Dore Destroys Krystal Ball’s Interview With RFK Jr.

Comedian Jimmy Dore of ‘The Jimmy Dore Show’ dissects Ball’s hatchet job of an interview, pointing out Ball’s propaganda for corporate interests.
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The role of Melatonin in heart related issues due to COVID

In honor of my recent nomination, acceptance, and initiation as Full Membership in Sigma Xi The Scientific Research Honor Society that is the world’s largest multidisciplinary honor society for scientists and engineers, this week’s FB posts will be dedicated to recent scientific discoveries along the #lohcurve.

Three years ago, in September 2020, I did a video presentation at the invitation of SVHI titled “Ancient Molecules for Health Hearts” where I explained why melatonin is important during and after an infection by THE virus because of the various mechanisms used by the virus that can potentially cause heart damage[1].

Three years later, the relevance of heart health post-C infection is starting to gain prominence in the scientific/research community. Many studies have since reported associations between C19 and cardiovascular manifestation discussed in my video presentation, including myocarditis or myopericarditis, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias due to pulmonary embolism, or even endocarditis [2].

It is now understood that post-acute cardiovascular complications are quite common after viral infections, especially for patients with pre-existing cardiovascular risk factors and chronic diseases. What is most important is that In comparison to patients without a history of C19 infections, those with an acute COVID-19 infection showed a higher risk for various types of cardiovascular complications, including de novo arrhythmias, ischemic heart diseases, or thromboembolic events after one year [3].

Unfortunately, affected individuals and healthcare providers may not associate these new complications with a previous acute viral infection that happened more than one year ago. In that sense, it renders the approach and options to dealing with these complications to become even more challenging because the cause may not be correctly identified.

For example, the case of delayed myocardial injuries in athletes can be a major concern because athletes are most susceptible to cardiovascular complication such as myocarditis or a pre-myocardial injury that can remain silent for a long time post viral infection. Athletes as a result of the strenuous demands from their profession, may have increased arterial stiffness and decreased vascular function that can potentially exacerbate myocardial inflammation that can cause cardiac injuries [4-7].

What is most important, is the revelation that there exists a definitive, tight correlation between #longcovid (PASC) and the risk of developing heart failure.

A recent peer-reviewed study involving patients infected by THE virus found marked elevated risk of developing heart failure after an acute infection. These patients were found to have a 69% higher unadjusted risk of developing heart failure and the risk remained elevated at 45% even after adjusting for age, risk factors, or race/ethnicity.

At this point, I am sure you are impatiently waiting for me to explain the association between melatonin, phase separation, and the attenuation of myocardial injuries that may be induced by viral infections.

In the Sept 2020 video, I talked about how THE virus causes fragmentation in sarcomeres in cardiomyocytes (see image below). Sarcomeres are the basic contractile units of cardiomyocytes and damage to sarcomeres can cause a variety of cardiac dysfunctions because sarcomeres work by having thin (actin) and thick (myosin) filaments that slide past each other during contraction. However, the mechanical force generated by sarcomere actin and myosin requires stabilization by an anchoring structure. Without this anchoring structure, sarcomere units cannot contract properly, and you can end up with different cardiac dysfunctions.

Not surprisingly, this anchoring structure is dependent upon phase separation, and we all know that THE virus can interfere and hijacks host phase separation processes [9].

When sarcomeres are damaged or require replacement, the body must assemble new, functional units. During sarcomere biogenesis, various proteins acting like membraneless condensates will start to grow in size and fuse together via phase separation processes.

In my April video presentation with Jay Campbell, I talked about the role of scaffolds and clients in phase separation. During sarcomere biogenesis, a protein called FATZ-1 acts like a scaffold to attract and help incorporate the client protein α-actinin-2 to form membraneless biomolecular condensates called Z-bodies that are required as foundation building blocks for sarcomere assembly [10]. Thus it is possible that THE virus not only causes fragmentation of sarcomeres, but also prevents new sarcomeres from being synthesized by preventing proper phase separation.

There is no doubt in my mind that the ability of melatonin to regulate phase separation helps the body to rebuild sarcomeres quickly during acute viral infections to protect the heart.

The more you know, the more powerful you are. Got MEL?

