Verizon ordered to shut down cell tower

MASSIVE, POTENTIALLY PRECEDENT-SETTING VICTORY IN PITTSFIELD, MA TONIGHT. We will update you as more information becomes available…#radiation #awareness

**Read some of the peer-reviewed, independent science on wireless radiation health risks here:…/research-on-wireless-health-effects/

Revolution- Do over – Evolution / War on 5G

Our past , was to be aided by the French .

The French government has a program or two worthy of study .

Included is the support of the woman as she becomes a Mom to work outside the home and to be supplemented by the government.

It’s is well established how much a Mom can make all the difference in nurture and day care is costly as well as detached .

And so a rebellion is occurring , not just in France , but world wide to thwart the deadly side effects of 5G .