Detox from High Conflict Families of No Love

Being raised in high conflict families, we are raised to be our own worst enemies and harshest critics. High conflict family environments do not operate from love.
These families are driven by competition, comparison and conflict. To gain any sense of peace in these toxic environments, we must go against what is in our best interest to fit in.

Cutting off from a family like this, requires going through a period of a β€œmajor detox.” We need time to detox from all the poison and brainwashing. This detox requires examining and understanding the totality and vastness of our family’s dysfunction. It requires grieving and a strong commitment to moving forward. It requires self love.

This detox period is the launching pad for the development of a healthier sense of personal power that does not include forcing, pressuring, controlling, criticizing or competing.

There are far better, and more empowering ways to do life than from the same type of dysfunction we were raised in.

Sherry Campbell PhD

Copper and possibly Lithium are being released Here’s some facts


Copper detox is going well…maybe too well 😬

This is called the copper rollercoaster if you have higher than normal levels, and my levels were FIVE TIMES the normal limit according to my htma 🀯

You probably want to read this 😬😬😬

Heres what i know:


Copper is connected to fear, which destroys the adrenals, which turns off a link in the hpa axis between the adrenals and the thyroid, increasing issues with candida dry skin and outbreaks, increasing likelihood of hypothyroid, which causes weight gain and ovarian cysts, which turns off the production of melatonin so you cant sleep, which makes you hungry all of the time or not at all due to screwing with your blood sugar, causing air hunger bc the kidneys trap energy from the lungs which then causes lack of blood flow and vasospasm thereby increasing migraines and nerve pain, since the nervous system isnt getting appropriate blood flow, and copper just sits in your muscles accumulating as it becomes a positive feedback loop so your muscles get tense and tight and you grind your teeth and feel manic and your vision gets blurry bc thyroid is out of whack and this metallic taste in my mouth is coming and going and this brain fog makes me feel like i cant remember one thing to the next and my body feels like its full of electrical shocks and the emf from the wifi is making me nauseated and my body is throwing off so much heat but its not a fever its not a hot flash why do i feel like im having a mild seizure and…and…anddddd….


Sounds fun i know πŸ™‚ sounds familiar too…believe me…i know πŸ™‚

Copper toxicity over time causes death of your organs, accumulates in the brain kidneys liver and muslces, makes you crazy in the mean time, and makes your doctor think youre crazy bc your tests are all FINE. πŸ™‚

Now im taking appropriate supplementation as this is directly connected to the zinc copper balance excess copper is just POURING OUT OF MY SYSTEM.  If zinc is high, copper is low and vice versa.  When in balance the adrenals recover, the thyroid can also, and you can get well again.  Brain fog abates, your mouth tastes like a copper brillo pad is hanging out in there and you feel better…slowly…


Did you know it is theorized copper toxicity is one of the reasons behind why everyone is so pissy, terrible, and violent?  After the recent mania ive experienced due to this toxicity I CAN ABSOLUTELY UNDERSTAND how this can be the case.  

Ive never been manic in my LIFE.  


But the last week ive slept like a friggin baby and im so grateful for it.  My low back pain is gone, my ocd behaviors are also, no more racing thoughts, nerve pain is gone, not as bloated, vision is a little better, im not wired and tired, my blood sugar has stabilized, i cam breathe again, my muscles are more supple and not hard as a rock, and my personality has changed immensely.


Tom suggested the book Why am i always so tired? By gittleman, and i read it in about 45 minutes.  It was theoretical in nature, but got the point across, is mildly outdated as better and safer supplementation is now available, and folks doing safe lengthy supportive copper detoxes are plentiful on YouTube.  

This is a marathon, not a sprint detox.  Im 2 weeks in and may need to detox for up to a year hard to tell.  Im dedicated and able to easily follow an adrenal recovery program and diet which is totally imperative to this or your copper levels will just bounce right back to where they were.  Id get a functional doctor and go from there if youre sus about this.  You will need support for this journey that is for sure.


I am not employing a functional doctor as i have tools from studing alternative healing modalities for 15 years now, but im not going to tell you what to take or how as im not your doctor.  Youll either have to put in a hundred hours or so on the internet like i did, read the book by gittleman or find a naturopath.

And fyi, if you are getting more geared up with epsom salt baths, copper toxicity is likely why!!!   For some reason, calcium and magnesium creates a calcium shell around copper and keeps it in your system.  After your initial purge, magnesium can be added back SLOWLY as you do need it, but not if its hindering your purge.

Having a hard time even finding a magnesium your body can tolerate besides epsom salt baths?  πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬ this is possibly the reason.


Thats all i got.  If youre having issues with even getting started on proper supplementation which is ABSOLUTELY KEY for assisting detoxification and spiritual wellness and healing i suggest the fine folks at Nutrient Teams: Improving Health with Magnesium, Vitamin D & Their Mates.  IF YOU GO THERE READ THE GUIDES and please dont drive the admin nuts, theyre on edge as it is. 

Its a lot of info, and quite amazing too.  Life changing!

Since its winter time im going to go do some kidney qi gong now.  Seems like pretty good timing if you ask me.


The definition of a healer is someone that was sick and got better.

Later, dudes. 🀘 if you focus on getting the 3d body in alignment higher levels of spirituality falls in place effortlessly. You can do faith healing all you want but if you dont support your bodys detoxification process its all for naught.

Easy Detox Method


It’s hard to believe, but it works to cleanse your body effortlessly. You don’t need to drink tasteless drinks and take various medicines that would help strengthen your immune system. All you have to do is take an onion in the kitchen, cut it into colobars and put it in a sock. Your blood circulation will repair itself after just one night and remove harmful bacteria and germs from your body.

Chinese doctors made a map of reflex points on feet and palms 5000 years ago and invented foot massage. If you combine reflex massage with onion work, you will get one of the most healing tricks of the last few years.

TOP 11 characteristics of onion:

1. Your blood will be cleaned and your blood circulation will improve

2. It may sound unusual to you but it helps with unpleasant feet odor

3. Your liver will be cleaned out

4. Do you have high cholesterol? What are you waiting for! Put socks on and put onions in them

5. Onion will prevent dangerous and insidious blood clots from appearing in your body

6. It will relieve bronchitis symptoms and even asthma

7. It will remove all the bacteria and germs out of you

8. Do you have a weak immune system? Well from now on this wont be an issue either

9. Even your sleep will improve. Do you have a doubt? Then try it and check it out

10. Do you have pain in your legs, do your knees hurt and you have cramps? The onion is the answer.

11. Your digestion will improve and tension will no longer be a problem

What do you need to do?

In the evening, cut onions into about half a centimeter thick colobars and place them on your foot. Then put your socks on and have them on all night.

Try – it’s not a sin to try!

Red onion helps the most!