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History Education , Vaccines

History is littered with dark references to illegal and often inhumane medical experimentation practices. World War II did not change anything, in terms of redefining parameters for universal human rights. The Nuremberg Trials were conducted as a show piece to assuage public demand for retribution.

Behind the façade, backroom maneuvers were underway to smuggle technicians and scientists into the US. The World Health Organization formed on April 07, 1948, heralding a global protectorate for health; a visible, collective response to unbridled fascism.

The Military Industry Complex was constantly poised at the forefront of vaccine research and development.

Merck catapulted into prominence with a first commercial Smallpox vaccine in 1898 , first antibiotic Penicillin G in 1942, capped by the HPV Vaccine Gardasil. But it was the Hepatitis B Vaccine, in particular, the unethical practical means by which this formula was coveted, which remains immersed in controversy.

At the height of WWII, founder of Merck & Co., George W. Merck, was appointed Chairman of Biological Warfare Committee of US Army Chemical War Service, authorized by President Roosevelt, to accelerate biological weaponry capabilities for the US Military.

There was no effort made to disguise conflict-of-interests in their decision. Government sought an expert in the field of vaccines, capable of managing its covert defensive bioweaponry section. George Merck was, for all intents and purposes, the godfather of vaccines.

In 1945, a top secret program called Operation Paperclip began. Its purpose was to plumb the depths of scientific technical knowledge from the Third Reich in furtherance of US national security interests, and superiority in the medical research division.

‘By the end of January 1946, 160 Nazi Scientists had been secreted into America.’ Some prominent vaccine doctors stood out on the blacklist: Major General Dr. Walter P. Schreiber: Chief of Medical services Supreme Command, Nazi physician in charge of vaccines , camp experimenter, microbiologist and epidemiologist. Dr. Kurt Blome: deputy Surgeon General of Third Reich, a biological weapons expert in germ warfare, who was also notably the cancer specialist or Plenipotentiary for Cancer Research in the Reich Research Council. Eric Traub, Hitler’s elite virologist, microbiologist, a regularly practicing veterinarian, known for his grotesque studies on producing cattle plague or Rinderpert. Merck was ideally positioned to fully exploit Germany’s most coveted expertise.

The Hepatitis B Vaccine timeline traces back to the 1950s. At Willowbrook State School for Mentally Challenged, Staten Island NY, incapacitated arrivals (inmates) were forcibly injected with cancerous Hepatitis B shots. There is no foot note saved for those who inadvertently died.

‘Dr. Saul Krugman of New York University conducted studies of hepatitis during the 1950s and 1960s on the severely mentally retarded. He systematically infected newly arrived children between the ages of three and eleven with strains of the virus obtained from the feces of Willowbrook hepatitis patients. How much better to have a patient with hepatitis accidentally or deliberately acquired under the guidance of a Krugman, than under the care of a rights-minded zealot.”’ Excerpt from Carol Rutz’s Lecture at Indiana University, November, 2003 Dr. Krugman was honored with a lifetime achievement award by his peers in the medical field.

Merck & Co. launched an extensive field study in 1978 to test Hepatitis B Vaccine prototype (Heptavax-B), targeting New York’s homosexual community; considered acutely susceptible to Hepatitis. July, 1982 the first HepB Vaccine was introduced, recommended for infants, children …and adults.

‘There were, as well, widespread concerns, in the early 1980s, about any plasma-based product. In 1981 scientists first recognized the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), spreading fear that Merck’s new (HB) vaccine and others might be contaminated.’ By 1990, Heptavax-B was officially discontinued, replaced with Merck’s ‘Recombivax HB.’

Merck, Sharp and Dohme provided major financial support for the earliest hepatitis B vaccination studies, conducted in Central Africa and New York City during the early 1970’s.

“Several authorities have argued these vaccine trials might best explain the unique epidemiological patterns of HIV/AIDS transmission between U.S. and Africa. The Vaccine was prepared in the laboratories of Dep’t of Virus and Cell Biology Research, Merck Institute for Theraputic Research, West Point, Pennsylvania. The placebo was also prepared in Merck Laboratories.”’

Excerpts from my book, ‘Keep Them From Harm: Science, Ethics, and the Problem with Vaccines’, which is currently still available.