Test Results of July’s Thermagram

These are partical results of toxic inflammation that have resulted from previous environmental situations .

My breast concern me the most , however I am without resources and a safe place to do more that mild detox and I’m highly sensitive not only to the metals that influenced these inflammatory issues , but also the degree and intensity of detox.

I do require treatment and rest as I was warned in late Feb and my goal is that , to end this critically ill state of being . My reaction to metal toxicity beside the inflammation is ongoing with great hair loss and dental issues , including abcesses , which can lead to sepsis which can kill me. If I had no faith , I would bow to all these negatives , but I have had experiences before of toxic reactions to RX with metals that created the same results I am experiencing now.. Faith says there will be no more test of this nature.

I have no choice but to continue to do the best I can , with what I have , as I am without my own home .

My entire banking was shutdown in August and I surrendered to being aided by many earth angels and sprit guides , and that still reverbs as I pay back IOUs and establish new business.

New Bank

New Car insurance

New LLC for a neighbor care group locally , non profit

Ending cycles, is a redo for me , this conclusion has been long time coming and is a long time gone , and yet there is clearing or clean up to do .

I am safe . I am resting …I am supported by Divine and so many beloved that have aided greatly in my ability to transverse the projection of hell on earth ..

I am Thankful !

Blessings & Peace😘

Dona Luna

Watch “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Mantra (Live)” on YouTube

Buddhism has from the get go created this space for me where my mind free forms and I certainly welcome it . I am blessed with AC .

I am running a bath that will be uber hot and relaxing; as well as medical in the detoxing induced, gently with water .

Ideas and most of all healing and clearing .

Self love spills out , authentic me has been a force off and on , and allowing this is Divinity .

I did not go 1st tho there is a “first wave “of light bearers of which I belong .

I am learning of Scottish , ancestry ie Douglas , Scott and Sinclair only days ago !!!

So I must go , my hip is very painful and bath awaits this wounded healer , that I may better serve and this is a teaching , learning upswing that proving oomph to my journey .


Blessings and Peace ❤🙏🐸🗽

Dona Luna  

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Confirmed: Sweating Removes Deadly Chemicals From The Body

I don’t recall sweating in my youth or when

I noticed I was ..

It’s not a feminine , in doing all ya could

to stop it.

I learned how wonderful it is and encourage

my body to sweat in my sleep . A Bio Matt

aids in that , pushing pain out of my pours .

I’ve been releasing even more of late

and it feels great ..

A shower , a hot bath in Epsom salt

and I’m renewed ..


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Confirmed: Sweating Removes Deadly Chemicals From The Body
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How to Quit Antidepressants: Very Slowly, Doctors Say – The New York Times

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results in far too many patients .

Mustering solid evidence, two researchers have denounced the standard psychiatric guidelines for how best to wean patients from depression medications.
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