The world’s first mental health ambulance arrives in Sweden | Apolitical

This is a very good thing , done right ✔️

15,000 suicide attempts are reported annually in Sweden. Stockholm’s public health services have introduced a mental health ambulance – the first of its kind in the world.
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Return to Innocence by Enigma

I found it critical to survival , to do just that .

To look at shadow , the cause and effect and temper it .

Just as much Light was fracking in at some point which

was my incentive. In the angelic messaging of my awakening

2004-2005 , allowed an intensive 11:11 code .. I began to

have back up on how holy , how connected birthing eldest

was to Divine with his 3-11- @ 11:11 birth , beyond imagination .

I accepted on my inner faith , sans religion which mask

so many lower energy , unconscious who shield themselves

under the guise of Christianity .

It’s healing to have expanded my gut feelings in an acute

awareness that releasing many files and folders in our

data bank of internal knowledge , holds many back in fear

of the unknown.

We come here, in innocence , requiring only to be heard ,

seen, loved ..

That goal is a worthy of holding , of restoring , from birth to exit

eliminating the gross abuses , in many forms that take us from

our very birthright .

I stand 🌎🌞🌝♥️


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

Baby Boomers Are Consuming Pot at Ten Times the Rate of Past Senior Generations

Returning to the ” garden ” as it were , nature

not false chemicals ..

A new study from the University of Colorado found that Baby Boomers are finding immense benefits from increased cannabis consumption, despite issues with access and stigmatization.
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No greater joy than hearing your grand babies say I Love You

No greater grief , adding to the fractured loss of

sons , as I acknowledged it was part of the ever

present abuse . Our grandchildren are of course his.

Judgement that aligns with this , has been exampled

by the culture of suicide , where in domestic abuse

is accepted , often lost in the corporate greed to

profit , ignoring the true needs of children ,

in a competitive hell on earth .

Transforming this , that children are allowed

to love their erased grandparents , with whom

they were seeds , wisdoms and peace-filled

honoring love exchanges such as I have been

allowed , then not .. Excommunicated, by a judgement

that is dominate , abusive and deadly without

thought to grandchild .

Closer to stepping out of this dynamic

and very grateful 💯

So much gratitude to those babies , toddlers

etc , who teach me healthy love , fully present

who are’s healed me beyond measure

to have these exchanges of Divine pure love


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna

No greater joy than hearing your grand babies say I Love You
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Tara on Self Blocking Of manifestations Truth

I was delighted to discover Tara this morning as I

had been Blessed to union with her on MySpace

and her profound wisdoms , in written word

are such that I still have printouts to share , and

remind me of the beginnings of a cycle that shall

Ever be , being in spirit , owing my feelings ,

powers and yours ..

Amazing wisdoms in a generation of faithful, mentored

by a consciousness of collective wisdoms of elders ,

especially baby boomers … She examples the Universal

principles with beauty and grace .

Truth & Light 💯❤️👁


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna


This soldier has been in my head for 24 hours

and it’s true I have been gifted in my last review

with recall or force that that has revealed much

of my success, or mastery in ways that lift me

higher in gratitude , to the power of Faith


Universal Law And Divine love . My awareness

and faith long ago allowed me to translate despair

and feelings of death as something more ,

as well it is , transition feels like death .

We go through transition in birth , in giving

birth and in being born. And it can be very

challenging . As described , one feels nausea ,

anger-rage, ready to quit .. weary etc.

As we each have had the masculine/feminine

experience in past life , chances are giving

birth was a reality coded in your cells .

Cellular memory .

I am having the multidimensional experienced

only knowing of 3 generations , and soon will

allow space to reconnect with a relative to

share or information, pictures etc . I have Thank

You’s for elders still percent , honor for their life

choices , supporting values I hold dear ♥️.

I’m at ease and at peace in my life, and walk

beside each of you in your journey to temper

your demons , lose to gain, what it is you need

Now, surrender to your highest good , and be

awareness that your guidance, and inner strength

is much greater that you’ve allowed ..or be


Returning to a state of grace is much easier,

it’s all a progress .

Recall all that has graced you , in shadow and

light .

Forgive , Learn, Live, Love ❤️


Blessings & Peace ,

Doña Luna