Dental issues connected to COVID

I have talked about how THE virus can cause dental issues by ‘hiding’ in viral reservoirs in the oral cavity. A preprint prepared by scientists specializing in dental health from the University of Plymouth, UK explained the molecular mechanism used to damage your periodontal health [1].

Simply stated, THE virus can turn off mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation to cause energy deficiency in cells, leading to fibrotic degeneration in periodontal ligaments. When that happens, you end up with loose teeth.

I know many individuals who had to replace their loosened teeth after C19 infections. Few of them connected the dots, and most of them don’t take enough melatonin.

What is the connection here?

Melatonin enhances fatty-acid oxidation in mitochondria [2].

Got MEL?

[1] Gao, Y.; Kok, W. L.; Sharma, V.; Illsley, C. S.; Hanks, S.; Tredwin, C.; Hu, B. SARS-CoV-2 Causes Periodontal Fibrosis by Deregulating Mitochondrial β-Oxidation. bioRxiv, 2022, 2022.12.15.520561.

[2] Sarkar, S.; Chattopadhyay, A.; Bandyopadhyay, D. Melatonin as a Prospective Metabolic Regulator in Pathologically Altered Cardiac Energy Homeostasis. Melatonin Research 2021, 4 (2), 316–335.


My intent to write more than repost has been

challenged in what I regonise as spiritual war-

far that has delayed me in my journey .

My awareness and faith allows me to continue

despite the very low energy of eviction as a

retaliation , the seizure of my bank account

which has been horrid in and of itself , yet

another rental that followed 5 months of

having to spend my income on correction of

that seizure , shelter that varied from great to

a 30 stay at a 1 room cabin with no running

water and a low to the ground vehicle who

broke struts .

But I was learning what it’s like to be * middle

class * female and of some age that is invisible

to society ..I did have help with my legal and

filed a lawsuit against the evictors who watched

me struggle to load my small car observed by

a carload of lord’s and ladies of the rentals , 2

children under 8 watching my trauma . Drama

fueled distortions created 4 officers who were

observing and ready to act as 1 lord changed

the locks , my friend was typing up my law

suit , and after searching and holding my things

after my exit , a decision was made to ” allow”

me 24 hours to get my office and living space

cleared .

As a survivor of Intimate Partner Violence , and

3 retaliation efforts legally , using the same

lawyer by lord’s and ladies and not being

respected nor heard in judgement that honors

the distorted accounting that’s intended to

distroy my credibility and shut me up.

Lord’s and Ladies on a recommended list now

extend leases that include a clause stating

they cannot be sued .

My lawsuit was dropped , angling for * without

prejusdist ” by opposing council to whit I did not

agree , but decisions were made from the get go

pushing my case through as I was ravaged by

conditions adverse to my physical health , 3

years of witnessing and experiencing folks

who live in a distortion of acting as if they are

capabiblle , but are not and withhold repairs

etc to force a negative situation . Ignoring my

request for civility , deep soul reasons why force

is not a good 8dea . Suggesting a spot must be

gleemed in a snatch of yard , ignoring my

depleted health , the petty behaviors clarified

much in the crisis of COVID on July 28th I

was legally evicted , my home and office open

to anyone in a group of 6 that showed

retatortoty abuse that was traumatic as ex

husband was exactly the same in his distorted

behaviors . He too decided what I would have

giving no thought to my health , my induced

mental illness served him in winning all.

My dear friend who tried to help , was “off”

yet hard to discern and upon an accident was

found to have a brain tumor the size of a

grapefruit. Her story is her’s , in amazing near

death , and she has healed , making major life

changes . With her permission I will blog her

accounting of her experience .

I was offered a dream , which came late

November which was. a 2 bedroom with a

great view and assurances of my safety

promises of repairs and of course dropping in

without notice.

Lease withheld after I wàs in, promise to sell

to me and the distortions began to accumulate .

Again I was warned not to talk to a certain

individual .

As I moved out in late July the anniversary of

my eviction in my head , a chain of events

led a force with blood pressure off the chart

forcing medical treatment which includes

anti psychotics. The truth that there was never

going to be a sale of house in that distortion.

