HPV Vaccination Campaign for Young Adults and Health Care Providers Launches from HHS’ Office on Women’s Health | womenshealth.gov

Total insanity in pushing this unneeded vaccine for

boys and girls, with very drastic side effects .


Flu. Wayne Baird

I too have only ever had ” human made flu” from vaccine or shedding of others .

Diet and home peace and sleep and hydration are key as is focus .

The flu is a normal “healing crisis.” This natural healing process is most often caused by chronic intoxication and acidification of body chemistry due to the following lifestyle risks: caffeine, nicotine,
stress/emotional distress (lack of forgiveness), sugar (refined carbohydrates), alcohol, pharmaceuticals (including medications for the flu), consuming lots of red meats and intoxication by foreign proteins (including vaccines), and mucous forming metabolites from pasteurized dairy products. Relax get well