soon enough that if they absorbed information contradictory to “the narrative” that was consolidating, they risked losing social status, maybe even jobs; doors would close, opportunities would be lost; one well-educated woman told me she did not want to see any unsanctioned information because she was afraid of being disinvited from her bridge group. Hence the refrain: “I don’t want to see that; don’t show it to me.” Friends and colleagues of mine who had been skeptical their whole adult lives of Big Agriculture — who only shopped at Wholefoods, who would never let their kids eat sugar or processed meat, or ingest a hint of Red Dye No 2 in candy, or candy itself for that matter in some cases — these same people lined up to inject into their bodies, and then offered up to be injected into the bodies of their dependent minor children, an MRNA gene-therapy injection whose trials would not end for three more years. These parents announced on social media proudly that they had done this with their children. When I pointed out gently that the trials would not end til 2023, they yelled at me. The progressive, right-on part of the ideological world — my people, my tribe, my whole life — became more and more uncritical, less and less able to reason. Friends and colleagues who were wellness-oriented, and who their whole adult lives had known the dangers of Big Pharma — and who would only thinking of using Burt’s Bees on their babies’ bottoms and sunscreen with no PABAs on themselves— lined up to take an experimental gene therapy; why not? And worse, it seemed, in a way, they crowded around, like the stone throwers in Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery,” to lash out at and then to shun anyone who raised the most basic questions about Big Pharma and its highly compensated spokesmodels. Their critical thinking, but worse, their entire knowledge base about that industry, seemed to have evaporated magically into the ether. Whole belief systems were abandoned painlessly and overnight as if it these communities were in the grip of a collective hallucination, like the witch craze of the 16th and 17th centuries in Northern Europe. Intelligent, informed people suddenly saw things that were not there and were unable to see things that were incontrovertibly before their faces. Feminist health activists, who surely knew perfectly well the histories of how the pharmaceutical and medical industries had experimented ad nauseam on the bodies of women with disastrous results, lined up to take an injection that by March of 2021 women were reporting, was wreaking appalling, painful havoc on their menstrual cycles. These same feminist health activists had spoken out earlier, as they should have, about Big Pharma’s and Big Medicine’s colonization of and control of women’s reproductive health processes, ranging from women’s access to safe contraception to abortion rights and to the rights of mothers to a midwifery delivery or to a birthing room, or the right to labour or the right to store milk at work or the right to breastfeed in public. But these formerly reliable custodians of well-informed skepticism and of women’s health rights, were silent, silent, as such voices as former HHS official Dr Paul Alexander warned that spike protein from MRNA vaccines may accumulate in the ovaries (and testes),, and as vaccinated women reported hemorrhagic menses, double-digit percentages in a Norwegian study reporting heavier bleeding (, many women reported blood clotting, women even reported post-menopausal bleeding — and mothers reported their vaccinated twelve year olds suddenly getting their periods; but it was two periods a month they girls endured. Almost no one out of the luminaries of feminist health activism who had spent decades speaking out on behalf of women’s health and women’s bodies, raised a peep above the parapet. Those two or three of us who did were very visibly smeared, libeled, in some cases threatened, and in many ways silenced. When I broke this story of menstrual dysregulation post-vaccination on Twitter in Spring of 2021, I was suspended. Matt Gertz works at CNN and Media Matters. The former is a channel on which I had appeared, at its request, for decades; the latter a group whose leadership members I’ve known for years, and in one instance, with whom I’ve worked. In spite of both of his employers having sought out professional association with me, Matt Gertz publicly and repeatedly called me a “pandemic conspiracy theorist” upon my having reported on menstrual dysregulation, and elsewhere accused me of “crack-pottery” Lots of reputational smears descended on my head at about the same time, you may recall. Shame on me for doing journalism. I broke the post-vaccination menstrual dysregulation story by doing what I always do — that is, by using the same methodology that I used in writing The Beauty Myth (about eating disorders) and Misconceptions (about obstetrics), and Vagina (about female sexual health): I listened to women, that radical act. The New York Times just re-broke my story of menstrual dysregulation, ten months later, January 2022, in a different year altogether,, without credit to me of course, and after perhaps millions of women readers were physically harmed by their lack of decent reporting and their