Father of Her Children Died – Jab

“The father of my children died.

Dropped dead.

In front of them.

At 2 and 6 years old they lost their daddy. Traumatically. They will live almost their entire lives without one of two people who loved them most. Without one of two people every kid deserves to grow up with.

Brandon’s death shook our community. Continues to shake it. It’s about to rumble it more.

I have been very open about every aspect of it. From posting 12 hours after his death, to continuing to share our story, and all aspects of my journey through grief. You, the community, have encouraged everything about this. This will be the biggest thing I share. Listen closely.

Brandon died of Lymphohistiocitic myocarditis.

This was determined by the Ontario Coroner’s Office at Kingston General Hospital. Because of the absolute shock of a healthy, active 34-year-old man dropping dead, his body was sent to Kingston for a full and extensive autopsy. The results can take several months, and I have just recently received the full report (which had to be formally requested).

When they eventually gave the cause of death, it shocked both the local coroner and our family doctor. It was assumed he died of a cardiomyopathy — a genetic condition that he would have been born with and gone undiagnosed. This was not the case.

Lymphohistiocitic myocarditis is caused by a virus. His heart was extensively damaged. There was so much scar tissue, that it literally couldn’t pump another beat. I had no chance at reviving him. The official report states that his entire heart was damaged — not one ventricle or one area — top to bottom damaged. Fully attacked, for multiple months.

Brandon did not have covid. His work supplied rapid tests and we had done several throughout summer and fall. The virus that killed him was likely the mRNA vaccine.

Any medical professional I have spoken to and who has looked into this further has been quick to disregard the vaccine as the cause, as “the research” shows myocarditis cases only happening within two weeks of an administered dose. First off, what research? We ARE the fucking research. Secondly, this is only what they are allowing to be reported.

Until November 5, I was a sheep. I fully admit that. Brandon and I both believed strongly in the vaccine and would roll our eyes at protestors, conspiracy theorists and all the “anti-vax” posts on social media. November 5th onward, my eyes have been opened.

I owe this to Brandon. To share what I believe killed him. What did kill him. What left his daughters without their daddy. To open all of your eyes. To allow yourselves to see things from another perspective. To think thoroughly before deciding to vaccinate your children, or get yourself boosted. I cannot in good conscience allow schools to bring in vaccine clinics and stay silent.

I believe in science. I absolutely love and respect medicine. I will never, ever, vaccinate my children (or myself further) against Covid-19. We know nothing about the long term effects of this vaccine. Nothing. If you think you do, you don’t.

Please respect my energy on this. I have turned comments off. I will not reply to direct messages. If you see me in person I am happy to chat about it. Internet wars will never be my thing. But I feel deeply about sharing this – this isn’t something that should ever be kept quiet.

For all of you preaching to vaccinate children, please put yourselves in my shoes, and then kindly be sensitive about what you say.

Fight for your children and their rights. I’ll be fighting for mine.

We never got a chance to fight for Brandon. 💔”

— Chantelle Watt


Jab : Injury

Here’s my vaccination injury so far
On May 9 th 2021 I had my first Moderna vaccination and within 20 minutes I couldn’t feel my face. It went completely numb. That was a Sunday. The next day I called my Dr and she prescribed a prescription antihistamine. I started on that and within a couple of days the numbness decreased on the left side but remained on the right side. At this time I got terrible tinnitus in my right ear and noticed my right eye was drying out over night. I kept on with email consultations with my Dr and finally in August got in to see them personally where she recommended me to an internal medicine specialist.
I also could not blink my right eye. She also recommended I get my hearing checked where I found out I have severe hearing loss right ear. I’m left with loss of function right eyelid, severe hearing loss and severe tinnitus right ear and as some of the numbness has depleted right side I’m now left with severe pain right side head, right eye, and right ear. I can’t squint my eye so cold air is excruciating as is direct sunlight. I’m taking 2 different nerve blockers to try to control the severe pain. The internal medicine specialist has concluded that the vaccine attacked 3 cranial nerves.
I have also applied to the VISP program haven’t heard anything yet from that.

***Quercetin*** alternative use : Jab