Keeping these life long distortions in a bond

with a partner who allowed abuses has finally

exposed the mental illness and liberated a few

folks .

I am safe , having moved across town

Spring of 2022 I plan to build on 3 private

acres .

Very positive things have resulted , which I will

share as soon as possible.

The past is being addressed , is healing

Blessings &Peace

Dona Luna

Web page : Illegal Retaliatory Evictions

Unfortunately, as the ex wife of a landlord

who has distorted everything business , financial

as well as our personal life and certainly with

regard to our 3 sons and 6 grandchildren ( that I know

of) .

His residence to change , his slow and methodical

planning of years , aided by his family whose opinion

of me , was critical from the get go because I didn’t

accept , that I had to wear a fake mask , or hold a man

on high , when he lived in distortion far too much .

Was it my imagination , that I saw higher sides in him

and held faith for his more attached and balanced

mood in consistent growth ? I have realized our family

was a business , his pride at creating 3 sons to carry

his family name 📛📛📛📛📛📛📛📛📛 had nothing to

do with me ..Secrets and untruths have been held

rotting the core of what was , with our son’s and I

and aided by many who agreed to shut me up , has

ultimately failed .

As any professional , dare retaliate in these unique times

of COVID , their boomerangs will be swift …But just in

their very acts , those wormholes are being exposed

and there are no exemptions .

Any professional business who puts folks in jeopardy

in foundational ways to retaliate , repeadly , covering

themselves , taking no responsibility , discriminations ,

failure to comply with code , forced evacuations that

are delicious with over powering abusive energy ,

enjoying the trauma for the recipient to whom

all abuse is projected .

I lived through this, survived this and I KNOW what

this is .

And I know I am called on , and called to aide others

as much as I can . *** new leases have clasuses that

stipulate that they cannot be legally held ” responsible “,

the same language ex used in his divorce , making me

responsible for legal and health , and every freaking

thing negative , as 20 years with yet another who

met him energetically , and delighted in increased

abuse , as did others who joined in family ,

savoring my son’s disposal of me , adding the death

of our son’s mom , was a complete and done deal

and they wanted nothing to do with me .

Shadow of the matriarch , who has ruled with a

vengeance, that negates a peaceful landing upon

exit from this plane of existence .

The choice is his, to liberate himself or stay as is ..

I’ve been long gone, exhumed from the grave , and

the box of Distortion , and my voice is clear and

much needed , plus Spirit is in the house .

My house , and I am , I am home And that’s magnetic

as my tribe awakens and we converge in cosmic

love and joy 💖.


Blessings & Peace

Dona Luna

My friend Chris wrote in disability fear in these days of Covid

I have recently’finally’ started writing again—at this point just snippets of thoughts as they come to m, in a flurry, as my hands and fingers (praise God) are won’t to allow me to do from time to time) it seems when I pound the keyboard, as if in anger, enough neural connection, at times comes through to get words down which is a new experience for me — though it’s hard to keep up such emotion just to communicate. Recently, I was moved enough by the experience of COVID19 and how I saw it playing out in other people’s lives that I felt spurred on to make a connection between what I knew everyday and how I wished I could help people grow. The following is part of what I wrote. It is my description of disability. Then, the article attached is similar, perhaps, it too, can help someone. I look forward to sharing more fully in the lives of people I encounter and hope this experience makes sharing mine more palatable to others. Please share if moved to do so.