uncritical acceptance of soundbites from captured regulatory authorities. There has been no retraction or apology from Mr Gertz, from The New York Times, or other news outlets such as, who all then called me crazy but are now reporting my story as if it is their own — now that it’s clear that, once again, I was right. Feminist health advocates who know perfectly well about the history of horrific pharmaceutical experiments or damaging medical protocols imposed on women’s bodies: who know about routine hysterectomies at menopause, about vaginal mesh that has to be removed, about silicone breasts implants that leaked or burst and had to be recalled or replaced, about Mirena that had to be removed, about Thalidomide that deformed babies’ limbs in utero, about birth control pills at hormonal doses that heightened heart attack risks and stroke risks and that lowered the female libido; about routine c-sections to speed up turnover at hospitals, about the sterilization of low income women and girls and women and girls of color without informed consent, and on and on and on — these activists were silent about the unproven nature of MRNA vaccines, and about coercive policies that violated the Nuremberg code and other laws, as a whole generation of young women who have not yet had their babies, was forced to take an MRNA vaccine (and vaccine, and booster) with unproven effects on reproductive health, in order simply to return to campus or to get or to keep a job. People who had been up in arms for decades about eating disorders or about the coercive social standards that led to — horrors — leg shaving, were silent about an untested injection that was minting billions for Big Pharma; an injection that entered, according to Moderna’s own press material, every cell in the body, which would thus include involving uterus, ovaries, endometrium. The Our Bodies Ourselves collective? Nothing on vaccine risks and women’s health as a subject category: NARAL? Where were they? Crickets. Where were all the responsible feminist health activists, in the face of this global, unconsenting, uninforming, illegal experimentation on women’s bodies, and now on children, and soon, on babies? Feminist jurists such as Justice Sotomayor and Justice Kagan debated President Biden’s vaccine mandates on January 7 — as if they had never heard of the legal claims for Roe v Wade: privacy law. As Politico reported of Justice Kagan, “The Supreme Court’s ruling on privacy rights served as a basis for its later decision, Roie v Wade” and as Sen. Barbara Boxer stated, “I have no reason to think anything else except that [Kagan] would be a very strong supporter of privacy rights because everyone she worked for held that view.” Except…now they don’t, and she doesn’t. With medical mandates, there are no privacy rights for anyone ever. But Justice Kagan seemed suddenly, after decades of holding this view, not to see a contradiction. Her career-long philosophical foundation that resulted in a consistent view, when it came to abortion rights, that citizens had a right to physical privacy in medical decision-making — “My body, my choice” — “It is between a woman and her doctor” — vanished, along with her expensive education and all of her knowledge of the Constitution. Justice Sotomayor, for her part, argued in an article from Dec 10 2021 that it was “madness” that the state of Texas wanted to “substantially suspend[ed] a constitutional guarantee: a pregnant woman’s right to control her own body.” Her tone was, rightly, one of high dudgeon at the thought that anyone might override this right. But when it came to Justice Sotomayor’s discussion on Jan 7 2022, less than four weeks later, of President Biden’s vaccine mandates, that clear Constitutional right was now nowhere to be seen; it had vanished into the ether. A part of Justice Sotomayor’s brain seems to have simply shut down at the word “vaccines”; though it was the same woman in the same Court with the same Constitution before her, the Justice could no longer see or manage the Kantian imperative of consistent reasoning. Activists - lifelong activists — for justice and inclusion, for the Constitution and human rights and the rule of law — friends and colleagues of mine who are LGBTQ rights activists; the ACLU itself; activists for racial inclusion and justice; Constitutional lawyers who teach at all the major universities and run the law reviews; activists who argue against excluding anyone from any profession or access based on gender; all, all of them, at least on the progressive side of the spectrum (I should say, almost all of them: hello, Glenn Greenwald) — were silent, as a comprehensive, systematic, cruel, titanic discrimination society was erected in a matter of months in such cities as New York City, formerly the great melting pot, the great equalizer; and as whole states such as California adopted a system pretty much like the apartheid systems based on other physical characteristics, in regimes that these same proud advocates for equality and inclusion had boycotted in college. And yet now these former heroes for human rights and for equal justice under law, stood by calmly or even enthusiastically as the massive edifice of discrimination was constructed. And then they colluded. Without even a fight or a murmur.

