Greta Thunberg’s mother reveals teenager’s troubled childhood | Environment | The Guardian

Swedish opera singer Malena Ernman gives emotional account of daughter’s battles with autism and an eating disorder
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Toxic Phenol Ingredient in Vaccines – The Vaccine Reaction

Skin conditions , like eczema occur when Hb vaccine is given to newborn

How safe can injected phenol be, even in small amounts, if it was used as a lethal weapon?
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Dementia now striking people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage –

Dementia now striking people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage
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The medications that change who we are – BBC Future

I can and certainly intend to expand on the toxicity and acceptance

of this inducement of illness , especially mental illness and then heap

more guilt and shame, ignoring abuses , and trauma etc .

No one heard me , medicated I had no rights as the projections

heaped towards my at fault . No one has heard me since , for the same

reasons I’m supposed to be shut up …

The side effects go way beyond reported even here .. #ErasingFamliesForProfit


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

They’ve been linked to road rage, pathological gambling, and complicated acts of fraud. It turns out many ordinary medications don’t just affect our bodies – they affect our brains.
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Newborn Dies of Sepsis 2 Months After Vitamin K Shot

The most horrific outcome , totally preventable , the predictable

blame of authorities against the parents ..

A healthy infant dies of sepsis 2 months after receiving the Vitamin K shot. “I got a call from my husband that tore my world apart.”
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U.S. has world’s highest rate of children living in single-parent households | Pew Research Center

Endangered :

Children and Elders .

It’s a cash cow, for all Corps and many

branches of behavioral health , which has adversely influenced

our laws, our society …

Purging this for review , due transforming, as a consciousness

and sanity replace this hell on earth for heaven in New Earth

Reality ….


Blessings & Peace ✌️

Doña Luna

Almost a quarter of U.S. children under 18 live with one parent and no other adults, more than three times the share of children around the world who do so.
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