Radiation side effects

“Once people begin studying RF Radiation they often wonder if it has any negative effects on the human body? “Can it cause cancer or is the worst thing I have to worry about is having a little trouble getting to sleep?

RF Radiation has been proven to cause negative health symptoms such as infertility, cancer, crib death and DNA damage (especially in fetuses and infants) according to many peer reviewed scientific studies. There are also other symptoms such as sleep issues, headaches, cognitive issues as well as other auditory problem caused by RF Radiation.

So no you are not losing your mind! Your symptoms are not all in your head. RF Radiation has real biological effects on the body that can ruin our health or at least ruin our quality of life.

Most Common RF Radiation Health Symptoms:

  1. Sleeping Problems

This is one of the most common symptoms that goes away once you reduce the RF radiation and dirty electricity levels in your home back down to normal levels. Our brains function with electrical impulses. It only stands to reason that increased electrical radiation is going to interfere with the brain’s normal ability to function. Things that are “WIFI” such as smart meters, internet routers and cordless phones blast a continual stream of RF radiation through the entire house all of the time.

I read recently a personal story on the internet where a couple noticed that both of them when they were sleeping would have their legs shutter every few seconds while sleeping. The husband timed his wife while she was sleeping and her legs would involuntarily shutter or tense up about every 30 seconds. The wife also observed her husband when he was sleeping and saw the same thing. They had no idea what was causing it.

Since it was happening to both of them they assumed it was an outside stimulus. Finally they learned about RF radiation and realized that there power company had installed a smart meter on the outside of the wall of their bedroom. They purchased a High Frequency Analyzer meter and it showed a huge pulse of radiation that maxed out the meter every 30 seconds when they measured in their bedroom. It was coming from the smart meter. (cont’d 👇)

Verizon ordered to shut down cell tower

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**Read some of the peer-reviewed, independent science on wireless radiation health risks here: https://ehtrust.org/…/research-on-wireless-health-effects/

Revolution- Do over – Evolution / War on 5G

Our past , was to be aided by the French .

The French government has a program or two worthy of study .

Included is the support of the woman as she becomes a Mom to work outside the home and to be supplemented by the government.

It’s is well established how much a Mom can make all the difference in nurture and day care is costly as well as detached .


And so a rebellion is occurring , not just in France , but world wide to thwart the deadly side effects of 5G .