And they had their “vaccinated-only” parties, and their segregated fashion galas, and their nonprofit-hosted discussions in nice New York City medically segregated hotels over expensive lunches served by staffers in masks — lunches celebrating luminaries of the civil rights movement or of the LGBTQ rights movement or the immigrants’ rights movement, or the movement to help girls in Afghanistan get access to schools which they had been prevented from attending— invitations which I received, but of which I could not make use, because — because I was prevented from attending.

And these elite justice advocates enjoyed the celebrations of their virtues and of their values shared with one another, and did not seem to notice that they had become — in less than a year — exactly what they had spent their adult lives professing most to hate. I could go on and on. The bottom line, though, is that this infection of the soul, this abandonment of classical Liberalism’s — really, it’s not even partisan; modern civilization’s — most cherished postwar ideals, this sudden dropping of post-Enlightenment norms of critical thinking, this dilution even of parents’ sense of protectiveness over the bodies and futures of their helpless minor children, this acceptance of a world in which people can’t gather to worship, these suddenly-manifested structures themselves that erected this demonic world in less than two years and imposed it on everyone else, these heads of state and heads of the AMA and heads of school boards and these teachers; these heads of unions and these national leaders and the state level leaders and the town hall level functionaries all the way down to the men or woman who disinvite a relative from Thanksgiving due to social pressure, because of a medical status which is no one’s business and which affects no one — this edifice of evil is too massive, too quickly erected, too complex and really, too elegant, to assign to just human awfulness and human inventiveness.

This evil is like a gigantic cultural spacecraft that landed on Earth, and somehow had a technology to unfold, almost at once, including in the egalitarian, post-Enlightenment West, a global dystopia run on stupidity, cruelty and cognitive dissonance. It seems to be a dystopia that seems to have been prepared for hapless humans by entities smarter and more evil than we are, down to its most minute details.

Months before, I had asked a renowned medical freedom activist how he stayed strong in his mission as his name was besmirched and he faced career attacks and social ostracism. He replied with Ephesians 6:12: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

I had thought of that a lot in the intervening time. It made more and more sense to me as the days passed.

I confessed at that gathering in the woods with the health freedom community, that I had started to pray again. This was after many years of thinking that my spiritual life was not that important, and certainly very personal, almost embarrassingly so, and thus it was not something I should mention in public.

I told the group that I was now willing to speak about God publicly, because I had looked at what had descended on us from every angle, using my normal critical training; and that it was so elaborate in its construction, so comprehensive, and so cruel, with an almost superhuman, flamboyant, baroque imagination made out of the essence of cruelty itself — that I could not see that it had been accomplished by mere humans working on the bumbling human level in the dumb political space.

I felt around us, in the majestic nature of the awfulness of the evil around us, the presence of “principalities and powers” — almost awe-inspiring levels of darkness and of inhuman, anti-human forces. In the policies unfolding around us I saw again and again anti-human outcomes being generated: policies aimed at killing children’s joy; at literally suffocating children, restricting their breath, speech and laughter; at killing school; at killing ties between families and extended families; at killing churches and synagogues and mosques; and, from the highest levels, from the President’s own bully pulpit, demands for people to collude in excluding, rejecting, dismissing, shunning, hating their neighbors and loved ones and friends.

I have seen bad politics all of my life and this drama unfolding around us goes beyond bad politics, which is silly and manageable and not that scary. This — this is scary, metaphysically scary. In contrast to silly human mismanagement, this darkness has the tinge of the pure, elemental evil that underlay and gave such hideous beauty to the theatrics of Nazism; it is the same nasty glamour that surrounds Leni Riefenstahl films.

In short, I don’t think humans are smart or powerful enough to have come up with this horror all alone.

So I told the group in the woods, that the very impressiveness of evil all around us in all of its new majesty, was leading me to believe in a newly literal and immediate way in the presence, the possibility, the necessity of a countervailing force — that of God.

And that is a huge leap for me to take, as a classical Liberal writer in a postwar world, — to say these things out loud.

