End of Soul Contracts

So many relationships, family ties and long-term connections are currently in chaos and emotional pain…The divide between those who embody Love and those who still live in fear is very real. We’re seeing some people we’ve known and tolerated for years on a completely different wavelength…

Literally. We no longer have anything in common and our differences are greater than the karmic bond that once held us together. This is all a natural misalignment of energy… The quantum realignment process. As energy attracts, and different energies repel…

As ever higher frequency energies continue to hit the planet, those of us who can absorb the light are no longer aligned with those who cannot. The change is taking place on a very physical level.

Those we no longer resonate with are literally vibrating out of our lives as we align with different levels within dimensions. While we may still be aware of their presence on the planet, the energies ensure that our paths no longer cross.

This is the physical shift that divides 3D and 5D that is being created in our individual reality.

You may have tried everything to maintain those relationships or maybe some kind of change has occurred and you instinctively know to walk away. Listen to your intuition and follow the messages you are receiving.

These relationships have already expired.

You have learned everything you need to learn from this situation and it is time to let go and move on. Send love and healing to those you are releasing.

As you come out of these soul contracts, you will raise your vibration and align with your Soul family.

🌹💜🌹-Christine Chris-

Mindfulness instead of Lexapro- Mad In America

Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) may be just as effective as the popular first-line anxiety medication escitalopram, commonly known as Lexapro. The study, published in JAMA Psychiatry in early November, is making mainstream news headlines for being the first to compare mindfulness training with an antidepressant directly. In addition, the results suggest that antidepressants need not be the only first-line intervention for anxiety.

The authors, Elizabeth A. Hoge, Eric Bui, Mihriye Mete, Mary Ann Dutton, Amanda W. Baker, and Naomi M. Simon, in their randomized control trial, found a noninferior reduction in symptoms of anxiety in participants that were taught mindfulness and mediation compared to participants who were given escitalopram.

“Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental disorder, currently affecting an estimated 301 million people globally,” the authors write.

“Mindfulness meditation has been found to help reduce anxiety; a recent meta-analysis of trials with anxiety disorders found a significant benefit with mindfulness meditation compared with treatment as usual…Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MSBR) is the most widely researched [mindfulness-based intervention] MBI (over 1000 citations in PubMed and is available internationally). To our knowledge, no clinical trial comparing evidenced based MBI, such as MBSR, with a first-line pharmacological treatment for anxiety disorders has been published.”

Mindfulness as Effective as Lexapro for Anxiety


My Wish For You

My wish for you

Is that you never wish yourself smaller

Less loud

Less intelligent

Less brilliant

Or less significant

And know that you deserve to take up space

And that by doing this

You empower others to do the same

My wish for you

Is that you learn to treasure your own company

And savour time spent alone

And form connections with others

Based on love and compatibility

Rather than loneliness or convenience

My wish for you

Is that you see your value

Rather than searching for it in others

And learn to recognise your worth

Rather than waiting for others to see it

My wish for you

Is that you reach your full potential

And don’t allow your song to go unsung

Your talents to go unexpressed

And your life to go unlived

And my wish for you

Is that you dare to dream big

Follow the inner longings of your heart

And pursue your greatest passions

And don’t allow another person’s fears or limitations

To become your own.

Words by Tahlia Hunter

Artwork by Claudia Temblay

The Nurtured Heart – Mad In America

The Nurtured Heart Approach Goes Mainstream: Research and Experience Support “Celebrating Greatness in Every Kid”

A new MIA Report by Amy Biancolli

Nurtured Heart “is empowering the child to handle their own body—handle their own emotions—in a way that gives them the identity of who they are.” This gives them a sense of agency and ownership, learning to express themselves in a way that’s safe for them and others—and, Anderson says, “still be authentic for who they are.”

Were that the prevailing model, everything would change. Howard Glasser can picture it.

“I’d love to see a school system, a district, that has no-to-low medications to prove the point. I’d love to contradict the notion that intensity is the enemy—that ‘ants in the pants,’ hyperactive, inattentive.” All the words that normally corral a diagnosis: “I would love to show that those are just sign points of a kid with a little more lifeforce. . . and actually, the more intensity they have, the more potential for greatness they have. I’m a fan of inner wealth. I’m convinced that every kid can be an inner-wealth billionaire. It’s not the one percent, you know?”


Strength of a Woman – Shaggy

My dear friend Susan Huff shared this song with me , instructing me to turn it up and 🕺!

Susan Huff showed up on my mountain top home and proceeded ( with many challenges ) with her life partner John Bell to open a community store full of local offerings .

Susan graduate of Integrative Nutrition is a superb and creative organic maestro in the culinary. She has worked with me and provides A plus meals and specializes in Soup ; thus The Soup Shop was born and it answered a long standing dream of mine !!!

And it’s as locally stocked as one can provide !

I am indeed Blessed ; especially after the experience of an opponent who targeted me , in business and reduced my income to the degree of requiring charity !


Shades of the former ” partner” without marriage , just a very crooked shadow that failed in an attempt to divest me of everything , or counting on me to commit suicide ?!

It’s been a very harsh and hard lesson that brought about much enlightenment and now conclusions that insure I am not ever going to be vulnerable in any way shape or form

Like the former , in affirming you don’t care if I eat or am safe but create drama and trauma to steal anything and every thing , in denial of your responsibilities…. END GAME

So yea I know my invaluable strengths , the karmic return for each person who masked the evil and devil energy of lies and secrets .

Thank you and I surrender this to Divine

Almost brunch time , yes I cook in my room and it’s so much easier with my angels Susan Huff whose food is my medicine

Hailing from Florida and a very tiny lady , Susan feels our chill on our mountain which is damp based and righteous!

The Soup Shop Is on Face Book

Strength of A Woman – Shaggy