Best Always & To Your Health & Joy,


…If COVID19 has changed your life or inconvenienced you I hope you read the article below and consider what it means to have a shared humanity. I wish no person ever had to experience what we know; but I welcome you to the hope of holding on; and pray endurance holds on the days you need it and grace most. With COVID-19 clearly a new point of reference, people are ready for such a message from one such as I, an individual with infantile Cerebral Palsy with acquired Quadriplegia Incomplete C2 spinal cord injury;because the entire world is subject to subordination of self-interests. By virtue of circumstance, people not only know fear, they must wear it — just like the masks shielding face from germ; they wear the aura of their own unknowingness. They squirm, uncomfortable, waiting for answers and solutions that are not theirs just for the taking; feeling for the first time, perhaps, the squeeze of acquiescence, branding them and directing the trajectory of their outcome; shifting their heartsong as Maslow winks; and they move from self-actualization to survival; as Children of a Lesser God, are wont to do: North winds blow and ice doth freeze, opportunity. The Space of Disability belongs to everyone. Some just know it sooner. It’s Fear’s reflection averted; Hope’s brilliance razing. It’s Anger’s rage plowing down what the mind cannot contain. It’s Ignorance’s apathy and the mock of never having known. It’s Sorrow’s solitude and longing, seeking peace.
It’s yesterday’s possibility become true (for a time); (or not); and, today being about peeing more than being, climbing being a stair not a ladder, Giving “thanks” for dressing; nor dressing for Thanksgiving. It’s raw, uncensored, guttural, real, gutsy, resilient, determined; but still… hating the have to, the do-it-anyway, the never a moment free of yourself. It’s the glisten shining in every eye that cares, dares, tears you down or builds you up in the “Imagining of You as Themselves”: “deer in the headlight, swearving to miss, thud, close the eyes, what the Hell, did I hit?” It hit me. . . . (and), well,”Bambi is sweet, poor little one”, “Where’s my 12-gauge, It’s a five- point buck; It’s I don’t like venison; it’s the dent on the car, It’s everything and anything; it’s how the night changed; it’s the cop and ticket, the blood on the grate. It’s nature invaded, habitat gone, seeking nutrition, a pasture, a home. It’s beauty in dusk’s perfect glow. It’s the babies calling splendorous Doe. It’s thae moment you watch and take a deep breath — you stopped on a dime; and all you have left. It’s the “Thank God” moment; the job you still have, the baby the carseat, the mother the wife, the father, the brother the husband — the knife that went through heart invisible pure, woke you up, and set you back; but didn’t go through… and was gone; but you weren’t. It’s the air you breathe, the big EX-hale, mercy, grace, the Holy Grail. It’s the surrender, the gaining, the trust, the thrill of redemption knowing He paid the cost, it’s the freedom — the knowing of truth, the way you can move in and out of this world. It’s the aching and arching, the push and the pull, the seeking for answers, facts unknown. It’s the cut of the ribbon at the end of the race long since over; but you kept a pace all your own — It’s the finish, The Finish, The Start, and the stop; the detours and road-blocks, the road that was not, It’s the line ine the middle, no-passing lane; the kid on the bike there in the way; it’s the curb you tipped over on; the light you ran through; the bird shit that landed; the sky open wide; the grandma on Sunday knitting rocker swinging; and why… there’s no one out there who isn’t like me; We’ve all ran a mile; sat in a tree; fought a battle, whistled a tune, wished on a star, howled at the moon. We all, in a moment, must face ourselves, no matter we chose to or what kind of hell we get into. When the moment comes, the quiet Only Me Wind… That is the moment … You’ll be my Friend. Welcome There’s NO Disability Here, Just people… in the land of the real… and I like you.

Should you ever doubt the dawning of a new day; and your capacity to meet it, unpack the noise around you, strip your life of all except the you that must be faced in the mirror and for a moment, a day, whatever it takes welcome yourself to the space of your own self love. Then, and only then can you brace yourself in the headwinds, become one with the tides of life, and read the color of the sky— for we do not exist in a vacuum; and cannot avoid difficulty; but we can be cleansed in tears, and heartened in laughter; even as we are strengthened by the mere moving forward. and knowingness that comes from self- reflection and sharing a moment or season with others. Coming to terms with For me embracing Self have solitude wing casting off loneliness; it was to give and need no reply, to experience in the moment not in the what if; and to dare go where only faith could reside because answers lay beyond the grasp of soul or mind, except to meet fear and no longer let it take up rent space in my head. Am I there yet? The question speaks its own answer… or does it?

May your questions find answers and peace reign in your hearts.

Welcome to my World. It’s not so bad; you learn what matters quickly; maybe, in the learning and living we’re the lucky ones.