Grounded postmodern intellectuals are not supposed to talk about or believe in spiritual matters — at least not in public. We are supposed to be shy about referencing God Himself, and are certainly are not supposed to talk about evil or the forces of darkness. As a Jew I come from a tradition in which Hell (or “Gehenom”) is not the Miltonic Hell of the later Western imagination, but rather a quieter interim spiritual place ( “The Satan” exists in our literature (in Job for example) but neither is this the Miltonic Satan, that rock star, but a figure more modestly known as “the accuser.”

We as Jews, though, do have a history and literature that lets us talk about spiritual battle between the forces of God and negative forces that debase, that profane, that seek to ensnare our souls. We have seen this drama before, and not that long ago.

Other traditions of course also have ways to discuss and understand spiritual battle taking place through humans, and through human leaders, and here on earth.

It was not always the case that Western intellectuals were supposed to keep quiet in public about spiritual wrestling, fears and questions. Indeed in the West, poets and musicians, dramatists and essayists and philosophers, talked about God, and even about evil, for millennia, as being at the core of their understanding of the world and as forming the basis of their art forms and of their intellectual missions. This was the case right through the nineteenth century and into the first quarter of the 20th, a period when some of our greatest intellectuals — from Darwin to Freud to Jung — wrestled often and in public with questions of how the Divine, or its counterpart, manifested in the subjects they examined.

It was not until after World War Two and then the rise of Existentialism — the glorification of a world view in which the true intellectual showed his or her mettle by facing the absence of God and our essential aloneness — that smart people were expected to shut up in public about God.

So – it’s not wacky or eccentric, if you know intellectual history, for intellectuals to talk in public about God, and even about God’s adversary, and to worry in public about the fate of human souls. Mind and soul are not in fact at odds; and the body is not in fact at odds with either of these. And this acceptance of our three-part, integrated nature is part of our Western heritage. This is a truth only recently obscured or forgotten; a memory of our integrity as human beings that is only for the last seventy years or so, under attack.

So — I am going to start talking about God, when I have to do so, and about my spiritual questions in this dark time, along with all of the other reporting and nonfiction analysis I will continue to do. Because I have always told my readers the truth of what I felt and saw. This may be why they have come with me on a journey now of almost forty-three years, and why they keep seeking me out — though I have in the last couple of years (after I wrote a book that described how 19th century pandemics were exploited by the British State to take away everyone’s liberty — hm) been pulped, deplatformed, cancelled, re-cancelled, deplatformed again, and libeled, on a pretty global scale.

It is time to start talking about spiritual combat again, I personally believe. Because I think that that is what we are in right now, a global battle between good and evil, and the forces of darkness are so big that we need help. The object of this spiritual battle? It seems to be for nothing short of the human soul. One side, though, is wrestling for the human soul by targeting the human body that houses it; a body made in God’s likeness, so they say; the temple of God. I am not confident. I don’t have enough faith. Truth is, I am scared to death. I just don’t think just humans alone can solve this one, or can win this one on their own. I do think we need to call, as Milton did, as Shakespeare did, as Emily Dickinson did, on help from elsewhere; on angels and archangels, if you will, on higher powers, on better principalities, on whatever intercessors may hear us, on Divine Providence — whatever you want to call whomever it is you can hope for and imagine. I can’t say for sure that God and God’s helpers exist; I can’t. Who can? But I think we are at an unheard-of moment in human history — globally — in which I personally believe we have no other choice but to ask for assistance from beings better armed to fight true darkness, than ourselves alone. We’ll find out if they exist, perhaps, if we ask for their help. At least that’s my hope. Which I guess is also a kind of prayer.


“In our youth-focused society, it can be difficult to claim the role of elder, to be proud of that state and recognize the important contributions elders make. However, it wasn’t always like that (and many societies still value the role of elders). In ancient societies around the world, women were wisdom keepers, helping younger women bring new life into the world and helping older women as they exited this mortal realm. The Crone enjoyed a special, revered status and was praised for her wisdom, healing skills, and moral leadership. She has a profound understanding of life and the world around her – she is a font of wisdom for her community and a source of inspiration.”

~ Dr. Denise Renye

Art: Andrea Redmond, “Green Mother”

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