Exploding Supernova sends waves of energy to Earth

The energy tsunami we have received after the 5 /5 Full Moon and Eclipse has been amplified by an exploding Supernova in the Pinwheel Galaxy near the Big Dipper/Ursa Major.

This Supernova is close and bright enough to be photographed by backyard astronomers on Earth. Which means its light and energy are reaching us.

The Supernova was discovered on 19th May and apparently reached its climax on 24th May at power 11.

Supernovas are exploding and collapsing stars that give off waves of light and information that hold all the records or information about that dying star. It is a major information transfer from that star to the records and libraries of the Cosmos.

So, if we are sensitive, we may have been feeling this major download of information as an “overload” of “stuff”. We may feel overwhelmed and unable to “keep up” because on the higher levels there is so much information flooding our record keeping systems.

Secondly, we may also feel the “emotions” of the dying star as sadness, feelings of wanting to let go as well as feelings of joy as the light goes out into the Cosmos.

So, this accounts for many of the powerful waves of light that we have been experiencing as we witness the death and rebirth process in a member of our Celestial Family. The process of the Phoenix: Dying to Live eternally in another form and gifting us with its wisdom and knowledge.

This is an absolutely awesome process!

Love to everyone!

Celia Fenn ❤️

Emotions are Feelings – Gemini Season

“Emotions Are a Frequency”

By Peggy Black and ‘the team’

The emotional state of the human being is much more important than what you have been taught. Emotions are a frequency, a vibration. They react and interact with your reality: they are your point of attraction.

It’s the pointers – your signposts, your roadmap… There is beauty and complexity in the unity you call body/mind/emotions/spirit.

When a person is scared, scared, angry or worried, the vibrations – the messages that the body receives – are very different… The functioning of organs and muscles goes into a state of alarm. The body is on alert, separate from the whole.

When you vibrate at high frequencies of joy, love, appreciation and gratitude, all systems are in a high vibrational state of consciousness: relaxed, alert, harmonious, creative. There is a flow between all atoms, all cells and stars.

On the other hand, when you feel fear, anger or frustration, everything in the body/mind contracts. The cells… the organs are bathed in stress hormones. There is a level of closure, with defenses up. The being is turned off: the vibrations are dense and heavy.

It is important for every being to train themselves – to rise to higher emotional vibrations in order to achieve feelings of joy, gratitude and appreciation. That will be your lifeboat, your security in the times to come.

We offer this to you today – when you feel an emotion or have a thought, ask yourself this question: “Is this a life-enhancing, life-giving energy, or is this thought or emotion an energy that reduces or harms you? life?” If you practice this exercise, it will help you stay at a high frequency.


Free- Current Energies

We are being freed on multiple levels now, deeply subconscious programming, cords, attachments to the old matrix of the 3D.

I was shown this a few days ago profoundly.

The cosmic energies now pouring in and directed by the company of heavens and the Golden Rainbow Fires are sweeping through our heads dismantling all which has ever been programned in there, or put in there, or attrached itself there without our permission throughout all lifetimes on earth.

I was shown a blinding white-golden Ankh and this being put in energetically into our heads and then dissolving all of these into the purest Godforce Light. The Ankh was always used as a tuning fork, a cosmic energy conductor, and in many other ways, we have forgotten about. This is working intensely with full and higher activation of our pineal, pituitary, hypothalmus and the the Ka gland above our heads, linking to our soul stars.

This is happening so that we are now literally being tuned into the higher dimensional frequency bands, stand fully in truth of who and what we are in truth, as the keys and codes within our higher soul selves are activated.

It enables us to access our higgest soul potential, without outside interverence from the old systems etc. no matter how hard some try to keep the status quo.

Of course souls have free will and choice. Some are choosing to remain unconscious.

A great transmutation is happening and is unprecedented.

Mother Mary is holding the immaculate conception of our new Lightbody form in her heart and soul for the whole of humanity. A rebirth in Divine Love and with Divine Love.


Judith Kusel

Photo: Daniel Holeman

Bill GATES, A PEEL – highly toxic coating


📢📢 WARNING ⚠️ ⚠️

This is a photo of an avocado 🥑 I bought a week ago. I have been waiting patiently for it to ripen. l usually feel it to see if they are ready. This one just hasn’t been getting softer. Then I looked closer at the sticker and sure enough… it is coated in apeel… I will be throwing them in the trash 🗑!!!

Apeel is a new coating being used on some fruit and vegetables to keep them from rotting as quickly.

Sounds like a great idea! Except…

* It contains mono and diglycerides. These are questionable as to their effect on our health; think toxic vegetable oil 🤢☠️

* It cannot be washed off. And people are questioning what this will do to our gut lining; will it, over time, make our guts impermeable as well?

* It is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

* The side effects of consuming this are unknown.

Thankfully, there is a sticker that proclaims which fruits and vegetables have been coated with it. Buyer beware!!!

Do your research!! Learn more about apeel in this article:

Gates-Funded ‘Edible’ Food Coating Gets Green Light From Regulators

Do Not Prescribe Antidepressants for Mild to Moderate Depression or at First Visit

Makes more sense, STOP prescribing antidepressants like freaking pezz candy , for every thing from a stumped toe to grief .

Antidepressants are supposed to be short term .

World Psychiatry article challenges conventional antidepressant prescription practices.
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Choose YOU

Whenever someone acts cruelly, make a point to do something nice for yourself to neutralize it.

They’re giving you the silent treatment? Instead of waiting by your phone with a white-knuckle grip, make plans with friends, go see a movie, take a daycay, visit a family member, or go to the zoo.

Did they suddenly stop love-bombing you and went cold? So what? You can love-bomb yourself. Take yourself to a fancy dinner and order a glass of champagne. Deliver flowers to yourself. Take yourself to the salon and get your hair styled the way you like it.

Do they want you to feel small and ashamed? Instead of cowering under their glare or giving them the satisfaction, give them the ultimate Rhianna look of disgust. Look them in the eye and say, “And??”

These are all things I’ve done in past toxic relationships when I stopped jumping through hoops, auditioning for approval, and trying to make someone see how special I was.

But do you know what the ultimate power move is? Leaving. Cutting the anchor and sailing away.

It might not happen the same day or overnight, but it’s time to stop sacrificing your dignity for someone who doesn’t even deserve your attention.

Choose YOU.

* ੈ✩‧ ₊✧ ゚.١٠˖⁺。˚⋆˙⋆。°✩

If you’re struggling with a relationship that’s making you sick, both physically and spiritually, the THRIVE program can help.

The true beauty of THRIVE is that it can be completed whether or not you’ve detached from toxic relationships. You may even reach a point where you are no longer terrified by the prospect of leaving your abusive or toxic relationships for good.

Learn more here:

Always thinking of you,

Kim xo

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